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Sherryl Barger wrote:

 To all of you that are posting the surnames that you are researching
in  Missouri, I encourage you to visit the MOGenWeb county web pages in
which your ancestors lived and post a query and/or your surnames there also.
You may find that someone is looking for the same folks that you are!
The MOGenWeb Project can be found at: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~mogenweb/mo.htm

Happy hunting!
Sherryl <sbarger@comp.uark.edu>
Howard County MOGenWeb

posted by Jerry Holland


Dear friends,
   Sherryl's advice is excellent.

   I placed a query at the Dent Co., MOGenWeb
site last August. Two weeks ago, I received a letter from someone
who thought our families might be related. She was right! Her
mother-in-love is my cousin!

   Now, I've not only gained family, but also a friend,
( and someone to help me do genealogy! ), and
all because she saw my name at the web site.

Kathleen Dotson Mazil
Washington State

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