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This was copied from 'Ozark Heritage Dent County Missouri Area Cemeteries & Families' Vol III 1994 by Ken Fiebelman of Salem, MO.

Reprinted with the permission of Ken Fiebelman on behalf of the Dent County Historical Society

There are other unmarked graves here.

BOWERS, MELLZENA WARDEN     Dec. 22, 1884 - Aug. 7, 1962.    Daughter of Benjamin Warden & Margaret Pace. Married James Richard 'Dick' Bowers (a/k/a Dick Nail)  Aug. 10, 1913, Dent County. Children: Emma, Rachel (m. Jack Risher), Fern (m. Woodrow Ritter) & Charles. Made her home with George Warden, Bunker, last 25 years.

BOWERS, INFANT    No dates.    Child of Rachel Bowers. (Rachel the daughter of Dick & Mellzena Bowers).

BUCKLEY, ED     No dates.    Son of John & Caroline Buckley.

BUCKLEY, MARY     No dates.   

     No dates.    Brother of Nancy (m. Mack Stephens). Moved to Dent Co. from Jefferson Co.
BRECKENRIDGE    No dates.    Children: Catherine (m. Riley Garrett), William Breckenridge (buried at Miner Cemetery, m. 1) Rachel Smith, m. 2) Mary Wainwright Vise), Mary (m. E. T. Warden) Amy J. (m. J. T. Nivens, both buried at Miner Cemetery), Maston (m. Sarah Jane Halbrook, both buried at Halbrook Cemetery), Alexander (m. Florence Victoria Hagler, 1875, Dent Co., moved to Texas Co.), James 'Mont', John (moved to Pittsburgh, MT) and George (buried at Los Angeles, CA).

CONAWAY, HAZEL MAE GAMBLIN     Nov. 4, 1911 - Nov. 17, 1991.    Daughter of Oscar Gamblin & Bessie Warden. Married Roy Conaway (divorced), Children: an infant buried at Stone Hill Cemetery & Jacki 'Ghetta' (m. 1) ___ Dalton, 2) ___ Galvin, & 3) Edward Pelka). Grandmother of James & Dennis Dalton & John Galvin; attended Salem First Baptist

COPLING, INFANT    No dates.    Child of Noah & Rovella Warden; parents buried at Cuba.

DERR, VERNETTA VANDALIA WARDEN HAGLER      Feb. 15, 1868 - Jun. 15, 1957.    Daughter of Henry & Elizabeth Warden. Married 1) George A. Hagler, 1889, Dent Co., 2) Richard Derr, 1954 (died May 6, 1959, buried at Kennett with wife Janie Cubbage Derr).

GAMBLIN, BESSIE WARDEN     1894 - 1916.    Daughter of Thomas Warden & Margaret Shults. Married Oscar Gamblin (buried at Union Cemetery), one daughter, Hazel M. (m. Roy Conaway).

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 1868 Dent County.
 Oct. 25, 1845 - Jan. 10, 1911.   Daughter of Asa & Eliz Warden.
GARRETT, JAMES MONROE     No dates.    Son of George W. & Mary Ann Garrett. Children: Newman, Emmitt, James Mordecai, Willis Edward, Anna Eliza (m. Walter Flett).

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 1875 Dent County.
Died Sep. 22, 1887.    Daughter of Joel W. & Nancy Cape.
GARRETT, RILEY     Died Feb. 21, 1906.    Son of George W. & Mary Ann Garrett.Children: James Walter (buried at Green Forest Cemetery), Laura Wilson (moved to Montana), George Whaley (buried at New Hope Cemetery), Frank (m. Jennie Nelson, moved to E. St. Louis IL) and Charlie (moved Havre, Montana). Married 2nd Elizabeth Bethena Barrett Goacher in 1888 in Dent County; she died at Carter, Montana.) One son Robert R. (m. Mae Throgmorton, d. Mar. 22, 1958, buried at Memorial Park Cemetery - St. Louis).

GARRETT, CHARLES NEWMAN     1869 - Apr. 25, 1924.    Son of James M. Garrett & Amanda I.Warden. Married 2nd Ella Worley, May 23, 1912, 4 sons; Winford, Richard, Donald, Herschel.

GARRETT, ELLA ISABELLE WORLEY      Feb. 25, 1881 - Oct. 12, 1947.    Daughter of John Worley & Margaret Pace. Second wife of Charles Newman Garrett.

GARRETT, EMMITT E.     Aug. 16, 1879 - Oct. 19, 1949.    Son of James M. Garrett & Amanda Warden. Married Jennie Wagoner (later Winters), 1899. Two daughters: Alpha McVey & M.  F. M. Ripley.

    Born about 1822.    Children: James M., Thomas W. (b. abt. 1845, MO), William T. (buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, m. Sarah J. Edwards), Willis Edward (buried at New Hope Cemetery, m. Sarah R. A. Smallwood, 1874, Dent Co.), Surilda Jane (m. 1) William Warden, m. 2) Hugh Roberts), Riley, Francis E. (m. James House, 1874, Dent Co.) and Julian A. (m. John W. Warden). George lived on Dry Valley 5 miles east of Salem.
      Born about 1823.    Died in childbirth.

GARRETT, LEE     No dates.

GARRETT, MARY      Died Dec. 29, 1900.    First wife of Charles Newman Garrett. 

HAGLER, GEORGE ALLEN     Nov. 17, 1764 - Jan. 16, 1936.    Son of John Hagler.    Married Vernetta V. Warden, 1889. Two daughters: Golda (m. Alva G. Pace) & Hattie (m. 1)  Elijah Pace & 2) ___ Walgreen. (moved to IL and then to Miami FL).

HAGLER, JOHNNIE      No dates.    Son of John W. Hagler & Amanda Spoon. Died young.

HAGLER, HARLEY      No dates.    Son of John W. Hagler & Amanda Spoon. Died young (late 1800s).

HARRISON, MRS. & INFANT    No dates.    Died in childbirth, mother & child in same grave.

INSKIP, ELMER SYLVESTER     Dec. 3, 1884 - May 23, 1966.    Son of John Inskip & Columbia Wyatt. Married Carrie Elma Daniels. One daughter, Katherine Vaughn. He married 2nd Martha Wallace Pace (d. Jan. 1, 1974, aged 86 yrs., buried at St. John Cemetery, Granite City, IL; she married 1st ___ Wallace, Children: Wilbur, Mae Hutchinson, Grace Hutton and Geneva Tidwell).

KNAPP, BESSIE JANE     May 13, 1909 - Jul. 14, 1984.    Married August Knapp. Children:Violet Sly, August Knapp Jr., Dortha McNece, Albert F., Martin E. & Mary Jane Warden. Sister of Dorothy Kirkman, Nellie Roemera; lived Salem since 1966

MANNING, MARGARET S. J. SCHULTS WARDEN    Mar. 18, 1850 -Sep. 14, 1934.    Married 1) Thomas E. Warden, 1867; married 2) John N. Manning, Jan. 8, 1934, member of Baptist Church

MCDONALD, ARTHUR GUY, JR.     Jan. 10, 1954 - Aug. 19, 1970.    Son of Arthur Guy McDonald & Wanda L. Warden. Drowned in Kaw River, Lawrence, KS. Brother of Joseph W., Victor Rodney and Lisa Marie. Grandson of Clifford Anderson & Bessie Warden.

METHAM, HENRY     Feb. 28, 1822 - Mar. 25, 1892.    (Metham School was named for him)

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Mar. 18, 1906.
     No dates.   
Jan. 26, 1887 - Sep. 12, 1974.    Daughter of Benjamin R. Warden & Margaret E. Pace. Children: Ira Cleo, Benjamin Nathan (buried at North Lawn), Cora Ella Hyde, Abbe Isabell Parsons, Floyd K., Lloyd K., Noah and Harley Owen. Pentecostal faith.

OWEN, IRA CLEO    May 30, 1910 - Aug. 7, 1974.    Son of John T. Owen & Olga Warden. Married Virgie Pidcock, Dec. 25, 1933, Salem. Children: Flossie, Linda and Rickie. Married 2) Reba Marrill, Oct. 22, 1970, Miami OK, (buried at New Hope Cemetery). He left Salem in 1941 and moved to St. Louis where he worked as an electrician, then moved to Springfield and back to Salem abt. 1972.

OWEN, LLOYD KENNETH     Nov. 12, 1917 - Oct. 31, 1991.    Son of John T. Owen & Olga Warden. Retired from Salem Sportswear Factory after 30 years employment.

OWEN, FLOYD K.     Nov. 12, 1917 - Feb. 5, 1987.     Son of John T. Owen & Olga Warden. Married Sylvia Purcell Ellerman, 1956 (buried at Chrisco Cemetery, Shannon Co.); member New Harmony Baptist Church

OWEN, NOAH     No dates.    Son of John T. Owen & Olga Warden.

OWEN, HARLEY     No dates.    Son of John T. Owen & Olga Warden.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Aug. 30, 1914, Dent County.
    Nov. 15, 1866 - Mar. 20, 1949.    Son of John Pace & Mary 'Polly' Cornwell. Joined Church of Christ abt. 1896. He was one of organizers of Dent Co. Singing Convention.
    Aug. 2, 1896 - Dec. 6, 1984.     Daughter of George Hagler & Vernetta Warden; member Church of Christ. Children: John Wilburn, Polly Chrisma Rhea and a child who died in infancy.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Feb. 7, 1867.
 Apr. 10, 1849 - Mar. 29, 1907.    Born in Marshall Co KY; member of the Church of Christ. Nine children: John Absalum 'App', Christopher L., E. Roy, Earl Clifford, Thomas Hardin, Matthew Leaburn (m. Sadie Woodward of Jadwin, moved to Flat River), Gustavis Adolphus 'Gus' (Myrtle E. Craig, d. Jul. 1940, Almeda CA), Vina (m. David Edmonds),Sedalia, & Audrey (m. Ben Grogan) to St. Louis or Chicago, IL.
PACE, WILLIS     Mar. 6, 1945 - Sep. 14, 1930.    Son of John Pace & Mary 'Polly' Cornwell. Born at Hardin, Marshall Co. KY. Veteran, Co. D 15 KY Cav. Civil War. Member G. A. R.; joined Church of Christ, age 21.

PACE, CHILD    No dates.    Child of J. E. & H.

PACE, CHILD    No dates.    Child of J. E. & H.

PACE, CHRISTOPHER L.    Dec. 22, 1887 - Mar. 3, 1903.    Son of Willis Pace & Celia Hurt.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Jan. 18, 1885, Dent County.
PACE, DEMPSEY CORNWELL 'DEMCE'    Aug. 23, 1862, KY -Apr. 10, 1947.    Son of John Pace & Mary 'Polly' Cornwell. Converted at an early age, member Salem Christian Church, moved from farm to Salem, 1943.
May 27, 1964 - Jun. 10, 1956.    Daughter of James Watson & Martha___. Children: William McKinley (d. Mar. 15, 1958, buried at Sunset Hills Cemetery, Edwardsville, IL), Nellie (m. J. Leighton Cross, d. Aug. 8, 1968, buried at Granite City, IL), Archie L., Martha Wallace Inskip (d. Jan. 1, 1974, buried Granite City, IL), Lewis A. (m. Laura Gray, both buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Mabel (m. Charles E. Gray, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Gertrude Jarrett Russell Turner Malkingbor and Edith (m. Rector Fike).

PACE, EARL CLIFFORD      Aug. 17, 1890 - Oct. 18, 1890.    Son of Willis Pace & Celia Hurt.

PACE, EDNA ELIZABETH     1912 - 1917.    Age 5 years.    Daughter of Irvin Pace & Bertie White.

PACE, EDNA RUTH     Aug. Jan. 1916 - Nov. 10, 1920.    Daughter of J. E. & H.

PACE, E. ROY     Apr. 3, 1884 - Jan. 1, 1917.    Son of Willis Pace & Celia Hurt. Moved to New Mexico.

PACE, EVELINA     1888 - 1894.    Age 6.    Daughter of Dempsey C. 'Demce' Pace & Mary E. Cornwell.

PACE, FLORENCE      1910 - 1912.    Age 18 months. Daughter of Irvin Pace & Bertie White.

PACE, GERTRUDE     Jul. 13, 1900 - Sep. 21, 1983.    Daughter of Dempsey C. 'Demce' Pace & Mary E. Cornwell. Married 1) ___ Jarrett, 2) ___ Russell, 3) ___ Turner, 4) ___ Maklingbor and 5) ___ Luekerath. Attended Christian Church.

PACE, INFANT    Born & died 1911.    Lived 3 hours. Infant of Irvin Pace & Bertie White.

PACE, IRVIN ELLIOTT     Jan. 31, 1880 - Jan. 29, 1947.    Son of West Allen & Martha Ware. Married 2nd Minnie Hogan Maguire.
WHITE      Oct. 9, 1885 - Dec. 11, 1918.    Daughter of Joseph White & Sarah A. Harmon (buried at New Hope Cemetery). Children: Lawrence H., Florence, Infant son & Edna E.- all died in infancy; Ethel (m. Bill Allen), Ruby Atlanta Wright Pringle (b. Feb. 11, 1911, moved to California), Norma Pearl (b. Apr. 2, 1907, m. John Brooks, buried at Caledonia Methodist Cemetery, Caledonia) & Alma Vida (b. May 23, 1905, buried at Granite City IL, m. Ace Edwards).

PACE, JAMES OTIS    Oct. 3, 1935 - Feb. 1, 1936.    Son of Archie Pace & Virgie Tinker.

PACE, J. ELIJAH 'LIGE' ADOLPHUS     Apr. 9, 1881 - Nov. 8, 1961.    Son of W. Allen Pace & Martha Ware. Married Harriet 'Hattie' Hagler, 1908; she later m. ___ Walgreen, buried in Illinois). Children: Lillian Bishop & Marvin. He spent several years in Illinois before moving back to Dent County. He attended Christian Church.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 1844, Marshall Co. KY
PACE, JOHN     Nov., 1816 - Jul. 13, 1990.    Son of Joel Pace & Millie Nunn. Moved to Dent County about 1868 from Hardin, Marshall Co., KY, and settled on farm 6 miles east of Salem.
Mar. 1, 1828 - Oct. 21, 1907.    Children: Willis, Joel, Langston, Daniel W., Jackson, William S., John West Allen, Demps C., Alva G.,   Margaret Elizabeth (m. 1) John Worley, m. 2) Benjamin Warden) and M. L. (m. Sarah Woodward, 1893, Dent Co.) .

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Sep. 12, 1877, Dent Co.
PACE, JOHN WESTLEY ALLEN 'WEST'      Apr. 24, 1854 - Aug. 4, 1939.    Son of John Pace & Mary 'Polly' Cornwell. 
Feb. 12, 1851 -  May 1, 1924.    Daughter of Charles Ware. Nine children: John Courtney (m. Ella Schults--buried at Dry Fork Cemetery), Irvin E., J. Elijah, Polly May (m. Fred Asa Warden, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Julia Rosetta (m. Otis Coon), Zelpha Ann (m. Ernest Warden, Samuel & John Casey, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Elnora 'Nora' (m. William Freeman, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Bessie (m. Francis Richard Boyer, d. Apr. 1972, Granite City, IL), Willis Earl (m Iva Ruth McCann, buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Bureau, IL).

PACE, LAURANCE HARVEY     Born & died 1908.    Age 2 months. Son of Irvin Pace & Bertie White.

PACE, THOMAS HARDIN     No dates.   Son of Willis Pace & Celia Hurt. He was married 4 or 5 times. One marriage was to Almedia Cole of Montauk (d. young, buried at Cole Cemetery), two children: Clifford & Opal Brown Green. He also married Nora Arney (buried at Cooksey Cemetery).

PACE, VERNICE     No dates.    Daughter of Dempsey C. 'Demce' Pace & Mary E. Cornwell. Died in infancy.

PACE, VIRGIE IRENE TINKER     Jan. 16, 1912 - Apr. 14, 1976.    Daughter of Albert Tinker & Mary Jane Hedrick (buried at Boss Cemetery). Married Archie L. Pace (b. Sep. 2, 1903), Oct. 25, 1928. Children: James O., Paul, Gretrude Shaw and a child who died in infancy. She was an employee of Nesco Co., Granite City, IL. Archie remarried after her death.

PACE, WILLIAM SPENCER     Feb. 12, 1858 - Sep. 15, 1931.    Son of John Pace & Mary 'Polly' Cornwell. Born near Wadesboro, KY; died at his home east of Salem. Married Susie Bay, 1880, Dent County. Children: Columbus Edward, (buried with mother at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Arthur (moved to Wyoming) and Lee (moved to New York City). He joined Church of Christ at early age.  

RICHARDSON, MARY MARTIN    Died Feb. 15, 1917.    Daughter of Berry Martin & Caroline Buckley. Married ____ Richardson.

ROBERTS, SURILDA JANE GARRETT WARDEN     Apr. 26, 1843 - Jul. 26, 1873.    Daughter of George W. Garrett & Mary Ann ___.  Married 1) William Warden; 2) Hugh Roberts.

ROBERTS, INFANT    No dates.    Child of Hugh Roberts & Surilda Garrett Warden.    

ROBINSON, ANN E. WARE    Apr. 28, 1845 - Oct. 12, 1908.    Daughter of Charles Ware.

SPOON, AMANDA    No dates.    (Related to Amanda, wife of John Hagler).

SULLIVAN, LEVINNIE A. WARDEN INMAN WHITE     Jan. 2, 1855 - May 9, 1940.    Daughter of Asa Warden & Eliza Dearing. Married 1) Euel Inman (buried at Round Pond Cemetery); 2) James White of Flat River; 3) John W. Sullivan, Mar. 1926. Mother of two children who preceded her in death. She was a member of Methodist Church.

WAGONER, WILLARD    No dates.    Infant son of William W. Wagoner & Callie Worley. (father buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery; Callie later m. ___ Davis and moved to IL).

WARDEN, ALPH L.     1894 - Jul. 19, 1972.    Son of Benjamin Warden & Margaret E. Pace. Single.

WARDEN, AMANDA     Born & died May, 1867.    Daughter of J. W. & J. A.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 1840 Allen Co KY.
WARDEN, ASA     Born 1814 in Kentucky; died in the late 1890s or early 1900s.    Son of Elijah Warden & Fanny Dearing. Moved from Allen Co KY  to Dent Co MO in 1852 to farm 5 miles east of Salem. NOTE: According to Joyce L. Ford Asa's 3rd wife was Emily Stout Connell.  She was born in Weakley County, Tennessee.  Her parents were Lemuel and Mary Ann Stout.  Emily is buried in the Annutt Cemetery.
DEARING    Born 1822 in Kentucky; died in the late 1870s.    Daughter of William (who was a brother of Fanny Dearing Warden). Children: Henry A., John W., Amanda I. (m. James M. Garrett), Willis S. (m. Sarah Schrum 'Priest', 1876, Dent Co., moved to Flat River), Shelton, Luvinia A. (m. 1) Euel Inman, 2) James White, 3) John W. Sullivan), Elijah Thomas, & George E.; m. Emily Cornwell Stout, 1877, Dent Co., buried at Anutt Cemetery).

WARDEN, BENJAMIN WRIGHT     Mar. 24, 1864 -Oct. 1, 1936.    Son of Henry Warden & Elizabeth Warden.
     Sep. 10, 1856 - Nov. 15, 1939.    Daughter of John Pace & Mary 'Polly' Cornwell. Married 1) John Worley and had four children: William T. E., John (m. ___ White, moved to Colorado), Ella (m. Charles Newman Garrett) and Callie (m. 1) ___ Campbell, m. 2) William W. Wagoner 1896, m. 3) ___Davis and moved to Illinois). She was a member Christian church since early life.  Children of Benjamin & Margaret: Mellzena (m. Dick Bowers), Clifford O., Alph, Olga (m. Thomas Owen), Frankie Lee (m. Leslie Warden), Rose Ellen 'Rovella' (m. Noah A. Copling) and Elbert G. Warden.

WARDEN, CHILD    No dates.    Child of Henry Warden & Elizabeth Warden.

WARDEN, CHILD    No dates.    Child of Henry Warden & Elizabeth Warden.

WARDEN, CLIFFORD O.     Jan. 20, 1892 - Jul. 11, 1979.    Son of Benjamin R. Warden & Margaret E. Pace. Married Bessie Mae Anderson, Jul. 1, 1920. Children: Victor F., Wanda L. (m. Arthur G. McDonald), Clifford E. (d. Sep. 4, 1983, St. Louis, m. Grace B. Bussa) and Beulah Mae (buried at Blackwell Cemetery): Pvt. U.S. Army, WW I. Spent most of life in Salem area.

WARDEN, ELBERT GIVENS     Aug. 22, 1901 - Dec. 26, 1983.     Son of Benjamin Warden & Margaret E. Pace. Married 1) Sarah Jones, m. 2) Marie Hogan Everhart, 1971; converted to Pentecost faith.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 1829.
WARDEN, ELIJAH     1807 - Apr. 28, 1880.     Son of Elisha Warden (1759, Prince William Co. VA - 1831 KY), & Fanny Dearing (1781, Fauquier Co. VA - 1876 KY). Brother of Asa Warden and Elizabeth (m. John V. Stephens). The Warden family moved to Washington Co. 1837, and to Dent Co. abt 1852.
STEPHENS     Born 1807 in Kentucky. Sister of John V. Stephens. Children: Elizabeth (m. Henry A. Warden), Matilda, William, Susan (m. Dr. Pontillius Butts), Salathial (m. Rutha J. Haines, 1876, Dent Co.), Eliza J., Overton 'Over' and Thomas E. Warden.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 1886 Dent County.
WARDEN, ELIJAH THOMAS 'BUD'     Nov. 24, 1854 - Dec. 28, 1916.    Son of Asa Warden & Eliza Dearing. Children: Austin, Walter, Guy and Grace.
CAPE    1866 - 1906.    Daughter of Joseph W. Cape & Nancy ___. 

WARDEN, ELIZA J.     Born 1841.    Daughter of Elijah Warden & Catherine Stephens. Single.

WARDEN, GEORGE, ELAXANDER     Aug. 3, 1861 - Feb. 12, 1942.    Son of Asa Warden & Eliza Dearing. Married Mary Schmiedeke (she is buried in Illinois). Children: Mary Ethel, Wm. Edward, Amanda May (single, Jun. 30, 1980, buried at Granite City, IL), Roy Earnest (d.1982), George Emmett, Rosa Ella (m. W. Kenneth Forshee)--Provo UT, Anna Lucille (m. Clyde Walker), Ida Rosa (m. Abner Harrison), Fred Asa (m. Polly May Pace), Louie Herman (to Pueblo, CO) and Newman Charles (moved to Granite City, IL). Lived Granite City IL since c.1914, employed Steel Package Co. 20 yrs.

WARDEN, GEORGE W., JR.     Jun. 21, 1891 - Apr. 8, 1976.    Son of George W. Warden, Sr. & Ellen Berry. Married Nora Jane Rotan (d. Aug. 12, 1975, buried at Corinth Cemetery).

WARDEN, GEORGE W., SR.     May 8, 1868 - Nov. 28, 1890.    Son of John W. Warden & Julia A. Garrett. Married Ellen Berry, 1890, Dent Co. Children: George (Ellen later m. Mike Blumer, buried at Crossville Cemetery, Reynolds Co)

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 1859 Dent County.
WARDEN, HENRY A.     1842 - abt. 1900.    Son of Asa Warden & Eliza Dearing. Married his first cousin.
   1831 - 1910.    (Birth estimated).  Daughter of Elijah Warden & Catherine Stephens, first cousin of her husband Henry. Children: Benjamin R., Vernetta V. (m. George A. Hagler, later m. Richard Derr) and two children who died in infancy or early childhood.

WARDEN, HERMAN C.     Dec. 27, 1908 - Mar. 16, 1917.    Son of J. Steve Warden & Emma Hoodenpyle.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 1866, Dent County.
WARDEN, JOHN W.     Apr. 14, 1844 - Dec. 31, 1903.    Son of Asa Warden & Eliza Dearing.  Children: John Steve, Charles Tedrow (m. Sally Smith, buried at Granite City, IL), Inf. Amanda, George W., Earnest E. 'Buck' (buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery 1st m. Zelphia Pace, Mary Miller, Laura Snow), & William Alexander (m. Della M. Welch, m. Nellie Bacon, buried at Miner Cemetery)
GARRETT    Jan. 7, 1844 - Sep. 20, 1919.    Daughter of George W. Garrett & Mary Ann ___.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Dec. 7, 1912.
WARDEN, LESLIE     May 5, 1888 - Mar. 4, 1972.    Son of Thomas Elijah Warden & Margaret Shults.  Children: Walter W., Dora O. Stagner, Margaret M. Kaffer, Porter L. WARDEN, FRANKIE LEE WARDEN     Jan. 10, 1891 - Aug. 22, 1976.    Daughter of Benjamin Warden & Margaret E. Pace. Baptist faith.

WARDEN, LLOYD L.     Mar. 19, 1913 - Feb. 2, 1919.    Son of Charles Warden & Sally Smith (parents buried at Granite City, IL).

WARDEN, MARY ETHEL SCHMIEDEKE   Oct. 29, 1903 - Aug. 3, 1914.    Daughter of George Warden & Mary Schmiedeke.

WARDEN, MATILDA      Born 1834, died young.    Daughter of Elijah Warden & Catherine Stephens.

WARDEN, NINA LORRAINE     Jan. 31, 1914 - Jan. 6, 1927.    Daughter of Ernest E. Warden & Zelphia Pace (parents buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery).

WARDEN, SHELTON 'SHELT'     1852 - 1907.    Son of Asa Warden & Eliza Dearing. Killed in mine at Potosi. Married Vine Whaley and had 7 children. He is buried at just inside gate & donated the land for the Cemetery (NOTE: According to Victor Warden, Shelton is not buried at here)

WARDEN, THOMAS ELIJAH     1847 - 1917.    Son of Elijah Warden & Catherine Stephens. Married Margaret S. J. Shults, 1867, Dent Co., Children: William Adolph, Mary L. Bryant (buried at Miner Cemetery), Winnett, Fred, Leslie (m. Frankie L. Warden), Eunice Bertha (m. Arthur Wallace, buried at Union Cemetery) Tessie Sturgeon, Bessie Gamblin and Margaret Elizabeth Strode (buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery). (Margaret remarried to John N. Manning).

WARDEN, WALTER WILLIAM     Jun. 11, 1913 - Mar. 31, 1981.    Son of Leslie Warden & Frankie Warden. Married Lucille Cox 1954 (dec.); Christian.

WARDEN, WILLIAM     Born 1837, died young.    Son of Elijah Warden & Catherine Stephens.  Married Sarilda Jane Garrett, Oct. 15, 1859; one daughter, Mary Catherine, (m. Robert Jones)  

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Mar. 8, 1911.
WARDEN, WILLIAM ADOLPH     May 15, 1887 - Mar. 7, 1932.    Son of Thomas Warden & Margaret Shults.
GAMBLIN    Dec. 23, 1890 - Feb. 24, 1978.    Children: Howard, Violet (m. Bowers), & Dorothy (m. Cecil Bowers).

WARDEN, WILLIAM CLIFFORD     Nov. 1, 1900 - Jul. 22, 1901.    Son of J. Steve Warden & Emma Hoodenpyle (parents buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery).

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Dec. 23, 1903 Dent County.
WORLEY, WILLIAM T. E.    Jan. 1, 1877 - Jan. 8, 1954.    Son of John Worley & Margaret Worley Warden Pace. Member of Christian Church for many years.
Nov. 16, 1867 - Apr. 8, 1948.    Daughter of John Nail & Mary ___ (buried at Schermesser Cemetery). Mother of James Richard 'Dick' Bowes (m Mellzina 'Mel' Warden). Converted age 20, joined Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Children: Callie (m. Lee Douglas, to Desloge MO) and two children who died in infancy.

WORLEY, FLOYD     1915 - Jan. 1, 1917.    Son of John (who was the son of John & Margaret Worley) & Lizzie White (parents moved to Colorado).

UNKNOWN     No dates or other information.    A man who died at Riverside Mine, buried near cemetery gate, referred to as the stranger.

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