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Wofford Cemetery - West Ozark

Located West Ozark Community, Dent County

This was copied from 'Ozark Heritage Dent County Missouri Area Cemeteries & Families' Vol III 1994 by Ken Fiebelman of Salem, MO.

Reprinted with the permission of Ken Fiebelman on behalf of the Dent County Historical Society

BARLOW, JUNE W. WOOSTER     1915 - 1963.     

BILLIE, IDA A. Kinnunen    Sep. 25, 1877 - Apr. 27, 1966.    Age 88 yrs.     Daughter of Karl Kinnunen & Katharina ___. Mother of Aine Billie.

BROWN, GEORGE D.     Jan. 16, 1903 - Apr. 1, 1958.    Son of George Brown & Mary Hardman. Born at Weir City, KS; died at his home near Rhyse. Married Mary Ann Coombs, Jan. 2, 1927. Children: George Herbert, William & Mary Alice Click Graham. Brother of Mrs. A. W. Schirard. Lived at Dent County since about 1947.

BROWN, LUTHER     May 22, 1908 - Mar. 25, 1979.    Son of Richard & Polly Wright. Born at Flat River. Married Wanda Watt in 1947 (she was born Sep. 24, 1929). Children: Bruce, Kenny, Debra Britton & Martha Lou Beck. Son-in-law of Goldie Clauson. Lived near Salem.

     Jul. 18, 1836 - Oct. 11, 189.    Children: Nellie, Amy R. (m. William T. Wofford, Leona (m. Ross Henderson), Lillie (m. 1) ___ McGee, m. 2) Thomas Seiner) and Alice L.
Britton      Dec. 25, 1839 - Sep. 24, 1921. 

BURGOLTY, NELLIE      Died Jul. , 1894.      Daughter of William 'Henry' Burgolty & Martha A. 'Mattie' Britton.

BURGOLTY, ALICE L.     Apr. 10, 1887 - Nov. 5, 1900.     Daughter of William 'Henry' Burgolty & Martha A. 'Mattie' Britton.

CAUSEY, AARON CALVIN     No dates.    Son of Iradell A. 'Dell' Causey & Almedia Wofford.

CAUSEY, ANNA AMELIA     No dates.    Daughter of Iradell A. 'Dell' Causey & Almedia Wofford.

CAUSEY, ELIZABETH 'BETSY' PAUL     Born abt. 1832 - died before 1900.     1st wife of John S. Causey.

CAUSEY, ELSIE LUCENDIA     Died May 3, 1894, age 6.     Daughter of Iradell A. 'Dell' Causey & Almedia Wofford.

CAUSEY, ETHEL VIOLA     No dates.    Daughter of Iradell A. 'Dell' Causey & Almedia Wofford.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Nov. 15, 1870.
    1846 - Nov. 3, 1924.    Son of Hubbard Causey & Sarah Wofford. He married 2nd Melinda Paul Nov. 25, 1851 at Stewart Co TN. Dell was a veteran of the Civil War, Confederacy.
CAUSEY, LILLIE KATHERINE HESTER 'ALMEDIA' WOFFORD     Dec. 14, 1849 - Jun. 9, 1936.    Eldest daughter of Charles Pinkney 'Pink' Wofford & Jane Inman. She was a member of Pilot Grove Methodist Church near Wofford Cemetery. Dell & Almedia had thirteen children: Willie (m. Martha Pyatt, both buried in Sapulpa OK); John Pinkney (m. Cordelia Floyd, buried at Berry Cemetery); Lulu Catherine (m. George Simpson); Aaron C.; Sarah S.; Mary C.; Ethel V.; Anna A.; Elsie L. Causey. Note: Hubbard Causey was born abt. 1805 in Clarke Co GA, the son of Aaron & Lydia Causey) & Sarah Wofford (b. abt. 1808 in Guilford Co NC, married abt. 1849 in Henry Co TN; she was the daughter of William Wofford & Sarah Yerkes.  His siblings were Aaron Calvin (1829-1915, m. Lucinda Council - she is buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery); John Smith; Hubbard Asbury (m. Elizabeth Ann Wofford at Stewart Co TN. She was the daughter of Albert Green Wofford and Nancy Grimes. Hubbard Asbury and Elizabeth are buried at Wofford Cemetery in Dover TN; they had one son, Willie, who married Edith Wofford, the daughter of 'Pink' Wofford of Dent County; Other siblings of Dell were Hester Ann; Iradell A.  and Sarah (m. Daniel Jaynes Aug. 20, 1868 at Dent County.

CAUSEY, JOHN SMITH;     Born abt. 1831 - d. Dent Co.,     Son of Hubbard Causey & Sarah Wofford. Born at Henry Co TN. Married 1st Elizabeth Paul and had eight children, 6 girls & 2 boys: Susie Anna (m. Thomas W. Akins, buried at  Berry Cemetery); Mary Jane (m. Dr. Monroe Wofford); Martha A. (m. Jodie Thompson) and Victoria E. Southards - all buried at  Mount Herman Cemetery); Sarah Minerva (m. James W. Parker, both buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery); Alsibida (born abt. 1870, d. young woman, single); John A. (m. Malinda A. Pope, 1881, Dent County; she later married J. Hunter, 1893, Dent County) and Herbert Causey. John Smith Causey married 2nd Nancy J. W. Arnold Wofford Sep. 27, 1900.

CAUSEY, MARY CALEDONIA     No dates.    Daughter of Iradell A. 'Dell' Causey & Almedia Wofford.

CAUSEY, NANCY J. W..ARNOLD       No dates.    Second wife of John S. Causey. Married 1st James Andrew Wofford, Jan. 30, 1863 (buried at  Wofford Cemetery near Lenox, the son of William Doctor Wofford). Mother of four children: Louisa A. (m. William Stroud); Isaac, Mary and Charles Edward 'Eddie'.

CAUSEY, SARAH SEDALIA     No dates.    Daughter of Iradell A. 'Dell' Causey & Almedia Wofford.

COX, JASPER N.     Died 1882.     Son of George W. Cox & Mary Agee (buried at  Mount Herman Cemetery). Married Arminta A. Wofford on Mar. 30, 1871; she married 2nd David Davidson. Father of Marion S. (died in infancy); Mary Hester (m. John A. Skiles, both buried at  Mount Herman Cemetery); Othella Maude (d. Carthage - Carterville area, m. Marion Felix Motsinger); and another daughter who married James Headrick (son of Silas Headrick/Hedrick).

COX, MARION S.     Mar. 5, 1876 - Aug.1, 1877     Son of Jasper N. Cox & Arminta Wofford.

DAVIDSON, DAVID     Aug.4, 1844 - Aug.9, 1919.     Veteran of Civil War, Pvt. Co C 6th TN Mtd. Inf. Married 1st Tennessee 'Amanda' Wofford in 1871, Dent County. Children: Mary Ellen (m. Joseph T. McNeill, buried at  McNeill Cemetery); William Harvey, Emma L., Hester Ann, John K. & Georgia (m. E. E. Stites, buried at  Enke Cemetery). Married 2nd Arminta Wofford Cox in 1884, Dent County; one son, Joseph Albert, (buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery).

DAVIDSON, EMMA L.     Jul. 11, 1873 - Jun.16, 1950, Lenox; invalid 30 yrs., lived with sis. Georgia Stites Daughter of David Davidson & Amanda Wofford.

DAVIDSON, HESTER ANN     1871 - 1872.     Daughter of David Davidson & Amanda Wofford.

DAVIDSON, JOHN KELLY     1878 - 1879.     Son of David Davidson & Amanda Wofford.

DAVIDSON, SUSAN 'ARMINTA' WOFFORD COX     Oct. 12, 1842 - Nov. 24, 1912.    Daughter John Smith Wofford & Hester A. Causey.  Married 1st  Jasper N. Cox, Mar. 30, 1871; children Marion S. (died in infancy); Mary Hester (m. John A. Skiles, both buried at  Mount Herman Cemetery); Othella Maude (d. Carthage - Carterville area, m. Marion Felix Motsinger); and another daughter who married James Headrick (son of Silas Headrick/Hedrick). Arminta married 2nd David Davidson in 1884, Dent County, and had one son, Joseph Albert Davidson.

DAVIDSON, TENNESSEE A. 'AMANDA' WOFFORD    Jul. 14, 1850 - Oct. 2, 1884.    Daughter John Smith Wofford & Hester A. Causey. First wife of David Davidson.

EPPERSON, HARVEY A.     Oct. 18, 1903 - Mar. 30, 1992.    Son of Bert Epperson & Ella Jackson. Born at Winterset, IA. Married 1) _____. Children: Paul, Lois Thompson & Earl Epperson. Married 2) Sylvia Hedrick Kathcart (buried in Illinois). Brother of Loyd, Nelson, Bessie Hill, Verna Bedwell and Goldie Clauson (b. Jul. 25, 1911, mother of Wanda Watt Brown). Member of Seventh Day Adventist, Salem. Worked in nursery near Houston before retirement.

GRAHAM, MARY ALICE BROWN CLICK     Oct. 15, 1939, Troy MI - Jun. 5, 1986.    Daughter George D. Brown & Mary A.___. Married 1) ___ Click, one daughter, Mary Suzanne. Married 2) Gordon Kenneth Graham, Aug.13, 1971.

HENDERSON, LEONA BURGOLTY     1875 - 1927.    Daughter William 'Henry' Burgolty & Martha A. 'Mattie' Britton. Married Robert Ross Henderson (buried at Jadwin Cemetery) on Apr. 12, 1899 at Summersville. Five children: Elma (m. Herschel Moser); Martha (m. 1) ___ Dennison, m. 2) Frank DeBacco, m. 3) Harry Plank-buried at  Jadwin Cemetery); Alice (m. Harvey Moorehead); Ross & Noel Douglas (1917 - 1992, buried at  National Cemetery Jefferson Barracks, m. Isla Mae Carlson of Mankato, MN).

HOBSON, NANCY DAVIS     Jul. 31, 1824 - Feb. 13, 1896.    Daughter of Ezekiel Inman & Lillis Edgar. Born in Williamson Co TN. Married 1st William Hezekiah G. Davis, Mar. 7, 1847, Crawford County, daughter, Mary Anna (m. Thomas Jefferson Welch, both buried at  Round Pond Cemetery). Married 2nd Aaron Hobson, Oct. 25, 1857, Dent County.

    1820 - 1903.    Married Amy Mitchell. He moved to Dent County in 1883, lived west of Salem.
    1841 - 1913.     Children: Mary (m. J.T. Coppedge, 1894, Dent County, moved to Visalia, CA); Lucretia (m. Manley Mitchell, buried at  Mitchell family cemetery) and Lillie Gertrude (b. Union Co., KY, m. 1) Jack Inman, m. 2) Luther Summers, she is buried at  Berry Cemetery).

HONEY    No other names or dates.

HUNTER, CHARLIE     No dates.    Died young.Son of Levi Hunter & Martha Jane Leonard.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Feb. 24, 1816 at Williamson Co TN.
     Jun.16, 1796 - Apr. 22, 1862.    Age 65 yrs. 10 mos. 6 das.   Son of Lazarus Inman. The Inman family came to Pulaski County. about 1839 & to Dent County. by 1842 then Crawford County.
EDGAR    May 21, 1798 - Aug.5, 1873.    Daughter of Mary Edgar (d. Feb. 18, 1853). Lillis was sister of Samuel Edgar (buried at  Edgar Cemetery).    Children: Mary (d. before 1869, m. Malachi Pewitt, Sep. 28, 1833, Williamson County. TN; he buried at  Dry Fork Cemetery); William Henry (Sep. 4, 1821 - Feb. 16, 1863, Civil War, buried at  National Cemetery, St. Louis, m. Cloris Jane Welch, she buried at  Round Pond Cemetery); Nancy (m. 1) William Hezekiah C. Davis, m. 2) Aaron Hobson); Sarah Jane (m. C. P. 'Pink' Wofford); John E. (m. Rebecca Emily Berry, both buried at  Inman Cemetery); Andrew Jackson (born about 1830 TN - died before 1869, m. Elizabeth J. Stout who later married ___ Curtain, she is buried at  Green Forest Cemetery) and Susan W. (born abt. 1835 TN, m Ransom Reddick, Feb. 17, 1853, Dent County).

INMAN, ELBERT      No dates.    Died young. Son of Eaphraim Inman & Pheba Eveline Welch. (Eaphraim was the son of A. J. Inman & Elizabeth J. Stout. (Pheba is buried at Round Pond Cemetery).

INMAN     No dates or other information. Unmarked grave.

    Aug.20, 1841 - Oct. 11, 1914.    Born at Petajavesi, Finland.
     Feb. 2, 1847 - Oct. 4, 1919.    Born in Kivijarvi, Finland.  Children: Ida A. Bille; Elin (m. Julius A. Stevens); Saimek (m. Frank Wooster; a daughter who married Nick Kampers of Chadrom NB and Hugo L. Kinnunen.

KINNUNEN, HUGO LEONARD     Feb. 11, 1885 - Jul. 28, 1925.    Son of Karl Kinnunen & Katharina ____. Born in Kokkola, Finland; died at Chadron, Nebraska.

KUSSMAUL, ELIN KATHERINE STEVENS     May 30, 1898 - Feb. 15, 1985.    Daughter of Julius A. Stevens & Elin Kinnunen. Born in Tampere, Finland. Married George Kussmaul, 1927, Salem. Children: Mary Elin Veigh & George Richard Kussmaul. Christian, attended Episcopal Church.

LEWIS, CHARLES P.     Feb. 4, 1874 - Feb. 16, 1879.    Son of Alex Lewis & Mary Susan Wofford.

LEWIS, BENJAMINE F.     Feb. 24, 1878 - Feb. Oct. 1879.    Son of Alex Lewis & Mary Susan Wofford.

LINLEY, WILLIAM A.    Died Feb. 8, 1959.    Age 77 yrs. 

LINLEY, AMANDA JANE DUNCAN DUKE JOHNSON      Oct. 4, 1861 - Mar. 13, 1948.    Daughter of Valentine Duncan (IL). Born at Carries Mill Saline Co IL. MO Death Cert.#12015 has birth date Apr. 10, 1861. Age 86 yrs. 11 mos. 3 days. Married 1) Green Duke at age 18.; m. 2) John Johnson, had a daughter; m. 3) William A. Linley, Mar. 11, 1916. Burial Mar. 14th. Informant William A. Linley.

MCGEE, LEROY     No dates.    Son of Lillie Burgolty McGee Seiner.  

    1828 - Aug. 14, 1864.     Age 36 yrs 6 ms 21 das.    Son of Turquill McNeill & Elizabeth ___.
1830 - 1919.    Daughter John Smith Wofford & Hester Ann Causey. Children: Nancy Albertine (Aug.31, 1852 - May 19, 1914, Cameron, NM, m.  A. J. Pettigrew 1869) and Jasper P. (m. ___ Halbrook, d. Jun.1940, buried at  Tulsa OK). John Smith Wofford is buried at  New Hope Cemetery, Turquell buried at  Green Forest Cemetery).

MCNEILL, HESTER A. E.    Died Dec. 19, 1853.    Age 3 yrs. 1 mo. 22 das.  Daughter of Malcom McNeill & Caroline Wofford.

MITCHELL, INFANT    Jan. 15, 1898 - Jan. 18, 1898.     Son of Richard Manley Mitchell & Lucretia Holtsclaw (parents buried at  Mitchell Cemetery).

MURRAY, MARY ANN ALMIRA WOFFORD     About 1830 - Sep. 1897.    Daughter of Charles P. Wofford & Jerusha Burton. Born in Henry County. TN. Married John Marion Murray (d. about 1869). Children: James Alexander 'Alex' (m. Louisiana Peck); John Riley (m. Nancy Akins, 1885-1855, she buried at  Berry Cemetery; m. 2nd ___ Hamby; he died 1888, buried in Winona); William (d. abt. 1906 in San Francisco earthquake, was single); Charles Madison (moved to Rolla, married and had three children); Jasper Monroe (lived at Cedar Grove, m. Rebecca Jane Moser, buried at  New Hope Cemetery).

MURRAY, IDA J.     Died Feb. 11, 1879, age 1 yr.     Daughter of James Alexander 'Alex' Murray & Louisiana Peck (parents buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery).

PARKER, MARGARET M. WOFFORD    Dec. 15, 1858 - May 9, 1895.    Daughter Charles 'Pinkney' Wofford & Sarah 'Jane' Inman. Married James W. Parker, 1882, Dent County; two children: Myrtle Allen & Minnie Seals. (James W. remarried to Sarah Causey in 1897 and had six more children; he and Sarah are buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery).

PEARMAN, MARY L. BURGOLTY    Mar.27, 1862 - Nov. 19, 1889.    Daughter of William 'Henry' Burgolty & Martha A. 'Mattie' Britton. Married John A. Pearman, 1880, Dent County and had five children: Blanche Oliver, Bill, Nellie, Lee and John A. (m. Sarah L. Thompson, daughter of Lawson Thompson, Jul. 20, 1890 and had children Edgar, Ruth DeKeovend, Charles, Mildred Keechler, Jessie Link and  Bert). The Pearman family left Salem in 1901 and went to Denver, Colorado for 21 years, then moved to Ontario Canada.

PYATT, CARL R.     Sep. 15, 1911 - Jan. 6, 1986.    Married Grace Turee. Veteran of US Army WW II.

QUESNELL, AMY RUTH BURGOLTY WOFFORD     1867 - 1946.    Daughter of William H. Burgolty & Martha A. Britton. Married 2nd Ben Quesnell.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married May 11, 1893, Dent County at James Wofford's by Rev. Elisha Eaves.
     Aug.14, 1852 - May 22, 1928.   
READING, LULA CAROLINE WOFFORD    Dec. 5, 1871 - Jun.19, 1927.    Daughter of James Garland 'Jim' Wofford & Mary E. Mitchell. Member Methodist Church. They had six sons: Garland; Lionel; Claude J. (abt. 1901 - Aug.31, 1968, buried at Memorial Park Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN, m. Ida Shults of Dent Co); Russ; Robert U. (buried at  New Harmony Cemetery) and Ivan Adele (Nov. 29, 1908 - May 12, 1981, buried at  Floral Park Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN, m. Clara Reeves Sunderland, May 6, 1972).

READING, RUSS     Nov. 3, 1907 - Dec. 23, 1907.    Son of Robert S. Reading & Lula Caroline Wofford.

RECORD, ARMINTA M.     May 6, 1882 - May 26, 1882.     Daughter of James Sion Record & Mary A. Duckworth.

    Aug.3, 1875 - Oct. 16, 1957.    Daughter John Summers & Nancy Cooley. Married 2nd John Land.
    Jan. 31, 1872 - Apr. 15, 1921.    Son of James Sion Record & Mary A. Duckworth. Children: Mary Edith (m. Wilbur Berry); Nora Belle (m. Cecil Dalton, she is buried at  St. Louis); Ruth (m. ___ Conlin); May; John; Otis E. (d. Aug.1934, buried at  Memorial Park Cemetery St. Louis) and Leonard (m. Pearl Avis Holland).

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Nov. 7, 1860 in Miller Co MO.
ION     Apr. 18, 1837 - Mar. 8, 1887.    Son of William Angia Record (1814-1856) & Nancy Green Tillman (1816-1844). (Formerly listed as1840 - 1897). Born at Jacks Creek, Chester County, Tennessee; died at New Boston, Bowie County, Texas.
     1839 - 1916.    Daughter of Wiley Smith Duckworth & Sarah 'Sally' Rowland. Children: John W. (1861-1874); James Perry (1863-__, m. Carrie Stout, 1881, Dent Co.); H. P. (m. Victoria Causey, 1890, Dent Co).; Mary Frances (1865-1939, m. James Madison McNeill 1882, children Lawrence Riley, Ella, Dora Bessie, Dorothy, Ida, Lula May, Clara and Irma, buried at  New Harmony Cemetery); Hanna 'Emma' (1867-__, m. Malcom Pinkney Wofford, buried at  Empire Cemetery); William 'Elbert' (1872-1921, m. Bessie Summers); Laura (1873-__); Sarah E. A. (1873-1884); Arminta M. (b&d 1882), Charles S. (1882-1903). Cemetery).  

RECORD, JOHN W.     May 7, 1861 - Nov. 25, 1874.    Son of James Sion Record & Mary A. Duckworth.

RECORD, SARAH E. A.      Nov. 30, 1873 - Nov. 5, 1884.     Daughter of James Sion Record & Mary A. Duckworth.

RILEY, JOHN ROBERT     Mar. 30, 1880 - Jul. 1, 1952.    Age 72 yrs. 3 mos. 1 da.    Son of James Riley & his first wife Mary ____. Died at Missouri State Hospital, St Francois Co MO.
    Jul.  6, 1875 - Apr. 22, 1943.    Daughter of George Smith & Martha Ellen Tinsley. Born in Phelps County. Died of breast cancer. Burial 24th.

SEINER, LILLIE JOSEPHINE BURGOLTY MCGEE    Sep. 15, 1870 - Oct. 17, 1959.    Daughter of William 'Henry' Burgolty & Martha A. 'Mattie' Britton. Born at Sullivan, MO; died at St Louis. Married 1) ___ McGee, one son, Leroy McGee; married 2: Daniel Hamilton; m. 3) Thomas Seiner; m. 4) David Daniel Roberts Sep. 30, 1937 Phelps County. (1900 Census: Lilly J Hamilton 29, Spouse: Daniel Hamilton 29). (1920 Census: Lily Seiner, Spouse: Thomas Seiner, child Roy Seiner, Beaver, Clackamas Co OR); (1930 Census: Lilly J. Seiner, Beaver, Clackamas Co OR); (1940 Census: Lillie Hamilton, Springfield, Greene Co MO).

SHELTON, WILLIAM HENDERSON Apr. 24, 1860 - Nov. 17, 1906, typhoid fever, Son of Robert J. & Sarah M. nee Skeeters buried at  Green Forest Cemetery; md. Josephine Wofford, Sep. 22, 1881, Dent Co., 11 ch.: Elsie Jane m. Charles Cates, m. Chris Jessen--buried at  High Gate Cemetery near St. James; America Jefferson 'Jeffie' Mrs. Hurba Hasten--both buried at  Winslow AZ, J. Clyde, John Edward m. Maud Mitchell & Grace Mrs. Clyde Bell--both buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery, Arch 'Art' F. d. Sep. 1963, auto accident, bur Tulsa, OK, m. Fannie Duckworth, R. Elmer m. Dorothy Duckworth---sis to Fannie, to Bakersfield CA, Eva Sally buried at  Green Forest Cemetery, m. Charlie F. Halbrook & John T. Cook, Dora F. {Julia} m. Lee Cooley, to Martinez CA, Delphia m. Frank Trougden, to IN & May m. Delbert Boyd--buried at  Mount Herman Cemetery

SHELTON, JOSEPHINE WOFFORD     Nov. 6, 1861 - Mar.30, 1948.    Daughter Colombus Wofford & Jane McNeill.  Wife of W. 'Henderson' Shelton.

SHELTON, J. CLYDE     Dec. 23, 1904 - Oct. 17, 1906.    Son of W. Henderson Shelton & Josephine Wofford.

SIMPSON, LULA CAUSEY    No dates.    Daughter of Iradell 'Dell' Causey & Almedia Wofford. Married George Simpson, 1892 Dent County.

SIMPSON, INFANT    No dates.    Son of George Simpson & Lula Causey.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Jul. 4, 1895, Tampere, Finland.
STEVENS, JULIUS ARVID     Dec. 7, 1872 -Aug.8, 1937.    Born in Tampara, Finland. Brother of Frans Edward Stevens (d. 1919). Came to U.S. Apr. 1902; settled in Augusta GA, moving later to St. Louis and then to Dent County in 1910.
Mar.17, 1873 - Mar.27, 1943.    Daughter of Karl Kinnunen & Katharina Kussmaul. Born in Kivijarvi, Finland. Member Mark Lutheran Church, Finland.  Children: a daughter who died in infancy in 1902; Elin Katherine (1898-1985, m. George Kussmaul); Clune 'Anna'  (1906-_, m. ___ Moore); Arvo Walderman (1904-__); Julius Edwin (1897-1964, Vallejo CA) and Carl Frederick (1914-__, m. Lillian Wells).

SUTHERLAND, JOHN BENJAMIN 'BEN'     Apr. 8, 1837 - Apr. 5, 1912.    a/k/a Benjamin John. Son of Stephen S. Sutherland & Nancy ____. Born in Vermont. Married Elizabeth 'Betsy' Mead Nov. 2, 1848 in Manchester, Vermont. Veteran of Civil War, Co D 32 Mo. Inf. Brother of Mary N., Joseph T., George, Lydia F., Stephen & William Sutherland.

THOMPSON, REV. LAUSON CLANCY     Jul.  27, 1807 - Oct. 6, 1889.    Son of James 'Pioneer' Thompson (17617-1833) and Martha 'Patsy' Abernathy (1776-1846). Married 1) Mary 'Molly' Ratteree/Raterie (1811-1859) in 1835. Children: Joseph 'Royal' (1836-1905, m. Martha Causey); Dr. Jesse Edward (1841-1890); James Christopher 'Chris' (1844-1914); Lauson Clancy (1846-1915); Joseph Lawson (1849-1920); Elliot (1849-_); Mary (1851-1904) and William (1855-1912). Married 2) Harriett Nettles (1829-_) in 1859. Children: Nancy L. (1859-_); Elizabeth (1867-_); Newton Jasper (1868-_) and Julia M. (1869-1918).

STORY: The Rev. Lawson Clancy Thompson name was given to me by Ken Fiebelman of Salem, Dent County, Missouri who said his information came from a granddaughter of Lawson whom I believe was Rachel. One granddaughter was Rachel Lunn, born in 1886, and could have known her grandfather who died about 1889. If the grand daughter was Rachel Nesbit, born 1876, then she would have remembered a grandfather who died 1889. My notes don't show which Rachel he meant. (Thompson is not one of Ken's line.) I have no document to show his name to be 'Clancy' but do find him performing marriages in Dent and Texas counties in Missouri. The earliest marriages are in Texas County on 26 March 1856 and 17 March 1856 as Methodist E. So. Minister (source: "Texas County, Missouri Marriages Vol. A 1855-1880" on LDS film number 0931629 at Salt Lake City, UT on 14 Feb 1996). Dent County, Missouri Marriages: (Marriage Book A p78) earliest date found 20 Feb 1860 marriage of Thomas SOLOMON and Lucy A. GRAY. Latest date (Marriage Book A p198) dated 7 Sept 1868 marriage of Daniel JAYNS and Sarah CAUSEY. Also performed marriage 24 June 1868 [for] Elsberry GRAY and Mary HENLSEY. 1833 September 30 - Lauson Thompson sold his interest in their father James' estate to Royal Thompson for $150 [Source: James' probate packet in Box 71 Bundle 1357, Cape Girardeau Co, MO film #715-028 probate records (research date Aug 1999 at Jackson, MO library)]. 1840 Census - Lawson Thompson, also enumerated are: 2 males under 5 (one is probably Royal age 4 [born 1836], but the other is unknown, 1 male 5-10 (unknown), 1 male 30-40 [Lawson age 33-35]; females 3 under 5 [both unknown], 2 female 5-10 [unknown], 1 female 20-30 [probably Mary b1810-1820]. That makes 2 unknown males and 3 unknown females, but are they children of Lawson? [Source: 1840 U.S. Census, Population Schedule, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, Apple Creek Township, page 237, line 19]. 1850 Census Cape Girardeau County, Missouri - Lawson 45, born North Carolina, Mary 39 born Tennessee, and family:  In 1852 October 14 -  Lawson and Mary Thompson quit claim land to Thomas S Harris [Source: Deed Book S: 554-555. County Clerk's Office, Cape Girardeau Co, Missouri]. Another source of Lawson Thompson in Texas County, Missouri: "Mr and Mrs Lawson THOMPSON and Mary E THOMPSON transferred 1879." [Source: Texas County, Missouri Genealogical and Historical Society newsletter, October 1984, list of members and pastors of the Licking Methodist Episcopal Church, South 1871-1887, p 7.  It doesn't say to what church they transferred. This may be this Lawson 'Clancy,' and wife (probably Harriet) and Mary E. (probably daughter). Wife Mary or Mollie's surname came from only one source: death certificate of Joseph Thompson 1920 (informant T.C. Thompson) says he was son of Lewis Thompson of unknown place and Mollie Rateree of unknown place. Don't know how reliable this information is! ~ Rubyann Darnell

NOTE: Asa Hulsey had a son Asa Hulsey who had a daughter Mary, born in Ringgold Georgia and moved to Dent County Missouri, and later moved to Prospect, Connecticut.   According to the family's research, Mary Hulsey married (1) Elsberry Gray in Dent County, Missouri, and m(2) a Hotchkiss and had a daughter Elizabeth Gray who had a son. This is not documented research, so it may not be reliable.


THOMPSON, LAUSON     Jun. 4, 1846 - Jan. Oct. 1915.   Son of Lawson Clancy Thompson & Mary Ratteree. Married ______. Children: ______(m. Fred Mauzy, Pilot Knob);  Sarah L. (Feb. Aug.1868 - Jul. 15, 19--, m. John A. Pearman 1890, moved to Denver CO, later to Ontario CN) and Martha (m. Fred Mauzy). Married 2) Nancy Mitchell, 1877, Dent County. Children: Ada C. (m C. Eddie Wofford); William Lawson (m. Anna Hasten, buried at  New Hope Cemetery) and _____ (m. Tom Gastos and moved to E. St. Louis IL).

THOMPSON, NANCY MITCHELL MANNING    Feb. 20, 1850 - Dec. 31, 1929.    Daughter Benjamin Mitchell & Nancy ___ (buried at  Walker Cemetery. Married 1st Lauson Clancy Thompson; married 2) Jasper Manning, Oct. 9, 1919 (he died in 1922, buried at Green Forest Cemetery). Nancy was of the Christian faith.

THOMPSON, JOHN C.     Jan. 6, 1899 - Feb. 15, 1900.    Son of Joseph 'Royal' Thompson & Martha A. Causey (parents buried at  Mount Herman Cemetery).

THOMPSON, ALVIN     Apr. 19, 1906 - Mar.13, 1907.    Son of Joseph 'Royal' Thompson & Martha A. Causey

TYREE, FRANCES ELIZABETH DUCKWORTH    May15, 1838, KY - Jan. 1, 1928.    Daughter Wiley & Sarah Duckworth (buried at  McNeill Cemetery) Wife of Samuel Daniel Tyree (b. VA, d. Sep. 14, 1864, Union Soldier, Civil War, buried at  St. Louis). Children: John D. , Sarah E. (m. William T. Wofford), Mary F. (m. William T. Wofford). Moved to Dent County about 1874.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Feb.18, 1882, Salem
TYREE, JOHN DAVID     Feb. 27, 1861 - Mar. 25, 1947.    Son of Samuel Daniel Tyree & Frances Elizabeth Duckworth. Lived on same farm for about 65 years. Converted 1883, charter member Pilot Grove Methodist.
Aug. 21, 1860 - Apr. 9, 1941.    Daughter of Eli & Rebecca Honey (mother buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery). Baptized with husband 1883, joined Pilot Grove Methodist. Eight children, 4 boys & 4 girls: Arley, Ethel (m. John Welch, buried at  North Lawn Cemetery), Bessie (m. Lindsey Hagler, buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery), Fred (m. Nora Medlock, buried at  Mount Herman Cemetery), Pearl (m. Tom Pewitt, moved to Oak Grove, MO), Myrtle (died young), Thomas Elva (d. Sep. 20, 1934, age 45, buried at  West Lawn Cemetery in Henryetta OK, m. ____ Dennis, moved to Henryetta OK 1915) and Alva R. Moved to Dent County. age 13.

TYREE, ALVA RALPH     Oct. Oct. 1898 - Apr. 1, 1934.    Son of John David Tyree & Sarah Emilie Honey. Married Miriam Sherrill, 1930, one daughter, Norma Jean 'Jeannie' (Miriam later married Virgil Lunn, 1935, buried at  Mount Herman Cemetery).

TYREE, VESTA MYRTLE     Sep. 11, 1901 - Jan. 28, 1904.    Daughter of John David Tyree & Sarah Emilie Honey.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Sep. 22, 1907
TYREE, WILLIAM 'ARLEY'     Jun.15, 1883 - Aug. 8, 1966.    Son of John David Tyree & Sarah Emilie Honey. Joined Zion Methodist 1949, Supt. of Sunday School. Married 2nd Ella Young Wofford in 1935; she is buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery.
Oct. 16, 1891 - Jul. 26, 1932.    Daughter of George W. Gibbs & Emma Johns (buried at  Round Pond Cemetery). Converted early life, joined Methodist Church. Four children: Grace Pyatt, Ralph (m. Lorene Weston), Pauline (m. Paul Black) and Lloyd. 

WEAVER, INFANT    No dates.    Thought to be child of Dale Weaver.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Jul. 9, 1890.
     Oct. 9, 1867 - Jun.11, 1948.    Son of John Calvin Welch & Martha Ellender Wofford (buried at Akers Cemetery. Lived 4 miles southeast of Salem, later lived many years in St. Louis. Came back to farm abt. 1931.
 Jan. 22, 1873 - Nov. 22, 1936.    Daughter of J. M. & Sarah Casteel. Seven children: Earl, James Clifford (d. Jun. 4, 1947, buried at  St. James Cemetery in St. James, m. Nonie L. Woolery 1919), Alvin, Estella May Kell, Herman F., Ima Pearl (m. Ben Derryberry, buried at  Jadwin Cemetery), Richard B. and Raymond D.

WELCH, INFANT    Born & died Jan. 16, 1935.    Son of Lawrence Welch & wife (nee Barnes). (Grandson of John Welch & Ethel Tyree)

WELCH, INFANT    Born & died May 1, 1938     Daughter of Lawrence Welch & wife (nee Barnes).

WOFFORD, SARAH 'SALLY' YERKES     Born about 1775 in Anson County NC - died about 1848 in Dent County.    Daughter of Samuel Yerkes & Sarah Yerkes Burton who died in Guilford County. NC in 1817. Stepdaughter of Richard Burton. Married William Lafayette Wofford about 1800 in Guilford County, NC (b. abt. 1770 to 1775). William L. was born in 1770, died about 1845 in Henry County, TN. He was the son of John Wofford & Nancy Burroughs. Children of Sally & William were: Elizabeth (m. James Wofford, her 1st cousin, she stayed TN);John Smith, Benjamin (or Burton) born abt. 1803, d. before 1860, came to Dent Co), Charles P. (born abt. 1804 in NC, died at Points Mills MO, Civil War, m. Jerusha Burton), Sarah (m. Hubbard Causey, stayed TN), Ann (m. Iredell Phillips, stayed TN), William Doctor (Jan. 19, 1813, - Apr. 1, 1880, buried at  Wofford Cemetery near Lenox), James Monroe (m. 1) Frances Burton, 2) Mary M. Causey Phillips) and Caroline (m. William Bartlett Eaves, came to Dent County in 1848). Sarah was the first person buried at  Wofford Cemetery. Her grave is unmarked at site of large pine tree.


  HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married about 1827 in Henry Co TN.
     Feb. 18, 1803 - Dec. 20, 1885.     Son of William Lafayette Wofford & Sarah Yerkes.
WOFFORD, HESTER ANN 'EASTER' CAUSEY     1808 - 1893.     Daughter of Aaron Causey & Lydia Creasey. Children: Charles Pinkney, Hubbard Columbus, James Garland, William Terry, Elizabeth Caroline (m. Malcom McNeill), Tennessee A. 'Amanda' (m. David Davidson), Susan Arminta A. (m. 1) Jasper Newton Cox, m. 2) David Davidson), Mary M. E. A. 'Polly' (m. Newton Jasper McNeill), Sarah Jane (m. Laben Pewitt 1859, Dent Co.) and Martha Elender (m. John Calvin Welch.


WOFFORD, CHARLES PINKNEY 'PINK'     1829 - 1901.    Son of John Smith Wofford & Hester Ann Causey. Married 4 times and had 24 children. Married 1st Sarah 'Jane' Inman, Aug.17, 1848, Crawford County (now Dent Co), children: Almeda (m. Iradell A. Causey), Mary Susan A. (m. Alexander Lewis, buried at  Empire Cemetery), Nancy E., (died in infancy), Sarah Jane (m. William Robert Smith, buried at Smith Cemetery in Gladden), Lillian E., Margaret M. (m. James W. Parker). Pink m. 2nd Permelia C. Creasey, Sep. 30, 1860, Dent Co., Children: John S., Narcissus P. (m. John H. Warfel), Elizabeth (m. George A. Mowery) and Ada M. (m. George Morton), James Henry (buried at  Radford Cemetery), Martha Arminta (1868 - Oct. 4, 1886, m. J. R. Cantrell, 1886 Dent Co). Pink married 3rd Marron McClain Smith, Nov. 4, 1875, Dent Co., Children: Orin (1877, drowned Preston, MO, buried at  Cedar Bluff Cemetery), Urethra (b. c 1879, m. W. E. Causey, Sep. 4, 1900), Ella S. (m. 1) John Young 1900, m. 1) W. Arley Tyree 1935, buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery), Edith (m. Willie Causey, buried at  Wofford Cemetery in Dover, TN), Thomas P. (Jan. 12, 1887 - Dec. 17, 1943, buried at  Park Cemetery, Colombus, KS, md. Maude Parsons of Alba MO), William (moved to Paducah KY, buried at  Wofford Cemetery in Dover TN), Dora (died in childhood, buried at  Smith Cemetery at Gladden). Pink married 4th Margaret M. McCarter, 1891, Dent County; she died at Sikeston MO when traveling between Dent County & Arkansas; children: Lafayette ' Fate' & Garland, (both buried at  Miner Cemetery), Frances 'Fannie' (left Dent County when young) and Jess (died as a young single man, buried at  McCarter Cemetery).

Sep. 24, 1827 - Mar.1, 1860.    Age 32 yrs. 6 mos. 8 das. Daughter of Ezekiel Inman & Lillis Hester Edgar. 1st wife of Charles Pinkney Wofford. Died in childbirth. Other children: Almeda (m. Iradell A. Causey), Mary Susan A. (m. Alexander Lewis, buried at  Empire Cemetery), Nancy E., (died in infancy), Sarah Jane (m. William Robert Smith, buried at Smith Cemetery in Gladden), Lillian E., Margaret M. (m. James W. Parker).
 Born & died Mar.1, 1860.    Child of Charles Pinkney Wofford & Sarah 'Jane' Inman.

WOFFORD, NANCY E.     Jan. 7, 1857 - Feb. 20, 1858.    Age 1 yr. 1 mo. 13 das.  Daughter of Charles Pinkney Wofford & Sarah 'Jane' Inman.

WOFFORD, PERMELIA C. CREASEY      Born abt. 1839 - abt. 1874.    Daughter of William & Pernina Creasey. Born in Wayne Co MO; died in Dent County. Married Charles Pinkney Wofford Sep. 30, 1860, his second wife. Children: John S., Narcissus P. (m. John H. Warfel), Elizabeth (m. George A. Mowery) and Ada M. (m. George Morton), James Henry (buried at  Radford Cemetery), Martha Arminta (1868 - Oct. 4, 1886, m. J. R. Cantrell, 1886 Dent Co).

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Apr. 13, 1856 Dent County.
     Born abt. 1833, Henry County. TN.    Son of John Smith & Hester Ann Causey. 
Born abt. 1836.    Daughter Turquill McNeill & Elizabeth McNeill.  Eight children: America A. Smith (m. 1) Francis Marion Cox, m. 2) Samuel Wallis, buried at  Mount Herman Cemetery), John Turquil (Aug.19, 1858 - Oct. 23, 1923, buried at  Pendleton Cemetery at Doe Run, m. Matilda Motsinger 1881), James G. (died in infancy) Josephine (m. Henderson Shelton), Malcolm Pinkney (m. Hannah Emma Record, both buried at  Empire Cemetery), William Edward 'Ed' (Sep. 12, 1867 - Apr. 13, 1951, buried at  Bethel Cemetery, Summersville, Texas Co., m. Laura Bell Renfrow of Summersville), Nancy Carrie (b.1872, m. Jack Robinson, moved to Ramona OK) and Ona ( Nov. 1879).

WOFFORD, JAMES G.   Jun. 5, 1864 - Aug. 27, 1864.    Infant son of Hubbard C. Wofford & Missouri 'Jane' McNeill.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married May 2, 1868.
     Jan. 8, 1840 - Dec. 30, 1926.    Son of John Smith Wofford & Hester Ann Causey.
1849 - 1889.    Daughter of Andrew Mitchell & Margaret Clift. Nine children: Andrew S. (Apr. 18, 1869 - Oct. 14, 1880), Lula C. (m. Robert S. Reading), Margaret L. (b. Mar.20, 1874, m. S. D. Roberts 1894, Mount Herman community), Alice L. (b. Nov. 4, 1875, m. A. B. Harmon, Apr. 6, 1901),  William Pinkney (b. Dec. 2, 1877, moved to Wilburton OK), Marion Herbert (b. Sep. Mar.1879), Perry (b. Dec. 20, 1883, moved to LaVerne OK), Eva (b. Feb. 21, 1886) and Luther Polk (b. Feb. 24, 1889, died in infancy).

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 1873 Texas Twp Dent County.
Jan. 14, 1857 - Oct. 9, 1874.    Daughter of Daniel Tyree & Frances Duckworth. First wife of William 'Billy' Wofford. One daughter, Fannie Mitchell, died 1921.
WOFFORD, WILLIAM TERRY 'BILLY'      Jan. 10, 1855 - Jul. 19, 1932.    Son of John Smith Wofford & Hester Ann Causey. Married 2nd Mary Frances Tyree, 1875, Dent Co., four children: Cynthia (m. ___ Agee, moved to Detroit, MI) John Garland (m. Katie Johns, buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery), Emma (m. ___ Bottorff) and Anvil (d. Jan. 31, 1970, buried at  Memorial Park Cemetery in St. Louis, m. Melissa J. Norton).  Married 3rd Amy R. Burgolty, May 11, 1892, Dent Co., children: Clarence (m. Dorothy Tharp, buried at  Mount Herman Cemetery), Lawrence (died young), Martha (m. Carl Bergman, buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery) and Delbert Donald (m. Edna Lucille Brown of Bay AR, buried at  Memorial Park in Memphis TN). Billy lived in Dent County 42 yrs. He also lived in Summersville, OK and St. Louis. He was a member of Pilot Grove Methodist Church.

WOFFORD, SAMMY MITCHELL     No dates.    Son of William Terry 'Billy' Wofford and probably his first wife, Sarah E. Tyree.

WOFFORD, WILLIE ROSETTA     Aug.12, 1885 - May11, 1886.    Daughter of  William Terry 'Billy' Wofford & Mary Frances Tyree.

WOFFORD, ADA CLEMENTINE THOMPSON     Jan. Oct. 1878 - Mar.12, 1907.    Daughter of Lauson Thompson & Nancy Mitchell. Wife of C. Eddie Wofford.

WOFFORD, JERUSHA BURTON     1804 - 1879.    Daughter of Richard Burton (1771-1817) and Elizabeth Yerkes (1771-1840). Born in Guilford Co NC. Married Charles Pinkney Wofford in 1824 in Henry Co TN.  Children:  Jack (1823 - __), Elizabeth Caroline (Jul. 31, 1825 - Nov. 19, 1898, buried at Trout Cemetery, Spring Creek, Phelps Co., m. John Riley Trout, Oct. 10, 1850, Dent Co.), Alexander Brightwell (Jun. 11, 1830 - Mar. 26, 1918, Maries Co., m Julia Ann Johnson), Nancy (1832-1879, m. William Riley Akins, buried at Berry Cemetery), Mary Ann Almira Caroline (1834-1897, m. John Marion Murray), Thomas P. (1834-1860), John W. (1836-1907), J. D. (1837-__), William G. (1839-1860), James Garland (1840-1926) and Charles Pinkney (1844-1860). [Charles P., Sr. was born about 1804 in Guilford Co NC, the son of William Lafayette 'Billy' Wofford & Sarah 'Sally' Yerkes, moved to Upton Twp., Texas Co. ca 1848; he was killed in the Civil War at Eleven Points Mill near Thomasville in Oregon Co MO abt. 1865].

WOFFORD, JAMES MONROE 'ROE'     1819 - 1890.    Son of William Lafayette Wofford & Sarah Yerkes. Married 1) Franey Burton, Henry County. TN, Jan. 16, 1839, children: James Franklin (m. Mary ___ , Sep. 2, 1875), William Robert, Richard J. 'Jack' and Sarah Elender. Married 2) Mary 'Polly' Causey Phillips, Dec. 2, 1855, Dent County; she was born abt. 1822, d. Jan. 2, 1903, Shannon Co., daughter of Aaron & Lydia Causey; children: Mary M. (m. Pleasant H. Phillips), Joseph Marion Wofford Mar. 12, 1861 - Apr. 25, 1929, bur Oak Forest Cemetery - Birch Tree, m. Malissa Elmira Alley, Nov. 25, 1880, to Shannon County. 1907

     1885 - 1942.    
 1880 - 1962.    Daughter of Karl & Katharina Kinnunen

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