Brown Cemetery


Brown Cemetery is located in section 2 of Hamilton Township in the north-central portion of Harrison County, and is approximately five miles north of Eagleville. It is no longer in use and is approximately 1/4 mile from the gravel road, but is still fairly well maintained and is accessable through a well-kept farm lane. Based on the number of ground indentations, field stones and piles of rocks, there are several additional burials that can no longer be identified and listed on the survey.

From Eagleville, go north two miles on Highway 69 to Highway 46 and turn left (west). Go west three miles to blacktop YY and turn right (north). Go north just over two miles to the first gravel road to the right. Turn right (east) and go approximately one mile. There will be a sign at the top of the hill, shaped like an arrow, that states "Brown Cemetery". Go through the farm gate, turn right, and follow the lane along the fence to the cemetery. It is in the trees at the top of the hill, approximately 1/4 mile from the road.

This survey was conducted by Phil & Kathi Stewart on Sept 7, 2003.

ANDERSON Ella J.  Jul 23, 1899 Age 3 Days
Dau of G. H. & E. M. Anderson
No Birth Date
BANKS Maria E. Feb 11, 1843 December 29, 1913 Wife of Powell Banks Same stone with Powell Banks
BANKS Powell Oct 23, 1840 October 02, 1914  Same stone with Maria Banks
BARRETT James V. Jul 19, 1864 May 03, 1902  
BARRETT Susanna Sep 1, 1806 Nov 2, 1881 Wife of Thomas Barrett Same stone with Thomas Barrett
BARRETT Thomas C. Apr 2, 1802 Oct 7, 1885  Same stone with Susanna Barrett
BECK Dennis R. Jun 28, 1887 Jul 7, 1897  
BROWER Benjamin J.  Nov 4, 1879 Age 15 days
Son of B. R. & J. Brower
No Birth Date
BROWN Hoily  Mar 29, 1888 Age 56y, 2m, 13d No Birth Date
BROWN John A.  Sep 12, 1874 Age 34y, 4m, 3d No Birth Date
BURNS Clifford  Oct 16, 1895 Age 1y, 10d
Son of I. N. & S. L. Burns
No Birth Date
BURNS Clyde H.  Aug 30, 1897 Age 1y, 1m, 2d
Son of I. N. & S. L. Burns
No Birth Date
CARTER George Jan 4, 1898 March 02, 1900 Son of E. F. & Minnie Carter 
CONNER Walter Jan 5, 1841 February 03, 1920 Co L
13th IL Cav
DAILY Francis M. Apr 21, 1846 Apr 21, 1876  
DAILY James  Jun 18, 1856 Age 2y, 18 days
Son of W. & S. A. Daily
No Birth Date
DENNIS Edwin Aug 4, 1852 May 24, 1919  Same stone with Malinda Dennis
DENNIS Malinda S. Mar 28, 1856 December 27, 1908 Wife of E. Dennis Same stone with Edwin Dennis
DOUGLAS John E.  May 21, 1875 Age 47y, 1m, 21d No Birth Date
GRENAWALT Charley  Aug 19, 1878 Age 7m, 2d
Son of J. L. & F. Grenawalt
No Birth Date
GRIFFIN Ezra  Feb 25, 1866 Age 65y, 9m, 13d No Birth Date
Same stone with Laura Griffin
GRIFFIN Laura  Oct 20, 1893 Age 86y, 3m, 22d No Birth Date
Same stone with Ezra Griffin
HANNAH Robert A.  January 16, 1906 Age 73y, 11m, 14d No Birth Date
HANNAH Virginia G. Apr 18, 1851 November 16, 1927  
HARDING Joseph Apr 7, 1833 August 03, 1911  Stone down and sinking
HESSER John  Mar 29, 1880 Age 81 Years No Birth Date
HITCHCOCK Catharine May 14, 1839 November 30, 1915  
HITCHCOCK Electa  Oct 1884 Age 80 Years No Birth Date
HITCHCOCK J. E. May 2, 1836 January 13, 1912  
HITCHCOCK Johnie May 14, 1898 January 02, 1902  
HITCHCOCK Melissa M. Mar 27, 1867 Feb 19, 1897  
HOLLOWAY Elvira Feb 11, 1814 Apr 5, 1899 Wife of George W. Holloway Same stone with George Holloway
HOLLOWAY George W. Jan 28, 1804 Sep 1, 1861  Same stone with Elvira Holloway
LUKE Albert S.  Oct 25, 1896 Age 74y, 10m, 18d No Birth Date
LUKE Sarah S.  Sep 7, 1866 Age 1y, 9m, 27d
Dau of A. S. & J. L. Luke
No Birth Date
MOFFET Clarence A.  Jul 22, 1890 Age 1 Day
Son of T. C. & M. Moffet
No Birth Date
MULL Louis R.  Oct 17, 1869 Age 1y, 2m, 28d
Son of C. & J. Mull
No Birth Date
PIERSON Andrew J. Nov 17, 1830 October 29, 1901  
PIERSON Loyd J.  March 11, 1900 Age 2y, 6d
Son of B. F. & A. L. Pierson
No Birth Date
RICHARDSON Marshal  Jan 8, 1868 Age 10y, 6m, 10d
Son of A. & C. Richardson
No Birth Date
SANDAGE Moses Jul 25, 1892 Nov 30, 1893 Son of A. & F. A. Sandage 
SHACKLETON Catharine Mar 5, 1850 Mar 6, 1880  
SHACKLETON Catharine  Jul 4, 1880 Age 4m, 7d
Dau of F. & C. Shackleton
No Birth Date
SHACKLETON Charles H.  Sep 2, 1857 Age 1y, 2m, 20d
Son of John & Mary Shackleton
No Birth Date
SHACKLETON Edward Feb 26, 1876 Aug 23, 1898 Son of T. J. & S. A. Shackleton 
SHACKLETON John F.  Jul 17, 1868 Age 47y, 6m, 22d No Birth Date
SHACKLETON Josiah Sep 18, 1850 February 21, 1919  
SHACKLETON Mary F.  Jan 13, 1894 Age 79y, 10m, 24d No Birth Date
SHACKLETON Preston Jun 30, 1878 Sep 20, 1878 Son of F. & C. Shackleton 
SHACKLETON T. J. Nov 6, 1845 February 12, 1906  
SHACKLETON Tompsey  Apr 23, 1889 Age 8y, 11m, 4d
Son of T. J. & S. A. Shackleton
No Birth Date
SIMPSON Allen L. Nov 11, 1824 Oct 21, 1863  Same stone with Mary & Susan Simpson
SIMPSON Hettie J.  Mar 8, 1895 Age 44y, 18d
Wife of R. T. Simpson
No Birth Date
Same stone with Robert & Lewis Simpson
SIMPSON Lewis  Aug 13, 1886 Age 3m, 23d
Son of R. T. & H. J. Simpson
No Birth Date
Same stone with Hettie & Robert Simpson
SIMPSON Mary  Oct 4, 1869 Age 17y, 1m, 6d
Dau of A. L. & S. Simpson
No Birth Date
SIMPSON Mary Sep 4, 1852 Oct 4, 1869  Same stone with Allen & Susan Simpson
SIMPSON Robert T.  Jan 18, 1894 Age 45, 11m, 4d No Birth Date
Same stone with Hettie & Lewis Simpson
SIMPSON Susan Oct 13, 1826 July 19, 1910  Same stone with Allen & Mary Simpson
SKINNER J. M. Oct 29, 1844 August 09, 1911  Same stone with Rosa Skinner
SKINNER Rosa J. Apr 10, 1841 May 05, 1917 Wife of J. M. Skinner Same stone with J. M. Skinner
SMITH Amos J.  Sep 27, 1867 Son of J. A. & S. A. Smith No Birth Date
SMITH Elizabeth A. Apr 28, 1826 January 23, 1917 Wife of Patrick Smith Maiden name Barrett
Same stone with Patrick Smith
SMITH J. A. Feb 5, 1832 October 23, 1923  Same stone with S. A. Smith
SMITH Patrick H. Feb 24, 1829 December 06, 1913  Born in Barren Co, KY
Son of Caleb & Sina Smith
Same stone with Elizabeth Smith
SMITH S. A. Mar 4, 1835 November 03, 1913  Same stone with J. A. Smith
SMITH Sarah I.  May 10, 1888 Age 27, 3m, 18d
Wife of C. J. Smith
No Birth Date
STEWART Julia C. Jun 6, 1863 July 11, 1908 Wife of J. W. Stewart 
STURDEVANT Jasper M. 1849 1911  
STURDEVANT Lydia J. 1852 1940  
THRAILKILL Lonnie E.  Aug 7, 1893 Age 11 months
Son of C. A. & L. Thrailkill
No Birth Date

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