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This was copied from 'Ozark Heritage Dent County Missouri Area Cemeteries & Families' Vol III 1994 by Ken Fiebelman of Salem, MO.

Reprinted with the permission of Ken Fiebelman on behalf of the Dent County Historical Society

AGEE, ROBERT EDWIN LEE    Feb. 20, 1864 - May 25, 1957.    Son of Sarah E. Agee Skiles (she married 1) William I. Clift, m. 2) Hardy Skiles, both of Mount Herman community). Robert Edwin married Cynthia Wofford, 1892, Dent Co., by Rev. E. Eaves (daughter of William Wofford; she is buried at Detroit MI). Children: May  S. (m. Phillip E. Lunn), & Ralph Agee & Viola Ralston (both moved to Florida).

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Jan. 22, 1888, Dent Co. (at White Chapel by R. M. Reddick).
ALLEY, JAMES 'MONROE'    Apr. 5, 1866 - May 27, 1937.    Son of D. B. Alley & Lydia Emaline ___ (buried at Mount Herman Cemetery).
WALLIS     Jun. 20, 1866 - Feb. 19, 1948.    Daughter of Andrew M. Wallis & Rachel White. Children: Oren, Olen, Homer & Palmer L. (Nov. 25, 1905 - Feb. 25, 1987, m. Opal West 1924, St. Louis, both buried at Licking Cemetery; parents of Lavon who married Don Harrison & Judy who married Lonnie Taylor.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married May 15, 1910
ALLEY, ORREN R.    Apr.12, 1889 - Dec. 23, 1968.    Son of James 'Monroe' Alley & Rachel Tennessee 'Tennie' Wallis. Children: Lloyd (m. Kathleen) & Pauline. Spent most of life on farm near Maples.
     May, 5, 1889 - Aug. 2, 1983.    Daughter of John W. Martin & Sarah Jane Scott (buried at Concord Cemetery).

ALLEY, JAMES HOMER    May 15, 1897 - Jun. 5, 1976.    Son of James 'Monroe' Alley & Rachel Tennessee 'Tennie' Wallis.  Father of: Eileen Brooks, Lois Kenton, Bill, & Jenelle Brauer. Owned florist business for several years; member Zion Methodist.

ANDERSON, J. P.    Dec. 4, 1849 - May 22, 1905.

ANDERSON, UNKNOWN    No name or dates.

ANDERSON, ORAL    1878 - 1936.    Son of J. P. Anderson.   Children: Henry O. (buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Alice, Wilson, Russell, Frank, Marshall and Sadie.
    1893 - Dec. 12, 1939.

ANDERSON, RUSSELL.    1934 - 1941.    Son of Oral Anderson & Sylvia Taylor.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Mar. 2, 1904.
ARNOTT, DAN W.    May 30, 1885 - Dec. 16, 1943.    Son of Dr. W. L. Arnott & Jane ___ . (buried at Johnson Cemetery). Operated small dairy farm Dent Co. for sometime; converted as young man, joined Salem Baptist.
    Jan. 31, 1880 - Oct. 3, 1948.    Daughter of William T. Campbell & Amberzine Tennessee Pewitt. Converted girlhood, joined New Harmony Baptist, later Salem Baptist. Two children, William Archie (m. ___ Burrus) and moved to Steelville & Paul (died in infancy).

ARNOTT, PAUL     Apr.15, 1911 - Apr.20, 1911.    Son of Dan W. Arnott & Alice J. Campbell.

BREEDLOVE, MILDRED MARIE HUSKEY    Jan. 4, 1925 - Mar. 31, 1984.    Daughter of James R. Huskey & Ruey C. ___; Married John Daniel Breedlove (1915 - 1982, buried at Wimberly Cemetery, Ring Gold LA), Mar. 9, 1957, 1 son, Daniel Eugene; member Licking United Methodist.

BRYANT, LAVINA CHRISTINA 'CRISS' LUNN    Jul. 30, 1917 - Feb. 4, 1962.    Daughter of Phillip Lunn & Mae ____. Married Dorman Bryant, Feb. 11, 1935. Two children, Dorma Lea Cloverdell Davis & Kenneth Wayne. Lived in Dent & Texas counties & St. Louis. Employed by Wagner Electric; joined Zion Methodist, later St. Johns Baptist, St. Louis; Dorman is buried at Williams Cemetery in Licking.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 1877 Dent County.
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM T.    Sep. 21, 1856 - Mar. 25, 1900.    Children: Alice J. (m. Dan Arnott), Chalmer, Almer, Lawrence D. (1888 - 1966, buried at Lakewood Park Cemetery,- St. Louis, m. Maymee E. Wallis, 1911) and Jewell (moved to Bellflower CA)
     Dec. 14, 1855 - May 11, 1939.    Daughter of W. W. Pewitt & Mary ___ (buried at Mount Herman Cemetery). Married 2) A. Emmett Hoodenpyle (d. Apr.4, 15, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery). Converted as young girl, joined New Harmony Baptist, later joined Salem First Baptist.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married May 24, 1905
CAMPBELL, JAMES 'CHALMER'    Nov. 19, 1881 - Jan. 16, 1967.    Son of William T. Campbell & Amberzine Tennessee Pewitt. Seven children: Bonard, Faye, Clair, Donald (m. Evelyn), Kenneth (Sep. 7, 1913 - Jun. 25, 1988, buried at Rose Hill Memorial Park, Whittier CA, m. Jean Edgmon) Darrell A. (1906 - 1969, m. Marjorie Kirkman Hinds, 1939, buried at Forest Lawn Cypress Mausoleum, Long Beach CA), & Fern (m. 1) ___ Welch, m. 2) Pete O' Malley). Spent entire life on farm where he was born & died; member Zion Methodist.
CAMPBELL, ETHEL MELINDA SHARP     Jul. 8, 1881, Dent Co.- Oct. 20, 1972, Houston, daughter of James Henry & America Harris Sharp (buried at Patterson Cemetery); member Zion Methodist

CAMPBELL, BONARD G.    Born & died Jan. 24, 1911.    Son of James 'Chalmer' Campbell & Ethel Melinda Sharp.

CAMPBELL, V. FAYE    Mar. 19, 1916 - May 23, 1930.    Daughter of James 'Chalmer' Campbell & Ethel Melinda Sharp.

CAMPBELL, CLAIR BYRON    Aug. 20, 1919 - Jan. 22, 1940.    Son of James 'Chalmer' Campbell & Ethel Melinda Sharp. Graduate Licking High School; helped father farm

CARTWRIGHT, EARL E.    No dates.    Married Ruie Zoe Thomason.

CLARK, RAY J.     Aug. 5, 1890 - Jun. 11, 1953.

CLARK, STELLA KELLOG    Jul. 18, 1888 - Nov. 19, 1976.

DOUGLASS, GLENN J.    Aug. 2, 1924 - Aug. 20, 1992.    Son of Merle Douglass & Bernice Wayne. Married Sara Fisher, Sep. 7, 1957. Three sons, Dennis, Wayne, & Michael. Veteran WW II, Korea, & Vietnam (22 yrs.); farmer 24 yrs.; lived near Licking

DOUGLASS, DENNIS E.    Jun. 24, 1959 - Apr.20, 1991.   Son of Glenn J. Douglass & Sara Fisher. Married Terri ___. Father of Rachel, Earl, Jennifer, & Ronda. Brother of Mike & Wayne Douglass. Veteran U.S. Navy 11 yrs.; served Iran Crisis, 1987; Operation Desert Shield.

DOUGLASS, RACHEL MARIE    Born & died 1984.    Infant daughter of Dennis E. Douglass & Terri ____.

EMORY, INFANT    No dates.    Child of Thomas Emory & Amanda Gray (buried at Union Cemetery).

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married May 12, 1928, Salem.
FERGUSON, GLENN G.    May 28, 1908 - Apr.4, 1982.    Son of William Arthur Ferguson & Lizzie Drowns. Three children: Richard Charles (d. Dec. 1970, buried at St. Louis, m. Ann ___ ), Billy D., & Glenna Sue (m. Ted Postol). Brother of Eubert E. & William Arthur. Moved to St. Louis 1941, worked AR Best Freight Co., & Hazelwood School Dist.; member Bethel Baptist, N. St. Louis Co.
    Mar. 3, 1910 - Feb. 2, 1975.    Daughter of Moses C. White & Mary H. ___.

FERGUSON, BILLY DONALD    Dec. 26, 1930 - Apr.6, 1932.    Son of Glenn G. Ferguson & Nadine White.

FIELDER, WILLIAM THOMAS    Feb. 8, 1885 - Dec. 9, 1964.    Son of John Breckenridge Fielder & Arminta Knox. Married 1) Mary Hawkins, 1913; one son, William Jr. Married 2)  Margaerite Mears May 16, 1902, 1921; six children: Mary Graves, Bill (buried at Patterson Cemetery), Vinnie Moorefield, Frances (m. Claudius Fudge), John and June Hickman. Veteran WW I Sgt.2. Joined Christian Church, Borwalla KY (age 15).

FLOYD, MAHALA KELLER    Dec. 17, 1816 - Dec. 31, 1901.    Married Nimrod Floyd (d. c1857 Meigs Co. TN). Eleven children, 9 sons and 2 daughters: Enoch (m. 1) Jane Creasy, m. 2) Sarah Roling, m. 3) Elizabeth Robnett), Peter (m. Sarah Robnett, both buried at Berry Cemetery), Samuel H., Abraham, Oma, George W. (m. 1) Melissa Hoodenpyle, m. 2) Sarah K. Medley), Calvin (m. Eliza J. Tharp), Rachel (m. Martin L. Cox, both buried at Mount Herman Cemetery), John M. (m. Jessie Robertson, buried at Patterson Cemetery, James (m. Flora Elizabeth Robnett, 1877, buried at Rock Springs Cemetery) and a son who died in Tennessee. She moved to Dent County with family after the death of her husband & settled in Texas Twp. on Dry Fork; member Missionary Baptist.

FLOYD, ABRAHAM.    No dates.    Son of Nimrod Floyd & Mahala Keller; single.

FLOYD, OMA     No dates.    Daughter of Nimrod Floyd & Mahala Keller; single.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married 1873, Dent County.
FLOYD, SAMUEL H.    1845 - 1936.    Son of Nimrod Floyd & Mahala Keller. Five children, 3 sons & 2 daughters. Three of them are Fate (moved to OK), Belle (m. James Taw Turner, both buried at Mount Herman Cemetery) and John Will (m. Emma Wallis).
    1847 - Oct., 1936.    Sister of Rebecca Lucinda Creasy who married Jack Berry.

FLOYD, DONNA ANN    Born & died Sep., 1920.    Infant daughter of Ernest M. Floyd & Anna Lunn (buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery).

FOX, FRANK    1880 - 1950.    Son of John B. Fox. He married 2) Cora E. Wallis Jun. 8, 1921. John B. had 10 children by two marriages, 5 died in infancy; Elsie Hill, Charles, Tellie, Pursifull, & May Gray, Frank, Maggie, Cora, Ernest, & Milt (1896 - 1979), buried at Galena, m. Florence May  Edwards).

FOX, CORA E. WALLIS     May 9, 1885 - Jan. 11, 1947.    Daughter of Joe Wallis & Matilda Berry. Second wife of Frank Fox.

FUDGE, THOMAS JACKSON    Oct. 8, 1875 - Jul. 28, 1936.    Son of Thomas Fudge & Nancy A. Emory (mother buried at OK).  Married 1) Amy M. Wallis; children: Alma E., Beola S., Otha R. & Villa E. - all killed in cyclone. Married 2) Susan H. Austin Feb. 1, 1905, three children: Claudius Bernard, Thomas Louis (to Yuma AZ), & Cleo Marie (m. Ron White, to Burns OR). Converted early age, joined Zion Methodist.

FUDGE, AMY M. WALLIS    Sep. 16, 1875 - Jul. 22, 1903.    Daughter of Samuel Wallis & Elizabeth Cox. First wife of Thomas Jackson Fudge. Children: Alma E., Beola S., Otha R. & Villa E. - all killed in cyclone.

FUDGE, SUSAN H. AUSTIN SCOTT     Jun. 22, 1880 - Jan. 11, 1957.    Maiden name Scott. Married ____ Scott

FUDGE, ALMA E.    Nov. 13, 1898 - Mar. 24, 1904.    Daughter of Thomas J. Fudge & Amy M. Wallis. Killed in cyclone.

FUDGE, BEOLA S.    May 18, 1900 - Mar. 24, 1904.    Daughter of Thomas J. Fudge & Amy M. Wallis. Killed in cyclone.

FUDGE, OTHA R.    Sep. 3, 1901 - Mar. 24, 1904.    Daughter of Thomas J. Fudge & Amy M. Wallis.  Killed in cyclone.

FUDGE, VILLA E.     Died Mar. 24, 1904.    Daughter of Thomas J. Fudge & Amy M. Wallis. Killed in cyclone.

FUDGE, CLAUDIUS BERNARD, SR.    Nov. 13, 1921 - Feb. 25, 1990.    Son of Thomas J. Fudge & Susan H. Austin. Married Frances Fielder, Jun. 18, 1950. Six children: William 'Billy' Jackson (d. Aug. 13, 1974, age 23, m. Anne ___, buried at Bloomsdale), Ivy Brumett Floyd, Eula May Fudge, Robert, Claudius Bernard 'Bernie' (m. Barbara ___), & Janice Sue (m. Joe Barnes). Farmer, Zion community; member Zion Methodist.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Dec. 1, 1907.
GRAHAM, ROBERT ALEXANDER    Jan. 9, 1886 - Mar. 5, 1967.    Son of George Graham & Elizabeth Gray (buried at Patterson Cemetery). Step-father of Alfred Lunn. Converted 1965.
'SINDIE' KRUPP    Apr.26, 1884 - May 27, 1942.    daughter of Gustave A. Lunn & Christina ___. Six children: Carl (buried at New Harmony Cemetery), Edith M. (m. Clifford A. Short) & Rev. Roy Vernon (m. Bonnie Highley, she later married ___ Fowler, both buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Ivan, Berniece and Clarice. 

GRAHAM, IVAN GEORGE    Jun. 23, 1910 - Nov. 12, 1951    Son of Robert Alexander Graham & Signa Irene Lunn. Married Florence Krupp (b. 1915), Sep. 23, 1946; one son, Danny George; stepson Donald Krupp. Member of Full Gospel.

HALLADAY, CARL    Feb. 2, 1898 - Oct. 13, 1904.    Son of ___ Halladay & ____ Yeater (parents buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery).

HARRIS, EDNA E. D.    Jul. 17, 1942 - Jul. 26, 1942.

HUSKEY, JAMES R.    May 20, 1897 -Jul. 22, 1970.    Ruey C. ___ (b. Oct. 12, 1899). Daughter: Mildred Marie (m. John D. Breedlove).

KELLOGG, MARTIN BURR    Jan. 8, 1849 - Sep. 15, 1935.    Children: Palmer and  Ira Noble (Jan. 16, 1886 - Sep. 11, 1981, m. Emma Grant of Licking, both buried at Woobine Cemetery - Puyallup WA). Member Masonic Lodge. Grandfather of Evelyn Ware of Licking.
    Jan. 8, 1853 - Dec. 17, 1929.

KELLOGG, PALMER    Nov. 22, 1890 - Mar. 10, 1911.    Son of Martin 'Burr' Kellogg & Elizabeth T. ___. 

KELLOGG, MABEL A.    Oct. 11, 1877 - Feb. 6, 1903.

KELLOGG, BERTHA C.    Mar. 28, 1880 - Dec. 26, 1900.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Aug. 2, 1881 Monett MO.
    Feb. 9, 1849 - May 16, 1936.    Born Stockholm, Sweden. Came to U.S. about 1880. settled at Monett, worked on the railroad for many years., moved to Dent Co. 1894, lived Rhyse community 43 years.
     Mar. 30, 1854 - Dec. 31, 1939.    Daughter of Andrew F. Carlson & Hannah C. ___ (buried at Johnson Cemetery). Born in Stockholm, Sweden. Converted age 16, member Joy Baptist-Joy MO Children: Martin (died in infancy), Jennie Linden (died at Rockford IL about 1930), Albert E. (buried at Mount Herman Cemetery), Phillip, Caleb, Edward Burton (m. Alta Floyd, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Annie (m. Ernest M. Floyd, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Tillie H. (died Oct. 24, 1980, Dallas TX, m. Sam B. Hollowell, Feb. 11, 1906, Salem), Alma Lewis (died May 1, 1973, buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in St. Louis), Signa Irene 'Sindy' (m. Robert A. Graham) and Jennie.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Mar. 27, 1915, St. Louis
LUNN, PHILLIP EDWARD    Mar. 27, 1886 - Jan. 16, 1951.    Son of Gustave A. Lunn & Christina Carlson. Joined Lighthouse Baptist Mission at St. Louis; later joined Zion Church after returning to Dent County.
AGEE    May, 5, 1893 - Apr.17, 1984.    Daughter of Edwin Lee Agee & Cynthia Wofford. Attended Methodist Church. Eight children: Lavina (m. Dorman Bryant), Geneve Howald Coons, Wesley, Jaunita Hood, Sarah Sickman, Deree Williams, Mary Ellen Mitchell & Claude (m. Kathleen E.___, moved to St. Louis).

LUNN, WESLEY HAROLD    Jun. 10, 1919 - May 30, 1985.    Son of Phillip E. Lunn & May Agee. Pvt. U.S. Army WW II; lived St. Louis, retired to Dent Co. LUNN, DOROTHY LOUISE HOOD     Oct. 25, 1917 - Feb. 8, 1980.    One son, Jeffrey A. (m. Janet Holzer).

LUNN, CALEB    Jul. 20, 1892 - Nov. 23, 1952.    Son of Gustave A. Lunn & Christina Carlson. Mae Bailey nee Garrison, Nov. 18, 1926; step-father of : Mae Whitlock, Lucile Seals, & Gilbert Bailey; reared Rhyse, moved to St. Louis, back home c1948.
     Aug. 16, 1894 - Nov. 22, 1963.    Daughter of James Garrison & Mary Ann Newton. Married 1st James Bailey, 3 children. Married 3)  Jesse Hickinbotham.

LUNN, CLARENCE ALFRED    Dec. 22, 1900 - Mar. 15, 1959.    Son of Signa 'Sindie' Lunn Graham. Married Gerene Coleman. Two sons, Clarence & Eugene. Early life spent Dent Co., moved to St. Louis.

MOONEY, CLELLER, JR.    Jan. 3, 1939 - Jan. 6, 1939.    Son of Cleller Mooney, Sr. & Lillie Shepherd, (buried at Jadwin Cemetery).

MOOREFIELD, DUDLEY B.    Aug. 21, 1912 - Jan. 7, 1970.    Veteran WW II S/Sgt. Co. B 26 Med Btn.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married 1878, Dent Co. (by Rev. Willam Kell)
NELSON, MCKINNEY 'M. C.'     No dates.    Son of Moses Nelson (buried at Hasten Cemetery) & Rebecca Norris (who later married John Patterson, buried at Patterson Cemetery). he went to CA, buried at CA), May  (m. Charles Elisha Jamison, 1905, Farmington MO, to Coweta OK).
NELSON, LOUISA JANE NELSON WALKER     No dates.    Daughter of ___ Nelson & Martha White. Married 1st Henry Walker, two daughters: Martha (m. Thomas J. Strictlin, 1890, Dent Co., to CA), & Matilda Matilda 'Tilda' Walker (m. Lester L. Rogers, 1890, Dent Co., buried at Patterson Cemetery). Children of McKinney & Louisa: Walter, Mindie (m. George Strictlin, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery) and Hattie (m. Edmond Harrison Brigman, d. 1918, Vinita OK).

NELSON, WALTER.    Died Dec. 11, 1897.    Son of McKinney Nelson & Martha White Walker. (died from hydrophobia).

OGDEN, ELIAS THOMAS 'TOM'    1832 - Dec. 1894.    First burial in this cemetery.
 1835 - 1899.

OGDEN, WILLIAM 'ARTHUR'    Feb. 26, 1869 - Jul. 2, 1948.
     Sep. 23, 1873 - Oct. 12, 1915.    Children: Carlos T., Bessie Kofahl, Zella Sherrill, ?Opal (m. Palmer Alley, buried at Licking Cemetery).

OGDEN, INFANT    Born & died Oct. 13, 1896.    Daughter of William 'Arthur' Ogden & Adelia ___.

OGDEN, INFANT    Born & died Mar. Sep. 1905.    Daughter of William 'Arthur' Ogden & Adelia ___.

OGDEN, ETHEL    No dates.   

OGDEN, MINNIE MAY    1893 - 1896.    Daughter of Charles Eugene Ogden & Rachel Mahulda Isabell 'Bell' White (m. Mar. 12, 1890, Dent Co). Sister of Lawrence B. Ogden (Jun. 27, 1895 -May 6, 1976, buried at Andrews TX, m. Eulelia Tohlen, 1929), Verna Leonard, Mary, Othel & Otis Ogden.

OGDEN, MARY ETTA    1900 - 1901.    Daughter of Charles Eugene Ogden & Rachel Mahulda Isabell 'Bell' White.

OGDEN, LUTHER VIRGIL    Jan. 2, 1899 - Jan. 18, 1960.    'Father'

OGDEN, CARLOS THOMAS    Nov. 10, 1900 - Feb. 25, 1976.    Son of William 'Arthur' Ogden & Adelia ___. Married 1) Georgia Ann Hill in 1925. Married 2) Clara Robertson, Sep. 1929, Children: Bill (m. Delores Lunn), June Stone & Jean Dixon (twins), Harry, Wayne (m. Shirley Ann), -both killed accident, Nov. 1971, Texas Co.; m. Mildred J. Marr nee Keeney, Aug. 29, 1962 (d/ 4 5, 1993, buried at Shaffer Cemetery - Texas Co.); step-father of: Franklin J. Marr Jr. (m. Evelyn), Robert K. (m. Arlene), & Gerald D. Marr (m. Ruby), Berna Dean (m. Lane, m. Elroy Schultz); converted age 14 at Zion Church.

OGDEN, GEORGIA ANN HILL    Dec. 11, 1904 - Apr.30, 1928.    First wife of Carlos Thomas Ogden.

OGDEN, CLARA L. ROBERTSON    Oct. 2, 1904 - Dec. 29, 1969.    Second wife of Carlos Thomas Ogden.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Dec. 27, 1877, Dent County.
PATTERSON, WILLIAM C 'SQUIRE'    Feb. 15, 1859 - Jul. 28, 1930.
PATTERSON, SUSAN J. WALLIS     Apr.4, 1855 - May 11, 1917.    Daughter of Andrew M. Wallis & Rachel ___. Converted age 16, joined Zion Methodist Church. Ten children: Sarah Scott, Clara Rogers, Cora B., Ruey, Ernest C. (Jun. 25, 1891 - Jun. 15, 1959, m. A. Myrtle Whitby, both buried at Williams Cemetery near Licking), Charlie C. (Oct. 31, 1894 - Mar. 5, 1960, buried at Licking Cemetery, m. Margaret E.___) and Sam Patterson.

PATTERSON, CORA B.    Aug. 9, 1884 - Oct. 12, 1965.    Daughter of William C. Patterson & Susan Wallis.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married abt. 1908
Sep. 18, 1881 - May 1, 1946.    Son of Phillip A. Schmitt & Louisa ___. Four children: Albert E. & George P. (both buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Gladys Reeves, & Alma Clara Blanke. Lived in Salem 18 yrs, returned to St. Louis abt. 1944; christened Lutheran in infancy.
     Feb. May 1886 - Mar. 8, 1926.    Sister of Charley Cloak, Ama McManus, Gladys Kahlor. From Clayton in St Louis County. Joined Curby Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, later Salem Presbyterian Church; member Ladies Aid Society.

STRICTLIN, LONNIE ERVIN    Jul. 30, 1899 - Jun. 22, 1901.    Son of George Strictlin & Mindia Nelson (daughter of McKinney Nelson, both parents buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery).

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Oct. 24, 1878 (double ceremony - White home).
THOMASON, JESSE GREENE    1858 - 1918.    Son of James Calvin Thomason & Sarah Jane Crowder, (buried at Kissock Cemetery).
    Jan. 4, 1856 - Jan. 10, 1919.    Daughter of Moses White& Martha Kell. Children: Moses Calvin (b.1879 m. 1) Tilda M. Woodward & 2) Myrtle Emily Ross), John Will, Mathis, Filander Elvin (b.1886, m. Ada May Sheppard), Mary Adelia (b. 1889, m. 1) Luther Edward Haggard, m. 2)___ Holms, moved to Silverton OR), Samuel Delmar (b. 1891, m. Etta Eleanor, moved to Decatur IL), Ruie Zoe (m. 1) Earl E. Cartwright, m. 2) Rhodes, moved to Durango CO), Clayton (Mar. 30, 1897, Ranger MO - Jan. 22, 1977, m. Betty Kirk Feb. 23, 1919,  Licking, both buried at Concord Cemetery- Maples) and a daughter who died in infancy.

THOMASON, INFANT    Mar. 30, 1897 - Apr.2, 1897.    Daughter of Jesse Greene Thomason & Susan Almira White. Twin of Clayton.

THOMASON, JOHN WILL Aug. 10, 1881, Dent Co. - May, 5, 1961, Salem.    Son of Jesse G. & Susan; m. Sarah C. Lane, 1901, 1 son, Jesse Harold (1902 - Aug. 1974), m. Minnie Elizabeth Williams, Apr.17, 1927, Salem, both buried at Municipal Cemetery - Grand Junction CO); most of life spent Alaska & CA, back to Dent Co., 1955

THOMASON, SARAH CLERINDA     Wife of John W. Sep. 2, 1874, Texas Co. - Jul. 29, 1958, Pueblo CO, home of son,     Wife of Anthony & Elizabeth Lane; sis to: Maggie Kimmell; member Zion Methodist many yrs.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Nov. 11, 1904.
THOMASON, HENRY 'MATHIS'    May 8, 1884 - Nov. 13, 1960.    Son of Jesse Greene Thomason & Susan Almira White. Seventeen children; three died in infancy; Nettie, Nola (m. Henry Dalton, buried at Mount Herman Cemetery), Luther, Doyle (m. Opal Clodean Inman), Ola Brown (moved to California), Roy M. (m. 1) Elsie Eaves & 2) Hazel Johns, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery) Mayme Ray, Delia, Jesse V., Paul, Oscar, Maxine Matlock (moved to Washington state), Pauline Roth Kweener, Gladys (m. Clyde Nelson), Clarice (m. Lee Maples), Hubert (m. Anna Fay Atchison), Billy Lee (May 26, 1932 - Jul. 17, 1975, killed in tractor-trailor accident near Harrison AR, buried at Oakland Cemetery at Moberly MO,. m. Helen Morgan, veteran of the Korean Conflict); Mathis m. 2) Blanche Sidney Davis McBride, Mar. 1, 1958. Lived most of his life in the Rhyse community. Converted many years ago, joined Rock Springs Baptist 1948.
   Mar. Jun. 1888 - Nov. 19, 1941.    Daughter of John R. Plank & Lavina Luster (buried at Mount Herman Cemetery). Converted 1937, joined Zion Methodist.

THOMASON, BLANCHE SIDNEYDAVIS MCBRIDE     Oct. 2, 1899 - May, 5, 1977.    Second wife of Henry 'Mathis' Thomason, the daughter of Jasper Davis (buried at Ashley Cemetery) and Maranda Cook (buried at Green Forest Cemetery). Blanche was killed in an auto accident at Salem. Married 1st ___ McBride. She joined Zion Methodist many years ago; member Mount Herman Club; wrote 'Zion News' for Salem News.

THOMASON, NETTIE    No dates.    Infant daughter of Henry 'Mathis' Thomason & Myrtle May Plank.

THOMASON, DELIA    No dates.    Infant daughter of Henry 'Mathis' Thomason & Myrtle May Plank.

THOMASON, PAUL    No dates.    Infant son of Henry 'Mathis' Thomason & Myrtle May Plank.

THOMASON, JESSE VERNON.    Oct. 24, 1916 - Mar. 1, 1955.    Son of Henry 'Mathis' Thomason & Myrtle May Plank. Married Mildred Robinett Oct. 24, 1935. Children James & Beverly (m. George Cotner). (Mildred m. 2) Howe Goade). Jesse was a WWII veteran, Mo. Pfc. Co. 128 Inf. He was a member of Dry Fork Baptist.

THOMASON, LUTHER ADELLE     Jun. 23, 1908 - Jan. 1, 1982.   Son of Henry 'Mathis' Thomason & Myrtle May Plank. Never married. Attended Licking United Methodist church.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Jan. 27, 1924.
TOHLEN, PAUL A.    Apr.30, 1894 - Apr.17, 1966.    Son of Otto Tohlen & Sarah Carlson (buried at Johnson Cemetery).  Three daughters: Wilma Hogan, Pauline Ballard, Edna Layton. Veteran of WWI, Pvt. Co. L 131 Inf. U. S. Army. Member Methodist church.
FLOYD    May 1, 1895 - Dec. 29, 1983.    Daughter of William Floyd & Martha Butler (buried at Berry Cemetery). Christain, attended Methodist church.

WALKER, HENRY    No dates.    Husband of Louisa 'Jane' White. Two daughters: Matilda E. (m. L. L. Rogers, buried at Patterson Cemetery) and Martha (m. Thomas Strictlin, moved to California). (Louisa Jane Walker m. 2) McKinney Nelson).

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Apr.1872.
WALLIS, SAMUEL    Aug. 5, 1850 - Nov. 20, 1941.    Son of Andrew Wallis M. & Rachel White. Born in the Sequatchie Valley on Cumberland River in Tennessee. Samuel married 2) America Wofford Cox (widow of Marion F. Cox) on Apr.23, 1907 (she died Nov. 23, 1937, is buried at Mount Herman Cemetery). He came to Dent County with his parents abt 1858, lived here the rest of his life; converted at an early age, member Mount Herman Methodist church, leader in Old Christian Harmony songs, sang at Salem convention at age 90. 'Epitaph: I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.'
    Jul. 6, 1849 - Mar. 24, 1904.    Daughter of George Washington Cox & Mary E. Agee (buried at Mount Herman Cemetery. (Betty, Dora & four other grandchildren were killed in a cyclone that destroyed their home in Zion community. Samuel & Betty had eight children:  Luther, Emma (m. John Will Floyd), Minnie, Walter, Dora, Amy (m. Thomas J. Fudge), Carrie Ethel (m. William Edward Massey, both buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery) and a child who died in infancy. Samuel reared America's niece, Gladys (m. 1) Bryon Duckworth, m. 2) ___ Nail).

WALLIS, DORA E.    Jul. 9, 1880 - Mar. 24, 1904    Daughter of Samuel Wallis & Betty Cox. Killed when cyclone destroyed their home.

WALLIS, MINNIE    No dates.    Daughter of Samuel Wallis & Betty Cox. Died young.

WALLIS, WALTER    No dates.    Son of Samuel Wallis & Betty Cox. Died young.

WALLIS, MARTIN LUTHER    1872 - 1937.    Son of Samuel Wallis & Betty Cox.
     1887 - 1941.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Jul. 15, 1888.
WALLIS, JAMES    Feb. 20, 1853 - Jan. 25, 1927.    Son of Andrew Mathis Wallis & Rachel 'Bob' White. Married 1) Alzenia C. Cox, Jan. 9, 1876, Dent Co. (d. 1887 buried at Wallis Cemetery), children: Euel Everett (Sep. 11, 1877 - Mar. 1961, buried at Olathe Cemetery, Delta CO, m. Flora Hodges of Dent Co., Jul. 28, 1897, Sherman TX), Samuel Alphus (moved to OK), America & Louis.  He was a carpenter, built many buildings around Montauk & Licking; built Leeds & Upper Hepsoda Schoolhouses. Moved to St. Louis abt 1924; member Zion Methodist.
    Apr.7, 1868 - Jul. 16, 1944.    Second wife of James Wallis. Daughter of Edward Woodward & Mary ___ (buried at Cole Cemetery). Came to Dent County as a child with parents, lived St. Louis last 25 years.

WALLIS, MARY 'MOLLY' RACHEL    Apr. 5, 1893 - Jun. 5, 1966.    Daughter of James Wallis & Laura A. Woodward. Mother of Deloris (m. Don Horton). Spent most of life in St. Louis; member Zion Methodist since early age.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Nov. 12, 1920 McCallsburg IA.
WALLIS, HERMAN ALVIN    Dec. 28, 1890 - Jan. 13, 1959.    Son of James Wallis & Laura A. Woodward  Four sons: James Ernest (m. Ethel ___), Loyd (m. Nell ___), Charles (m. Janet ___) and Arthur. Reared in Zion community, then moved St. Louis, then to Steelville in 1933. He converted & was baptized at Black Jack Church, later joined Steelville Presbyterian; Veteran of WWI, Iowa Pfc. Cos. det.1186 Demob Gp.
    Born Mar. 23, 1893 in Colo, Iowa.    Daughter of Anton Gustau Johnson & Gurina Esperver. Member Steelville Presbyterian & Happy Hour Club- Crawford Co.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Jun. 1, 1929.
WALLIS, OTIS WILLARD    Dec. 6, 1903 - Nov. 9, 1979.    Son of James Wallis & Laura A. Woodward. One daughter, Beverly Kay (m. Don Phillips). Member Salem First Baptist & Odd Fellow Lodge-St. Louis; lived St. Louis, returned to Salem after retirement.
    Jun. 16, 1902.- Mar. 24, 1978.    Daughter of John Martin (buried at Concord Cemetery) & Letitia Robnett (buried in Oklahoma). Converted age 15, joined New Harmony Baptist, later joined Tower Grove Baptist -St. Louis (member 47 yrs.) later joined Salem First Baptist.

WALLIS, FRED EUGENE    Born Feb. 27, 1906.    Son of James Walis & Laura A. Woodward. Married Ruby H. Buckner (b. Sep. 1, 1906). Three children: Doris (m. Bob McPherson), Arnold (m. Darlene) and Elaine.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 1893 Dent County by Rev. W. T. Campbell, J.P.
WALLIS, JOSIAH 'JOE' ANDERSON    Aug. 28, 1860 - Nov. 6, 1924.    Son of Andrew Mathis Wallis & Rachel 'Bob' White. Married 1) Matilda M. Berry, 1881, Dent Co., (buried at Wallis Cemetery) children Cora (m. Frank Fox) and Ada (m. Norman Pewitt, both buried in California).
   Jun. Sep. 1872 - Oct. 28, 1955.    Second wife of Josiah 'Joe' Anderson. Daughter of Robert Reddick & Celia Hamby. Lived in St. Louis since 1938. Sister of Gussie Moore, Mandy Barlet (buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery) and John Reddick. Converted early life, member Zion Methodist. Six children: Raymond Austell (b. Apr.8, 1911 - Oct. 11, 1953, buried at Sunset Burial Park-St. Louis, m. Clarice Triplett who later married ___ Claus) and Arthur Coy (buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, m. 1) Bessie Mauzy, m. 2) Betty Heining) and two daughters who died in infancy, buried at Wallis Cemetery.

WALLIS, ILAFF S.    Oct. 7, 1907 - Mar. 15, 1969.    Veteran WWII, Pvt. Mo 1907 SVC Comd. Unit.

WALLIS, INFANT    Born & died May 14, 1903.    Infant daughter of Josiah 'Joe' Anderson & Mary Amerzine 'Amy' Reddick.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married  abt. 1893 Marion Co TN.
WHITE, MOSES    May 22, 1822 - 1904.    Son of William White & Mary ____.  Born near Wheeling, Ohio Co WV. Moved to Missouri in the winter of 1852.
    Sep. 21, 1824 - Jan. 10, 1899.    Daughter of John Kell & Mary Magdaline Sheets. Children: Mary (Feb. 12, 1844 - Mar. 1861), John (m. Phoeba Matilda 'Tilda' Hodges, both buried at Patterson Cemetery), Martha Louisa Jane (m. 1) Henry Walker, & 2) McKinney Nelson, buried at Zion Cemetery), William (Oct. 10, 1850 - Feb. 14, 1886, m. Melissa Jane Stevenson, 1870, Dent Co.), Andrew Mathis (Sep. 15, 1852 - Sep. 1907, moved to Koshkonong Oregon Co., m. Sarah Elizabeth Martin, 1876, Dent Co.), Susan Almira (m. Jesse Green Thomason), James Record Burke (Sep. 22, 1858 - Feb. 8, 1883, m. Martha Caroline Smith, 1878), Rachel Mahulda Isabell 'Bell' (Nov. 6, 1864 - May 27, 1959, moved to Andrews Co. TX, m. Charles Eugene Ogden, 1890, Dent Co.) and Thomas Green (Sep. 22, 1861 - Apr.17, 1869). Raised a nephew, Caleb.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married  Dec. 15, 1892, Dent Co.,by J. P. Hoodenpyle.
WHITE, MOSES 'CALEB'    Jun. 10, 1868 - Dec. 21, 1943.    Son of William White & Elizabeth ___; reared by uncle, John White. Seven children: Arch L. (d. 1981, buried at Valhalla Cemetery, Belleville IL, (m. Effie Cook, parents of Faye who married Vernon Edwards of Doss); Letia (m. Aron Triplett, buried at E. St. Louis, IL), Ronald (d. May 1971, Burns OR, m. Cleo Fudge), Cecil P., Nadine 'Dean' (m. Glen G. Ferguson), Lloyd Ausbern 'Base', Lelia Ruth (died in infancy). Brother of John M. (who m. Annie Henry, 1892, Dent Co., by W. T. Campbell, J.P.). Caleb spent his entire life in Dent County.
    Sep. 6, 1866 - Jun. 15, 1943.    Daughter of Patrick Henry & Anna Victoria ___. Moved to Dry Fork community, Dent Co. at age 17 with uncle & aunt, Mr. & Mrs. Abner Swartz after death of her parents. Sister of Anna (m. John M. White); member Zion Methodist church.

WHITE, LELIA RUTH    Nov. 16, 1895 - Nov. 17, 1896.    Daughter of Moses 'Caleb' White & Mary Helen 'Mollie' Henry.  

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Sep. 22, 1945.
WHITE, CECIL PERSON    Aug. 2, 1899 - Feb. 9, 1969.    Son of Moses 'Caleb' White & Mary Helen 'Mollie' Henry. Lived his entire life Rhyse community, member Zion Methodist.
WHITE, VIRGINIA SOPHIA TOHLEN ROBNETT     Sep. 12, 1896 - Dec. 7, 1969.    Daughter of Otto Tohlen & Sarah Carlson (buried at Johnson Cemetery). Married 1st John Estel Robnett, Dec. 20, 1925 (d. 1934, buried at Berry Cemetery). School teacher in Dent Co. rural schools several yrs.; member Zion Methodist.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Mar. 1, 1938.
WHITE LLOYD AUSBERN 'BASE'     Apr.11, 1906 - Jan. 16, 1962.    Son of Moses 'Caleb' White & Mary Helen 'Mollie' Henry. One son: William 'Bill' Lloyd. Base spent his entire life on farm, Zion Community (Dent - Texas Co. line); attended Zion Methodist.
FLEMING    May 10, 1912 - Mar. 4, 1991.    Daughter of Carl Fleming & Ethel Burns; her mother died when she was 4 years old; she was raised by uncle & aunt, Ethel & Henry McCormack; member Zion Methodist.

WHITE, WILLIAM LLOYD 'BILL'      Feb. 16, 1942 - Jul. 17, 1976.    Only child of Lloyd Ausbern 'Base' White & Ruth Virginia Fleming. He drowned at Potosi. Married Bonnie ___; children: Robert Dean, Chris, & Beverly Sue (m. Robin Campbell). Bonnie later m. 2) Lawrence 'Bud' Berry, and had one daughter, Ima Lea Berry. She lived in Fenton.

WHITE ROBERT 'BOBBY' DEAN.    Mar. 20, 1965 - Dec. 8, 1968.    Son of William Lloyd 'Bill' White & Bonnie ___.

WILLIAMS, MABLE PAULINE WALLIS     1919 - Aug. 7, 1986.    Daughter of James Wallis & Laura A. Woodward. Married Clarence Williams; mother of Irma Jean Luster & Janice (m. James Hood). She lived at Rolla.

WOLFE, WILBUR DAN     Oct. 6, 1860 - Jul. 12, 1954.    He lived for many years in Oklahoma where his wife died before coming back to Dent County to the Joy community to be close to his son, Van Gilbert Wolfe (b.Jul. 3, 1908).

WOLFE, CAROLINA WOHL    Feb. 26, 1906 - Mar. 21, 1980.    Daughter of John Wohl & Rosina Jesser. Married Van Gilbert Wolfe Dec. 23, 1929, Arapaho OK. Two children, Wayne & Alice White. Sister of John, Theodore, Fred & Henry Wohl, Elizabeth, Kate, Pauline.

WOLFE, DARLENE GAYLE MASTIN     Oct. 25, 1942 - Sep. 29, 1992.    Daughter of William J. Mastin & Vallie Reese. Married Wayne Wolfe. Three daughters: Saundra Kaye, Lynda Gayle & Rhonda Lynn. Sister of B. J., Dean, & Donald Mastin. Member Spencer Baptist Church, Spencer OK; lived Dent Co. last 11 yrs, drove bus for R-II School, Salem. Nutrition Site

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