Franklin County cemeteries by township as listed in Four Rivers Publications

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Franklin County Cemetery Association
Franklin County Cemetery Readings Now Posted at This Site
Franklin County cemeteries by township as listed in Four Rivers Publications. This site lists the cemeteries by township, but does not include a list of the "residents." Anyone seeking information on cemeteries in Franklin County is encouraged to contact Four Rivers Genealogical Society, located in the Washington Historical Museum at Fourth and Market streets, Washington. That society has laboriously read most of the cemeteries in Franklin County and has been publishing, by township, books listing the cemeteries and their respective residents. Because they have spent considerable time, effort, and money in reading the cemeteries and publishing books for researchers, I will not be posting the results of their research at this site. If you have personally read a cemetery and would like to have it posted, please submit it to the Missouri State GenWeb site (link listed below) and to Sue Blesi for posting on this site.

Franklin County Cemeteries as listed by U.S. Geological Survey query form for the United States and its territories, Geographic Names Information Service. The cemetery link is for further down on this page.

Franklin County Archives  at the Missouri State GenWeb site. This site has many Franklin County cemeteries listed with a transcription of the "residents."

Four Rivers Genealogical Society Cemetery List

CEMETERIES LISTED BY TOWNSHIP in Four Rivers Genealogical Society Books. To order these books, click on the link Four Rivers to go to their site. For other books about Franklin County, go to Books About Franklin County. To jump to the township you need, click on the appropriate township name below. There is a link for Township Map at the left of the screen (scroll up).

The Cemetery Project Has Been Completed and Books are Available Listing Burials in Each Township!

Boeuf    Boles    Boone    Calvey    Central    Lyon    Meramec  

New Haven    Prairie    St. Johns    Union    Washington

Boeuf Township

Alder Family Cemetery
Armbruster Family Cemetery
Assumption Catholic Cemetery
Bade Cemetery
Baltimore Cemetery
Bethany UCC Cemetery
Bogy Family Cemetery
Bohnsack Cemetery
Bunge Cemetery
Cantley Cemetery
Cedar Cemetery
Coulter/Miller Cemetery
Cremated or Donated to Science
Dilthey/Roark/Schaub Cemetery
Etlah Community Cemetery
Fink Cemetery
Goodrich/Miller Cemetery
Heatherly Cemetery
Heidbreder Cemetery
Helling Cemetery
Kallmeyer Cemetery #1
Kallmeyer Cemetery #2
Kasel Cemetery
Kasman Cemetery
Kemper Cemetery
Kohlbusch Family Cemetery
Maupin Cemetery
Menke Cemetery
Meyer Family Cemetery
Nauser #1 Cemetery
Nauser #2 Cemetery
New Haven City Cemetery
Nortman Cemetery
Oberwortmann Family Cemetery
Poese Family Cemetery
Reinhardt Cemetery
Richardson Cemetery
Senate Grove Methodist Cemetery
Speckelmeyer Cemetery
St. John's UCC Cemetery
St. Paul's Catholic Cemetery New
St. Paul's Catholic Cemetery Old
St. Peter's UCC Cemetery
Strothmann Cemetery
Trinity Lutheran Cemetery
Unnamed Cemetery
Viedt Cemetery
Vitt Cemetery
Vohs Cemetery
Vonbehren Cemetery
Vonhorn Cemetery
Weber/Meyer Cemetery
Witthaus Cemetery

Boles Township

        Alt Cemetery
        Becker Family Cemetery
        Becker-Neuhaus Cemetery
        Berthold Cemetery
        Bethel Cemetery
        Breuer Cemetery
        Broch Cemetery
        Broderick-North Cemetery
        Brown Cemetery
        Bruckner Cemetery
        Brush Creek Cemetery
        Cedar Grove Methodist Cemetery
        Coleman Cemetery
        Davis Cemetery
        Decker Cemetery
        Fries Cemetery
        Gens Cemetery
        Grah Cemetery
        Grauer Cemetery
        Halbach Cemetery
        Heipzertz Cemetery
        Hinkle Cemetery
        Hinkle-Clark Cemetery
        Holman Cemetery
        Holthaus Cemetery
        Idel-Kreienkamp-Rosenbaum Cemetery
        Iman Cemetery
        Jobst H. Kreienkamp Cemetery
        Johannes/Joahns Cemetery
        Jones Cemetery
        Kajewiez-Krueger-Weber Cemetery
        Kierspe Cemetery
        Kincaid Cemetery
        Kochs Cemetery
        Krausch Cemetery
        Langenhader Cemetery
        Laretto Cemetery
        Leathers Cemetery
        Lehmann Cemetery
        Lenz Cemetery
        May Cemetery
        McGee Cemetery
        Mealer Cemetery
        Meyer Cemetery
        Miles-Roberts Cemetery
        Mottert Cemetery
        Mueller Family Cemetery
        Neuhaus-Koch Cemetery
        North Cemetery
        Oeters Cemetery
        Pacific City Cemetery
        Pfeiffer-Greef Cemetery
        Pleasant Hill Cemetery
        Pohlig Cemetery
        Reed-Pohlig Cemetery
        Resurrection Hill Cemetery
        Reynolds Cemetery
        Roberts Family Cemetery
        Rose Hill Cemetery
        Scheer Cemetery
        Schlemper Cemetery
        Schultz Cemetery
        Schuster Family Cemetery
        Smith Family Cemetery
        St. Bridget's Catholic Cemetery
        St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery
        Steines Cemetery
        Steines-2 Family Cemetery
        Stettes-Willming Cemetery
        Stricker Family Cemetery
        Stricker-2 Family Cemetery
        Sunset Memorial Cemetery
        Sutton Grave
        Sweet Cemetery
        Thee Cemetery
        Thiebes Cemetery
        Triplett Cemetery
        Tyler Cemetery
        Tyler Cemetery
        Vieman Family Cemetery
        Vollmer Grave
        Wagner Cemetery
        Wilkinson Cemetery

These Boles Township Cemeteries have readings but have not been located:

        Bibb Cemetery
        Drenning/Drinning Grave
        Felter Grave
        Horstmann Cemetery
        Gollhofer Family Cemetery
        Groff Cemetery
        Hoerle Family Cemetery
        Holderieth Cemetery
        Schmitz Grave
        Steinhaus Grave
        Stovesand Grave
        Weber Cemetery
        Wedemeier Cemetery

These Boles Township Cemeteries have not been located and have no readings:

        Adams-Perkins Cemetery
        Cooper Cemetery
        James Cemetery
        Jeffries Cemetery
        Ossenfort Cemetery
        Phillips Cemetery
        Sehrt Cemetery
        Steinberg Cemetery
        Wilkenloh Cemetery

Boone Township

Antioch Christian Church Cemetery
Baker Family Cemetery
Blankenship Cemetery
Boeuff Presbyterian Cemetery
Brush Cemetery
Buster - Shults Family Cemetery
Cave Spring Missionary Baptist Cemetery
Champion City Methodist Cemetery
Conway Cemetery
Crow Cemetery
Dutch Hill Evangelical Cemetery
Enloe - Dotson Cemetery
Evergreen Southern Baptist Cemetery
Farrar Cemetery
Ficke - McCallister Cemetery
Giebler Family Cemetery
Gregory Cemetery
Hecht Cemetery
Holy Martyrs Catholic Cemetery
Laubinger Memorial Cemetery
Little Creek - Danz Cemetery
Lockhart Cemetery
Martin Cemetery
Martin - Weirich Cemetery
Miller Cemetery
New Friendship Southern Baptist Cemetery
Old Argo Presbyterian Cemetery
Old Branch Cemetery
Old Holy Martyrs Catholic Cemetery
Red Brick Pentecostal Cemetery
Rommelman Cemetery
Scarbury Family Cemetery
Schmidt - Pleasant Hill - Smith Cemetery
St. Paul's E&R Church Cemetery
St. Paul's U.C.C. Cemetery
Strain Pentecostal - Slab Church Cemetery
Trautwein Cemetery
Underwood Cemetery
Valentine Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery
Woodmen Cemetery

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Calvey Township

Calvey Baptist Cemetery
Finney Family Cemetery
Henderson Family Cemetery
Johnson Cemetery
Mitchell Cemetery
Mt. Calvary Baptist Cemetery
Mt. Olive United Methodist Cemetery
Oak Ridge Cemetery
Roberts Family Cemetery
Shiloh Baptist Cemetery
St. James Catholic Cemetery
St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery
Thompson Family Cemetery
Un-Named Cemetery
Whitworth Family Cemetery

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Central Township

Aitch Cemetery
Anaconda Cemetery
Beasley Cemetery
Collins Cemetery
Cove Cemetery
Ekey Cemetery
Emily Cemetery
Faith Baptist - Moore Cemetery
Fisher Cemetery
Frick Children Cemetery
Good Hope Cemetery
Gorg Cemetery
Green Mound Baptist Church Cemetery
Hartman Cemetery
Hearst Cemetery
Hearst - Pierce Cemetery
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery
Hundley Cemetery
Indian Prairie - Cheatham Cemetery
Inge Cemetery
Kamper Cemetery
Midlawn Memorial Gardens
Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery
Nuckles Cemetery
Reed Cemetery
Roque Cemetery
Shores Cemetery
St. Clare Catholic Cemetery
United Methodist - I.O.O.F. Cemetery

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Lyon Township

Adams - Butler Cemetery
Bauer Cemetery
Becker Cemetery
Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery
Blom Cemetery
Bridges Cemetery
Casco Methodist of Casco, MO
Churchill - Helling Cemetery
Cleve Cemetery
Cuno Cemetery
Danz Cemetery
Detmold Cemetery
Ebenezer Stone of Gerald, MO
Ebenezer Lutheran of Port Hudson, MO
Gerdes Cemetery
Grube Vault
Havener Cemetery
Henneke Cemetery
Himberg - Borghart - Ziegenmeyer Cemetery
Himburg Cemetery
Holy Family Catholic Church Cemetery of Point Hudson, MO
Koirtyohann - Bates Cemetery
Mt. Carmel - Mt. Calvery Cemetery
Neely - Malvern Cemetery
Nolting Cemetery
Rohlfing Cemetery
Seewoester Cemetery
Smith Cemetery
Snoddy Cemetery
Spinner Cemetery
Sprick Cemetery
St. James U.C.C. of Stony Hill, MO
St. John's U.C.C. of CASCO, MO
St. John's Lutheran of Beaufort, MO
Stipp Cemetery
Toelke Cemetery
Unger Cemetery
Unknown Cemetery
UnNamed Cemetery
Watkins Cemetery
Zion United Methodist of Leslie, MO
Albersworth - Heidmann*
Bauer - Kappelmann Cemetery*
Grannemann Cemetery*
Gregory - Muehlensteadt Cemetery*
Hannemann - Struewe Cemetery*
Hoemann Cemetery*
Oberkamper Cemetery*
Pigeon Cemetery*
Schrader - Panhorst Cemetery*
Sickendick Cemetery*
Spricks Cemetery*
Stevens Cemetery*
Uphoff Cemetery*
Walton - Holtgrewe Cemetery*
Wright - Zydat Cemetery*

*Cemeteries marked with an asterisk are known to be in Franklin County but, at the time the cemetery books were published, Four Rivers Genealogical Society had no information as to who is buried in these cemeteries. If you have any of this information, please contact Sue Blesi.

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Meramec Township

Bandy Cemetery
Buffalo Cemetery
Busch Family Cemetery
Clark Cemetery
Hendrix Cemetery
I.O.O.F. Cemetery at Sullivan, MO
Nappier Family Cemetery
New Chapel Hill Baptist Cemetery
Reedville Baptist Cemetery
Rock Hill Church Cemetery
St. Anthony's Catholic Church Cemetery
Stanton Cemetery
Whitmire - Brush Creek Cemetery

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Prairie Township

Bader Cemetery
Baker Cemetery
Bethel Baptist Cemetery
Brewer Cemetery
Crestview Memorial Cemetery
Elmwood Baptist Cemetery
Elmwood Sparks Cemetery
Fairview Methodist Cemetery
Hamilton Cemetery
Luebbering Citizens Cemetery
Mt. Hope Cemetery
Neavels Cemetery
Oak Grove Baptist Cemetery
Prospect Baptist Cemetery
St. Francis of Assisi Cemetery
Tyrey Cemetery
Virginia Mines Baptist Cemetery
Woodcock I Cemetery
Woodcock II Cemetery

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St. John's Township

Allgeyer-Goode Cemetery
Averbeck Cemetery
Bailey Family Cemetery
Bassora Cemetery
(Old City Cemetery)
Bell Cemetery
Brammell Cemetery
Brammell-2 Cemetery
Brown Cemetery
Busch Cemetery
Cole Family Cemetery
Cole-2 Cemetery
Giersa Cemetery
Gregory Cemetery
Holtgrewe Cemetery
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery
Maupin Cemetery
McCallister Family Cemetery
Maupin Cemetery
McCallister Family Cemetery
Ming Family Cemetery
Newport Presbyterian Cemetery
Rowark-Mitchell Family Cemetery
Sappington Family Cemetery
St. Ann's Catholic Cemetery
St. Francis Borgia Catholic Cemetery
St. Peters UCC Cemetery (old and new)
Todd Family Cemetery
Valentine-Armstrong Family Cemetery
Washington City Cemetery
Washington Presbyterian Cemetery
Wildey's IOOF Cemetery
Wilkinson Cemetery

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Union Township

Bethlehem Cemetery
Dill Cemetery
Fackler Cemetery
Fees Cemetery
Fink's Grave
Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery
Maupin Cemetery
Peters Cemetery
St. Gertrude's Catholic Krakow Cemetery
St. John's Catholic Gildehaus Cemetery
St. John's Mantels U.C.C. Krakow Cemetery
St. Jordan's U.C.C. Jeffriesburg Cemetery
St. Joseph's Catholic Neier Cemetery
St. Paul's Lutheran Union Cemetery
Terry Cemetery
Union Church Germantown Cemetery
First Union City Cemetery
Union City Cemetery
Zion U.C.C. Union Cemetery
Old Franklin County Poor Farm Cemetery
Framton Cemetery

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(Be sure to check the Four Rivers Genealogical Society list as well.) 

Alder Cemetery
Assumption Cemetery
Bade Cemetery
Bates Cemetery
Betts Cemetery
Boeuf Cemetery
Brush Creek Cemetery #1
Brush Creek Cemetery #2
Butler Cemetery
Cedar Cemetery
Cheatham (Indian Prairie) Cemetery
Coleman Cemetery
Cove Cemetery
Drewel Cemetery
Ekey Cemetery
Elmwood Cemetery*
Fees Cemetery
Finks Cemetery
Finney Cemetery
Fisher Cemetery
Good Cemetery
Gregory Cemetery
Hazelrun Cemetery
Helling Cemetery
Helms Cemetery
Indian Prairie (aka Cheatham) Cemetery*
Kallmeyier Cemetery
Kasel Cemetery
Kemper Cemetery
Kohlbush Cemetery
Laubinger Memorial Cemetery
Lockhart Cemetery
Lutheran Cemetery
Martin Cemetery
McCallister Cemetery
Methodist Cemetery #1
Methodist Cemetery #2
Meyer Cemetery
Meyers Cemetery
Midlawn Memorial Gardens
Mitchell Cemetery
Mount Calvary Cemetery
Nauser Cemetery
New Haven Cemetery
New Saint Bridgets Cemetery
Newport Cemetery
North Cemetery
Nortmann Cemetery
Oak Grove Cemetery*
Oak Ridge Cemetery
Odd Fellows Cemetery*
Old Hazelrun Cemetery
Old Japan Cemetery
Old Saint Bridgets Cemetery
Pacific Cemetery
Peters Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Reindhardt Cemetery
Roark Cemetery
Roberts Cemetery #1
Roberts Cemetery #2
Rommelmann Cemetery
Saint Anthonys Cemetery
Saint Francis Borgia Cemetery
Saint Gertrude Cemetery
Saint Johns Cemetery #1
Saint Johns Cemetery #2
Saint Paul Cemetery
Saint Pauls Cemetery#1
Saint Pauls Cemetery#2
Saint Peter Cemetery
Saint Peters Cemetery
Schall Cemetery
Schmidt Cemetery
Shiloh Cemetery
Sparks Cemetery
Sunset Memorial Cemetery
Thompson Cemetery
Tiler Cemetery
Trinity Cemetery
Underwood Cemetery
Viedt Cemetery
Wildey Cemetery
Woodcock Cemetery
Woodman Cemetery


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