Fallis Cemetery


Fallis Cemetery is located in section 18 of Butler Township in the southwest portion of Harrison County. From New Hampton, go south on blacktop ZZ for approximately eight miles to West 367th Place. Turn right (west) and go 1/2 mile to where the road turns. The cemetery is approximately 300 yards southwest of the curve on a ridge. It is abandoned and on private property. This list has been compiled from various sources including old surveys, burial records and family histories and should not be considered a complete list of burials.

CLARK Clarence  Nov 6, 1888 Age 1y, 7m, 9d
Son of J. R. & M. A. Clark
No Birth Date
CLARK Sarah D.  July 10, 1900 Age 82y, 9m, 25d
Wife of Benjamin M. Clark
No Birth Date
CLARK Sarah F.  May 16, 1876 Age 29y, 3m, 11dNo Birth Date
CLARK Sarah T.  Dec 13, 1874 Age 18y, 4m, 1d
Wife of James B. Clark
No Birth Date
DAVIS Catherine  Aug 17, 1873 Age 75y, 5m, 12d
Wife of James Davis
No Birth Date
DAVIS James  Apr 11, 1870 Age 73y, 3m, 25d
Husband of Catherine Davis
No Birth Date
ELLIS Martin L.  Jan 6, 1875 Age 3m, 2d
Son of J. L. & D. A. Ellis
No Birth Date
FALLIS Benjamin F.  Oct 8, 1878 Age 1y, 5m, 24d
Son of J. J. & M. L. Fallis
No Birth Date
FALLIS Caroline   Feb 5, 1870 Age 55y, 2m
Wife of George Fallis
No Birth Date
Born in Kentucky
3rd Wife of George Fallis
Maiden Name Reed
FALLIS Martha A. Aug 9, 1828 Feb 25, 1899  Wife of Richard Fallis
Maiden Name Vaughn
Born in Kentucky
FALLIS Michael  Mar 10, 1882 Age 6y, 6m, 4d
Son of G. W. & M. J. Fallis
No Birth Date
FALLIS Nora Dell  May 31, 1877 Age 3y, 11m, 20d
Dau of C. W. & M. J. Fallis
No Birth Date
FALLIS Richard  Jan 24, 1896 Age 69y, 11m, 14d
Husband of Martha Fallis
No Birth Date
Born in Kentucky
Son of George & Pauline (Crawford) Fallis
Listed in 1850 Census of Harrison Co., MO with wife, Martha and son, George
FALLIS Thomas Oct 29, 1868  Son of Richard & Martha FallisDeath date unreadable
GLOVER Infant Son Sep 10, 1870 Sep 10, 1870 Son of Benjamin F. & Lucinda (Clark) Glover 
LEWIS Eddie  Feb 12, 1893 Age 1y, 6m, 1d
Son of John & Emma Lewis
No Birth Date
LEWIS Fannie C.  Jun 4, 1896 Age 74y, 4m, 22dNo Birth Date
LEWIS John B.  May 13, 1896 Age 71y, 2m, 10dNo Birth Date
LEWIS Lucy  Apr 10, 1867 Age 70y, 6m
Wife of Willis Lewis
No Birth Date
LEWIS Willie  Nov 8, 1891 Age 5y, 1m, 24d
Son of John & Emma Lewis
No Birth Date
REED Homer  Dec 30, 1884 Age 1m, 6d
Son of William H. & Julia (Taylor) Reed
No Birth Date
SWOPE Andrew Nov 22, 1835 February 18, 1914  Husband of Margaret Swope
SWOPE Dora May Feb 18, 1884 March 20, 1909  Wife of Woodson Swope
Dau of Thomas & Ellen Nash
SWOPE Margaret Apr 24, 1840 October 28, 1922  Wife of Andrew Swope
WHITELY George F.  Dec 19, 1869 Age 1 DayNo Birth Date

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