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      The following list is believed to be a complete alphabetical index to the names of cemeteries in Douglas County, Missouri.  Cemeteries with more than one name have been listed under each one. In 2010, Pat Carmichael, of the the Douglas County Historical and Genealogical Society, published a revised five-volume set of cemetery books for the entire county including the large cemetery in Ava, the county seat.   Her original set of reference works was published in 1996-97. 
     These reference works are the most complete and accurate set of cemetery records that exist today.  They were made possible by Pat and a host of cemetery readers back through the years.  The third column below indicates in which of Carmichael's volumes that a given cemetery is listed.  Instructions on how to obtain these volumes can be found at this link:
Carmichael Cemetery Books (Douglas County Hist. / Gen. Society).
The Mo-GenWeb Archives contain files--mostly partial listings--for some of the cemeteries below.  Each cemetery with some information in the Archives is labeled as "(See Archives)" and a link is there for you to access that information.


Cemetery Name Township Volume
Aelem Lincoln  1
Alcorn Clay 3
Alsup (James Cox) Wood 4
Alsup Grave Richland 4
Andrews Benton 2
Anglican (See Stimble - Anglican)    
Applegate (See Bolder Fork)    
Arden (See Nearly Complete List in the Archives) Lincoln  1
Arno Washington 1
Assumption Abbey Brown 3
Ava Benton Ava
Barnett, Smiley Farm Washington 1
Bell Jackson 3
Benton Twp (Single grave) Benton 2
Billingsley (See Partial List in the Archives) Boone 2
Bittick Clinton 4
Blanche Brushcreek 4
Bolder Fork Buchanan 1
Boone Twp (Unknown - Sec 10) Boone 2
Boone Twp (Unknown - Sec 11) Boone 2
Boone Twp (Unknown - Sec 13) Boone 2
Boone Twp (Unknown - Sec 36) Boone 2
Bragg (See Possibly Complete List in the Archives) Findley 2
Bralley Benton 2
Brazeale Lincoln  1
Brixey (Brixie) (See Archives) Findley 2
Brooks Walls 2
Brushcreek Twp (Unknown) Brushcreek 4
Brushyknob (See Archives) McMurtrey 3
Bryan Twp (Unknown) Bryan 4
Buchanan Twp (Unknown) Buchanan 1
Burdett Benton 2
Bushong Jackson 3
Butler Washington 1
Buttermilk (See Mt Everett)    
Call - Sprague (See Sprague - Call)    
Campbell Richland 4
Campbell (Campbell Tnp) Campbell 1
Catt Family Buchanan 1
Clever Creek (See Archives) McMurtrey 3
Clifty Hall (or Clifty) Wood 4
Cobb (See Laurie - Hubbard)     
Cold Springs (See Clever Creek)    
Collins Jackson 3
Collins, Shavey (Single grave) Richland 4
Comer Campbell 1
Cord McKinley 4
County Court Springcreek 2
Cowhorn (See Jenkins)    
Cowskin (See Burdett)    
Cox (See Archives) Washington 1
Coy Boone 2
Cudworth Richland 4
Cunningham (Same as Fish-Cunningham) Richland 4
Daily (See Archives) Lincoln  1
Day (See Archives) Washington 1
Denlow (See Archives) Cass 3
Denny (See Archives) Springcreek 2
Denny # 2 (See Archives) Springcreek --
Denny (Gentry) Findley 2
Dixon Campbell 1
Dobbs Boone 2
Dogwood (See Archives) Lincoln  1
Dripping Springs (Unknown) McMurtrey 3
Dyer Miller 2
Elam - Barnes (Same as Waterson) Campbell 1
ElIison-Silvey (See Archives) Lincoln  1
Ellison (See Archives) Lincoln  1
Ellison - McKnight Campbell 1
Evansdale (See Archives) McMurtrey 3
Fairview (Clinton Tnp) (See Archives) Clinton 4
Fairview (Olathe) (See Archives) and
     (K. Towe's Listing)


Fannon (See Archives) Springcreek 2
Finger - Single Grave Walls 2
Fish-Cunningham Richland 4
Flatrock (See Holms - Flatrock)    
Fox Creek (See Livingston)    
Friendship Miller 2
Frye Springcreek 2
Garrison (See Archives) Lincoln  1
Gentry (See Denny)    
Gentryville (See Archives) Jackson 3
Girdner Walls 2
Goforth (See Archives) Miller 2
Goodhope (See Archives) Washington 1
Goodman Farm (Stark) Cass 3
Gross - Single Grave Clay 3
Hagg - Single Grave Clay 3
Hailey (See Archives) Findley 2
Hall (Buchanan Tnp) (See Archives) Buchanan 1
Hall (Spencer Tnp) Spencer 1
Harris (See Archives) Benton 2
Hartley - Lakey Washington 1
Hawkins (See Martin - Hawkins)    
Henderson Jackson 3
Herrell (See Archives) Buchanan 1
Hicks Champion 3
Hicks - Baby Grave Champion 3
Highlonesome (See Mt Olive)    
Hilo - Silverton Walls 2
Hitchcock Clay 3
Holestine Lincoln  1
Holms - Flatrock McKinley 4
Holt (Possibly same as Thompson - currently being investigated) Springcreek  
Horner Campbell 1
Hubbard Washington 1
Hubbard (See Laurie - Hubbard)    
Huffman # 2 Findley 2
Huffman # 1 (SeeArchives) Buchanan 1
Hurst Jackson 3
Inman Richland 4
Jenkins Washington 1
Johnson Springcreek 2
Johnson Campbell 1
Johnson, Moses Farm McKinley 4
Keith - Smith Miller 2
Kennedy Walls 2
Lakey (Lincoln Tnp) Lincoln  1
Lakey (See Hartley - Lakey)    
Lakey Springs Cass 3
Laurie - Hubbard Boone 2
Lee (See Mills - Lee)    
Lemons - Baby Grave Miller 2
Little Zion (See Archives) Richland 4
Livingston Cass 3
Loftin (See Archives) Brown 3
Loftis Lincoln  1
Lost Graves All Tnps 4
Luellen Jackson 3
Maggard (See Archives) Spencer 1
Maggard - Single Grave Buchanan 1
Martin - Hawkins Jackson 3
Mathis (See Archives) Cass 3
McKnight Boone 2
Miller Twp (Unknown) Miller 2
Mills Buchanan 1
Mills - Lee Spencer 1
Milsap Champion 3
Morris Farm Miller 2
Mt Ararat McKinley 4
Mt Everett Miller 2
Mt Olive Buchanan 1
Mt Tabor Benton 2
Mt Zion Findley 2
Murray Walls 2
New Hope (See Archives) Champion 3
Oak Forest (See Archives) or (K. Towe's Listing) Clay 3
Olathe (See Fairview - Olathe)    
Palmer Campbell 1
Pease Richland 4
Penner (See Archives) Wood 4
Phelps Miller 2
Pine Flat Clinton 4
Pleasant Home (See Archives) Champion 3
Pleasant Mound Brushcreek 4
Pleasant Ridge (See Dogwood)    
Prairie Hollow Miller 2
Prior (See Mathis)    
Pruett - Single Grave Washington 1
Rankin ? Richland 4
Riley Jackson 3
Ritter Benton 2
Robbertson (See Fannon)    
Roller Springcreek 2
Roosevelt (See Thornton - Roosevelt)    
Roper - Stuttlers McMurtrey 3
Roper, Old (See Vera Cruz - Old Roper)    
Shiloh (See Archives) Clay 3
Silverton (See Hilo - Silverton)    
Silvey Benton 2
Simmers (See Summers - Simmers)    
Sisco (See Strunk - Sisco)    
Sisney (See Whitescreek)    
Smith (See Keith - Smith)    
Sprague - Call (See Archives) Champion 3
Springcreek Springcreek 2
Springcreek Twp (Unknown) Springcreek 2
Squires (Single Grave) Walls 2
St Nicholas Brushcreek 4
Stafford (See Swearengin, Old)    
Stamper Campbell 1
Stark (See Goodman Farm)    
Stillings Washington 1
Stimble - Anglican Benton 2
Strunk - 2 Cass 3
Strunk - Sisco (See Archives) Cass 3
Stuttlers (See Roper - Stuttlers)    
Sulter - Single Grave Buchanan 1
Summers - Simmers Campbell 1
Swearengin - Wright (See Archives) Spencer 1
Swearengin, E T Spencer 1
Swearengin, Old Spencer 1
Sweden (See Archives) Brown 3
Tedrick Bryan 4
Teutenhahn Brushcreek 4
Thomas Family McKinley 4
Thompson Springcreek 2
Thornt Richland 4
Thornton - Roosevelt Richland 4
Thurman - Single Grave Springcreek 2
Thurman Homestead Walls 2
Tix - Single Grave Jackson 3
Towe Clay 3
Tower Hill - Ava Benton 2
Turkey Creek Boone 2
Twitty Farm Walls 2
Union Grove Campbell 1
Vanzant Bryan 4
Vera Cruz McMurtrey 3
Vera Cruz - Old Roper McMurtrey 3
Wallace Miller 2
Walnut Grove (See Archives) Springcreek 2
Washington Twp (Unknown) Washington 1
Waterson (Same as Elam - Barnes) Campbell 1
Whirlow Jackson 3
Whitescreek Boone 2
Williamson McKinley 4
Willow Springs #2 Bryan 4
Wilson Hollow McMurtrey 3
Wright Spencer 1
Wright - Single Grave Walls 2
Wright (See Swearengin - Wright)    
Yates (See Archives) Brown 3
Zion Findley 2
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