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The MOGenWeb Archives for Douglas County is a growing body of information about the county.  While most of the ARCHIVES are dedicated to cemetery and census records, other categories include marriage and pension records, pioneers and estates and wills.  The ARCHIVES provide a permanent holding place for people to donate materials that cannot be removed from the ARCHIVES without the original donor's consent.   Consider the photos and other materials that you might have to contribute to this valuable service.  Note: files contributed to the ARCHIVES must have either a .txt or .jpg file extension. 

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Copyrights and Good Ethics -- This site is copyrighted to protect the many creators of the body of work contained here.  Use this information freely but tell your readers where you acquired the information.  A copyright comes into existence when a work is created. Only “original works of authorship” can be protected by copyright.  An example of this would be cemetery records – if you copy names and dates from a cemetery, that in itself might not be copyrightable, unless you have added information to it, such as compiling multiple cemeteries into one source, such as Laine Sutherland’s (et al) Gone But Not Forgotten: Cemetery Survey of the Eastern District, Douglas County , Missouri (1995).  My own transcriptions of Fairview and Oak Forest Cemetery are also copyrighted, because I added additional information not available on the headstones. For works created after 1978, copyright protection lasts for the “life of the author, plus seventy years”. For works created before 1978, the protection is good for a maximum of 95 years, with a minimum of 28 years. Note that “official government publications are not eligible for copyright in any form by anyone” – the information can be used, as it is public domain, but you cannot call it your original work. -- Kristi Towe, Coordinator

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