Hatton Cemetery


Hatton Cemetery is located in Section 20 of Cypress Township in the southern part of Harrison County. From Bethany, go south on I-35 approximately seven miles to the Route AA exit. Go west (right) on blacktop AA just over one mile, past the village of Bridgeport, and take the first gravel road to the left (south). The cemetery is located on top of a small hill to the right (west) of the road, less than a mile south of the blacktop. It is well maintained, but is one of the older cemeteries in the area. Many of the stones are down, worn and/or missing. This should not be considered a complete list of burials.

This survey was conducted by Phil & Kathi Stewart on Apr 4, 2004.

BYRD Infant Son Sep 25, 1895 Sep 25, 1895 Son of J. S. & M. N. Byrd 
CUMES Nancy  Sep 15, 1879 Age 63y, 5m Wife of John CumesNo Birth Date
Stone down
CUMMINGS William 1821 Feb 1, 1857  Stone down
CUMMINS John 1814 Mar 20, 1890  Stone down and broken
DULEY Rettie Rosa  Dec 27, 1879 Birth Date unreadable
Stone down, worn and sinking
GILLESPIE Hannah E.  Dec 27, 1887 Age 39y, 6m, 13d
Wife of M. Gillespie
No Birth Date
HATTON Bertha L. Jun 6, 1889 October 29, 1905 Dau of L. & L. Hatton 
HATTON Edward H. Apr 15, 1845 Dec 19, 1852 Son of J. J. & M. Hatton 
HATTON Hannah M. Aug 20, 1832 Nov 1, 1898  
HATTON James M. Feb 6, 1860 September 10, 1921  
HATTON John J.  Aug 23, 1872 Age 55y, 2m, 21d
Husband of Hannah Hatton
No Birth Date
HATTON Linnie B.  Apr 20, 1890 Age 21y, 2m, 2d
Wife of L. Hatton
No Birth Date
HATTON Mary Jan 26, 1817 May 19, 1850 Wife of J. J. Hatton 
HUNT Edward Dec 8, 1788 1847  
HUNT Elizabeth  Apr 1850 Wife of Edward HuntNo Birth Date
LOW Eda  Mar 14, 1880 Age 14 Days
Dau of L. J. & Lizzie Low
No Birth Date
LOW Hannah Nov 28, 1818 November 09, 1913  
LOW Peter R.  Jun 14, 1864 Age 22y, 11m, 5d
Son of I. & H. Low
"He died at his post"
No Birth Date
LOW Sanford Apr 22, 1853 Aug 15, 1854 Son of Ivin & Hannah Low 
RAY Emma J.  September 03, 1916 Age 16 Days
Dau of T. D. & L. Ray
No Birth Date
REED Amanda Lucrita  Aug 9, 1879 Age 1y, 7m, 30d
Dau of James & Sarah Reed
No Birth Date
SALMON Arthur L.  Feb 7, 1890 Age 15y, 6m, 11dNo Birth Date
SALMON C. E. Oct 12, 1886 May 08, 1908  
SALMON Luella I.  Jul 21, 1894 Age 17y, 6m, 11d
Dau of J. W. & S. P. Salmon
No Birth Date
SMITH Mary E.  Sep 20, 1872 Age 21y, 6m, 11d
Wife of H. Smith
No Birth Date
TAYLOR Benjamin F. Sep 9, 1855 May 15, 1926  Same stone with Virginia Taylor
TAYLOR Charlie  Jul 20, 1887 Age 21 Days
Son of B. F. & J. Taylor
No Birth Date
TAYLOR Jesse  Feb 16, 1893 Age 8y, 3m, 12d
Dau of B. F. & V. M. Taylor
No Birth Date
TAYLOR Virginia M. Aug 6, 1854 February 28, 1929  Same stone with Benjamin Taylor
TIMMONS Elkanah Jul 24, 1821 February 04, 1905  Same stone with Rachel & Sarah Timmons
Stone down
TIMMONS Infant Son   Oct 25, 1872 Age 26d
Son of E. & R. Timmons
No Birth Date
Stone down
TIMMONS Infant Son  Nov 1, 1862 Son of E. & R. TimmonsNo Birth Date
Other info unreadable
Stone down and worn
TIMMONS Rachel 1832 1878  Dau of Beverly & Lydia Travis
Same stone with Sarah & Rachel Timmons
Stone down
TIMMONS Rachel 1832 Feb 8, 1878 Age 35y, 1m, 23d
Wife of Elkanah Timmons
Original Stone
Stone down and sinking
TIMMONS Sarah Nov 1826 Apr 7, 1858 Wife of Elkanah Timmons Same stone with Elkanah & Rachel Timmons
Stone down
VANDEVORT Mary E. 1843 1934  Same stone with Thomas Vandevort
VANDEVORT Thomas 1832 1872  Same stone with Mary Vandevort
VANDIVERT Elizabeth  Jul 29, 1889 Age 33y, 7m, 4d
Wife of John Vandivert
No Birth Date
Stone down and broken
VANDIVORT J. Myrtie  Mar 10, 1879 Age 1y, 10m, 5d
Dau of M. & E. Vandivort
No Birth Date
Stone down
WALLACE Hunter   Apr 17, 1878 Age 68 YearsNo Birth Date
Stone down
WALLACE Mary  Aug 13, 1876 Age 64y, 3m, 8d
Wife of Hunter Wallace
No Birth Date
Stone down
YOUNGS Ellen  Jan 24, 1893 Age 3y, 6m, 13d
Dau of William & I. Youngs
No Birth Date
YOUNGS George W.  Aug 6, 1853 Age 1y, 10m
Son of W. H. & I. Youngs
No Birth Date
YOUNGS George W. 1870 1960  
YOUNGS Infant Son Apr 28, 1891 Apr 28, 1891 Son of B. L. & L. L. Youngs 
YOUNGS Infant Son Aug 1, 1891 Aug 1, 189q Son of B. L. & L. L. Youngs 
YOUNGS Isabell 1845 1941  
YOUNGS J. O. 1880 1920   
YOUNGS John L. Jul 7, 1845 November 28, 1924 Co E 23rd MO Vol Infantry 
YOUNGS Love Nov 8, 1818 March 16, 1913 Wife of W. H. Youngs 
YOUNGS Mabel  Jan 3, 1888 Age 1y, 5m, 17d
Dau of B. L. & L. L. Youngs
No Birth Date
YOUNGS Mark H. Jan 18, 1877 December 11, 1918  
YOUNGS Mary E. Aug 16, 1776 May 6, 1865  
YOUNGS Mary M.  Apr 23, 1893 Age 13y, 4m, 23d
Dau of J. L. & S. E. Youngs
No Birth Date
YOUNGS Ruby Lenora February 10, 1929 February 12, 1929 Dau of Clyde & Loren Youngs 
YOUNGS Sarah E.  February 24, 1907 Age 62y, 15d
Wife of J. L. Youngs
No Birth Date
YOUNGS William Apr 10, 1839 February 07, 1908  
YOUNGS William H. May 17, 1810 January 06, 1902  

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