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Located on old Swiney farm on Little Sinkin Creek, 8 miles SW of bunker, farm still owned by Kenneth Swiney

This was copied from 'Ozark Heritage Dent County Missouri Area Cemeteries & Families' Vol III 1994 by Ken Fiebelman of Salem, MO.

Reprinted with the permission of Ken Fiebelman on behalf of the Dent County Historical Society

BLOCKARD (BALLARD)     Died in 1940s.    Known as Blackie.    Married May Swiney.

DUPAY, BABY    Died about 1900.

     1891 - 1957.    Father of m. John Banul.
    May 26, 1897 - Jun. 17, 1938.    Daughter of John Swiney & Hattie Miner.

SWINEY, ALBERT LEE     Jun. 18, 1911 - Aug. 24, 1941.    Edward Swiney & Lou Ceba Bay.

SWINEY, CHILD    No dates.    Child of John M. Swiney & Hattie Miner.

SWINEY, CLIFFORD LEE     Son of  Edward L. & Rosa Karr; d. c1929; m. Ora Estelle Smith (d. 1923, St. Louis buried at Greeley Cemetery

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 1851.
     Dec. 25, 1829 - Dec. 12, 1897     Son of John Swiney & Elizabeth Highley, one of nine children. He moved to Dent County in 1857; enlisted in the Mexican War when 18 yrs. old, Co. D. Third Mo. Mounted vol.; He was 1st Circuit Judge of Dent County, also Justice of the Peace in Sinkin Township. He operated a store on farm near Gila.
      Mar. 30, 1829 - Jan. 17, 1916.      Daughter of  Morgan Thompson & Nancy ____. Born in Washington County; died at Rat in Shannon County at Judge Swiney's. She was a member of Methodist Episcopal Church since early life. Epitaph: 'Thy memory shall ever be a guiding star to Heaven.' Children: Julia A. Swiney (m. Sam Polk, buried at Polk Cemetery at Corridon in Reynolds County); John M. Swiney, James H. Swiney, Isaiah N. Swiney, Edward L. Swiney, Daniel W. Swiney, Elizabeth Paralee Swiney (m. Green Bay, buried at Burnett Cemetery) and Ellen Swiney, died young.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married May 4, 1907, Salem.
    Dec. 1, 1882 - Dec. 15, 1962.    Son of  Isaiah Nathaniel 'Link' Siwney & Elizabeth Kirby. Edward spent entire life in Dent County on Swiney Farm, farmer & stockman; converted as young man, joined Bunker church.
BAY    Jul. 15, 1885 - Oct. 24, 1961.    Daughter of  Green Bay & Elviria Copeland (buried at Bay Cemetery). Converted early life, member Bunker First Baptist. Edward & Lou Ceba had ten children: Thelma, Albert L., Kirby G., Elsie (m. Arthur Day), Elizabeth (m. Wilton E. Sutton), Edward P., Jr., Lewis Bay (m. Velma M. Vance), Lillie Dale (m. Clayton E. Sutton), Faye (m. Travis Crocker), & Kenneth D. (m. Belinda Jackson). He raised J. Ora Carver as his son (J. Ora is buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery).

SWINEY, ISAIAH NATHANIEL 'LINK'      Jan. 16, 1861 - Nov. 17, 1928.    Son of  Edward Swiney & Susan Thompson. Died at Bunker. Married Elizabeth Kirby, Oct. 23, 1881, Dent County (she died in childbirth and is buried at Burnett Cemetery). Their children were Edward D. Swiney and two children who died in infancy and are buried at Burnett Cemetery). Link married 2nd Lillie D. Asher (d. 11/1940, Elvins, buried at Bunker Cemetery). He was a farmer at Bunker and a businessman.

SWINEY, JAMES HARRY     Mar. 8, 1899 - Nov. 18, 1925.    Son of James H. Swiney & Lucy Copeland.  Married 1) Lona A. Akins, 1919, two sons: George (m. Celia ____) & Raymond (m. Eula Lanham) and Lona A. (1900 - 1990). Married 2nd Jesse C. Bounds, 1928, buried at Reynolds-Corridon Cemetery), four children: Gene Bounds, Lorene (m. Dean Lanham), Lena (m. Doyle Wells) and Mildred (m. Raymond Crain).

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 1880 Dent County.
    Jan. 7, 1859 - Apr. 27, 1932.    Son of  Edward Swiney & Susan ____.   Judge of Shannon Co. Court, merchant & postmaster, Rat MO Died at his home at Rat in Shannon County.
COPELAND     May 10, 1863 - Mar. 4, 1940.     Daughter of  James F. Copeland & Sarah McNail (buried at Bay Cemetery). Died at the home of Elizabeth Conway, Piedmont. Children: James Harry, Earl, Benjamin Daniel (m. Mary Leona Deatherage, d. 5/1970. buried at New Eminence Cemetery, Eminence MO), Elvena (m.  Dr. J.H. Lamb, St. Louis), May (m. J. H. Conway), Elizabeth (m. 1) J. W. Conaway, m. 2) ___ Johnson, died at Piedmont in Wayne County), Jennie (m. A. P. Hudson), Stella (m. Dr. J. W. McCarty, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery at Salem), Anna (m. F. L. Rayfield, Eminence), Susie, Sarah E. and Leland.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  married Nov. 8, 1894 by B. H. Lanham.
KARR       May 10, 1895 - Jan. 31, 1944.    Daughter of  William & Mary Karr.
SWINEY, THOMAS DANIEL WEBSTER 'DAN'      Aug. 26, 1868 - Mar. 24, 1954.    Son of  Edward Swiney & Susan Thompson. Spent his entire life on the family farm at Sinkin Creek. They had no children, but raised foster children Bill Helton, Jim Woolf, Howard Padgett, Carrie Baker, Otho Wooliver, Bethel Nesbitt and Howard Schaefer. 

    Died 1933.    Son of Edward Swiney & Susan Thompson. Children Lee Swiney, May Ballard (moved to Ft. Worth TX), Dora Hullman (moved to St. Louis), Myrtle Holster and a child who died in infancy.
SWINEY, HATTIE MINER      Died Jun. 23, 1938.    Married 1st William Miner; children Coleman (m. Artie Shaw); William, died in shooting accident in area.

SWINEY, KIRBY GERALD     Jun. 15, 1909 - Sep. 8, 1915.    .Son of  Edward Swiney & Lou Ceba Bay.

SWINEY, LEE      1899 - Dec. 11, 1971.    Son of John M. Swiney & Hattie Miner. Birth year approximate. Married 1) Agnes Sutterfield, 1934; m. 2) Ruth Grown, 1953. Father of : Randall & Bill Swiney.

SWINEY, LELAND      Mar. 22, 1905 - Jul. 14, 1905.    Son of James H. Swiney & Lucy Copeland.

SWINEY, RALPH IRVIN     1892 - 1951.    Son of  Edward L. Swiney & Rosa Karr. He was a farmer, stockman and timberman Sinkin community; Dent County Justice of Peace many yrs., active in MFA
MOUNCE     Sep. 1, 1894 - Jun. 5, 1975.    Daughter of John Mounce & Fannie Mae Hall (buried at Stagner Cemetery). She married 2nd John Apperson (buried at Cooksey Cemetery).

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Feb. 12, 1891, Dent County, by Rev. Berry H. Lanham.
Oct. 5, 1869 - Jun. 6, 1903.   
     Feb. 26, 1866 - Jul. 16, 1923.    Son of  Edward Swiney & Susan Thompson.  Two sons, Ralph Irvin & Clifford Lee. Married 2nd Lydia Hulsey Mar. 1, 1904; she later married Clyde Gunnett and is buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Salem. Edward Lee & Lydia had a daughter, Maudeline (b. 11/22/1912, m. Lee Ringo, both buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery). Edward was raised on the farm on Sinkin'; he operated livery business in Salem for 25 yrs. with Mr. Cape. He was a member Salem Odd Fellow Lodge & Modern Woodmen; converted 1909, joined Salem Baptist.

SWINEY, SARAH E.     Dec. 16, 1893 - May 9, 1901.    Daughter of James H. Swiney & Lucy Copeland.

SWINEY, SHELBA KAY      May 19, 1941 - Jan. 3, 1942.    Daughter of  Edward Swiney, Jr. & Emily Thompson (daughter of Ira & Laura Ales Thompson).

SWINEY, SUSIE     May 1, 1889 - Sep. 10, 1902.    Daughter of James H. Swiney & Lucy Copeland.

SWINEY, THELMA     Born & died Oct. 9, 1907.    Infant daughter of Edward Swiney & Lou Ceba Bay.

TRIPLETT, KEVIN DAN     Jan. 20, 1986 - Jan. 21, 1986.    Infant son of Jon Triplett (son of Wes & Donna Triplett) & Patricia  Swiney (daughter of Ken. D. Swiney & Belinda Jackson). Twin of Kyle Edward, Tyler Jon and Jessica Triplett.

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