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Spring Creek, Dent County

This was copied from 'Ozark Heritage Dent County Missouri Area Cemeteries & Families' Vol III 1994 by Ken Fiebelman of Salem, MO.

Reprinted with the permission of Ken Fiebelman on behalf of the Dent County Historical Society

BELL, DAVID W.      Aug. 3, 1897 - Jul. 1, 1980.    Son of Harry Bell & Elizabeth Garlock. Born in Altoon, Pennsylvania; died at Sullivan, Missouri. Married Clemmy Pidcock of Dent County on Apr. 27, 1935 at Waterloo, IL. One grandson, Ervin Darling. Moved to St. Louis as a child & lived there until 1962 then moved to Sullivan. Clemmy remarried to ____ Kinder.

BUTLER, CYNTHIA LUCINDA CRADDOCK    Feb. 22, 1842 - May 29, 1870.    Daughter of Willis Craddock & Elizabeth Johns. (The Craddock family moved to what is now Dent County in 1834). Cynthia married Elijah Taylor Butler on Nov. 5, 1863 in Dent County. They had four children: Elijah B. (Nov. 30, 1864 - Jul. 6, 1865), Willie G. (Aug. 25, 1866 - Mar. 4, 1868), Mary Atlanta (b. May 20, 1870, m. J. William Bohannon, 1890, Dent County, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery) & G. D. (twin of Mary Atlanta). Elijah T., (Jan. 22, 1837, Sumner Co. TN -  Mar. 15, 1900, Dent County) was the son of James Butler & Matilda Bell. (Elijah married 2) Rhoda J. Ware on Dec. 3, 1870; she was born Feb. 1, 1848 and died Nov., 1900. Their children were: Elizabeth M. (b. 8/20/1871, d. age 12), Julia Ann 10/20/1872 - 7/26/1955, m. James Galloway)., Charlie Henry (m. Mary Swicegood), Mattie (m. Rev. Grank P. MacAtee, 1908), John Arthur (single, buried at Wagoner Cemetery), Anvil Lee (d.8/11/1933, Oklahoma City OK, m. Bessie Westing) and Lulu May (m Dick Johnson, 1900).

BUTLER, MARTHA JANE CRADDOCK    1840 - Nov. 2, 1875.    Daughter of Willis Craddock & Elizabeth Johns. Married James Berry Butler in 1860 in Dent County. (He was the son of James Butler & Matilda Bell; he was born Feb. 22, 1839, TN - Mar. 10, 1901, Zongwell, Garfield Co. OK). Their children: John F., Omer George and Nary Frances 'Fanny' (single d. 1926, Los Angeles CA). (James B. married 2nd Josephine Street and 3rd Belle Holt on Aug. 1, 1881, Dent County, children: Walter, Tony & James.)

BUTLER, JOSEPHINE STREET     1856 - Jul. 12, 1880.    Married James Berry in 1876, his second wife. They had no children.

BUTLER, JULIA CRADDOCK    1846 - 1880.    Daughter of Willis Craddock & Elizabeth Johns. Married William Washington Butler in 1867, Dent County. (He was the son of James Butler & Matilda Bell). Their children: J. Harve & Cora (m. J. W. Bailey, Charles Washington (m. Harriet Jane Counts, buried at Roberts Cemetery at Sligo). (William W. married 2nd Ellen and they are both buried at Wagoner Cemetery).

COLLIER, IDA B.    Died Feb. 27, 1871.     Age 8.

COLLIER, ROBERT     No dates.    Son of A. & F. Collier.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Apr. 4, 1904.
     Feb. 5, 1881 - Jul. 17, 1964.    Son of John S. Cooley & Sarah Jane Welch (buried at Round Pond Cemetery). Spent his entire life in Dent County; he was a farmer.
GIBBS     Sep. 2, 1883 - Sep. 30, 1910.    Daughter of Joshua H. Gibbs & Dicie ____. Children: Delmond L., Melvin H., Murna (m. Robert Runner) and a son who died in infancy.

COOLEY, INFANT     No dates.    Son of John W. Cooley & Mary E. Gibbs.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married about 1820, Hart Co. KY
CRADDOCK, ELIZABETH JOHNS     1806 - 1870.    Daughter of ? Andrew Johns. Born in Virginia. Dates of birth & death approximate. Children: Mary Caroline (1832, Hart Co. KY - 1867; m. Ezekiel East (1832-1871) on Mar. 1, 1849); George; Nancy (m. Josiah Poindexter); Lucinda B. (m. Elijah Taylor Butler); Julia (m. W. W. Butler); Martha Jane (m. James Barry Butler); Sarah Anna (1828 Hart Co. KY - died in Oklahoma, m.. Moses Calvin Hardison, Sep. 6, 1846, Crawford Co; he was born 1822, TN); William C. (b. 1839); and James (b. 1841).
     1798 - 1868.    Son of John Hill Craddock & Sarah Elizabeth Bartlett, who moved from Virginia to Kentucky and are buried at Cub Run Creek, Mumfordville, Hart Co. KY in unmarked graves. Several of his children moved to Dent County in the 1830s and obtained land patents. Moved to Dent County in 1838 & homesteaded land 3 miles north of Salem on Spring Creek, later known as the Tune place. He was of Welsh descent, and of the Methodist faith. Willis was a brother of Elizabeth (buried at Johns Cemetery, m. Elijah Johns), Nancy (m. Anderson Johns), James (m. Nancy Gardner), William Bascom ( m. Anna Gardner), Jesse (m. Drucilla Earles), John (m. Mary Johnson). Wiley (buried at Craddock plot, Maples Community) and Ransom (went to CA during Gold Rush, m. Missouri Smiley, 12/15/1838, Crawford Co.).

DUGAN, ALBERT     Only date, 1872.    Son of D.W. & S.E.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Jan. 27, 1870 in Dent County.
Jul. 7, 1854 - Sep. 10, 1925.    Daughter of Levi Motsinger & Sarah Coston. Born in Indiana, died at St. Louis.
.    Aug. 24, 1847 - Jul. 11, 1915.    Son of Daniel Dugan & Nancy Leonard. He was of Irish descent. Came to Dent County from North Carolina. Lived at Taledago, Dent County. Children: John William (buried at Lucas Cemetery), Felix, Zella, Clara Moellien (Granite City, IL), Cora Nemeyer, Everett George, Charley and Rudolf Louis.

DUGAN, FELIX     Died Jan. 12, 1882.    Age 3 days.    Son of Robert L. Dugan & Christina E. Motsinger.

DUGAN, NANCY LEONARD     1812 - Jan. 6, 1839.    Daughter of Robert Leonard (buried at Wagoner Cemetery). Year of birth approximate; she was born in North Carolina. She married Daniel Dugan (b. c1806, TN). Children: Robert L., William T. (b.c1831 MO, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Joseph (d. 1857, age 3, buried at Wagoner Cemetery), Wesley (d. Columbus, KS, lived in Hideout community, Dent County), Miles, Martin, Esther, Fanny and Daniel Jr.

DUGAN, W. J.     Only date, 1892.

DUGAN, ZELLA     Died 1893.    Daughter of Robert L. Dugan & Christina E. Motsinger.

     Born & died Jan. 22, 1945.    
     Born & died Jan. 22, 1945.    

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married May 22, 1892, Dent County, by J. W. Hobson J.P.
BAILEY    Dec. 24, 1870 - Jan. 22, 1927.    Daughter of Hezekaiah C. Bailey & Eliza J. Brown (buried at Blackwell Cemetery. She united with the Methodist church in 1904.
FITZGERALD, FRANCIS MARION 'FRANK'     Oct. 24, 1866 - Apr. 22, 1940.    Son of Farmion Fitzgerald.  Children: Ernest H., Archie V., Lemont, Seth, Edith (m. Edward L. Hobson), Dollie (m. Craig Hobson) and three children who died in infancy.

FITZGERALD, EDITH ANN    Born & died Mar. 30, 1954.    Daughter of Ernest H. Fitzgerald & Maggie V. Potter. 

FITZGERALD, ERNEST HEZEKIAH     Jun. 9, 1908 - Jan. 25, 1965.    Son of Francis Marion 'Frank' Fitzgerald & Dora F. Bailey. Born at Fremont, Carter Co MO. Married Maggie Viola Potter of Dent County on Dec. 5, 1936. They had five children: Hamilton (m. Mary Ann Dittmeyer), Henry (m. Sarah Keeney), Lawrence 'Larry', Mary (m. 1) Albert Willis, m. 2) Joseph Stacks), & Edith.

FITZGERALD, FARMION     No dates.    Father of Frank, Dicie (m. Joshua H. Gibbs), Mary B. (m. John Tune), Peter L., Lee,  and three more sons. 

FITZGERALD, GLENN L.    Jan. 8, 1935 - Sep. 12, 1951.   Son of Sylvia Fitzgerald; stepson of Lee Mont Fitzgerald. Born at Des Plains, Arkansas. Killed near Anutt by a falling tree.

FITZGERALD, INFANTS     No dates.    Children of Francis Marion 'Frank' Fitzgerald & Dora F. Bailey.

FITZGERALD, LEE MONT     Jun. 18, 1897 - Oct. 15, 1985.    Son of Francis Marion 'Frank' Fitzgerald & Dora F. Bailey. Married Sylvia M. Garrison (born Feb. 28, 1912) on Aug. 1, 1936 at Pocahontas AR. Eleven children: Max, Lula Black Miles, James, Leslie, Jerry, Ellen Wells, Helen Huffman, Clara McDonald, Marion, Leonard, Jim and Robert. Also a stepson, Glenn. He lived at Doniphan last 21 years; Baptist faith.

FITZGERALD, PETER LOUIS      Dec. 7, 1875 - May 2, 1931.     Son of Farmion Fitzgerald. Born in Gasconade County

FORREST, JAMES JOSEPH     Died Apr. 2, 1905.    Married Mary Collier, 1896, Dent County (by Rev. H.D. Bonebrake); left wife & children; member G.A.R.; mail carrier to Stone Hill.

GIBBS, CHILD     No dates.    Age 8 months.    Child of Charles H. Gibbs & Edith L.___.  Burned to death in home fire on Spring Creek, 5 miles north of Salem; parents buried at Oak Hill Cemetery- Kirkwood, siblings Loyal, Maybern, Leona Herman, Harrison , Paul, Leola Akers.

GIBBS, DELBERT GENE, Son of Raymond & Lola 1931 - 1944

GIBBS, DICIE NATHAN FITZGERALD    Jan. 16, 1864 - May 17, 1946.    Daughter of Farmion Fitzgerald. Married Joshua Harrison Gibbs Oct. 16, 1881. Children: Lee, Ella B., Mary E. (m. John W. Cooley), Charles, Richard (m. Bessie I. Gibbs, both buried at Edgar Cemetery), Samuel, Unie and Della (m. Elga Dee Howard). Stepmother of William R., Matt, & John Gibbs. converted 1912

GIBBS, ELLIE. E.    Jan. 27, 1899 - Mar. 3, 1917.    Daughter of Joshua H. Gibbs & Dicie Fitzgerald.

GIBBS, INFANT    Born & died Nov. 25, 1924.    Son of Sam Gibbs & Gertrude Barnes.

GIBBS, MARY DOREEN WINES     Jun. 6, 1929 - Nov. 24, 1967.    Daughter of Clarence  Wines & Tilda Westerman. Married 1st Earl T. Myers, 2 sons, Gary & Thomas; m. 2) Farris I Gibbs, Sep., 1947, 1 son, Clark.

GIBBS, PEARL F.     Jan. 26, 1926 - Aug. 12, 1927.    Daughter of William 'Raymond' Gibbs & Lola ____.

GIBBS, PLEASANT UNIE     Mar. 22, 1895 - Oct. 23,1985.    Son of Joshua H. Gibbs & Dicie Fitzgerald. Married Letha Martin Nov. 5, 1921. Children Farris I., James Forrest, & Harold; lifelong resident, Dent County, attended Free Holiness Church.

GIBBS, ROBIN CHERYL     May 4, 1963 - Oct. 3, 1963.    Daughter of Harold Gibbs & Henrietta Plank. Siblings: James, Roger, Sandra, Rebecca.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Apr. 3, 1898.
     Sep. 25, 1875 - Apr. 17, 1950.    Daughter of Samuel J. Tune & Almeda ___.
Aug. 22, 1876 - Jan. 31, 1961.     Son of Joshua A. Gibbs (buried at Gibbs Cemetery) & Mary Elizabeth Leonard. Children: Raymond, Norma (m. Raymond Plank), Ida (m. John Barnicle), Rev. Glen, Walter (buried at North Lawn Cemetery), Woodrow W. (c1915 - 3/24/1989, Sweet Home OR, m. Flossie I. Givvs, 5/27/1939, Salem, to OR 1962), & Vernon Lamar (1905 - 1973, m. Blackwell & m. Hazel Gray, buried at Kinder Cemetery - Cuba). He spent his entire life in Dent County; member Free Holiness Church, Salem.

GIBBS, WILLIAM 'RAYMOND'       No dates.    Married Lola ___  Children: Ruthene (m. Frankie Triplett); Roy &Pearl. Raymond united with Baptist church, 1923  

HUMPHREY, M.    No dates.    Mother of Sarah Coston Motsinger.

HUTCHINSON, EUNICE PEARL     Apr. 25, 1918 - Jul. 25, 1919.    Daughter of Ola Pidcock Hutchinson.

MARTIN, AMANDA CAROLINE    Jun. 21, 1833 - May 3, 1873.    Daughter of William C. Martin & Mary A.____. Born in Roane Co TN. Married Lewis Martin Aug. 29, 1856 (1825 - 1907, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery). Children: Mattie (m. John VanLoon), James E., & 1 more daughter. (Lewis later married Mary Hill (mother of Wallace Hill). Amanda moved to Dent County abt 1851; converted 1869; member Methodist Church, So.

MARTIN, ARTHUR LELAND     Nov. 8, 1904 - Apr. 2, 1976.    Son of William T. Martin & Louemma Musgraves. 'Pvt. U.S. Army WW II' (single, lived with his aunt Sadie Smith)

MARTIN, CARL O.     Feb. 8, 1907 - Feb. 5, 1908.    Son of Early G. Martin & Charity L. Musgraves.

MARTIN, DORRIS     Oct. 14, 1914 - Nov. 14, 1914.    Daughter of Leslie F. Martin & Esther M. Chambers. 

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Aug. 8, 1895 Dent County by M. R. Daugherty.
     Nov. 10, 1872 - Aug. 6, 1944.    Son of George W. Martin & Fannie Turley.
MUSGRAVES    Feb. 9, 1871 - Jan. 18, 1960.    Daughter of Enoch Musgraves & Elizabeth Bressie. Children: Elmer V., Edward, Ebert, William, Leatha (m. Unie Gibbs), Ethel (m. George Rimmel), Hazel Loos, Carl O., Lena E. & an infant son. 

MARTIN, ESTHER M. CHAMBERS    Apr. 23, 1893 - Sep. 10, 1917.    First wife of Leslie F. Martin.   

MARTIN, ELMER VERNON     Mar. 8, 1901 - Jan. 22, 1951.    Son of Early G. Martin & Charity L. Musgraves. Married Mabel Hendricks (daughter of John T. Hendricks & Elizabeth Lynn Hendricks of Salem) on Sep. 27, 1919. Ten children: Virginia (died in infancy); Robert E., William, Lloyd, John, Dorothy, Norma Sieckman, Maxine Eckenfells, Helen Lograsso, & Ethel Salamone Kunkel.

MARTIN, GEORGE EDWARD    Apr. 4, 1897 - May 27, 1978.    Son of Early G. Martin & Charity L. Musgraves. Married Deloris McDonald (daughter of James E. McDonald & Edith Rhinehart). Children: Vernon & Virginia (died in infancy), Clark (m. Natalie ___), and George M. (m. 1) Dori ___; m. 2) Adeline ___).

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Sep. 12, 1869
     Mar. 19, 1844 - Apr. 2, 1914.    Son of William C. Martin & Mary A.____. ,joined Methodist Church, 1869.
TURLEY     1852 - Oct. 17, 1914. Children: Earlie G., William T., Leslie (m. Esther Chambers & Lula M. Beaver, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Lewis W. (m. Grace E. Condray, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Mattie E. (m. J. Edward Chambers, buried at Blackwell Cemetery, Sadie Ann (m. Thomas Albert Smith), Cora Isabell (m. Dan E. Hutson, buried at Cooksey Cemetery, & Rebecca L. ( m. Roy Plank).

MARTIN, GREEN BERRY    Mar. 20, 1832 - Feb. 25, 1910.    Son of William C. Martin & Mary A. ____.

MARTIN, INFANT    Born & died Feb. 15, 1895.    Son of Early G. Martin & Charity L. Musgraves.

MARTIN, JAMES E.     Nov. 21, 1867 - Jan. 23, 1899.    Son of Lewis Martin & Amanda C. Martin.    Born on Spring Creek. Was shot by Mary Armstrong, a prostitute. Survived by three sisters. 

MARTIN, JAMES EBERT     Feb. 2, 1903 - Mar. 25, 1974.    Son of Early G. Martin & Charity L. Musgraves. 'Pvt. U. S. Army '

MARTIN, LENA E.     Mar. 6, 1899 - Aug. 21, 1900.    Daughter of Early G. Martin & Charity L. Musgraves.  

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 1893, Dent County by Rev. S. E. Compton
MARTIN, LOUEMMA 'EMMA' MUSGRAVES      Feb. 8, 1876 - Mar. 11, 1912.    Daughter of Enoch Musgraves & Elizabeth Bressie.
     Jul. 1, 1870 - Jun. 4, 1937.    Son of George W. Martin & Fannie Turley. Children: Ollie Ethel (m. Henry H. Etter, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Lola Frances Kellcher (moved to San Jose CA), Bessie Edna (m. Donald D. Short, d. 12/31/1991, buried at St. Charles Memorial Gardens, St. Charles, MO), Norma Edith Els, Ernest Enoch (m. Hortense, d. 1970, buried at Bakersfield CA), William Frederick (moved to Redonda CA) and Arthur L. Martin.

'POLLY'      Nov. 2, 1809 - Jul. 12, 1882.    Born in Tennessee.
     Nov. 12, 1811 - Oct. 2, 1877.    Born in Tennessee.   Moved to Missouri in 1850.Children: Green B., Margaret J., George W., Mary Ann (m. Benedict F. Plank), Amanda C. (m. Lewis Martin)

MARTIN, REBECCA     Feb. 26, 1796 - Aug. 10, 1859.   Born in Knox Co TN. Grandmother of William Chester Martin ( who m. Rachel Minerva Barnes, both bur Cedar Grove Cemetery--his parents had died in TN)

MARTIN, VERNON    Born & died Jan. 21, 1920.    Infant son of George E. Martin & Deloris McDonald. 

MARTIN, VIRGINIA     Born & died Nov. 9, 1915.    Infant daughter of George E. Martin & Deloris McDonald. 

MARTIN, VIRGINIA LOUISE     Apr. 24, 1923 - Feb. 5, 1926.    Daughter of Elmer V. Martin & Mabel Hendricks.

MARTIN, WILLIAM EMORY     Apr. 10, 1909 - Feb. 12, 1977.    Son of Early G. Martin & Charity L. Musgraves.  

MOSES, CHARITY L. MUSGRAVES MARTIN     No dates.    Married Early G. Martin. Born in Iron County. Mother of twins, George W. Martin & Elizabeth Martin Weible, believed to be the oldest living twins in U. S.

MOTSINGER, SARAH COSTON SWOFFORD    No dates.    Married Levi Motsinger in Jackson Co. IN (he died in 1863, Civil War, Memphis TN). Children; George O., Felix S., Christina E. (m. Robert L. Dugan), Martha A. (m. William Wilson), Margaret J. (m. George E. Motsinger, her first cousin) and Sarah C. Strictlin (m. Thomas J. Hasten, 1882, Dent County, buried at Wagoner Cemetery). Sarah m. 1st John A. Swofford Apr. 2, 1866, Dent County, 1 daughter Phoebe b. (m. James Y. Bressie, 1886, Norman Twp., Dent County.,  to Oak Hill area, Texas Co.). Levi was married 1st to Matilda White, children: William G., Vandover, & Polla A. Motsinger.

MOTSINGER, GEORGE O.     1852 - 1900.    Son of Levi Motsinger & Sarah Coston.

MOTSINGER, FELIX S.      Nov. 2, 1859 - Dec.6, 1928.    Son of Levi Motsinger & Sarah Coston. Never married; worked on area farms.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married May 10, 1863 at the Bressie home on Dry Fork.
MUSGRAVES, ENOCH     Apr. 12, 1844 - Feb. 22, 1939.      Son of John Musgraves & Martha ____, who d. when he was young. Enoch was born in Evansville IN; died at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Talbert. Moved to Missouri as a youth & to Dent County in 1861. He was the last surviving Confederate Soldier, Civil War, Dent County.
BRESSIE    Sep. 14, 1845 - May 18, 1914.    Daughter of David Bressie (who d. Civil War) & Lucinda Sullivan (buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, niece of Eaphraim & Yancy Bressie of Spring Creek). Children: Nora May (died in early childhood, buried at Blackwell Cemetery), John D. (m. Tina Elmer, both buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Stella (m. Christopher C. Carty, buried at Flint MI), Abraham (m. Kandas Anna Holl, buried at Blackwell Cemetery), Mary Jane Reddick (buried at Neodesha KS), Victoria Cleve (m. Lee Talbert, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Louemma (m. W. T. Martin), & Etta (m. Earlie G. Martin);

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Aug. 2, 1891 Dent County, by J. W. Hobson, J.P.
PIDCOCK, ADOLPH SHERIDAN    Feb. 29, 1870 - Nov. 9, 1946.    Son of Ira B. Pidcock & Mary H. Bouchard (buried at Morrison Cemetery). The Pidcock family came to Dent County in 1882.  He converted in 1909; employed as night engineer at Salem City Plant since 1929. 
Nov. 23, 1870 - May 5, 1948.    Daughter of Samuel & Almeda Tune; 10 children: Hugh D., Ward W. Arthur, Iva (m. Grover O. Judd, buried at Stagner Cemetery), Mae Sexton, Clemmie (m. 1) David W. Bell, m. 2) ___ Kinder), Pearl Bogle, Eva A. ( 3/7/1906 - 3/25/1993, buried at Ozark Memorial Gardens, Rolla, m. Raime W. Julian, 6/2/1925, Rolla), Ethel (m. Glen Blackwell), & Ola Hutchison (1895 - 1992, buried at Park Cemetery-Carthage, MO, mother of Floyd, LaVerne McCoy and Louise Kell).

PIDCOCK, ARTHUR     May 2, 1894 - May 26, 1910.    Son of Adoph S. Pidcock & Mary Jane Tune.

PLANK, BENEDICT C.     1803 -1857.    Son of Jerome Plank (son of Christian Plank who came to America from Germany in 1745). Born in Claibourn Co. TN; died at Short Bend, Dent County). Brother of Hilton, Christian, John and William Plank. Married 1) Rachel Gullihorn in TN; m. 2) Anna Grubb (buried at Plank Bank Cemetery Deep Ford Community)

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Jul. 22, 1865 Dent County.
PLANK, BENEDICT FRANKLIN     Feb. 21, 1849 - Sep. 14, 1933.    Son of Benedict C. Plank & Rachel Gullihorn. Born at Lost Branch, 10 miles north of Salem. Spent his entire life in Dent County; member United Christian Church.
MARTIN     Jun. 28, 1847 - Jun. 26, 1926.    Daughter of William Martin & Mary A. 'Polly'___. Born in Roane Co TN; lived in Dent County since early 1850s. Was a member of the Christian Church since early life. Children: George F. (buried at Round Pond Cemetery), William G., John Riley, & Nancy Ellen (m. John David Johnson) - all buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Louis Murtrey 'Murt', Jane (m. M. J. Sexton, West Plains, MO), Alice (m. James W. Hasten, buried at New Hope Cemetery, & Annie Plank.

PLANK, FRANCES LORENE     No dates.    Daughter of LeRoy Plank & Rebecca Martin.   

PLANK, LOUIS MURTREY 'MURT'     Aug. 16, 1885 - Apr. 17, 1942.    Son of Benedict F. Plank & Mary Ann Martin. Never married; Baptist faith.

PLANK, MARY ANNIE,      May 30, 1877 - Jan. 3, 1958.    Daughter of Benedict F. Plank & Mary Ann Martin. Never married. Spent her entire life in Dent County

PLANK, REBECCA LUCINDA MARTIN    Nov. 10, 1889 - Jun. 5, 1925.    Daughter of George Martin & Fannie Turley. First wife of LeRoy PLank. Mother of Frances L., Pauline Eva (m. Carl M. Gibbs), Pearl Duckworth, Carl and Maxine Atkinson. (Roy remarried to Lola Givvs  Wright (both buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), parents of 1 daughter Ruthene (m. Frankie Triplett).

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Sep. 8, 1842 Crawford Co MO.
POINDEXTER, JOSIAH     1822 - Mar. 18, 1866.    Born in Kentucky. Union Army Pvt. Co. D 10 MO Cav. Civil War.
 1824 - 1870.    Daughter of Willis Craddock & Elizabeth Johns. Born in Hart Co KY. Children: Joseph (died young), George (born about 1848), Robert F. (born Mar. 31, 1851), John B. (born Aug. 13, 1853), Margaret A. (born Mar. 28, 1856, m. John W. Martin, moved to Idaho) and William A. (born Dec. 21, 1859).

RADFORD, MOSES A.     No dates.

RIMMEL, ETHEL MARTIN    Dec. 26, 1910 - Aug. 17, 1970.    Daughter of Early G. Martin & Charity L. Musgraves. Married George Rimmel (who died in 1957). Spent much of her life in St. Louis; returned to Dent County 1970s.

ROWLAND, WISA ANN 'LISA'    Sep. 20, 1966 - Feb. 16, 1985.    Daughter of Samuel Rowland & Ernest & Mary Ann Fitzgerald; granddaughter of Ernest H. & Viola Fitzgerald, Gladys Stevens, & Mr. & Mrs. James Ditmeyer. Sister of Nancy & Judy Rowland, Heather & Tonya Fitzgerald. She was baptized at Rock Springs Baptist Church at Maples at early age; graduated from high school at Knob Noster MO. She lived for a time in Salem with Brenda Flatt family, attended Assembly of God Church.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Mar. 8, 1908.
SMITH, ALBERT THOMAS     Apr. 15, 1878 - Oct. 6, 1946.    Son of William T. Smith & Serogarva 'Sea'  Hasten (buried at Wagoner Cem). One child who died in infancy. He joined United Baptist 1929.
Nov. 16, 1879 - Jul. 12, 1961.    Daughter of George Martin & Fannie Turley.    She was a member of Salem First Baptist Church.

STRICTLIN, JAMES    No dates.    Married Polly Ann Winchester Apr. 21, 1866, Dent County. Children: Margaret Ellen (m. James Madison Smith, 1869, Dent County, moved to Success, Texas Co.), George W. (buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Thomas J. ( m. Martha Walker 1890, Dent County, moved to California), Eliza (m. Robert Wolliver, buried at Bowers Cemetery) and Bert 'Byrd', left Dent County). His wife later m. Thomas Tobin. James was of English descent; lived north of Salem.

TINDELL, JAMES EUGENE     Aug. 31, 1953 - May 5, 1976.    Son of James M. Tindell (who was the son of Bessie Meadows) & Evelyn Tune. He was graduate of Festus High 1972; Christian, member Manual Baptist, DeSoto; lived DeSoto; fiance' of Beth Helms.

TOBIN, FLORA BERTHA RICTOR     1893 - Oct. 14, 1928.    Daughter of  Isaac Rictor & Martha Jane  Hines (buried at Round Pond Cemetery). Married 1) William Chesley Luster (buried at Round Pond Cemetery), Children: Ellen, Willis, Pearl, Gladys (m. Dewey Plank, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Riley (moved to CA), Laura (m. Sherrill Edwards, Licking) and Clarice Luster (CA). Flora married 2) John Tobin; one daughter, Mabel Shaw Weir. (John also married Effie May Mounce & Alma Rictor. John Tobin is buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery).

TOBIN, LAURA EVELINE RICTOR    No dates.     Daughter of Isaac Rictor & Martha Jane Hines (buried at Round Pond Cemetery). Wife of William Tobin.

TOBIN, POLLY ANN WINCHESTER STRICTLIN     abt. 1843 - Jan. 30, 1908; aged 65 yrs.     Daughter of Julia 'Jane' Ann Winchester (from TN, who d/ 6/15/1910, aged 108 yrs., buried at Potters field, Cedar Grove Cemetery). Married 1) James Strictlin, Apr. 21, 1866, Dent County, m. 2) Thomas Tobin. Children: John (buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery) and Thomas Tobin (m. Catherine Humphrey, 1877, Dent County).

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 1887 Dent County by Rev. Benjamin L. Walker.
TRAIL, W. E.or F.     Jan. 8, 1854 - Aug. 19, 1899.    Children: Della (m. Joseph M. Mounce, buried at Stagner Cemetery, Ira (single), Bert (single, WW I, buried at Soldiers Home Cemetery, St. James).
Mar. 30, 1859 - Apr. 2, 1912.    Daughter of Elijah Johns & Elizabeth Craddock (buried at Old Johns Cemetery on Dry Fork)

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Jun. 7, 1922..
TUNE,  EVERETT C.      May 4, 1896 - Jul. 5, 1956.    Son of Johnnie Tune & Mary Belle Fitzgerald.
Dec. 29, 1900 - Feb. 19, 1993.    Daughter of Francis Marion Hubbs & Omie Priest (Omie died when Tessie was age 4 and she was reared by foster parents, Albert & Hilda Nelson). Tessie & Everett had 10 children: Charles E. (1/2/1925 - 5/24/1986, buried at Hermann Cemetery, Hermann MO, m. Anna Poeschel 1947), Paul, Johnny, David, Lawrence, Harold, Loretta (m. 1) Festus Hickman, m. 2) Robert McCarter), Hilda (m. Wayne Clinton), Evelyn (m. James M. Tindell), & Leona. 

TUNE, INFANT    No dates.    Son of Samuel J. Tune & Almeda Ridenhour.

TUNE, INFANTS    No dates.    Children of Lewis Tune & America Edgar (parents moved to Vinita, OK).

TUNE, INFANT    No dates.    Son of Johnnie Tune & Mary Belle Fitzgerald.

TUNE, INFANT    No dates.    Daughter of Johnnie Tune & Mary Belle Fitzgerald.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 1894 Dent County by John W. Hobson, J. P.
TUNE, JOHN JACOB 'JOHNNIE'      Sep. 22, 1872 - Jul. 13, 1909.    Son of Samuel J. Tune & Almeda Ridenhour. Children: Everett C. Lillie, Margaret Heinemann, inf. son, inf. daughter.
    Sep. 24, 1872 - Jan. 11, 1943.    Daughter of Farmion Fitzgerald.

TUNE, JOHNNY P.      Apr. 15, 1936 - May 8, 1978.    Son of Everett C. Tune & Tessie Hubbs. Married Carol Morton (daughter of David Morton & Marie Baum), Aug. 29, 1959. Three children: Brian, Laura and Lisa. Pfc. U. S. Marine Corps. Korea & U. S. Army.

TUNE, JONATHAN      No dates.    Married Susan Cook. Children: Samuel J. and Elevenwood 'Stuck' (buried at Round Pond Cemetery)

TUNE, LEONA     Apr. 7, 1933 - Oct. 22, 1938.    Daughter of Everett C. Tune & Tessie Hubbs.

TUNE, LILLIE MAE     Jun. 28, 1898 - Jan. 3, 1983.    Daughter of Johnnie Tune & Mary Belle Fitzgerald. Single; lived St. Louis several years, employee Bell Telephone

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Feb. 13, 1870.
TUNE, SAMUEL JAMES     Oct. 4, 1851 - Mar. 2, 1940.    Son of Jonathan Tune & Susan Cook.  He was a farmer in Knob View School Dist., NW of Salem near Spring Creek; this cemetery is located on his farm. He converted 3 wks before death.
RIDENHOUR    Dec. 5, 1852 - May 4, 1939.    She was an invalid since about 1927. They had 10 children: Johnnie, Charles (m. ___ Johnson, buried at Joplin), a son who died in infancy; Mary Jane (m. Adolph Pidcock), Emma (m. William R. Gibbs), Robert (m. Mary Redwine, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Lee Andrew (1/16/1890 - 8/25/1979, m Mary Alice Cooley, 1913, both buried at Arroya Grande Dist. Cemetery, CA), James Oscar, Sr. (m. Maude Blackwell, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Otis Frank (7/11/1887 - 3/11/19), m. Ida Victoria Plank, buried at Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Coalinga CA) and Lewis (m. America Edgar, moved to Vinita OK).


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