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Click below to go straight to the type of school you are interested in. Additional information would be much appreciated. Please be patient as most of these files include photographs and will take a little time to download.

Private Schools        Parochial Schools    Black Schools

Town Schools    Rural Schools

Steelville Normal School - Many Franklin Co People Attended

The Rural Schools  
Bucklick School
Catawissa area 1889
Drake 1941 and 1970
Etlah School
Fairview 1910
Fairview 1927
Fairview 1919
Hickory Flat 1915
Hickory Flat 1931
Indian Prairie School
Indian Prairie 1912
Indian Prairie 1938
Indian Prairie 1951
Lonedell Enumeration - 1929
Lyon School circa 1935
Miller 1927
Mt. Hope 1908
Oakfield 1914
Oklahoma 1895
Piney Bluff 1931-32
Prairie School
Reed's Defeat 1907
Rockford 1937
Rockford 1942
Rockford 1943
Rockford 1944 article
Salem 1890's
Salem 1896
Salem 1903-04
Salem 1914-15
Salem 1935
Salem Teachers
Seminary 1933
Unidentified Rural School photograph - please help!
Unidentified List of students - What school?


The Town Schools
bullet Gerald School Building and Faculty - 1927
bullet St. Clair - Mrs. Feberla's Class - Can you help identify further?
bullet St. Clair High School 1910
bullet St. Clair School 1926
bullet St. Clair Sophomores 1926
bullet St. Clair Freshmen 1926
bullet St. Clair Seniors 1926
bullet St. Clair Juniors 1926
bullet St Clair Faculty and Information 1927
bullet St. Clair Elementary Photograph 1930s
bullet St. Clair - The Last Eighth Grade Graduation - 1958
bullet Pacific School Building and Faculty - 1927
bullet Pacific High School Alumni Link
bullet Pacific High Graduation Program - 1904
bullet Pacific Schools - a private website, but excellent
bullet Sullivan High School 1914
bullet Sullivan School Building and Information - 1927
bullet Sullivan Sports History - Dan Culp's Website


The Private Schools
Many "select schools" were set up in the early years. The various school districts only operated for a few months a year and parents often wanted their children to have more than the school district could offer. A teacher, often the same teacher who taught in the public school, would set up a private school and charge tuition, during the months when the public school was not in session. Some private schools were set up on a more permanent basis and those will eventually be covered here.

The Altamont High School


The Parochial Schools
St. Bridget of Kildare Catholic School at Pacific




Academies and Colleges

 Steelville Normal School (Crawford County)



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