Jefferies Cemetery


Jefferies Cemetery is located in section 31 of Marion Township in north-central Harrison County. From Bethany, go north on I-35 to the Route A (Ridgeway) exit and turn right. Turn left (north) on E230th Lane and go north until the road curves. The cemetery is approximately 3/4 north of the road on private property. It is overgrown and abandoned. This list is compiled from various sources including old surveys, burial records and family histories. This should not be considered a complete list of burials. The cemetery is believed to contain the remains of 35 to 40 individuals.

HENDREN    Feb 18, 1869 Age 17y, 10m, 18d
Wife of W. M. Hendren
Given Name unreadable
No Birth Date
HENDREN Anderson A.  May 3, 1868 Age 28y, 5m, 16dNo Birth Date
HENDREN Jerry Alexander May 16, 1870 Dec 31, 1870 Son of William & Ann Hendren 
HENDREN Margaret A.  Mar 5, 1864 Age 1y, 4m, 6d
Dau of W. & P. Hendren
No Birth Date
HENDREN Mary D. Feb 27, 1879 May 23, 1879 Dau of William & Ann Hendren 
HENDREN Sarah   Age 1y, 5m, 21d
Dau of G. & M. E. Hendren
No Dates
HENDREN W. M. A.   Age 3y, 2m, 23d
Son of G. & M. E. Hendren
No Dates
HUTCHISON Edmond Taylor Nov 13, 1833 July 08, 1907  Son of Robert & Mary Hutchison
Married to Mary E. (Suname unknown) and Amanda Ramey
HUTCHISON Mary E. Mar 19, 1833 Apr 16, 1867  Wife of Edmond T. Hutchison
JOHNSON Dora A.  May 3, 1882 Age 9y, 9m
Dau of E. J. & N. J. Johnson
No Birth Date
JOHNSON Ella  Oct 2, 1891 Age 21y, 5m, 29d
Dau of E. J. & N. J. Johnson
No Birth Date
KEMP Infant   Sep 5, 1889 No Birth Date
KEMP L. J.  Jul 24, 1895 Age 32y, 1m, 16dNo Birth Date
KEMP Mary J. Apr 29, 1832 Mar 31, 1891  Wife of William Kemp
Maiden Name Hutchison
KEMP Rosetta Jane Apr 8, 1858 1890  Wife of Edward G. Kemp
(Edward Kemp is buried at the Ridgeway Cemetery)
Married Jan 27, 1881
Dau of Joseph & Mary Rakestraw
KEMP William    No Dates
Husband of Mary J. (Hutchison) Kemp
MATHES Sarah Josephine Aug 4, 1876 Sep 4, 1877 Dau of Thomas A. & Elizabeth (Hobbs) Mathes 
MITCHELL Joseph R. Jan 12, 1839 Mar 11, 1881  Husband of Almeda Corbin
Married Oct 24, 1872
PRUITT Elisha  Dec 23, 1877 No Birth Date
RAMEY Infant  Feb 1, 1884 No Birth Date

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