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This was copied from 'Ozark Heritage Dent County Missouri Area Cemeteries & Families' Vol III 1994 by Ken Fiebelman of Salem, MO.

Reprinted with the permission of Ken Fiebelman on behalf of the Dent County Historical Society

NELSON, MARGARET CATHERINE 'KATE' WALLIS    Born 1859.    Daughter of Andrew & Rachel Wallis. Married James G. Nelson, 1880 Dent, Co. Died at home of Andy Wallis.

TRIPLETT, MARTHA MINERVA WALLIS     Mar. 6, 1864 - Jan. 11, 1889.    Daughter of Andrew & Rachel Wallis.  Married Joel Shelton Triplett, 1884, Dent Co. Four children died young. Joel married 2nd Alice S. Shelton (buried at Berry Cemetery).

TRIPLETT, INFANT    Born & died Dec., 1884.    Infant of Joel S. Triplett & Martha M. Wallis. 

TRIPLETT, EUNICE T.     Nov. 18, 1885 - Mar. 26, 1889.    Daughter of Joel S. Triplett & Martha M. Wallis. 

TRIPLETT, CLARA C.    Feb. 26, 1887 - May 17, 1887.    Daughter of Joel S. Triplett & Martha M. Wallis. 

TRIPLETT, OTIS E.    Jan. 2, 1889 - Jan. 15, 1889.    Son of Joel S. Triplett & Martha M. Wallis. 

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 1846 in Marion, Tennessee
WALLIS, ANDREW 'ANDY' MATHIS     Mar. 2, 1825 - 1892.    Born near Atlanta, Georgia. (His father died 1824 before he was born, mother D. A. Gray, died 1878).  The Wallis family moved to Texas Twp., Dent Co MO in 1858 from Cumberland Mountains near Chattanooga TN with the White and Kell families. Andy was a leader in the Methodist Church, Pleasant Hill Chapel/White Chape. The family were Masons & Democrats.
WHITE    Born 1827 near Wheeling, Ohio Co, WV. Daughter of William J. White & Mary ___ (buried at White Cemetery, near Wallis Cemetery). Thirteen children, 7 boys & 6 girls, 7 born in Tennessee and 6 born in Missouri. They were: Mary Elizabeth (m. Rev. Sampson G. Haws), William (m. Emeline Triplett, buried at Berry Cemetery); Samuel (m. 1) Betty Cox & 2) America Cox Wofford, buried at Zion Cemetery), James (m. 1) Alzenia Cox & 2) Laura Ann Woodward, buried at Zion Cemetery), Edward (m. Sally Patterson, buried at Patterson Cemetery), Susan Jane (m. Will C. Patterson, buried at Zion Cemetery), Margaret C. 'Kate' (m. James Nelson), Josiah Anderson (m. 1) Matilda Berry & 2) Amy Reddick, buried at Zion Cemetery),  Mahulda Isabell 'Hulda' (m. Jerry Preston Hackworth, 1881, Texas Twp., Dent Co., moved to Texas), Martha M. (m. Joel S. Triplett), Rachel Tennessee (m. Monroe Alley, buried at Zion Cemetery), Moses Andrew (m. Martha Hassel, moved to TX) and John W. (m. 1) Susie E. Fudge 1895 Dent Co., m. 2) Alice D. Woodward, 3) Clara Guntry, & 4) Laura Graham; moved to Davis, OK).

WALLIS, MARY MATILDA 'TILDA' BERRY    Jan. 22, 1862 - Jul. 26, 1892.    Married Josiah Anderson 'Joe' Wallis in 1881 at Dent County. (Josiah A. Wallis married 2nd Mary Amberzine ' Amy'  Reddick in 1893 in Dent County; both are buried at Zion Cemetery).

WALLIS, EUNICE     Mar. 27, 1895 - Apr. 7, 1895.    Daughter of Josiah A. Wallis & Mary Amberzine ' Amy'  Reddick.

WALLIS, TALMEGE     Aug. 25, 1896 - Feb. 10, 1896.    Son of Josiah A. Wallis & Mary Amberzine ' Amy'  Reddick. 

WALLIS, ORLIA      Dec. 31, 1897 - Sep. 16, 1902.    Daughter of Josiah A. Wallis & Mary Amberzine ' Amy'  Reddick.

WALLIS, ORVIS      Apr. 14, 1899 - Dec. 1, 1902.    Son of Josiah A. Wallis & Mary Amberzine ' Amy'  Reddick. 

WALLIS, ALZENIA C. COX     May 19, 1855 - Jan. 1, 1887.    Daughter of George W. Cox & Mary E. Agee (buried at Mount Herman Cemetery). Married James Wallis, Jan. 9, 1876. Children: Euel Everett (9/11/1877 - 3/1961, m. Flora Hodges of Dent Co. 7/28/1897, Sherman, TX), Samuel Alphus (moved to OK), America, & Loula. (James married 2nd Laura Ann Woodward, both buried at Zion Cemetery).

WALLIS, LOULA     No dates.    Daughter of James Wallis & Alzenia Cox.

WILLIAMS, PATRICIA JEAN MCCOMBS      Jan. 30, 1947 - Aug. 4, 1991.    Daughter of Jennings McCombs & Leah ___ (of Licking). Wife of Michael Williams. Two daughters,  Sherry & Carol. Sister of Lucy Cruse and Nancy McCombs. Michael later married Faulkner Kerr; one child.

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