McCullough Cemetery Dunklin County Missouri

McCullough Cemetery,
Dunklin County

McCullough Cemetery

is located between the
Pool and Walnut Grove
Independence Township,
Dunklin County, Missouri.

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    HOLT, John K. b-Feb 19, 1833 d-Sept 23, 1865
    (PVT Coast ARty Corps WWII)
    ROGERS John R. b-Feb 19, 1800 d-Sept 23, 1853
    married Jan 05, 1825
    To Martha Ellen Thomas
    ROGERS, Martha Ellen (Thomas) b-July 5, 1801 d-June 6, 1856
    wife of John R. Rodgers
    WRIGHT, Ruby L. b-Feb 19, 1900 d-Sept 23, 1953

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McCullough Cemetery

****Date of Birth**** Date of Death ****Notes

BARHAM, Grover T.,
~~b: Nov 14, 1892~~d: Feb 25, 1917
~~ 1st h/o Martha E. Page Kennedy
Summited by Rae Wayne Poster-#-20-

BRASHERS ,Martha J. (Rowe)
~~b:May 4,1870~~ d: Feb.4, 1942
w/o Robert H.
  • NOTE: Mother of ~ Loula, Jeff, Tommy, Evaline, Margaret, Ollie, Dellar, Velcia, Nathan
    Summited by Carolyn Brashers Etchison Poster-#-186-
  • BRASHERS ,Dellar
    ~~b:Dec.11,1900~~ d: Aug.6,1920
    daughter of Martha J. and Robert H.
    BRASHERS, Baby Boy
    ~~b: April 21, 1947~~d: April 21, 1947
  • Son of Bonnie (Shipman) and Nathan Brashers
  • Brother of Mary Lou,Donald Joe, Martha Sue,Jimmy Lee,Carolyn Louise, Judith Ann,Tommy Keith,Bonita Beth,Cynthia Nathaleen .
    Summited by Carolyn Brashers Etchison Poster-#-186-
  • CRAWFORD, Flora
    ~~b: Dec 7, 1924~~d: Sept 7, 1925
    d/o Millard & Maud McCully Crawford
    Summited by Rae Wayne Poster-#-20-

    JOHNSON ,Loula ( Brashers)
    ~~b: Dec.22,1888~~d: Oct.12, 1955
    daughter of Martha J. and Robert H.Brashers
    Summited by Carolyn Brashers Etchison Poster-#-186-

    KENNEDY, Martha E.
    ~~b: Sept 19, 1889~~d: Sept 24, 1934,
    w/o Homer W., nee Page
    Summited by Rae Wayne Poster-#-20-
    MASTERS, Elizabeth
    ~~b: Nov 25, 1880~~d: Aug 24, 1963
    w/o Jacob, nee Grimes
    Summited by Rae Wayne Poster-#-20-
    MASTERS, Jacob, b. Mar 9, 1866, d. Apr 23, 1941, h/o Elizabeth
    MASTERS, Walter, b. Mar 1, 1903, d. Aug 1, 1921, s/o Elizabeth & Jacob
    MUNGLE, Shirley June, b Jun 7, 1936, d. Feb 17, 1937
    NATIONS, Alice J.
    ~~b: Oct 29, 1874~~d: May 15, 1941
    Summited by Rae Wayne Poster-#-20-
    NATIONS, Barbara Joyce, b. 1934, d. 1934
    NATIONS, Earnest C., b. Jun 24, 1888, d. Oct 28, 1918, s/o John P. & Sarah
    NATIONS, John P., b. May 14, 1855, d. Nov 21, 1928
    PAGE, Daniel W., b. Mar 22, 1898, d. Oct 15, 1917, s/o Jesse & Nancy
    PAGE, Ira V., b. Oct 27, 1886, d. Mar 26, 1916, s/o Jesse & Nancy
    PAGE, Jesse T., b. Jul 1, 1861, d. May 25, 1917, h/o Nancy
    PAGE, Nancy J., b. Jan 29, 1862, d. May 28, 1935, w/o Jesse, nee Newell
    WALLS, Ida b-May 25, 1887, d-April 24, 1915
    death record of Missouri: 12179,
    father Jake Webb, mother Mary Gray
    WALLS, Easter Irine b-March 23, d-October 12, 1914
    death record of Missouri: 31946,
    father R.C. Walls, mother Ida Walls
    (note: The spelling of first and middle name is
    listed as such on the death certificate.)

    WILLIAMS ,James F.
    ~~ b: Jan. 18, 1919~~d: Nov. 28, 1932
    NOTE:Son of Frank and Evaline Williams
    Brother of Francis , Wilson ,Ralph ,Allen ,Marjorie ,Ray,
    Leigh Ann Robertson & Neoma Williams Robertson
    Submitted by Leigh Ann Robertson Poster-#-189-

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