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  • HB1883
    Provides procedures for dissolution and maintenance of abandoned cemeteries.

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Dunklin County Cemeteries

Dunklin County Missouri
Site Index

Cemetery Name Latitude Longitude Location Map
-1-[Bethany Cemetery]
(No Map )*(19)
. . .
-2- [Bone Cemetery]
(Map) *(28)
360201N 0900701W Hornersville
-3-[Branum, Cemetery]
(Map) *(37)
360348N 0900556W Hornersville
-4- [Canaan/Gibson Cemetery]
362741N 0900155W Campbell
-5-[Cardwell, Cemetery]
Parsell Cemetery
(Map ) *(11)
360312N 0901840W Cardwell
-6- [Cochran Cemetery]
(Map) *(02)
360032N 0902101W Cardwell
-7- [Cude Cemetery]
( Map) *(03)
360550N 0900814W Arbyrd
-8- [Elder Cemetery]
( Map) *(33)
363326N 0900257W Valley Ridge
-9- Finley Cemetery
( Map)
360615N 0900451W Hornersville
-10- [Four Mile Cemetery}
( Map) *(34)
363028N 0900540W Valley Ridge
-11- [Canaan/Gibson Cemetery]
( (Map) )* (18)
. . .
-12- [Gravel Hill Cemetery]
( Map) *(30)
362945N 0900717W Campbell
-13- [Gregory Cemetery]
( Map) *(23)
361633N 0900132W Kennett North
-14-[Gunnels, Cemetery]
(No Map) *(24)
. . .
-15- Harkeys Cemetery
( Map)
360552N 0900622W Hornersville
-16-Hazel Cemetery
See Marsh Cemetery
. . .
-17- Hopwood Cemetery
(Map )
363129N 0900356W Valley Ridge
-18- [Horners Cemetery]
(Map )*(39)
360153N 0901057W Arbyrd
-19- [Horners Cemetery]
(Map )*(04)
360329N 0900618W Hornersville
-20- [Hornersville Cemetery]
(Map )*(05)
360155N 0900718W Hornersville
-21- Hutchens Cemetery
(Map )
360426N 0900542W Hornersville
-22a- Lacy Cemetery
(No Map)

-22b- Langdon Cemetery
(Map )
360527N 0900538W Hornersville
-23- Lanier Cemetery
(Map )
360809N 0901039W Senath
-24- [Liberty Cemetery]
(Map )
360826N 0900437W Kennett South
-25- [Lloyd Cemetery]
(Map )*(13)
362350N 0900249W Campbell
-26- [Lulu Cemetery]
(Map )*(06)
360412N 0901033W Arbyrd
-27- [Lynne Oak Cemetery]
(Map )*(16)
362755N 0900044W Campbell
-28- [Macedonia Cemetery]
(Map )*(17)
363520N 0895759W Malden
-29- [Marsh Cemetery]
Marsh-Hazel Cemetery
Hazel Cemetery
(Map )*(20)
361306N 0900415W Kennett South
-30-Marsh-Hazel Cemetery
See Marsh Cemetery
. . .
-31-McCullough Cemetery
See McCulley Cemetery
. . .
-32-[McCulley Cemetery]
McCullough Cemetery
Varney Cemetery
(Map )*(21)
361810N 0900307W Kennett North
-33- [McGrew Cemetery]
(Map )*(07)
360739N 0901303W Senath
-34-[Memorial Gardens]
(Map )*(29)
. . Kennett
-35- [Memorial Park Cemetery]
(Map )*(27)
363449N 0895811W Malden
-36- [Mount Gilead Cemetery]
(Map )*(08)
362907N 0895802W Gideon
-37- [Oak Grove Cemetery]
(Map )*(14)
362835N 0895949W Gideon
-38- Oak Ridge Cemetery
(Map )*(10)
361459N 0900302W Kennett South
-39- Old Coldwater Cemetery
(Map )
360403N 0900904W Arbyrd
-40- Old Coldwater Cemetery
(Map )
360406N 0900900W Arbyrd
-41-Old Rosewood Cemetery
See Park Cemetery
. . .
-42- [Park Cemetery]
Old Rosewood Cemetery
(Map )*(26)
363320N 0895818W Malden
-43- Parsell Cemetery
See Cardwell Cemetery
(Map )
360312N 0901840W Cardwell
-43-a-[Riddle Hill Cemetery]
( No Map )*(36)
Monument Photos
. . Malden
-44- [Pine City Cemetery]
(Map )*(15)
362304N 0900129W Campbell
-45- [Rocky Hill Cemetery]
(Map )*(31)
362947N 0900732W Piggott
-46- Rogers Cemetery
(Map )
360945N 0900419W Kennett South
-47-[Senath Cemetery]
(No Map )*(25)
. . Senath
-48- [Silverdale Cemetery]
(Map )*(09)
360105N 0901241W Arbyrd
-49- Snider Cemetery
(Map )
363356N 0900330W Valley Ridge
-50- Stanfield Cemetery
(Map )*(22)
362557N 0895832W Gideon
-51- Stevens Chapel Cemetery
(Map )
363707N 0895931W Malden
-52- [Sumach Cemetery]
(Map )*(01)
362005N 0895912W Bragg City
-53- [Tucker Cemetery]
(Map )*(32)
363101N 0900350W Valley Ridge
-53-a- [Tucker Cemetery]
four pages
(Map )*(34)
363101N 0900350W Valley Ridge
-54-Varney Cemetery
See McCulley Cemetery
. . .
-55- [Old Vincent, Cemetery]
Vincent Cemetery
(Map )*(12)
363528N 0900331W Valley Ridge
-56- Vincent Cemetery
(Map )*(R1)
-56- [Wilhelmina Cemetery]
363528N 0900331W Valley Ridge
-57- Wilkinson Cemetery
(Map )
360536N 0900907W Arbyrd
-58- Williams Cemetery
(Map )
361124N 0900406W Kennett South
-58-a- Willoughby, Cemetery
(No Map )

-59- Woodlawn Cemetery
(Map )*(R3)
363001N 0900510W Valley Ridge

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