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Lacy Cemetery

  • NOTE:This Cemetery is an old cemetery, unmarked, and at the top of the forested Riddle Hill.

    The Lacy Cemetery which includes descendents of Jordan Lacy and Nancy Anderson Lacy is west of Malden and North of Campbell. Buried there are James E Lacy's (son of Jordan Lacy and Nancy Anderson Lacy) family and some family

    If going East on J in Dunklin County, go past WW coming from Campbell about 100 ft and turn left on small gravel road. Go about 1/2 mile to 2nd house on right, (Kean home).

    No sign for cemetery, 97 paces or 300' north of north edge of Kean driveway about 300' up hill to top of Riddle Hill, part of Crowley Ridge


    NOTE: Lacy Cemetery is on is Private land and Mr. Kean, who takes care of the property for them, told my cousin last week when she was there that the people didn't want people going there. So it is not open to the public I am sad to say. I think Cemeteries should be no matter where they are if people have family buried in them. My cousin had to really talk to get him to let her go up there for just a few minutes.
    We thought you should know this and maybe post it on the Web Site so that a lot of people didn't try to go up there and Mr. Kean end up getting into trouble with the owners.

Name****Date of Birth****Date of Death****Notes

Below Submitted by Margaret Gerdel Poster-#-270-
At Rest
Mary Thomas
Wife of Elbert Lacy
~~b: November 9, 1894~~d: January 13, 1924
Tony Ray Lacy
Son of E. & Mary T. Lacy
~~b: July 15, 1917~~d: October 6, 1917
Given Wesley Lacy
~~b: October 27, 1873 ~~d: February 10, 1950
Ella Pennington Lacy
~~b: March 10, 1874 ~~d: September 3, 1929
NOTE : (real name was Laura Ella Pennington)
Blacke, Lona
Wife of Hubert Blacke
~~b: November 2,1898 ~~d: July 31, 1922
Same Stone
Nancy Lacy
~~b: 1899 ~~d: 1901
Lydia Lacy
~~b: 1875 ~~d: 1904
NOTE: (Lydia the wife of William C. Lacy b.1874)
James E. Lacy
~~b: March 12, 1835 ~~d: April 21, 1921
Gone But Not Forgotten
Elizabeth J. Lacy
Wife of James E. Lacy
~~b: December 19, 1833 ~~d: January 22, 1888
Blessed be the name of my Lord
J. B. Lacy
~~b: April 6, 1860 ~~d: December 21, 1913
NOTE: (James B. Lacy)
Sarah G. Lacy
~~b: February 3, 1857 ~~d: November 18, 1925
Emett son of
J. B. & S. G. Lacy
~~b: July 8, 1890 ~~d: March 1891
NOTE: (James B. Lacy) & (Sarah G. Lacy)
Infant Son of Nortons Cornelia Snider
~~b: November 10, 1937 ~~d: November 10, 1937
NOTE : (Lawrence's death certificate has him as unnamed infant of Lowell Norton Snider and Alice Cornelia Garnes)
Above Submitted by Margaret Gerdel Poster-#-270-

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