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This was copied from 'Ozark Heritage Dent County Missouri Area Cemeteries & Families,' Volume III, 1994 by Ken Fiebelman of Salem, MO. 

Reprinted with the permission of Ken Fiebelman.

Submitted by Johanna Hubbs Wegmann 

ARNOLD, m. E. J.     1898 - Jul. 20, 1934.

ASBRIDGE, RALPH     Jan. 18, 1897 - Mar. 2, 1897.    Son of Joseph Berry & Emma ___.

BACON, JAMES P. 'CHUB'     Feb. 9, 1943 - Mar. 8, 1992.   Son of Clarence J. Bacon & Ruby F. Hale. Died at Bowling Green, KY. Married Barbara Sue Inman (d/o Paul Inman & Louise M. Patterson). Children: Debbie A. Yoakum, Brenda S. Zeisler, Robert E., & Joseph P. He was a member of Glendale Baptist, Bowling Green, KY.

BACON, JEFFREY TODD     Jan. 13, 1968 - Mar. 18, 1978.    Son of James P. Bacon & Barbara Sue Inman.

BAILEY, INFANT    No dates.    Son of Ellen Berry, who 1st m. George Warden, 1 son George Jr. (both buried at  Warden Cemetery); 2nd m. Bailey; 3. m. Blumer; she is buried at  Crossville Cemetery near Bunker.

BARROW OTTIE V. ASBRIDGE    Mar. 5, 1894 - Jul. 2, 1914.    Daughter of Joseph W. Asbridge & Emma Elizabeth Shults. Married Unknown Barrow in 1894 and moved to Boone, Colorado. She was a sister of Ralph, Young, & May Watkins; (Emma is daughter Joseph Y. Shults & Orleana 'America' Nelson.)

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 1884.
    Mar. 26, 1862 - Jun. 27, 1928.    Born in Finland, Russia (of Swedish descent).
    Dec. 23, 1865 - Mar. 24, 1943.    Born near Stockholm, Sweden. Died in St. Louis at the home of m. Roy Frank. Daughter of Andrew F. Carlson & his 1st wife. Came to America with her father about 1879. She was a member Dry Fork Baptist. [see Johnson Cemetery]  Children: Emma Marie (m. Roy Frank), Frances Elizabeth Morrison, G.E. (died in infancy), John Edward 'Eddie' (buried at   at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Oscar W. (d. 12/16/1974, buried at  St. Louis), Carl Frederick, Clarence C. (m. Lola Reed, d. 3/28/1975, buried at  Los Gatos, CA), Florence Aurelia Fisher, Bruce T. (buried at  North Lawn Cemetery) & Roy Bernard (buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery). Bernard's parents were native to Sweden. They emigrated to Worchester, Massachusetts and later Verona, MO. He came to Dent County. His siblings were Hilda Mark, Emily Holmgreim, & Annie Forsman. After their marriage Bernard and Lena lived in Montrose, Colorado until 1893 when moved to a farm near Jack in Dent County. 

BERRY, INFANT     No dates.    Child of Cal Berry & Martha Nelson. (Cal was the son of Jackie Berry & Rebecca Creasy.

BERRY, SUSAN 'CAROLINE' PATTERSON    Nov. 29, 1856 - Jun. 15, 1926.    Daughter of John Patterson. Wife of Andrew Jackson Berry. (1838 - 1921; buried at Berry Family Cemetery). Mother of Samuel Franklin Berry (1863 - 1949).  MO Death Cert.#19214 shows her buried at the Berry Cemetery on Jun. 16, 1926.

BERRY, ELLEN      No dates.    Born Ellen Axilena, daughter of John William 'Sweed' Berry & Margaret Gustava Anderson.

     No dates.    Son of John Henry & Nancy (York); Died in St. Louism. Sabra Belew (divorced, buried at  St. Louis), 1888, Dent Co., ch:  Dora, Grace, Annie, Emmett & Clarence.
BERRY, SABRA BELEW     No dates.    

BERRY, JOHNIE      No dates.   

    Jan. 22, 1840 - 1904.    Born John Wilhelm Berg in Kyella, Varmland, Stockholm, Sweden. Son of Gustave Berg. Married Margaret Gustava Anderson in Michigan. He was a blacksmith and ran a shop in Jack, Missouri. He died at Salem.
BERRY, MARGARET GUSTAVA ANDERSON    1844 - Oct., 1896.    Born in Stockholm, Sweden the daughter of Gustave Anderson and Mary Gustava. They had seven children: Ellen Axilena, Huldah Matilda, Theresa, Dorothy, Victoria Augusta, Alvert Hildor and Gustave.

BERRY, VIRTIE      No dates.   

BLACKWELL, BERTHA      Jul. 13, 1905 - Apr. 5, 1967.    Daughter of John Henry Blackwell & Sarah 'Frances' Brigman. Born at Montauk; died at Farmington. Never married. She was the postmaster at Jack for several years, and a member of Dry Fork Baptist Church.

BLACKWELL, CHILD    No dates.    Child of Harve Blackwell & Betty Hagler (parents are buried at Witt Springs, AR; they had large family).

BLACKWELL, GLADYS     Jul. 19, 1914 - Jan. 16, 1981.    Daughter of John Henry Blackwell & Sarah 'Frances' Brigman. Died at Salem. She was a lifelong resident of the Dry Fork Community. She operated a general store, and was a member of Dry Fork Baptist Church since Aug. 18, 1929. 

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Oct 20, 1902
BLACKWELL, JOHN HENRY    Feb. 20, 1878 - Dec. 10, 1962.    Son of Uriah V. Blackwell & Susan Hepp.  John lived his entire life in Dent County. Farmed in the Jack community for many years, was a custom thresher and operated general store at Jack. He was a member Dry Fork Baptist Church.
     Apr. 1, 1880 - Nov. 28, 1936.    Daughter of Ewing T. Brigman & Phoebe E. Hodges (buried at  Hepsoda Cemetery). Frances joined Dry Fork Baptist Church on Aug. 17, 1913. Their children were Clarence (buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Bertha & Gladys.

BLACKWELL, URIAN VAUGHN 'BUD'     Aug. 13, 1847 - Jan. 23, 1935.    Died at the home of his son John, eight miles SE of Salem. He was the son of John S. Blackwell (buried at  Blackwell Cemetery) & Nancy Vaughan (buried at  Freeman Cemetery, Bangert). He married 1st m. Elizabeth Butler, 1869, one child died in infancy. He married 2nd  Susan Hepp, 1876 and had five children: John H., Laura Thomas (Okmulogee, OK), W.E. (Minneapolis, MN) & two children that died in infancy. He married a 3rd time to Rachel E. Harrison of Summersville, 1890.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Feb. 16, 1864.
   Oct. 26, 1840 - Feb. 19, 1920.     [alt. date Oct. 2, 1840 in Allen Co KY]   Daughter of Griffin Wright (1799 - 1837, b, Brunswick VA) & Nancy Vines Williams (1816 - 1837, b. Allen Co KY). Photo
.    Oct. 20, 1834 - May 29, 1911.    Children were Willis Clifford, Joseph Edward, Robert W. and Nancy Lorraine (m. William T. Sprouse). m. Hudson Mason is relative.

BUTLER, JOSEPH EDWARD     Jan. 2, 1870 - Jul. 21, 1952.    Son of John H. Butler & Francis Carney. Born at Warsaw; died at Salem at the home of a niece, m. E.W. Vogel. He lived in Dent County for the last 50 years of his life. He was a member of the Baptist church.

BUTLER, ROBERT F.  Son of John & Francis 1/15/1880 - 1/27/1910; m.

BUTLER, WILLIS CLIFFORD    Oct. 21, 1867 - Jun. 23, 1952.    Son of John H. Butler & Francis Elizabeth Wright. Married 1) Maggie Babb; 2) m. Dave Lay; 3) Lulu Griffin on Oct. 23, 1946. He lived west of Salem for many years; was a  member of the Baptist church. 

CALLAHAN, CHARLES W.  1860 - 1883.

CANNON, JAMES HENRY      Nov. 26, 1935 - May 5, 1991.    Son of Quanah Cannon & Jewel _____. Born in Meridian, TX; died in Artesia, NM, Married Carole Inman, the daughter of Joe & Velma Inman, in 1956. They had six children: Anthony (d. 1963), Steve, Mike, Keith, Debbie (m. Herb Pettus), & Diana Pryor. He was a U.S. Army Veteran of the  Korean Conflict; Occupation was as a heavy equipment operator. He was a member Dry Fork Baptist church.

CARNEY, EDMOND     Dec. 15, 1832 - 1877.    12/15/1832 - 1877.   He was a Civil War Veteran.

CARNEY, POLLY ANN SHULTS    Apr. 9, 1839 - Jun. 9, 1929.     Daughter of Jacob Shults & Mary Young. Born in Carollton, IL at the home of her daughter, Ida. She joined the  church at age 18. They had nine children: Everett; Julia; Della; Ida (m. Harry C. MCMasters); Charles S. (m. Annette Lenox 1892 Dent Co., the lady for whom Anutt, MO was named -- lived Sinks until 1913, d. Alamagardo, NM 1940; Charles m. 2) Nelda Moyer); Iona (m. Alfred G. Boyd, buried at  Mount Herman Cemetery); Lewis J. (m. 1) Molly Mansfield, m. 2) Sarah Sutterfield, buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery) and Edna Eckhorst moved (to NM). 

     1864 - 1866.    Son of Edmond Carney & Polly A. Shults.
    1860 - Oct. 2, 1875.    Daughter of Edmond Carney & Polly A. Shults.

CARNEY, SARAH ARDELLA 'DELLA'     1866 - 1896.     Daughter of Edmond Carney & Polly A. Shults.

CARNEY, INFANT    No dates.    Child of Edmond Carney & Polly A. Shults.. 

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married May 13, 1849 at Crawford Co. (now Dent Co.).
      Born in 1826.     Died at the Baptist Home, Ironton.
     1833 - Died at the Baptist Home, Ironton.  Daughter of Jacob Shults (last seen AR) & Mary Young Shults. Children were John Young (m. Terry; Addie R. (m. 1) Jerome C. Peace 1885 Dent Co., m. 2) John Bittick, buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery), and a daughter who died in infancy.

CARROLL, MARIAM E. HIGGENS    Apr. 4, 1923 - Oct. 19, 1979.    Born at Paragould, AR, died at St. Louis. Daughter of Hughie Higgens & Jessie Holifield Higgens. Married Clifford 'Bud' Carroll. Children Bonneta (m. Butch Enke) & Dwight (m. Beverly). She moved to Dent County about 1956; she was of the Baptist faith.

CARTY, JUBILEE     Feb. 18, 1858 - Aug. 26, 1935.    Son of James G. Carty & Sarah Ann _______. (Sarah is buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery). Jubiliee married Juda Bell Bowman, 1855 Dent Co. Children:  Jesse, Oscar, Robert & Arch. Jubilee was a brick burner for 30 years.

CARTY, JUDA BELL BOWMAN BLACKWELL     Nov. 24, 1867 - Jul. 8, 1939.    Daughter of Robert J. Bowman & Nancy Jane Pedon Bowman (Nancy is buried at  Union Cemetery). Judy married 2) Hardee A. Blackwell (he buried at  Blackwell Cemetery).

CARTY, JESSE F.     Jan. 2, 1886 - Feb. 21, 1901.     Son of Jubilee Carty & Juda Bell

CARTY, ARCHIE      May 9, 1886 - Dec. 30, 1911.     Son of Jubilee Carty & Juda Bell

CARTY, ROBERT     May 9, 1899 - Sep. 3, 1903.     Son of Jubilee Carty & Juda Bell

CARTY, OSCAR      Mar. 13, 1901 - Aug. 27, 1901.     Son of Jubilee Carty & Juda Bell

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Dec. 25, 1894, Dent County
     Aug. 5, 1870 - Mar. 2, 1950.    He moved to Dent Co. at about the age of nine. He was a half-brother of Alec & Stephen Laffoon. Part of family reared by Hasten Family; members Salem First Christian.
 Aug. 19, 1876 - Jun. 27, 1937.    Daughter of Thomas B. Frank & Frances Blackwell Frank (Frances is buried at  Blackwell Cemetery). Barbara converted on Jul. 30, 1915 and joined Salem First Christian church.  John & Barbara had seven children; five daughters and two sons: Laura (m. Albert Skeeters), Bertha (m. William H. Shults), May (m. Clifford Skeeters), Alta (m. Roger Murray, of Bakersfield, CA), Jessie (m. Herschel Foster; is buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery), Adell T., & Arley J. John married 2nd Zelpha Hyer, on Nov. 6, 1940; (she is buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery).

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Aug. 5, 1935, Salem
      Dec. 15, 1909 - Mar. 27, 1978.    Son of John Casey & Barbara Frank. Pvt. U.S. Army WWII. He joined Dry Fork Baptist, later joined Tower Grove Baptist, St. Louis; member Salem Masons.
 Dec. 4, 1907 - Jun. 7, 1983.    Daughter of James Edward Brown & Mary Elizabeth Alexander Brown; member Tower Grove Baptist, St. Louis.

CASEY, ARLEY JOHN     Aug. 14, 1913 - May 15, 1940.    Son of John Casey & Barbara Frank. Married Dale Edna Robnett  (she later 2) Donald H. Brunner & 3rd Robert Belflower). Children of Arley & Dale Edna were Forrest Lee & Loretta Arline. He was a member Dry Fork Baptist (since age 14).

COATS, MARY LUCINDA GWALTNEY      Jul. 24, 1928 - Nov. 19, 1989.    Born at East St. Louis, IL, the daughter of George & Reba Gwaltney. She married Carl C. Coats in 1967. She was the mother of 16 children, 56 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren. She attended Bxiby, MO church.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Nov. 24, 1945, St. Louis;
CRAWFORD, CHRISTINE DORMAN     Sep. 2, 1914 - Aug. 12, 1977.  
     Aug. 18, 1912 - Nov. 27, 1975.    Born at Limaville, OH, the son of William Crawford & Clara Pfeifer.  Tec 4 U.S. Army WWII. Employee Fisher Body 25 yrs.; 1968 bought farm Jack Comm.; member Crestwood Masonic Lodge No. 582, Cleveland, OH.

CURTIS, TERESA LYNN     Apr. 2, 1960 - Jan. 19, 1962.    Daughter of Rev. Carl Curtis & Helen Hubbs; Born at Louisiana, MO; died at Aurora. Sister of Kay, Danny, David.

CURTIS, JACOB HEATH      Died Dec. 13, 1989, age 7 yrs.     Lived at Mount Vernon, 1st grader Mt. Vernon Elem. School.

DAVIS, E. M.     No dates.

DAVIS, SAM, JR.     No dates.   

DEPRIEST, ORAN ROY      Jul 28, 1914 - Jun. 18, 1978.    Son of John H. DePriest & Minnie May Hubbard. Married Dollie Pewitt Feb. 20, 1932. Children: Betty Roberts, Cheryll Shull, Bill & Kenneth. SIC USN WWII; converted early life at Upper Parker Comm. Church.

DILLARD, REV. ROBERT ALLEN     1828 - Nov., 1896.    Born in Washington Co., TN.  Emigrated from East Tennesseee to Dent County in 1880. He was a Baptist Minister,  preached at Corinth Church, and a moderator of local Baptist Association. He served in Civil War as Confederate Volunteer.
     1832 - Jan., 1905.    Daughter of Jonathan & Elizabeth Reeder. Ten children: Robert Concord (b. 1857 - d. 2/21/1900, buried at  Walnut Ridge AR, m. Lizzie Mondy 9/15/1883, Dent Co. at Joshua Mondy's), Helen Josephine 'Josie' (m. William H. Ferguson); Dora Elizabeth (m. James Cooksey) -- both buried at  Cooksey Cemetery;  Benjamin Jordan (m. Mary Delia Seal, both buried at  Mt. Herman Cemetery); George Allen (disappeared ca 1900, m. Agnes Josephine Paulding 1892); Lucy (1/18/1858 - 3/2/1937, Summersville, m. Isaac L. Reeder, Jr., her cousin); and a small boy & girl who died in TN or on way to MO.

DRURY, JAMES H., SR.      Aug. 12, 1930 - Oct. 28, 1982.    Son of Harold Drury & Mary Wethy. Married Jessie East (b. 3/12/1930), 1952, Salem, AR.  Six children: Vickie (m. Ronnie Gibbs), James Jr., Danny, Kevin, Keith, & Kim.  Veteran of U.S. Air Force, Korean Conflict. Employed by Postal Service 30 yrs.; member Dry Fork Baptist.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married May 24, 1857, Dent Co MO
DUCKWORTH, ARON PULASKI 'A.P.'      Nov. 27, 1834 - Jun. 6, 1915.    Son of Pulaski Counts & Mary Smith (both d. Dent Co.). Operated Duckworth Hotel, Salem, had one of first stores in Salem, settled on Dent Co. farm 1858.
Aug. 7, 1836 - Jul. 16, 1916.    Children: Everett W. (b. 6/21/1858 - d. 7/26/1914, buried at  New Harmony Cemetery, m. Nancy A. Jones 1884, Dent Co.); Columba (3/2/1860 - 3/6/1860); Dr. Arrora Palmer (1/4/1862 - 1/3/1902); Alvin Kenneth (b. 3/14/1868, m. Amey C. Curtain 1887, Dent Co. -- she buried at  Green Forest Cemetery); Burgess B. & Dr. Orlando Therophine (b. 6/1874). 

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Dec. 14, 1899
DUCKWORTH, BURGESS BELDON 'SAL'     May 28, 1871 - Ju. 18,1935.    Son of Aron Duckworth & Belle Anderson.He lived entire life farm, Dent Co.
 Dec. 7, 1878 - Dec. 1, 1983.    Daughter of John William Asbridge & Ardell MCCuan (buried at  Green Forest Cemetery). She joined Dry Fork Baptist, later Salem First Baptist.  Nine children: Allene (m. Lawrence Hubbs); Pearl Zobac Tredrea; Mildred Lemen; Hazel Mundt; Eleanor (m. George Roberts); C. Clark; Joseph Falk (8/25/1903 - 1963, buried at  Decatur, IL, m. Ruth Ray); Donald Dee (d. 3/4/1967, Montauk, buried at  Valhalla Cemetery, Cahokia, IL, m. Flora); & Lorraine (m. Edd M. Smith); l

DUCKWORTH, CHAMP CLARK      May 9, 1912 - Sep. 20, 1986.    Son of Burgess Beldon Duckworth & Bessie Asbridge. Married Bernice F. Halbrook (b. 8/10/1915) 1/20/1937; 2 daughters.: Glenda (m. James R. Duncan) & Reba (m. Tom Bryson). He was lifetime farmer in Dent County, and drove a school bus for Green Forest R-2 School several years. He was a member of Salem Odd Fellows.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Jul. 23, 1909
EDLER, ELMER E.     Dec. 2, 1880 - Sep. 4, 1955.    Son of Charles Edler & Elizabeth _____.   Raised by Ralph MCDonald. He was preceded by 4 brothers and 7 sisters. He lived St. Louis & Sedalia, and lived in the New Hope Community for the last 35 years of his life. He joined New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church on Feb. 19, 1928.
 Jul. 23, 1884 - Sep. 29, 1972.     Daughter of David L Berry & Nancy Rachel MCElroy. Stepdaughter of Thomas J. Stagner; member New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian.

FARMAN, INFANT     No dates.

GROGAN, JEFFERY      Sep. 9,1907 - Mar. 20, 1971.    Son of Andrew P. Grogan & Ollie Stephens (buried at  Miner Cem). Married Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Pewitt (b. 8/33/1908), on Jul. 21, 1926. They had two sons, Bernard & Darrel. He spent most of life in Dent County. The last 21 years of his life he worked with Salem Electric Service. He joined Pleasant Valley Baptist, later Dry Fork Baptist. Lizzie married 2nd Clair Stagner.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Oct. 18, 1902.
HAFFNER, GEORGE     Feb. 18, 1881 - Dec. 14, 1946.    Son of Gottfried Haffner & Eva_____. Born in Russia. He joined Seventh Day Adventist 1923.
Jan. 1, 1885 - Mar. 27, 1946. She united with Seventh Day Adventist Church 1923. They had eleven children: Amelia, Herman, Elma, Helen, Bill, Herbert, Ezra, Olivia, Lydia, Albert (b. 2/10/1920, m. Ruthine, b. 5/5/1923), & Edna.

HARTIE, INFANT    No dates.    Child  of Deloris Hartie.

HATFIELD, ELMER      Feb. 19, 1902 - Jan. 14, 1970.    Son of J.B. Hatfield & Mary King. Married Cora Taylor (b. 1/18/1907) on Sep. 18, 1925 and had three children:  Betty Lou (m. Leslie Arvis Berry), Rosemary (m. Robert Hudson), & Lee Roy. He was a member Dry Fork Baptist.

HAWKINS, INFANT    No dates.    Son of George Hawkins & Zoula B. Sharp (They are buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery).

HENDERSON, ALEXANDER    1839 - 1902.    He married Elizabeth ________( She died Oct. 3, 1924 at Ochaleta, OK, age 81, and is buried at Ramona Cemetery- Ramona, OK). They were the parents of:  Minnie May (Seattle, WA),  Emma Davis (Bolchow, MO), Della (m. G. E. Roberson) -- Ramona, OK, Rosa Duncan Smith (Westfield, OK), A.H. (WA), Robert Ross (buried at  Jadwin Cemetery), & J.P. (Lyons, KS). Alexander moved to Dent County from Ohio.

HERIN, ROBERT VANCE      Aug. 26, 1918 - Aug. 4, 1980.    Son of William V. Herin & Mary Alice Wilson. Married Margaret A. MCLaughlan Shults (b. 11/20/1925) on Apr. 14, 1962. He was the father of: David Herin (m. Cynthia) & Beverly (m. Sonny Mills), and the step-father of: Steve MCLaughlan (m. Sheryl). He was a member Geyer Rd. Baptist Church - St. Louis.

HODGEKISS, BELL     No dates.

HODGEKISS, LUCY     No dates.

HOGAN, VERNON LEE     Nov. 7, 1933 - Sep. 26, 1993.    Son of Edward Hogan & Corbell Pryor Martin. Married Betty _____. Children: Donna Fels & Janet Hagler; step-father of Debbie Potter. He converted at early age and was a member of Salem Second Baptist.

HOLLANDSWORTH, THOMAS TROY     Apr. 16, 1910 - Aug. 3, 1993.    Son of Shade Hollandsworth & Josie Burns (buried at  North Lawn Cemetery). Married Helen Irene Shults on Nov. 19, 1938. (she was the daughter of Hayden Lee Shults & Ethel M. Robnett Shults). They had no children.  Lived Raymondsville, operated grocery store 20 yrs., retired 1969; converted as teenager, ordained deacon at Raymondville Baptist Church, 1954.

HOLLOWAY, JAMES O.     Feb. 23, 1910 - May 22, 1977.    Son of William Holloway & Margaret Harrison Punphrey. Born in Omaha, NE; died at St Louis. Married Vivan I. Eaggleston (b. 9/27/1913) on Apr. 30, 1931. Their children were: James, Sallie Bacon, Vivian Jean Daniels, & Susian Young. James retired from MCDonnel Douglas, St. Louis; member Baptist Church.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Jun. 13, 1878, Dent County.
HOODENPYLE, DAVID     Dec. 25, 1852 - Sep. 22, 1895.    Son of Julius Hoodenpyle & Emma Medley (buried at  Hoodenpyle Cemetery). Born at Pikesville, TN. He was killed when thrown from a horse near Salem, AR, on a cattle buying trip; he was with a cousin, John Hoodenpyle, and they had bought 200 head of cattle and were en route to Dent County. He married 1) Sarah Jane Jack (d. 1877, buried at  Green Forest Cemetery) and had three children: Isabelle Rachel (m. Charley C. Holland, buried at  Montauk Cemetery); James Clark (10/7/1875 - 4/10/1934, Los Angeles, CA); & Julius Phillip (3/9/1877 - 1/13/1965, m. Maggie Alice DeZearn 1898, lived Kansas City, buried at  Bolivar). David was a member of Dry Fork Baptist. His body was first buried at  Hoodenpyle Cemetery, then moved to Dry Fork Cemetery)
    Feb. 21, 1855 - Feb. 1, 1930.     Daughter of Wiley Duckworth & Sarah Rowland (buried at  MCNeill Cemetery). Died at the home of a daughter, m. A. S. Asbridge. The family moved from Washington County to the Dent County farm about 1867. She converted at age 16, joined Dry Fork Baptist. Eliza and David had ten children:  Bessie, Elba, Austin H., Rufus W., Effie Vernette (m. D.T. 'Doc' Dodds, buried at  New Hope Cemetery); Alice S. (9/12/1880-1961, m. Albert S. Asbridge, both buried at  Ballwin (Pond) MO); Ethel Eliza (m. Herbert L. Jones); & Alpha May 'Nan' (m. Earl H. MCMurtrey); Ruth Ester (m. Ernest R. Pines, all buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery) and Emma Mary (b. 11/6/1883, m. James Hyde Daly, 6/16/1903, to Pasadena, CA).

HOODENPYLE, BESSIE FRANCES       Mar. 5, 1889 - Jul. 21, 1902.     Daughter of David Hoodenpyle & Eliza Duckworth.

HOODENPYLE, ELBA DELIA     Nov. 24, 1892 - Mar. 5, 1895.    Daughter of David Hoodenpyle & Eliza Duckworth.(removed from Hoodenpyle Cemetery)

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Mar. 9, 1909.
HOODENPYLE, AUSTIN HENRY     Mar. 16, 1882 - Aug. 9, 1959.    Son of David Hoodenpyle & Eliza Duckworth.  His lifetime spent Dent Co., farmer, Dry Fork community.
      Nov. 24, 1887 - Dec. 28, 1977.      Daughter of Jasper P. Deaton & Martha Halbrook MCNeill (buried at  Tulsa, OK. (Jasper P. was son of Malcolm & Carolyn Wofford MCNeill and is buried at  Wofford Cemetery). Jessie was a sister of Mark, Young, Frank, Clyde, Virginia Haven and Alma Ridgeway. She converted early life, member Salem United Methodist. She and Austin had one son, Roger (m. Violet Spencer);

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Feb. 14, 1925 at Licking..
HOODENPYLE, RUFUS WILEY 'SID'      Aug. 13, 1885 - Mar. 14, 1951.    Son of David Hoodenpyle & Eliza Duckworth. He moved to Lafayette County in 1929, farmed until 1947, moved to Odessa, where he died.
      Apr. 1, 1887 - Nov. 5, 1966.    Daughter of Joseph Oliver Frick & Rozalee Brinough. She moved to Warrensburg in 1954 from Odessa; Presbyterian.


HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 1889 Dent County.
HUBBS, DANIEL BOONE       Apr. 23, 1862 - Jan. 8, 1959.    Son of Mark Hubbs & Nancy Medlock Nickles Holloway (she buried at  Mt. Hermon Cemetery). Married 1st Dora; three children: Lawrence F.; Lula Ethel (m. John E. Inman) and Bertha (m. Roscoe Nelson).  Married 2) Grace May Pratt (buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery) in 1900 and had eleven children:  Carl; Ray m. Juanita (both d. young, buried at  OK); Wilson (infant buried at Berry Cemetery); Cope, Claude; John E., Mildred Gold Cohen; Clifford (m. Thelma); Samuel (m. Lillian); Arthur Curtis (buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery) and Marcus Clyde 'Pete' (ca 1906 - 1/1/1986, buried at  Laurel Hills Cemetery, St. Louis, m. Juanita). D. B. lived most of life in Dent Co.; moved to St. Louis 1943, later to Ballwin.
 Jul. 4, 1869 - Apr. 4, 1900.    Daughter of John L. & Susan Skeeters. First wife of Daniel Boone Hubbs.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Jun. 26, 1920
HUBBS, LAWRENCE F. 'JAKE'      Mar. 16, 1894 - Aug. 7, 1953.     Son of Daniel Boone Hubbs & Dora Skeeters. MO Pvt 128 Field Arty 35 Div WWI. He converted in 1915 and joined Dry Fork Baptist.
      Nov. 15, 1900 - Jul. 2, 1991.    Daughter of Burgess B. 'Sal' Duckworth & Cornelia E. 'Bessie' Asbridge. She was a member Dry Fork Baptist. Jake & Allene were parents of three sons & three daughters:  Ruth, d. young; Paul; Helen (m. Carl Curtis), Kathleen (m. Wilbert Meyer); Ralph, & Donald. 

HUBBS, RUTH      Dec. 212, 1923 - Apr. 18, 1924.    Daughter of Lawrence 'Jake' Hubbs & Allene Duckworth.

HUBBS, PAUL EDWARD     Feb. 18, 1931 - Feb. 24, 1953.    Son of Lawrence 'Jake' Hubbs & Allene Duckworth. MO. Pfc, Co. F 5 Marine 1st. Mar. Div. Killed in action, Korean War.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Apr. 17, 1945.
HUBBS, COPE     Jul. 29, 1908 - Aug. 3, 1987.    Son of Daniel Boone Hubbs & Grace May Pratt. He lived in Haskell, OK before moving back to Salem abt 1976; attended Salem First Christian.
YOST OUSLEY     Nov. 10, 1908 - Mar. 4, 1992.     Born in Fults, IL, the daughter of Arthur Alexander Yost & Jessie Elizabeth Taylor. She married 1st Dorsey David Ousley on Sep. 4, 1926 (he d. 8/31/1930). She was a member Salem First Christian.

HUBBS, CLAUDE WILLIAM 'SPORT'      Feb. 10, 1910 - Nov. 1, 1985.    Son of Daniel Boone Hubbs & Grace May Pratt. Married Lois Westerman (b. 3/22/1919) on Aug. 6, 1938 at Salem. They had six children: Junior (m. Sue Mauzy); Ronald (m. Linda); Joe (m. Gail); Judith (m. Richard LaBrash); Faye (m. Cal Jones) and Sally (m. Gordon Wood). He was a butcher & farmer for many years; attended Dry Fork Baptist.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Oct. 7, 1939, Salem
     Feb. 27, 1916 - Jul. 9, 1893.     Son of Daniel Boone Hubbs & Grace May Pratt. Died at Crawfordsville, IA. Children: Johnita Kay (m. Paul Roth); Larry W.; Sgt. Major Kenneth and Daniel. He was a member of Fern Cliff Evangelical Free Church; retired from Owen Construction Co.
 Sep. 27, 1919 - Sep. 3, 1993.    Daughter of Beldon Pewitt & Hannah Crow. Born at Wayland, IA.

HUBBS, LARRY WELDON     Dec. 13, 1942 - May 30, 1991.    Son of John Edward Hubbs & Opal Effie Pewitt. Born in St Louis; died at Big Wells, TX. Married Nancy Jo Brown, Aug. 5, 1990. Father of Lisa Andrews, Shari Cook, Dione Hubbs, Sarah Schneider, Larry Jr. and Matthew. He was a member First United Baptist, Carrizo Springs, TX.

HUBBS, ACE     No dates.

HUBBS, WILLIE      No dates.

HUNGATE, BABY      No dates.

HUNGATE, BABY      No dates.

    Jul. 15, 1899 - Jan. 2, 1900.    Daughter of John M. Inabnit. & T. J. Inabnit.    
    Jul. 15, 1899 - Jan. 2, 1900.    Son of John M. Inabnit. & T. J. Inabnit.  

INMAN, BERNICE DEAN     Mar. 18, 1945 - Oct. 25, 1962.    Daughter of Paul Inman & Martha Louise Patterson. She joined Corinth Baptist at age 13.

INMAN, BILLIE JOE       Born & died Apr. 29, 1941.    Infant son of Donald 'Bus' Inman & Elizabeth 'Lizzie Fox. Brother of Shirley (m. Bob Morton), Virginia (m. Vardell Wisdom), Judy (m. 1) Dallas Snider & 2) ____ Hodge), Sharon (m. David Bergner), Leonard, Perry, Junior & Larry.

INMAN, BILLIE ODELL     Jun. 24, 1933 - Nov. 28, 1991.    Son of Joe Carroll 'Monk' Inman & Velma Evalene Shults who were married on Dec. 12, 1931. Billie married 1st _______ and had two children:  Randy, Katherine (m. Robert Krause, Sr.). He married 2nd Cynthia Teague in 1977 and had a son, Billie Ray. He was a brother of Junior Lee, Carl Ray, Bernie, Kenny, Joey Dwain, Dennis, Brian, Doris (m. Larry Whitaker) & Carol (m. James Cannon). Billie served in the U.S. Army in the Korean Conflict. He was a member of Dry Fork Baptist.

INMAN, DONALD EDWARD 'BUS'      Apr. 26, 1911 - Aug. 6, 1992.    Son of John Ezekial Inman & Virginia Nelson. Married Mary Elizabeth Fox in 1933 and had nine children: Shirley (m. Bob Morton), Sharon (m. David Bergner), Judy (m. Snider, m. Hodge), Virginia (m. Vardell Wisdom); Billy Joe (d. inf.), Leonard (m. Emma MCDonald), Perry (m. Verna), Junior (m. Judy Steelman) and Larry (m. Rhonda).

INMAN, INFANT    No dates.    Son of John Ezekial Inman & Virginia Nelson.

INMAN, INFANT    No dates.    Son of John Ezekial Inman & Virginia Nelson.

INMAN, INFANT     No dates.

INMAN, INFANT      No dates.

INMAN, INFANT      No dates.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Dec. 24, 1902.
INMAN, JOHN EZEKIAL      Jul. 15, 1880 - Feb. 11, 1968.    Son of Ephriam Inman & Evaline Welch (mother buried at  Round Pond Cemetery). John married 2nd Lulu Ethel Hubbs in 1938. He was a lifelong farmer in the Dry Fork Community, a member of Dry Fork Baptist (converted & baptized many yrs. ago).
 'JENNIE' NELSON     Jan. 27, 1886 - Jun. 10, 1937.    Daughter of Joseph Nelson & Betty Skeeters. She joined Dry Fork Baptist in 1920. John & Jennie had ten children: Joe, Paul, Donald, Pauline (m. Don Pewitt), & six sons who died in infancy; four are buried at  Sligo Cemetery.

INMAN, JUNIOR LEE     Born & died May 25, 1932.    Infant son of Joe Carroll 'Monk' Inman & Velma Evalene Shults.

INMAN, JULIE ANN      Jan. 23, 1974 - Dec. 12, 1974.    Daughter of Dennis Inman & Lavada Paine (daughter of Toby & Irene Paine). Sister of Sondra Ann Inman.

INMAN, KENNETH     Mar. 29, 1936 - Mar. 30, 1936.    Infant son of Paul Inman & Martha Louise Patterson.INMAN, MARTHA LOUISE PATTERSON     Oct. 20, 1918 - Oct. 3, 1992.    Daughter of Frank Patterson & Viola Summers. Married Paul Inman Jan. 7, 1936 and had thirteen children:  Kenneth, Bernice D., Jack, Jerry, Ronald, Ricky, Johnny, Teddy Ray, Peggy Lea Terry, Pauline Woolf, Barbara Bacon, Virginia Hoornaert and Joan Bettigrew. She was a member of Dry Fork Baptist.

INMAN, LULU 'ETHEL' HUBBS    Mar. 20, 1892 - Sep. 14, 1965.    Daughter of Daniel Boone Hubbs & Dora Skeeters. She was the second wife of John Ezekial Inman. She converted early in life and joined Dry Fork Baptist. Spent her life in Dent County except for a few years in the early 1900s in Oklahoma.

INMAN, MICHAEL DEARL       Sep. 19, 1963 - Jul. 23, 1978.    Son of Junior Inman & Judy Steelman (daughter of David & Earlene Steelman). Michael drowned in the Meramec River at Cook Station. He was a brother of Teresa (m. Brent Sellers), Tammy, Vickie, Lisa and Laura. He converted at age 9 at Dent Co. Baptist Summer Camp and was baptized in Current River.

INMAN, RONALD PAUL, JR.      Sep. 27, 1978 - Jan. 12, 1979.     Son of Ronald Inman & June Cartwright (daughter of Clifford & Rosemary Cartwright). He was a brother of Rosemary Elizabeth, Rodney Lee, Charyl Ann, Sandra Dean, Donald Lee, Rodney Paul.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Dec. 5, 1909.
Jan. 27, 1884 - Dec. 26, 1968.    Daughter of Joseph & America Shults; life spent mostly Dent Co., joined Dry Fork Baptist, later Salem First Baptist.
    Dec. 28, 1885 - Feb. 18, 1941.    Son of Moses L. Jack & Mary Shelton (buried at  Green Forest Cemetery). They reared 3 Shults nieces of Effie -- Alberta Boren, Beatrice Leibler Burch, & Wauneta Gray. John attended Dent County schools and the Will Mayfield College at Marble Hill. He joined Dry Fork Baptist Church on Nov. 8, 1908. He was ordained to preach the Gospel  in 1921, and was a Moderator of Dent County Baptist Association for many years. He served two terms as Missouri State Representative from Dent County, and was active in local agricultural organizations. He was a Missouri Master Farmer and President of the Missouri Rural Electric Association.

JOHNS, BILLY WAYNE       Mar. 30, 1940 - Sep. 2, 1951.    Son of Walter 'Bill' Johns (son of Jesse Johns & Arzetta Inman) & Leona Laird (daughter of George Laird & Janie Skiles). He was a brother of Betty, Maxine, Beverly, Joyce Morris, Sandra, Robin, Jimmy, Howard, Vernon and Gary.

JOHNS, BOBBY LEE     Jul. 5, 1982 - Sep. 20, 1982.    Infant son of Robin Johns.

JOHNS, JERRY L.    Oct. 21, 1966 - Jul. 12, 1989.    Son of Joyce Johns Morris (daughter of Walter & Leona Johns) & Jerry Inman (son of Paul & Louise Inman). Brother of David Johns, Mark Houston, Heidi Houston, Judy & Stacy Morris.

JOHNSTON, DICK     No dates.

JOHNSTON      No dates.

JOHNSTON      No dates.

JOHNSTON      No dates.

KELL, ELIZABETH NELSON CRABTREE DAVIS       Nov. 9, 1847 - Mar. 9, 1911.    Daughter of Moses Nelson & Rebecca Norris Patterson). Married 1) Mr. Crabtree; 2) Mr. Davis; 3) Thomas Kell, 1894, Dent Co. (at Joseph Nelson's) -- Thomas buried at  Ashley Cemetery

KEY, AREBELLE VIRGINIA 'BELLE' WARFEL     May 25, 1858 - Nov. 20, 1942.     Daughter of Thomas Edward Warfel & Nancy Jane 'Jennie' Hopkins; died at the home of daughter Mellie Stagner, St. Louis (buried at  Miner Cemetery). Belle married Elijah Key (son of Elijah & Matilda Stafford Key (6/29/1849 - 7/14/1900) at Keysville, MO on Feb. 22, 1885. He is buried at  Keysville Cemetery, Crawford Co.). Their children: Ida Mabel (buried at  Mt. Carmel, IL, m. Paul Hopkins), Edith Belle (d. 9/20/1931, buried at  Greenwood Cemetery, St. Louis, m. Oscar Mueller), Ella, Laura Jane (buried at  Oakland, CA, m. Ben Jones, m. Lou Dirden), Sarah Frances (buried at  St. Louis, m. John Seabode), Elizabeth Ann (m. Frank Ellis, buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery), Mellie Adeline (m. 1) Russell Tharp, m. 2) Clair Stagner), William Thomas (died in infancy, buried at  Keysville Cemetery); Elijah, (m. Jane Ales, Jan. 20, 1878 (buried at  Keysville Cemetery), two children: Mary 'Molly' Roberts & James Frank Key (both buried at  Roberts Cemetery near Sligo). Belle has 1 infant buried at  Miner Cemetery.

KEY, MARY ROSE ELLEN 'ELLA'       Oct. 3, 1887 - May 4, 1949.    Daughter of Elijah Key & Belle Warfel. Never married; spent her entire life in Dent County.

KING, JEFFERY LANCE      Sep. 2, 1990 - Sep. 25, 1991.    Son of Ronald King & Theresa Ann Otto. Died in house fire. Brother of Ronald Lee, Jr., and half-brother of Tasha Marie Garcia. Grandson of George & Mary Ann Conklin & Irene Alice King Smith.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married in 1888 in Dent County.
      Died May 15, 1895.   
    May 27, 1856 - Aug. 25, 1939.    Daughter of James A. & Elizabeth Stagner.

KNIGHT, ELAINE A.     Dec. 18, 1937 - Oct. 23, 1940.    Daughter of Hardee H. Knight & Delores Sharp (daughter of Condy Sharp & Ethel Shults). Sister of Darlene Straatman, Shirley Powers, Joyce Blaylock, Pat Roper, Lorraine Rouse, Sam, & Bob. Parents both buried at  Mount Lebanon Cemetery in St. Louis.

LARIMORE, ROBERT      No dates.

LARIMORE, M.     No dates.

LINDHAL, G.      Apr. 6, 1839 - Oct. 29, 1915.    Born in Sweden.

MAHAN, BRADLEY J.    Oct. 15, 1969 - Oct. 28, 1990.    Son of Donna Mahan.    Died from gunshot wound inflicted in attempted burglary. He was the father of James Bradley Mahan; grandson of Raymond Mahan & Agness Crabtree; brother of Camilla & Amy Mahan.

MAHAN, JAMES BRADLEY     Born & died Jan. 19, 1988.    Son of Brad J. Mahan (Son of Donna Mahan) & Robin Roberts; grandson of Jim & Gayle Roberts.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married in 1921.
MARSHALL, T.C.      Mar. 14, 1885 - Mar. 12, 1931.    Son of Walter H. Marshall & Julia ____. One daughter, Louella. Brother of Erma Richard; half-brother of Edgar Tellman. He joined Cave Spring Baptist Church near Sullivan in 1925.
VIVANT    No dates.

MATLOCK, GEORGE KIMBRELL     Jan. 31, 1898 - Jul. 11, 1968.    Son of William 'Isom' Matlock & Rachel A. _____. Never married. Employed for many years at Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co. He was baptized into Dry Fork Baptist at early age.

MATLOCK, MINNIE ROSAN SWAGGERTY      Dec. 29, 1888 - Aug. 9, 1952.    Daughter of William 'Isom' Matlock & Rachel A. _____. Mother of Clyde Matlock (m. Myrtle); member Dry Fork Baptist church; took care of mother after father's death.

     Jan., 1842 - Apr., 1924.    Father of William Isom, Elisha Edward (m. Etta B. Norris, buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery).  *Isom Matlock m. Kesiah Shoemate, 12/6/1835, Crawford Co. &, 1879, Dent Co.
  m. Silas K. 12/16/1842 MO - 10/11/1907.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Mar., 1888 Dent County.
     Jul. 15, 1864 - Apr. 17, 1915.    Son of Silas K. Matlock.
Nov. 1, 1871 - Jun. 22, 1958.    Daughter of George H. Stagner & Rozanne Shults. Most of her life was spent in Dent County; the last few years in St. Louis. She was a member of Dry Fork Baptist. They had nine children: Minnie R. Swaggerty, George K., William Lee (buried at  New Hope Cemetery), Roy Columbus, James Leslie, Alva Isom (to Phoenix, AZ), Sarah Shirley Hasten (buried at  New Hope Cemetery), Ruth Ellen (m. Virgil E. Tharp, buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery), Anna Irene Hodges.

MAY, ALBERT      May 9, 1869 - Mar. 23, 1901.

MAY, PAUL      Aug. 2, 1899 - Oct. 13, 1899.    Infant son of Frank & Minnie May.

MCDONALD, MYRTLE VIOLA SMITH     Feb. 18, 1886 - Jul. 10, 1945.    Married James W. MCDonald. Children: Ralph D., James, Arthur, Virgie Avens.

MCDONALD, RALPH DAVID      Jan. 15, 1923 - Mar. 26, 1986.    Son of James W. MCDonald & Myrtle V. Smith. Born at Cabool; died in Pasadena TX. Married Dorothy Ardean Puls Shults (b. 6/19/1927). Father of three children:  Ralphadean (m. Peter MCKean), Susan (m. John Wenzell), & Buck Lynch. Ardean later married Joe Baker. Ralph David was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Pasadena, TX, a member of the American Legion Post, Cedar Hill & Salem Odd Fellows. He was retired from Iron Workers Unions -- St. Louis & Houston, TX.

MCMASTERS, IDA     Jun. 11, 1875 - Nov. 12, 1959.    Daughter of Edmond McMasters & Polly A. Shults Carney. Married Harry C. MCMasters & lived in Lincoln, IL (he died in 1931) She then moved to Cloudcroft & Almagordo, NM and back to Salem in 1959; she was of the Baptist faith.

MEDLOCK, AMERICA    No dates.    Infant daughter of Walter 'Brit' Medlock & Mary Summers.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Jan. 10, 1867.
'      Jun. 6, 1839 - Oct. 7, 1900.    Son of David Medlock & Rachel Adams (buried at  Medlock Graveyard).

MEDLOCK, MARY SUMMERS     Jan. 27, 1842 - Aug. 31, 1930.    Daughter of Adam John Summers & Virginia Jane Stonecipher. Died at the home of her son Foster Medlock. Moved to Dent County with parents as small child and settled near Rector in Shannon County. Children: Missouri C., died in infancy; Dicy Jane (m. John W. Wooliver) & Julia Caroline (m. Linn Akers - both buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery, Allie (m. John S. 'Tell' Stagner, d. 1913), Adam (buried at  Springfield, m. Elizabeth who d. young, children Paul, Flossie, Doss), & Madison Foster (m. Nora Alice Thomason, buried at  Mount Herman Cemetery).

MEDLOCK, MISSOURI CATHERINE     Jan. 19, 1876 - Oct. 25, 1933.    Daughter of Walter 'Brit' Medlock & Mary Summers. Lived with brother Foster Medlock. She was a member of New Harmony Baptist Church.

MERRITT, JAMES ELDON     Jul. 12, 1923 - Jun. 18, 1981.     Son of Lewis Merrritt (buried at  Abbott Cemetery-Goodwater) & Nellie _____. Married Verna Pryor (daughter of Frank Pryor) in 1944 at Clayton. Five children: Dennis, Randy, Brenda (m. Don Boberg), Vicky, & Beverly (m. Robert Rowland). James converted in Dec., 1980.

MOAVISIA, B.    No dates.   

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Aug. 25, 1949.
MOONEY, AUDREY L. 'PAT' ABERNATHY     Dec. 26, 1926 - May 27, 1989.    Daughter of Clarence Abernathy & Mary Lawson. Died in auto accident. Member Bethel Baptist, Salem.
      Mar. 16, 1929 - Jul. 8, 1984.      Son of Clellar Mooney & Lillie Shepard). Children:  Gloria Jean (m. Herbert Reynolds), Donna Kay (m. James Denver Black), Connie L. (m. Jerry Sharpe), Lisa G., Dennis Wayne (m. Beverly -- both deceased); Christian.

MOONEY, IVAN A.      Jul. 3, 1928 - Nov. 15, 1928.     Son of Joseph Mooney & Viola Reynolds.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married May 17, 1911 at Reynolds, MO.
     Sep. 21, 1887 - Feb. 7, 1969.    Son of John Mooney & Sarah Allred, buried at  Jadwin Cemetery. Six children: Unnamed son who died in infancy; Ivan A. died in infancy; Ruby (m. Glen Mickles), Ruth (m. Norman Sinn), Maggie (m. T.R. MCVickers)  & Ilene (m. Norman C. Barry). He lived Dent County for many years; was a member Locust Grove United Baptist-Oates.
REYNOLDS       Aug. 11, 1893 - Jan. 28, 1981.    Daughter of John Reynolds & Barbara Turner (buried at  West Fork Cemetery). She moved to Highland, IN after husband's death and lived with daughter.

MOONEY, LLOYD JOHN     Feb. 7, 1927 - Aug. 28, 1987.    Son of Clellar Mooney & Lillie Shephard. Married 1) Opal Hodges, 2) Jane Libberton.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Mar. 19, 1926.
MOORE, HARRY C.      May 28, 1880 - Dec. 14, 1963.    Son of George Moore & Dean Ruxlow. Step-father of: Hurchell Reinhardt (m. Justice); lived Chicago, moved to Salem in 1958, worked as an engineer at G.M.O. RR from 1910-1948. He was baptized into Dry Fork Church abt 1962.
ABNEY, LENA M. STAGNER MOORE      Born 1902.    Daughter of James C. Stagner & Cornelia C. Medlock. First husband was Harry C. Moore. Married 2nd Mr. Abney.

MOORE, CHRISTINA RENEE      infant d/o Paul Moore & Candice Collins, 6/30/1991, Rolla; granddau. of Walter & Barbara Collins & Francis Moore.

MORTON, DAVID     1823 - Oct. 9, 1893.    

MORTON, M.    No dates.

MORTON     No dates.

MORTON     No dates.

MORTON     No dates.

MORTON, MARK     No dates.

NELSON, ADALINE MAE     Oct. 14, 1932 - Apr. 2, 1934.    Daughter of Gus Larson and Vitrola Cook. The family lived in Darien.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Dec. 24, 1901.
     Feb.2,1870 - Mar. 25, 1939.    Son of Claues Ulrick Nelson & Eva Charlotte Johansdotter. Born in Norrköping, Ostergotland, Sweden. Foster father of Tessie Hubbs (m. Everett Tune). Lived on a farm 2 miles west of Salem. Joined Dry Fork Baptist ca 1899, later joined Salem Baptist with wife.
RUSSELL      Sep. 12, 1877 - Aug. 11, 1966.    Daughter of John Lars Russell & Christine Johnson. Born in Norrköping, Ostergotland, Sweden. Baptized as a young girl, member of Salem First Baptist for more than 50 years. Lived with granddaughter Loretta Hickman McCarter near Salem.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Dec. 25, 1904.
    Apr. 5, 1875 - Feb. 7, 1961.    Daughter of John Larson & Christina ______. Moved to Kansas City in 1900. Converted in 1904 in Kansas City and joined Swedish Church. Children: William Herman, Gust L., Raymond F. (b. 7/9/1915, m. Ruthene Stagner, (b. 2/16/1925, d/o Ed & Annie Stagner), Anne (m. Guy Miller, d. 9/14/1992, Pasadina, TX)
  Jun. 23, 1873 - Jan. 11, 1946.    Son of Charles Ulrick Nelson & Eva Charlotte _____. Born at Norrköping, Ostergotland, Sweden. He spent most of his life in Dent County.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Dec. 12, 1938.
    Jan. 12, 1901 - Mar. 23, 1970.     Daughter of Montgomery Smallen & Rhoda ____ (buried at  Short Cemetery). Baptized into Pleasant Valley Baptist Church.
    May 18, 1898 - Sep. 13, 1948.     Son of George  Nelson & Frances Warfel. Died at Licking at the home of Elbert Gaines. Step-father of:  Wilma (m. Ray Hall) & Virginia (m. Whitaker & Stewart Nelson). Lived in St. Louis, joined Pleasant Valley Baptist 1936.

NELSON, EDDIE GENE     Jun. 24, 1955 - Oct. 24, 1984.    Son of  Clyde Nelson & Gladys Thomason. Married Sharon Kay Petty (b.10/22/1955, daughter of Elmo & Joyce Petty); step-father of Dawn Marie (m. Shannon Wortman); brother of Ronald & Stanley Nelson.

NELSON, EDWARD HERMAN     Sep. 1, 1883 - Jun. 24, 1891.    Son of Charles Ulrick Nelson & Eva Charlotte Johansdotter (b. Norrköping, Ostergotland, Sweden).

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 1866.
     Oct. 13, 1841 - Feb. 3, 1932.    Born at Norrköping, Ostergotland, Sweden; died at the home of son, Gust near Jack, MO. Sister of Louise Johnston (Hartford, Connecticut). Children: Gust A., Edward H., Albert C., John (to St. Louis), Charles (buried at  New Hope Cemetery), & Lottie (m. Lee Cook, buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery).
NELSON, CLAUES ULRICK      Oct. 11, 1837 - Nov. 6, 1923.    Son of John E. Nelson. Born at Norrköping, Ostergotland, Sweden. Came to America 1881 & to Dent Co. farm 1882.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Jan. 21, 1884 in Dent County at the home of Thomas Warfel, by John Elvin, JP..
   Jul. 7, 1855 - May 30, 1937.    Son of William Nelson & Arminda G. Norris (buried at  Hasten-Hill Cemetery). He lived most of his life in the Jack Community in Dent County.
NELSON, FRANCES SALINA WARFEL      Mar. 13, 1867 - Apr. 12, 1945.    Daughter of Thomas Edward Warfel & Nancy Jane 'Jennie' Hopkins. Died at the home of daughter Jennie Garrett, Washington Park, IL. Spent most of her life in Dent County. Of the Christian faith, a member of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. Children: T. Roscoe, Rudolph, William Ernest (12/18/1890 - 6/21/1967, Farmington), Walter H. (4/15/1906 - 12/4/1961, buried at  Leadwood Cemetery-Leadwood, m., m. Mary Wortham Goforth 1957), Louis Clifford 'Slicker' (m. Clarice Stephens, buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery), Polly 'Okas' Pauline (m. Herman Harrison, Charley Medlock, Carl Norris, & Eldon Johns -- buried at  North Lawn Cemetery), Jennie (m. Frank Garrett) -- buried at  Granite City, IL. 

NELSON, GUS L. LARSON     Jul. 17, 1908 - Sep. 28, 1971.    Son of Gust A. Nelson & Amanda Larson. Married Vitrola M. Cook (b. 8/28/1906, daughter of Elvia & Effie Cook), on Oct. 18, 1930. They had three children: Adelline M., Kathleen (m. Alan Grauf & Lowell Shelton), & Dorleen (m. Jim Glen). Gus was a farmer & carpenter and was a member of Corinth Baptist.  

NELSON, HOWARD     Oct., 1920 - Mar., 1922.    Infant son of William 'Ernest' Nelson & Isabelle Bradley (both parents buried at  Lead Belt); brother Katherine Lawson, Norma Lee Young, Dorothy Cureton and Otis.

NELSON, J. H.     No dates.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Feb. 14, 1869 Dent county.
      Sep. 19, 1849 - Jun. 12, 1895.    Son of Moses Nelson (buried at  old Hasten-Hill Cemetery) & Rebecca Norris Patterson Nelson (buried at  Patterson Cemetery). Joseph Carroll was murdered, his body found at the home of E. M. Harvey, 4 miles northeast of Salem near Moser School. He was killed by John Harvey. J.C. and Manda E. donated the land for Dry Fork Cemetery.
SKEETERS      Oct. 27, 1850 - Jan. 13, 1936.    Daughter of John L. Skeeters & Susan MCCuan (buried at  Green Forest Cemetery. She converted at an early age and joined Dry Fork Baptist Church. J. C. and Betty had seven children, six daughters and a son: Virginia V. (m. John E. Inman). Alpha (m. Jacob Stephan), & George William (6/20/1871 - 12/12/1919, buried at  Vinita, OK, m. Nancy Graham 1891, Dent Co. - she later m. Richard I. Freeman), Susan C. (b. 11/29/1878, m. W. J. 'Jack' Gray of Montauk, to OK, buried at  Fairview Cemetery-Vinita, OK), Mary Rebecca (10/9/1873 - 12/20/1957, buried at  Vinita, OK, m. Joseph Berry, 1889, Dent Co.), Martha Elizabeth (3/19/1876 - 11/20/1954, Vinita, OK, m. Calvin T. Berry, 1893, Dent Co.), Sallie Angeline (12/18/1880 - 2/15/1952, m. William Bert Inman, 1897, Dent Co., both buried at  Fairview Cemetery-Vinita, OK);

NELSON, T. ROSCOE     Nov. 17, 1893 - Jun. 16, 1972.    Son of George Franklin Nelson & Frances Salina Warfel. Married Bertha Hubbs (b. 12/26/1896, daughter of Daniel & Dora Hubbs). Children were Maxine (m. Clyde Shults), & Clyde Nelson.

NELSON, WILLIAM HERMAN      Oct. 4, 1905 - May 10, 1937.    Son of Gust A. Nelson & Amanda Larson. Converted abt 1924 at Dry Fork Church.

NICHOLS, RICHARD      May 8, 1936 - May 14, 1936.    Son of Richard Nichols.

NIVENS, MARY ELIZABETH STAGNER    Jul. 9, 1893 - Dec. 9, 1970.    Daughter of William M. Stagner & Martha Grider. Married James Arthur Nivens (buried at  Miner Cemetery). One daughter, Mary Marie Johns Rayfield Pounds; five grandchildren: Rebecca (m. Craig Kinmann), Mary Ann (m. Mike Morgan), Deloris (m. Gerald Jelinek), Cynthia (m. William David Voyles), William Rayfield.

NORRIS, CARL TREMONT     Mar. 31, 1906 - Nov. 29, 1938.     Son of James Norris & Lela Stagner Windle (buried at  Bowers Cemetery). Married Okus Pauline Nelson Dec. 21, 1933.

PACE, COURTNEY     Jun. 15, 1878 - Sep. 7, 1911.    Son of John Wesley Pace & Mary 'Polly' Cornwell. (parents buried at  Warden Cemetery). Married Mary Luella Shults, who later m. Zack Riley. Children of Courtney & Mary were: A child who died in infancy; Harold (d. age 32, buried at  Fairview Cemetery - Vinita, OK), Vera (m. Jack Hawkins), Addren (m. Larry Kelly) and Clara Maxine (3/17/1910 - 11/5/1988, buried at  Acacia Park Cemetery - Birmingham, MI, m. Bill Cannon).

PACE, BABY     No dates.    Infant of Courtney Pace & Mary L. Shults.

PATTERSON, ADAM     Aug. 7, 1868 - Jul. 31, 1901.     Married Martha Anna Shults abt 1892 and had five children: Vina (m. L. M. Reed, buried at  Green Forest Cemetery), Bertha (m. O. Butler), Mamie (m. A. Talbert), Linnie (m. W. D. Shelton, buried at  Corinth Cemetery), & Frank V. Martha Anna remarried to James H. Pewitt in 1904 and had four daughters.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married in 1914.
     Mar. 11, 1897 - Feb. 19, 1968.    Son of Adam Patterson & Martha Anna Patterson Shults Pewitt. He was a farmer, and served 8 years on the Dent Co. Court. He converted at an early age and was a member of the Corinth Baptist Church.
 SUMMERS     May 23, 1892 - Jul. 24, 1961.    Daughter of Andrew J. Summers & Caroline Stewart. She joined Corinth Baptist Church 1912. Children: Rev. Lloyd E., Audell 'Pete', Lucille Thompson, Loretta (m. Willliam Reed), Louise (m. Paul Inman), Elsie (m. Leland Cook & Arley Warren), Ilene DePriest.

PATTERSON, REV. LLOYD E.     Apr. 28, 1928 - Mar. 9, 1991.    Son of Frank Patterson & Viola L. Summers. Married Madora Walker on Apr. 8, 1948 and had three children: Beverly Clemmons, Susan, & Gary. He converted at an early age and served as a minister the last 38 years of his life, most recently at First Baptist, Macks Creek.

PATTERSON, BABY     No dates.

PAYNE, ELGIA D. WESTERMAN     Dec. 7, 1894 - Mar. 21, 1979.    Daughter of John Green Westerman & Sarah Key McCole. Married Clarence Payne. She lived most of her  life in St. Louis & Denver, CO, going back to Dent Co. abt 1967. She joined the Mormon Church as young lady and attended Salem Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints.

PETROW     No dates or other info.

PEWITT, COY SILAS    Dec. 9, 1907 - Aug. 1, 1916.      Son of Silas Pewitt & Ida M. Stephens (who were married on Mar. 19, 1896. They moved to Montana in 1916) and are buried at the Laurel Cemetery, Laurel, MT).  Brother of Howard, Dorse, Melvin O (1/13/1897, Dent Co. - 2/14/1982, buried at  San Francisco, CA), Harold, & two sisters; Jane Campbell & Mrs. Jack Potter.

PEWITT, COY WELDON     Aug. 9, 1921 - Jul. 26, 1942.    Son of of Joe 'Beldon' Pewitt & Hannah A. Crow. Died at the home of Lawrence Hubbs (struck by lightning); graduate Salem High 1942; member Dry Fork Baptist Church since age 11.

PEWITT, DAVID     Jun. 12, 1856 - Jul. 27, 1926.    Son of Malachi Pewitt & Jeuritta Medlock. David was baptized Dec. 6, 1908, joined Dry Fork Church. Married 2) Ellen I. Manning on Dec. 11, 1898 and had three children: Jasper M., Ollie Summers, & Lizzie Grogan Stagner.

PEWITT, DOYLE      Born & died Dec. 20, 1939.    Infant son of Joe 'Beldon' Pewitt & Hannah A. Crow.

PEWITT, ELLEN ISABELL MANNING     Mar. 2, 1869 - Aug. 24, 1955.    Daughter of Jasper Manning & Margaret Ann _____. Second wife of David Pewitt. Joined Dry Fork Baptist Church 1910. Mother of Jasper M., Ollie Summers, & Lizzie Grogan Stagner.

PEWITT, EMMA PURCELL      No dates.    First wife of David Pewitt. No children.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Feb. 7, 1904.
    Jan. 25, 1868 - Mar. 10,1928.    Son of Malachi Pewitt & Juritta C. Medlock. Children: Dorothy (m. Keithly & m. Raymond White), Gladys D. (m. Marvin Stagner), Audren (m. Alfred Stephens), & Dollie (m. Oran R. DePriest); farmer, Darien Community.
    Sep. 5, 1870 - Jun. 12, 1941.    Daughter of Francis Marion Shults & Levina Wampler. Married 1st Adam Patterson abt 1892 and had five children: (see Patterson); converted age 18, joined Dry Fork Baptist Church.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Mar. 30, 1890.
    Dec. 16, 1862 - Jan. 6, 1944.    Son of William Washington Pewitt & Martha J. Cox (buried at  Mt. Herman Cemetery). He converted age 18 and joined New Salem Baptist Church-Texas Co.; lived life Dent & Texas Co's.
      Apr. 26, 1872 - Jan. 31, 1951.    Daughter of Daniel Alley & Emmaline ____ (bur Mt Herman Cemetery); entire life spent Dent & Texas Counties; joined Methodist Church age 13, later joined New Salem Baptist Church & later Dry Fork Baptist. Children: McElra (died in infancy), Otto (d. 1934), J. Beldon, Ora (m. J. W. Burns), Gladys (m. J.O. Crow), Lloyd Ralph (5/19/1911, Coalstone, MO - 11/16/1980, buried at  Hill Crest Cemetery-Bakersfield, CA, m. Gertrude Dittmar, 6/1930, Licking), Mrs.Maurice Foley -- buried at  Williams Cemetery-Licking.

PEWITT, JASPER MALACHI      Mar. 25, 1911 - Jul. 11, 1938.    Son of David Pewitt & Ellen Manning.   

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married 1854 Dent County.
     1834 - 1900.    Daughter of David Medlock & Rachel Adams (buried near Rector). She was born in South Carolina.
      Jul. 12, 1816 - Oct. 25, 1882.     Son of Joel Pewitt & Susannah _____. (from Franklin, Williamson Co. TN). Married 1st Mary 'Polly' Inman (daughter of Ezekial Inman & Lillis Edgar, buried at  Wofford Cemetery) and had four children: William W., Nancy Jane Summers, Susan M. Wynn, & Joel.  He settled on a farm 9 miles SW of Salem before the Civil War. Malachi was the father of: William Washington (b. 1837, m. Martha J. Cox, both buried at  Mt. Hermon Cemetery), Susan Malinda (m. John W. Wynn, 1859, Dent Co.), John S. (m. Genevra B. Misemer, 1893, Dent Co., to Portland, OR), David, Labon (c1858 near Jack - died 4/24/1931, m. twice - 1. Mary Elizabeth 'Betty' Wilson, 1877, Dent Co. - she is buried at   Cage Cemetery, 2nd m. Rebecca MCCuan, 1882, Dent Co., both buried at  Malta, MT), Joel, Nancy Jane (b. 1843, m. Jesse Summers, buried at  Green Forest Cemetery) , Mary A. (m. Joseph A. Shults), Joseph Elizabeth (m. Edd Coleman, buried at  Corinth Cemetery), Martha (b. c1860, m. Samuel Summers, 1878, Dent Co.), James Henry, Silas M.  Bro. to: Winna, Thomas (m. Thania Smith 1827), Joseph (d. c1840, m. Barbara Pewitt 1851 - Barbara later m. Granville Inman), Polly, Nancy (m. Henry C. Duke 18322, Laban (m. Arnice Inman 1848) and Wiley W. (m. Mary E. Brichlew 1844.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Feb. 7, 1917 near Lenox.
    Feb. 22, 1893 - Feb. 26, 1976.     Son of Jasper L. Pewitt & Sarah Anna Alley. Children: One child died in infancy; Doyle (d. inf.), Coy W., Harold, Maurice (m. Erma Stagner), Roy B., Opal E. (m. John E. Hubbs), Wayne, Rowene Hughes, Joe and Dale. He joined New Salem Baptist Church at early age, joined Dry Fork Baptist 1933, & joined Salem Second Baptist 1965. He & his wife moved to Home for Aged Baptists at Ironton Mar. 7, 1973.
Jan. 19, 1898 - Mar. 25, 1975.    Daughter of Joseph G. Crow & Lucy ____. Joined New Salem Baptist Church-Texas Co., joined Dry Fork Baptist 1933, joined Salem Second Baptist 1965.

PEWITT, VIRGIE E.      May 3, 1895 - Oct. 10, 1897.    'Daughter of J.S. & G.B.'

PRYOR, FRANKLIN FARRIS      Jan. 14, 1898 - Jan. 3, 1979.     Son of John Pryor & Martha ____ (buried at  Cooksey Cemetery). Married Lena Whitaker Feb. 9, 1924 at St. Louis (d. 9/1938, buried at  Union Cemetery). Children: Rev. Harry 'Bud' (m. Joy Crowder), Betty (m. Kenneth Summers) and Verna (m. James Merritt, m. Twitchell) Married 2nd Corabell Hogan Martin (b. 4/4/1913), 1939, Farmington. Step-father of Veigh E. (m. Gail Dooley) & Vernon Lee Hogan, & Joyce L. (m. Charles Akers); Christian.

RAY, NELLIE IONE MCCOY BYERS   Feb. 14, 1906 - May 21, 1987.    Mother of Frances (m. Delmo Williams), Ola (m. Howard Shults) and Cecil Byers. Sister of Reba Ray, Chester & Emmett McCoy. She was a member of Mary Ann Baptist Church, St. Ann.

RAY, REBA M.     Died Feb. 2, 1990 at Rolla, age 74. Wife of Floyd Ray. Sister of Nettie I. Ray; lived Rolla last 30 yrs.

REED, BILLIE DON      Died Oct., 1935 at E. St. Louis, IL. Son of William Reed & Loretta Patterson.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Aug. 26, 1915.
      Aug. 2, 1874 - Nov. 4, 1962.    Son of Samuel Riley (buried at  Blackwell Cemetery) & Harriett ____. Sons Ollie Craig (1/20/1923 - 5/16/1969, San Francisco, CA, buried at  National Cemetery - St. Louis) and Samuel M. Riley. Lived most of his life in Dent County; moved to St. Louis abt 1954.
    Mar. 16, 1880 - Mar. 19, 1952.    Daughter of Joseph Shults & America Nelson. Married 1st Courtney Pace and had four children. Christian.

RILEY, SAMUEL MAURICE     Aug. 26, 1916 - May 27, 1975.    Son of Zack Riley & Mary L. Shults. Married Myrtle Mae Hogan (1918-1971. Children: Maxine Walters, Carol Neagles, Donna Crews; lived Wayne Hayes home some time; GM/3C USN.

   1831 - 1905.
    1833 - 1908.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Oct. 18, 1924.
      Oct. 21, 1906 - Jan. 3, 1987.    Daughter of Marshall Owens & Minnie A. Chastine. She was a member of Salem Second Baptist. ROBERTS, FRED A.     Jun. 27, 1893 - Jan. 24, 1967.    Son of Henry Clay & Mary Brigman. Married 1st Grace Crabtree (divorced), had two children: Mabel (d. Chicago) & Max. Children of Fred and Blanche: Mary Adelaide d. infancy, Gloria (m. Harry Burns), Jack D. (m. Martha Welke, she d. Boise, ID, 1991), William Earl, Barbara Williams (buried at  Union City, TN), & James (m. Gail); (parents & baby daughter buried at  Johnson Cemetery). Fred moved back to Dent County in1938, converted 10/1941, joined Joy Baptist Church.

ROBERTS, JOHN     No dates.    Son of Henry C. Roberts & Mary Brigman. Married Ivy May Williams. Children: George R., Johnnie, Frankie, Gary, Lola May Johns, Mary Lou Taylor, Geneva Alexander, Maxine Miller.

ROBERTS, GEORGE RUDOLOPH     Sep. 22, 1926 - May 3, 1976.    Son of John Roberts & Ivy May Williams.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Sep. 25, 1913.
      Apr. 30, 1882 - May 2, 1961.      Son of Jacob Roeser& Margaret Shonk. Lived near St. Louis, came to Dent Co. 1930, lived W. of Salem; converted & baptized, Tower Grove Baptist - St. Louis, 1930.
     May 24, 1893 - Apr. 15, 1974.    Daughter of William Elijah Sharp & Harriet Berry. Converted age 16, joined Dry Fork Baptist Church, later joined Salem First Baptist. Children: Presley, Paul, Mildred Jones, Margaret Fletcher and Wandel Lakin.

RUSSELL, GUST ADOLPH      Aug. 3, 1872 - Jan. 6, 1939.    Son of John Lars Russell & Christina Johnson. Born in Norrköping, Ostergotland, Sweden. Came to U.S. with parents in 1883. Grew up in Wright County. Located on a farm in the Jack community abt 1914. Brother of Hilda Sophia, Frank Finley, Charley, & Alfred.

RUSSELL, GRADY L.      Sep. 30, 1929 - Apr. 16, 1991.    Son of George L. Russell & Mary Terry Masengill. Married Ada Johnson and had a son, Thomas. Brother of Beulah Mae Gatewood, Sue Travis, Lee, John, Sam, & Paul.

SHARP, HARRIET A. BERRY      1859 - 1943.    Daughter of John H. Berry & Nancy York (buried at  Berry Cemetery). Married William Elijah Sharp, 1884, Dent Co. (at J.H. Berry's), Children:  Elizabeth (m. Oliver J. Burns; she is buried at  St. Louis), Rachel (m. William P. Roeser), Zoula Hawkins (buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery), Alpha, Condy, Sam (Dumas, TX & Wichita, KS) and a child who died in infancy (buried at  Berry Cemetery). [W.E. was married previously and had children:  Foster B. (d. 5/17/1980, age 102, buried at  Greenacres Mem. Park-Bellingham, WA), Emmett (Okmulgee, OK), & Elcano died in infancy in Arkansas. W.E. was married a third time and had children: Everett (Santa Rosa, CA) & Nellie Bly (d. age 18). W.E. was the son of William H. Sharp & Catherine Barnes who married in 1835 of Sulphur Rock, AR. He was brother of Rachel Sharp Berry (buried at  Berry Cemetery); W.E. worked at Hickman Mill at Montauk, he d. 7/1907, buried at  Sevier Co., AR.]

SHARP, ALPHA     Jan. 14, 1895 - Sep. 25, 1981.     Daughter William Elijah Sharp & Harriet A. Berry. She never married. She lived in Washington D.C. and worked for U.S. Navy Dept. She retired and moved back to Salem; joined Dry Fork Baptist, later Salem First Baptist.

SHARP, ARLEY HENRY    Apr. 7, 1917 - Apr. 1, 1920.    Son of Henry 'Condy' Sharp & Cora Ethel Shults.

SHARP, AUDEL JAMES     Mar. 16, 1913 - Sep. 10, 1915.    Son of Henry 'Condy' Sharp & Cora Ethel Shults.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Jan. 24, 1909.
   Jan. 4, 1891 - Mar. 20, 1920.     Daughter of Joseph A. Shults & Mary A. Pewitt. First wife of Condy Sharp. Their children: Arlie H., Audel J., Deloris (m. Hardee Knight), Marie (m. Clyde Trammel), Evelyn (m. Homer Powers) and Anna Mae (m. William James Tate, buried at  Anutt Cemetery).
     Oct. 18, 1884 - Oct. 1, 1962.      Son of William Elijah Sharp & Harriet A. Berry. .He married 2nd  Leatha E. Capps on Sep. 13, 1934 (she buried at  Anutt Cemetery). He lived in the Dry Fork  community, moving to the Anutt community in 1931. He joined Dry Fork Baptist Church, later joined Anutt Victor Baptist Church.

SHARP, INFANT    No dates.    Child of Sam Sharp.

SHARP, MARIE      May 24, 1915 - Jul. 21, 1922.    Daughter of Henry 'Condy' Sharp & Cora Ethel Shults.

SHELDON, ADELIA J.      Sep., 1835 - Jan. 29, 1889.    Wife of Joseph Sheldon.

SHELTON, EMMA NANCY MCCOLE      Jun. 12, 1887 - Nov. 23, 1975.    Daughter of Andrew H. McCole & Sarah Caroline Kee McCole Westerman. Married James Marion Shelton, Mar. 29, 1904 and had seven children: Wilma, Waunie, Clarence  (m. Reba Kern), James (m. Wanda, d. 1992 KS), Hazel (m. Columbus Verdi), Carol Elizabeth (m. Paul Bell) and William 'Bill' (m. Eula Woolf  & Jocile). She pent 20 yrs. in Colorado. She was a member New Harmony Baptist, Rebekah Lodge (Denver CO), & Royal Neighbors Lodge-Dent Co.

SHELTON, WAUNIE LEE     May 14, 1924 - Oct. 24, 1989.    Daughter of James M. Shelton & Emma McCole. She had a military career in the Navy Nurse Corps. At age 13 joined Salem First Baptist, later joined New Harmony Baptist.

SHEPHERD, BERNICE      No dates.    Infant daughter of William Ozero Shepherd & Rosella Susie White (parents buried at  Myers Cemetery-Oates).

SHEPHERD,  MARY ELIZABETH  w/o Elder John Taylor 6/17/1882 - 4/7/1925, home near Jack. MO, d/o William & Edith Cordilla Dunn Turner of Reynolds Co. (buried at  Asher Cemetery-Oates); mother of 10 Children: Anna (d. inf.), Ozero & Goldie Jewell (m. Avery F. Johnson) -- all buried at  Myers Cemetery-Oates, Minnie Cordelia (m. James H. Psalmonds, buried at  Shirley Cemetery-Washington Co.), Lillie Mae (m. Cleller Mooney, buried at  Jadwin Cemetery), Viola Eunice 'Tiny' (12/4/1912 - 6/14/1989, buried at  Myers Cemetery-Oates, m. Moses Coleman White, 1934), Nora Angeline (m. Edmond Laramore), James Harvey (m. Hazel Lunn, buried at  Mt. Hermon Cemetery), Willard Welch 'Shep' (6/10/1922-6/2/1982, buried at  Warrenton Cemetery-Warrenton, m. Delphine  M. Barton), Anford Cicero (8/12/1903 - 12/1/1987, buried at  Asher Cemetery-Oates, m. Clara E. Johnson, 8/23/1922); sis. to: James C. Turner (buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery); Elder J.T. 1st m. Geilda Tennessee Smith (d. 3/7/1899, buried at  Myers Cemetery), 1 dau., Ollie Leona (d. inf., buried at  Myers Cemetery); J.T. 3. m. Hattie Mae Cobb (1902-1965, buried at  Shoal Creek Cemetery-Washington Co.), 1 dau.: Laura Vernice (m. Edward Otis Riggs); J.T., Son of William Henry & Mahulda Reese Shepherd, was b. 4/26/1875, Oates, Reynolds Co., d. 9/17/1957, home near Courtois, buried at  Lower Indian Cemetery-Courtois, a Baptist minister; moved to Dent Co. from Oates c1920 & c1941 moved to Shirley, MO.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Jan. 23, 1921.
    Sep. 13, 1896 - Aug. 6, 1971.    Son of of Joseph 'Joe' Shults & Mary A 'Tina' Pewitt. Converted age 17, member Dry Fork Baptist (57 years).
MAUZY     Mar. 18, 1900 - Feb. 26, 1961.    Daughter of Lemuel Mauzy & Alzenia McNeill (buried at  New Harmony Cemetery); lived most of her life in Dent Co.; member Dry Fork Baptist. Children: Billie Lee (m. Dorlene Gray) & Dorothy Ardean (m. Ralph MCDonald & Joe Baker)

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Aug. 7, 1867.
    Feb. 1, 1848 - Mar. 22, 1913.    Daughter of Henry Nelson & Elizabeth Robinson (buried at  old Hasten-Hill Cemetery). She joined Salem Baptist when young, later Dry Fork Baptist.
SHULTS, JOSEPH YOUNG      Jul. 14, 1842 - Oct. 12, 1900.    Son of Jacob Shults (left the area, last seen AR) & Mary 'Polly' Young (buried at  Hasten Cemetery). Children: One who died in infancy, Effie (m. John Jack), Albert 'Bert' L. (1878-1960, m. Victoria A., lived Bend, OR for 54 yrs., buried at  Pilot Butte Cemetery, OR),  L. Raymond (m. Alice S. Jack, buried at  Green Forest Cemetery, to OR or CA), Joseph M. (Huntington Beach, CA), Clara Pitzer (St. Louis), Hayden Lee, Otto M. d. inf., Reuben Oliver (1868 - 1953, m. Sarah 'Sally' L. J. Simmons, 5/18/1890, buried at  West Fork Cemetery-Reynolds Co.), Elisha M., Emma (m. Joseph M. Asbridge, 1/13/1894, Dent Co., to Pueblo, CO), Henry J., Walter C. (4/10/1882 - 2/16/1938, buried at  Fairview Cemetery, Vinita, OK, m. Effie Myrtle Williams, 12/22/1907, employed ice plant, Vinita 30 yrs.Effie M. was daughter of James Calvin & Almira Lough Williams who moved from Jadwin to Vinita, OK), Mary Luella (m. Courtney Pace & Zack Riley); brother of Polly Ann (m. Edmond Carney), Francis M., Melinda Jane (m. John Carney), Roseanna (m. George H. Stagner), William and Rachel (m. Thomas Jefferson Stagner, buried at  Stagner Cemetery).

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Feb. 20, 1898.
     Jul. 31, 1878 - Feb. 1, 1920.
     Feb. 28, 1872 - Sep. 8, 1952.    Son of Joseph Young Shults & America Nelson. He lived Bartlesville, OK last 30 years of his life. Children:  Elsworth, Lloyd, Alberta (m. Chester Boren), Wauneta (m. Bill Gray & Ross), Loretta (m. W. E. Workman, m. Newcum), Beatrice (m. Maynard A. Liebler, Burch, Adolph Schwartz, buried at  North Lawn Cemetery), Valiska (m. Pat King); also m. Jane Plank, 1891, Dent Co.;

SHULTS, BERNA YOUNG     Feb. 13, 1913 - Dec. 24, 1917.     Son of Elisha Marion Shults & Martha I. Arnott. Lived in the Dry Fork community and later moved to Maplewood. He converted at age 14, joined Salem First Baptist.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Oct. 24, 1917.
   Feb. 18, 1897 - Jan. 26, 1991.    Daughter of John A. Casey & Barbara Frank. She was a member Tower Grove Baptist, St. Louis. One son, Loyal W. (d. 4/5/1990, buried at  Laurel Hill Cemetery-St. Louis, md. Juanita Ward)
WILLIAM 'BILL' H.      Sep. 22, 1894 - Nov. 13, 1981.    Son of of Joseph 'Joe' Shults & Mary A 'Tina' Pewitt. He was a member Mount Moriah Masonic Lodge; member Lindenwood Baptist, St. Louis.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Mar. 17, 1915.
    Nov. 28, 1886 - Aug. 21, 1969.    Daughter of David & Louisa Sisk.
.    Oct. 17, 1889 - Jul. 4, 1972.    Son of Joseph 'Joe' Shults & Mary A 'Tina' Pewitt.  Children: Alice Morton (m. Gilbert Stagner), Alta Schafer, Hazel Welch, Nona Curtis, & Nellie who died in infancy.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Feb. 10, 1932.
     Nov. 29, 1910 - Jul. 25, 1986.    Son of Francis Marion 'Frank' Shults & Elizabeth M. 'Betty' Lough. He was a lifelong resident of Dent county; a member of Oak Grove Baptist.
    Feb. 23, 1913 - Jul. 13, 1980.    Daughter of Benjamin Posten & Alice Crossland. She was a member of Oak Grove Baptist. Children: Charles (m. Pauline Major) & Arlene (m. Lloyd Lunn);

SHULTS, CLIFFORD      Nov. 11, 1913 - Oct. 8, 1921.    Son of Francis Marion 'Frank' Shults & Elizabeth M. 'Betty' Lough. Died of diptheria.

SHULTS, CLYDE A.     Oct. 14, 1918 - Oct. 7, 1979.    Son of Francis Marion 'Frank' Shults & Elizabeth M. 'Betty' Lough. Married Maxine Nelson (b. 6/1820, daughter of Roscoe Nelson & Bertha Hubbs) on Aug. 6, 1955. One son, Mark. They lived in Rolla. He was a retired Civil Service employee, member Salem Avenue Baptist, Rolla.

SHULTS, ELISHA EUGENE 'JEAN'    Feb. 17, 1905 - Jun. 6, 1952.    Son of Elisha Marion Shults & Martha I. Arnott. Married Eugean Giesler (b. 1/23/1908) on Sep. 22, 1928. One son, Marion. Eugean later married ____ Huskey. He was reared on the family farm. Converted at age 14, was a deacon at Rock Hill Baptist in St. Louis. He was a Mason.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married  Oct. 20, 1901.
    Mar. 23, 1876 - Jan. 17, 1928.    Son of Joseph Young Shults & America Nelson. Had a farm five miles from Salem on West Plains Rd. Joined Dry Fork Baptist, later Salem Baptist (Deacon).
    Jun. 11, 1878 - Apr. 11, 1967.     Daughter of William Arnott & Jane Brigman (buried at  Johnson Cemetery). Joined Dry Fork Baptist, later Salem First Baptist. Children: Berna, Glen, Eugene, Hazel, & Wayne.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Feb. 20, 1919.
     May 16, 1899 - Aug. 1, 1968.    Son of Henry 'Jake' Shults & Augusta 'Mae' Nelson. He was a farmer in the Darien community, and a member of Corinth Baptist.
    Jun. 24, 1897 - Dec. 20, 1985.     Daughter of Malachi Summers & Melissa Jane Cook (buried at  Green Forest Cemetery). She was a member of Corinth Baptist. Children: Faye (m. Albion 'Al' Hayman), Harold (m. Donna), Carmen Rummler, Rosalee Thomas, Mary Lou (m. Albert J. Boudreau,Jr., 1953).

SHULTS, ETZEL GLEN    Jan. 1, 1903 - Sep. 16, 1956.     Son of Elisha Marion Shults & Martha I. Arnott. Married Edith Goldsmith Oct. 21, 1931 (who later m. an Archer). Children Martha Noland & Eva Shults. Worked for Santa Fe RR in Needles CA for sometime. Member Baptist church at Needles, later joined Salem Second Baptist.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Apr. 1, 1858.
      Aug. 9, 1836 - May 13, 1914.    Son of Jacob (last heard of in AR) & Mary Young (d. 1848, buried at  old Love-Hasten Cemetery, 5 miles SW of Salem). Moved to Dent Co. 1881 from Perry Co.
WAMPLER      Aug. 26, 1840 - Mar. 22, 1917.     They had ten children: Joseph A., James Franklin (10/9/1874 - 8/8/1948, buried at  Grand Junction, CO, m. Daisy Genire Hosey of Springfield, rancher & auctioneer); William C. (2/11/1865 - 2/19/1924, Mountain Park, OK; left his wife & 7children); H. E. (4/24/1880 - 1899, he is buried at  Daugherty Cemetery in OK), Ed (ca1862 - ca 1880; was killed by a horse, single, buried at  Hasten-Love Cemetery); Martha Roseanna 'Anna' (m. 1) Adam Patterson & 2) James H. Pewitt), Ella Ford (AZ) and Delia (m. George White).

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Jan. 5, 1910.
   Nov. 22, 1886 - Jun. 19, 1956.    Son of Joseph 'Joe' Shults & Mary A 'Tina' Pewitt. He married 2nd Georgia Stagner Mar. 13, 1949.
     1887 - Jul. 1, 1947.    Daughter of Sylvester 'Vessy' Lough & Margaret Jump of Jadwin. Children: Clifford, Buford J., Clyde A., Howard F., Velma (m. Joe Inman), Thelma Hubbs & Margaret MCLaughlin Herrin.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Oct. 9, 1910.
     Nov. 4, 1887 - Jun. 23, 1958.    Son of Joseph Y. Shults & America Nelson. He converted in 1911 and joined Dry Fork Baptist. Later moved to the Joy community and joined Joy Baptist where he was a deacon. Lived most of his life in Dent county.
     Sep. 11, 1889 - Oct. 1, 1958.    Daughter of William Robnett & Frances Hodges (buried at  Berry Cemetery). She converted at age 18, joined Dry Fork Baptist, later Joy Baptist. Children: Helen Irene (m. Thomas Troy Hollandsworth), Eula Ethel (m..1) Glen Spencer & 2) Beryl Edgar Derryberry);

SHULTS, HAZEL    Jan. 16, 1907 - Jun. 23, 1958.    Daughter of Elisha Marion Shults & Martha I. Arnott. 

SHULTS, HOWARD F.     Sep. 4, 1923 - Oct. 1, 1988.    Son of Francis Marion 'Frank' Shults & Elizabeth M. 'Betty' Lough. He married Ola R. _____ (b. 2/11/1932), Children: Jason, Philip (m. Cynthia), Joel (m. Cheryl), Michael H., Bonita (m. Rhea & Marvin Jones). He lived in Rolla; was a member Salem Avenue Baptist, Rolla. WWII Veteran. Was a member Rolla American Legion Post 270. He retired from civil service, Fort Leonard Wood.

SHULTS, HURSHEL      No dates.   

SHULTS, INFANT      No dates.    Child of of Joseph 'Joe' Shults & Mary A 'Tina' Pewitt.  

SHULTS, INFANT TWINS     No dates.    Children of Alta Shults. 

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Feb. 17, 1884, Dent county.
     May 5, 1860 - Sep. 6, 1937.    Son of Francis Marion Shults & Levina Wampler. Lived most of his life in the Dry Fork community. He was a farmer. He joined Dry Fork Baptist on Nov. 22, 1896, and was a Deacon.
  Jan. 13, 1866 - Nov. 6, 1941.    Daughter of Malachi Pewitt & Juritty Catherine Medlock. She joined Dry Fork Baptist, 1897. Children: Francis M., David 'Dave' Columbus (m. Dora Bessie MCNeill, buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery), Noah, Alvin Lee, Tilman Ruthvean (m. Jessie Jack), Rev. Hugh Elbert (m. Cleo Jack, both buried at  North Lawn Cemetery), William H., Minnie L. (m. Fred Skeeters), Deana (buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery, m. 1) Ralph W. Edwards, m. 2) Eldon Johns), Amy (m. Clarence Jack, buried at North Lawn Cemetery), Ida Reading Phillips (d. 1/3/1987, Indianapolis, IN) and Ethel (m. Condy Sharp);

SHULTS, MICHAEL HOWARD    Dec. 29, 1951 - Mar. 18, 1952.    Son of Howard F. & Ola R. Shults.  

SHULTS, NELLIE      Apr. 17, 1916 - May 13, 1916.    Daughter of Noah Shults & Bessie Sisk.   

SHULTS, OTTO MCKINNEY  No dates.    Son of Joseph Y. Shults & America Nelson.

SHULTS, WINFRED WAYNE     Jul. 9, 1910 - Mar. 22, 1968.    Son of Elisha Marion Shults & Martha I. Arnott.  Married Virginia Williams. Children: Harry Williams & William Williams. Spent most of his life in Dent County; later moved to St. Louis. 

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Apr. 12, 1916 Salem MO.
     Apr. 15, 1889 - Mar. 6, 1965.    Son of Samuel Skeeters & Louisa J. Jadwin.  Converted Dec. 25, 1908 and joined Dry Fork Baptist. Most of life spent in Dent County. (old Houston Rd.), but lived St. Louis for some time and worked as carpenter.
 CASEY    Jan. 29, 1896 - Aug. 26, 1983.    Daughter of John Casey & Barbara Frank. Was a member of Dry Fork Baptist Church. Spent most of her life in Dent County. They had one daughter Eunice (m. Ray Robnett).

SKEETERS, ARVEL     Born & died Apr. 22, 1917.    Infant daughter of Fred Skeeters & Minnie Shults.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Oct. 15, 1919.
      Nov. 1, 1894 - Jul. 22, 1974.    Son of Samuel Skeeters & Louisa Josephine Welch. 'Pvt. U.S. Army WWII'. He was a member of Dry Fork Baptist.
CASEY   Jul. 29, 1898 - Jun. 7, 1968.    Daughter of John Casey & Barbara Frank. She converted as a young lady and  joined Dry Fork Baptist. Children:  Max, Johnny, Junior, Dee, Ruthene Haffner, Azalee Winston, Hazel (m. David Dodds), Patty (m. Donald Floyd) and Peggy (m. Bill Allison).

SKEETERS, CLIFFORD MAX, SR.      Dec. 15, 1925 - May 22, 1956.    Son of Clifford Skeeters & Mae Casey.    Married Lucille M. Murray (b. 8/3/1927). Children: Clifford Max, Jr., Terry and an infant daughter (d. 1950, buried at  St. Louis). He moved to St. Louis and worked at Century Electric as a tool & die operator.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Oct. 22, 1913.
     Jun. 20, 1887 - Dec. 5, 1969.    Son of Samuel Skeeters & Louisa Josephine Welch. Lived most of his life in Dent County. He was baptized on May 25, 1913 and joined Dry Fork Baptist. When he moved to Salem he joined Oak Grove Baptist on Oct. 9, 1960.  
   Oct. 17, 1892 - Apr. 24, 1970.    Daughter of  Jodie Shults & Mary Pewitt. She lived most of her life in the Dry Fork community, the last 12 years at Salem. She converted on Jan. 3, 1909 and joined Dry Fork Baptist. Children: Arnold (md. Ula Flett, buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery), Estel (md. Mildred), Ray (md. Faye Inman), Harold (md. Hazel Butts), Rozetta Pruett LaFlamme Taylor, Gerald D. (md. Marie Plank, d. 6/3/1965, bur Cedar Grove Cemetery) & infant daughter Arvel.

SKEETERS, LAURA MAE     Oct. 26, 1897 - Dec. 27, 1932.    Daughter of Samuel Skeeters and Louisa 'Josephine' Welch. Died in Chicago, Illinois where she was employed for the last few years of her life. She converted at age 16 and joined Dry Fork Baptist.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Feb. 8, 1885 Dent County.
     Mar. 17, 1860 - May 18, 1946.      Daughter of Thomas Welch & Elizabeth C. Jadwin (buried at  Round Pond Cemetery). She converted in 1908, joined Dry Fork Baptist.
    Nov. 25, 1861 - Jan. 29, 1932.     Son of John L. Skeeters & Susan McCuan (buried at  Green Forest Cemetery). Children: Samuel Henry (d. 6/19/1907, bur Green Forest Cemetery), George Artie (d 2/4/1947, Ventura, CA), James Rochey 'Rock' (d. 8/1956, bur New St. Marcus Cemetery-St. Louis, m. Alma), Laura Mae, Fred T., Albert L., William Guy, Clifford & Virgie Elizabeth (m. Raymond Murray, both buried at  New Harmony Cemetery).

  Aug. 29, 1850 - Jan. 25, 1927.
SMITH, THOMAS J.      Sep. 19, 1823 - Aug. 24, 1906.    Children: Balis, James J., Alex, George A. (m. Irene Jones), Delia Reed.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Jun. 10, 1906.
   Mar. 9, 1880 - Jul. 6, 1962.    Son of Thomas Smith & Anna E. Morton. Bales held 3 university degrees and was an attorney, admitted to the Missouri Bar at Salem. He served as Prosecuting Attorney in Shannon County. He taught school until age 72, teaching in more than 30 schools in MO & OK.
May 25, 1884 - Jun. 2, 1971.    Daughter of James Bowers & Mary C. Butts (buried at  Bowers Cemetery). She reared her family on a farm on Barren Fork in Shannon County; she moved to near Salem abt 1964. She was of the Christian faith. Children: T. Laverne, Gertrude (m. Walter Chrisco), Gladys (m. Euel Chrisco), Leslie J., Bennie B., Lemoine F., William Lobert (buried at  North Lawn Cemetery), Ralph and Benny;

SMITH, DAVE      No dates.

SMITH, DONALD RALPH     Mar. 21, 1945 - Jun. 13, 1973.    Son of Bennie B. Smith & Margie Richardson. Spent his life in California, Oregon and the last seven years in Arizona. He converted and attended Adventist Church. 

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Jan. 7, 1930 at Atoka OK.
      Feb. 7, 1894 - Jun. 8, 1944.     Died at Erie, Pennsylvania. He was a chief engineer at Standard Oil Co., and a steamer captain on the Great Lakes.
     Jun. 20, 1908 - Oct. 26, 1942.   Daughter of Burgess B. 'Sal' Duckworth & Bessie Asbridge. She attended Dent Co. schools; converted age 11, joined Dry Fork Baptist, later joined Tower Grove Baptist-St. Louis. Children:  Doris Lorraine Barton, Ronald Edward, & Dorothy Marilyn Summers

SMITH, LEMOINE FREDERICK      Mar. 30, 1925 - May 9, 1985.    Son of Bales Smith & Lillie Bowers. Married Glenna E. Hurt (b. 8/19/1933) on Jul. 13, 1953. 'USN WWII.' He  lived in Granite City, IL for 32 years, moving back to Dent County abt 1982. He was retired from Mack Trucking Co. (32 years); a member of Calvary Pentecostal Assembly Church. Children: Sherry (m. Clarence Purcell), Ricky, Randy and Roger.

SMITH, LESLIE 'LES' JAMES     Feb. 12, 1912 - Sep. 7, 1980.    Son of Bales Smith & Lillie Bowers. Married Wilma P. Matthews (b. 6/2/1927) in 1942. Children: Janet Marie (d. inf., buried at  Chrisco Cemetery), Connie (m. Rev. Harry Chronister, Jr.), Sandra Carter, Sharon Kay (m. James Stallions), Karen Ruth (m. Gene Wallace).

SMITH, MARGIE L. RICHARDSON    Oct. 30, 1922 - Jul. 10, 1986.    Daughter of Clarence Richardson & Cora Conley. Married Bennie B. Smith (b. 4/11/1919) on Apr. 16, 1938, Dent County. Children: Bennie B. (d. inf.), Donald R., Louise (m. Marcus Flatt), Bennie Balis, Robert Lee, & Irene Alice King. She moved back to Dent County about ten months before her death from Phoenix, AZ. She was baptized in Pendleton, OR as a young woman.  

SMITH, TOMY      No dates.

SPROUSE, NANCY LORRAINE BUTLER     1865 - Feb., 1923.    Daughter of John & Francis Butler.  Wife of William Thomas Sprouse. Died in California.

STAGNER     May 14, 1915 - 1925     No information.

STAGNER     May 24, 1915 - 1925.     No information.

STAGNER, ABB       No dates.

STAGNER, ALLIE MEDLOCK       Died in 1913.    She was the 2nd wife of John S. 'Tell' Stagner. Daughter of Walter Brit Medlock & Mary Summers.

STAGNER, ALTA H.     Feb. 26, 1926 - Mar. 28, 1928.    Daughter of Everett M. Stagner & Leela E. Cox. 

STAGNER, AMERICA ELLEN      Nov. 4, 1860 - Sep. 17, 1893.    Daughter of George H. Stagner & Rozanne Shults. 

STAGNER, ARLIE ELDRED     Jul. 19, 1921 - Dec. 6, 1978.    Son of Columbus Edward 'Edd' Stagner & Anna Margaret Hoodenpyle. Married Dora L. Warden (b. 12/22/1917), 1947, 1 son Melvin (m. Jill).

STAGNER, BABY      No dates.    Infant of John S. 'Tell' Stagner & Mary Appie Moore.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Oct. 4, 1928.
     Nov. 23, 1902 - Apr. 2, 1989.    Son of George W. Stagner & Nancy 'Ada' Mounce.  Married 2nd Elizabeth Grogan Pewitt. He was a member New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian.
     Apr. 12, 1900 - Dec. 27, 1971.    Daughter of Elijah Key & Belle Warfel. Married 1st Russell Tharp. One son died in infancy (buried at  Miner Cemetery).

STAGNER, CLAUDE A.     Jul. 29, 1896 - Aug. 6, 1920.    Son of George Edward Stagner & Sarah Ann Murray.  'Mo. Sgt. 129 M.G. Battn. 35 Div. U.S. Army WWI.'

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Sep. 30, 1915.
    Sep. 8, 1890 - Mar. 8, 1977.    Son of Thomas J. Stagner & Nancy R. McElroy. Children: Hazel M., Marie H., Waunie, Arley E., Ruthene (m. Raymond Nelson), & Erma (m. Maurice Pewitt). He converted as young man at Dry Fork Baptist; Christian; life mostly spent Dent Co.
STAGNER, ANNA MARGARET HOODENPYLE      Fe. 8, 1891 - Jan. 13, 1965.    Daughter of Andrew Hoodenpyle & Nancy ____. She was a member Dry Fork Baptist.

STAGNER, BOBBY LLOYD     Born & died Jun. 1, 1941.    Infant son of Wilford Stagner (Grandson of Timothy L. Stagner).

STAGNER, COLUMBUS H.   1886 - 1890.     Son of James W. Stagner & Cornelia C. Medlock.

STAGNER, DELBERT LLOYD     Jan. 18, 1915 - Jun. 16, 1944.     Son of of Everett M. Stagner & Leela E. Cox. Married Lucille Quinley on Oct. 9, 1937. (She later married Kenneth Laughlin. Delbert and Lucille had one daughter, Judith Kay (m. Eugene Anderson). Killed in action, Italy. 'Pvt. 361 Inf. 91 Inf. Div WWII'  He was employed at Salem Light Plant & a member of the Volunteeer Fire Dept. before going to War.

STAGNER, ELIZA     No dates.

STAGNER, ELIZZIE       No dates.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married 1913.
     Jan. 5, 1884 - Jun. 19, 1959.    Son of Wiliam M. Stagner & Mary M. Grider.  He was a member of Dry Fork Baptist.
    Oct. 3, 1894 - Sep. 22, 1928.     Children:  Infant Son, Alta M., Delbert L., Gilbert A., Joseph Roy (m. Wannie Malone, buried at  Morrison Cemetery), Ray 'Pete' (d. 1977, m. June Enloe, buried at  Piatt Cemetery, Shannon Co.), Mabel Cassidy (buried at  North Lawn Cemetery), & Dorothy (m. James Hayes & Goebel); later m. Sylvia Turner,1948 (buried at  Stone Hill Cemetery).

STAGNER, GEORGE ARCH     Dec. 16, 1891 - Jan. 13, 1965.    Son of James W. Stagner & Cornelia C. Medlock. 'Pvt. 38 Ambulance Co. WWI.'  Converted, attended Salem Revival Tabernacle.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Dec. 13, 1891.
      Feb. 20, 1863 - May 3, 1928.    Son of George H. Stagner & Rozanne Shults. Member of Dry Fork Baptist Church.
Apr. 20, 1875 - Jan. 2, 1945.    Daughter of James Alexander Murray & Louisiana Peck (buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery). Children Claude A., Mable Marie, Robert Clifton (m. Bernice Shelton, buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery), Earl A. (d. 6/1978, buried at  Davison, MI, m. Ruth Kams, m. Ethel), Winnie Lee (m. Eddie Bergman), Lorna (m. Ervin Clinton), Pauline Morris.

    Jan. 28, 1822 - Dec. 21, 1911.     Son of John Stagner & Anna Hendricks (buried at  family plot - near present State Hwy. Shed, S. Salem).
Dec. 23, 1830 - Mar. 9, 1903.    Daughter of Jacob Shults (last seen AR) & Mary P. Young (buried at  Hasten Cemetery). Children: Thomas J., America E., John S. 'Tell', Polly R., George E., James W., Joseph Andrew 'Andy' (Gravette, AR), M. Columbus (m. Margaret, to Stevensville, TX), Madison Lafayett and Amy Matlock.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Nov. 3, 1901.
     Mar. 26, 1880 - Jul. 14, 1967.    Son of Thomas J. Stagner & Elizabeth C. 'Betty' Nelson. Member Dry Fork Baptist.
      Aug. 8, 1881 - Oct. 11, 1969.    Daughter of J.B. 'Buck' Mounce & Mary Wingfield (buried at  Wagner Cemetery). Children: Marvin, Clair J., Winford B., & Eunice Fowler.

STAGNER, HAZEL M.     Feb. 16, 1920 - Mar. 12, 1920.     Daughter of Columbus Edward 'Edd' Stagner & Anna Margaret Hoodenpyle.

STAGNER, HUGHIE S.    1904 - 1905.     Son of James W. Stagner & Cornelia C. Medlock.

STAGNER, INFANT     Born & died 1896.     Son of James W. Stagner & Cornelia C. Medlock.

STAGNER, INFANT     No dates.    Infant of Thomas J. Stagner & Martha E. Berry.

STAGNER, INFANT     No dates.    Infant of Thomas J. Stagner & Martha E. Berry.

STAGNER, INFANT     No dates.    Infant of Thomas J. Stagner & Martha E. Berry.

STAGNER, INFANT     No dates.    Infant of Thomas J. Stagner & Martha E. Berry.

STAGNER, INFANT     No dates or information.

       No dates.    Children: William Madison, John G., George, James, Abner, Martha, Elizabeth, Mary Jane Kinney.
       No dates.        

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Feb. 1883.
   Mar. 3, 1850 - Jan. 27, 1930.     Son of George H. Stagner & Rozanne Shults. Married 1st Carrie Hill, 1875, Dent County. 13 Children: Walter (Exenia, IL), Nathaniel A., Hughie S., Columbus H., William Esco., Arch, Ella M. (m. William H. Windland), Irby R. (m. Margaret, d. 5/4/1949, buried at  Sunset Cemetery, Edwardsville, IL), Lena Moore Abney, Martha MCKee Wearn (Burbank, CA), Joseph L. (d. 12/2/1974, Elwood, IL), Herschel (Lockport, IL), Inf.; spent life MO, IL, & IA - steel shearer. STAGNER, CORNELIA CATHERINE MEDLOCK     Aug. 8, 1860 - Jan. 3, 1933.     Second wife of James W. Stagner. She was a member Dry Fork Baptist.

STAGNER, JOHN G.     Mar. 12, 1861 - Mar. 5, 1936.    Son of James A. Stagner & Elizabeth____.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 1893 Dent County by Elder Robert A. Dillard..
STAGNER, JOHN STEPHEN 'TELL'     Jul. 21, 1869 - Nov. 8, 1949.    Son of George H. Stagner & Rozanne Shults. Married 2nd Allie Medlock, 2 sons:  Coy Stephen (dec.) & James Afton (m. Lola Ruth Hasten). Married 3rd Lela Norris Windle (buried at  Bowers Cemetery).
   No dates.    Children: Clyde, Pearl, John Gilmore, & Mont Vernon.

STAGNER, JOHN THOMAS     1857 - 1941.    A son of Thomas Jefferson Stagner.    No death record found.

STAGNER, JOHN THOMAS    Feb. 20, 1862 - Mar. 3, 1936.    Son of James A. Stagner & Elizabeth C. _____. Married Ida E. Mowder.

STAGNER, LARRY WAYNE      Jun. 2, 1942 - Oct. 17, 1942.    Infant son of Clarence F. Stagner & Mabel Parker. (father buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery).

STAGNER, LORENE R. RUSSELL     Sep. 4, 1923 - Jun. 27, 1987.    Daughter of James V. Russell & Eva Hight (buried at  Union Cemetery). She married 1st Ray Ross on Mar. 21, 1954. Married 2nd Gilbert A. Stagner (3/20/1917 - 3/2/2001; son of Everett M. Stagner & Lelia E. Cox).

STAGNER, MABEL MARIE     Oct. 27, 1914 - Sep. 16, 1918.    Daughter of George Edward Stagner & Sarah Ann Murray.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 1884 Dent County.
    Jul. 18, 1858 - May 7, 1941.    Son of George H. Stagner & Rozanne Shults. Children: George Frederick 'Fred' (m. Clara), & Timothy Levi. STAGNER, BARBARA WAMPLER     Oct. 6, 1855 - Jul. 8, 1942.    Died at age 86 yrs, 9 ms, 2 dys.    Daughter of Frederick Wampler of Tennessee. Born in Ste Genevieve Co MO.

STAGNER, MARIE H.      May 24, 1915 - Feb. 26, 1922.     Daughter of Columbus Edward 'Edd' Stagner & Anna Margaret Hoodenpyle.

STAGNER, MARTHA E. BERRY     Sep. 17, 1871 - Nov. 29, 1918.   Daughter of John Henry Berry & Nancy York. 3rd wife of Thomas Jefferson Stagner.

STAGNER, MARVIN    Jul. 29, 1905 - Mar. 8, 1958.    Son of George W. Stagner & Nancy 'Ada' Mounce.  Married Gladys D. Pewitt (d/o James H. & Anna Shults Pewitt, b. 8/7/1909. A daughter, Janet. He was a member Lindenwood Baptist, St. Louis.

STAGNER, NANCY RACHEL MCELROY     Apr. 17, 1848 - Sep. 9, 1903.    Second wife of Thomas Jefferson Stagner. She married 1st David L. Berry. Children Julia Hinch, Mollie Alton, Margaret (Mrs. Elmer Elder), Silas & Johnny Berry. Children of Thomas J. & Nancy: Colombus 'E. 'Edd' and Timothy O.Stagner.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Aug. 11, 1924.
  Jan. 27, 1895 - Feb. 12, 1964.    Son of James W. Stagner & Cornelia C. Medlock. Died at Waterloo, Iowa. m. Bessie Thresher of Glenwood Springs, CO, 8/11/1924; father of Ethel Leggett (FL).
Nov. 28, 1899 - Apr. 6, 1887.    Born in Waynesville IL; of Glenwood Springs CO; Died at Cedar Falls IA.    

STAGNER, POLLY ROSEAN     Aug. 14, 1867 - Oct. 18, 1877.     Daughter of George H. Stagner & Rozanne Shults. 

STAGNER, ROBERT PEARL     Jan. 26, 1920 - Jul. 6, 1937.    Son of Timothy L. Stagner & Georgia P. Golden. Born in Kansas City; killed in by a bull in a farm accident at Rolla.

STAGNER, SARAH JANE     1840 - Apr. 18, 1924.    Daughter of William J. Stagner & Roseana Shults. MO Death Cert.#10776 has born Jul. 7, 1859 in Kentucky; died in Dent County of influenza. Informant John Stagner of Jack, MO. Burial Apr. 19, 1924.

STAGNER, THOMAS JEFFERSON      Mar. 26, 1848 - Jul. 25, 1931.    Son of George H. Stagner & Rozanne Shults.    He died at the home of his daughter Beulah Gann. He married1st. Elizabeth C. 'Betty' Nelson in 1870 in Dent County; (she is buried at Hasten-Nelson plot). Their children were George William and Lula (m. Ebb Snider; Vinita, OK). Married 2nd Nancy Rachel McElroy Berry in 1888; their children were Colombus E. 'Edd' and Timothy O. Stagner. He married 3rd Martha E. Berry; their children were Beulah Gann Keith; Mary Frances 'Fannie' Crawford and Amanda 'Mandy' E. (m. 1) Dave Mounce, m. 2) ___ O'Rourke).

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Aug. 18, 1909.
    Apr. 10, 1887 - Jun. 22, 1947.    Son of Madison L. Stagner & Barbara Wampler. 'WWI'. He moved to St. Louis 1943. Children: Clarence Frederick (m. Mabel Parker, buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery), Robert P., Wilford (m. Marjorie), Harold Raymond (m. Willis Luster, both buried at  Round Pond Cemetery) and Helen Virginia (m. Roscoe Taylor).
     May 11, 1892 - Nov. 16, 1986.    Daughter of John Riley Golden & Jane Nelson. Married Francis M. Shults; married Porter Black (buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery). Sister of Clarence, Sam, & Oscar Golden, Gertrude Danielson, Lillian Lincoln, Myrtle Lions, Nellie Hale (CA): spent life Dent Co. & CO, KS. & St. Louis; member Dry Fork Baptist.

STAGNER, TIMOTHY O.      Feb. 13, 1889 - Jul. 30, 1976.    Son of Thomas J. Stagner & Nancy R. McElroy. Married Wilhelmina Baker Feb. 27, 1918 at Kelso, OK (buried at  Moffat, CO). Children: Allen (m. Pauline Anderson, buried at  Blackwell Cemetery) and Thomas Charles (1918-1974, m., buried at  Brookshire Cemetery, Phelps Co.). Timothy spent most his life in Dent County in the New Hope community and also lived in Oklahoma and Colorado for some years.

STAGNER, TINA GERALDINE     Nov. 23, 1946 - Dec. 27, 1946.      Daughter of Wilford Stagner. Died in St Louis.

STAGNER, WAUNIE CLEONE     Mar. 7, 1917 - Sep. 30, 1958.    Daughter of Columbus Edward 'Edd' Stagner & Anna Margaret Hoodenpyle. Died at Mount Vernon; entire life spent Dent Co.; member Dry Fork Baptist.  

STAGNER, WILLIAM ESCO     1884 - 1888.     Son of James W. Stagner & Cornelia C. Medlock.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married 1883 Dent County.
   Oct. 26, 1858 - Mar. 17, 1940.    Son of James A. Stagner & Elizabeth____.  Children:  Everett M., Mary (m. Griffin & m. James Arthur Nivens).
     Mar. 8, 1859 - Apr. 1, 1943.    Born in Bowling Green KY; member Dry Fork Baptist 60 years.

STAGNER, WINFORD B.    Jan. 19, 1909 - Jul. 7, 1980.    Son of George W. Stagner & Nancy 'Ada' Mounce.  Married Volante Devere Davis, Jun. 29, 1935 (d. 12/7/1950, buried at  New Hope Cemetery). Children: William LeRoy, Ada Eugene, Linda Geneva, Gladys Voleta, Oland Clyde, Syren Nevada, & Winfred Hershel; last m. Loma B. Curtis Petty (b. 11/11/1901). Volante later married Millard Shineman; is buried at  Jadwin Cemetery).  

STEPHAN, ALPHA NELSON     Sep. 12, 1888 - Jan. 6, 1960.    Daughter of Joseph & Betty Nelson. Died at Ponca City, OK at the home of her only son, Arthur N. Stephan. Married Jacob John Stephan on Apr. 12, 1915 (Feb. 21, 1867 - Jun. 13, 1946). She lived most of life near Salem. Converted at an early age and was a member of Dry Fork Baptist Church. John J. Stephan was married another time, either before or after his married to Alpha, and had three Children: Carl, Hannah, & Johanna Jensen. John J. is buried at  Mission Burial Park, San Antonio, TX.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Jul. 10, 1950 at Bentonville AR.
     Jul. 25, 1918 - Aug. 14, 1987.    Son of Jacob J. Stephan & Alpha Nelson. 'U.S. Army WWII'. Christian, attended Dry Fork Baptist. Married 2) Eula Gibbs Wilson, 6/24/1983, Salem, AR.
T SPARKMAN      Nov. 15, 1923 - Sep. 26, 1981.     Daughter of Charles & Hattie Sparkman. First wife of Arthur Nelson. Attended Nowata OK schools, employee Boeing Aircraft, Wichita KS during WWII; Baptist.

STEPHENS, JOSEPH ALFRED     Oct. 17, 1900 - May 26, 1993.    Son of Anvil Stephens & Josephine Maze (buried at  New Hope Cemetery). Married Audren Pewitt Mar. 17, 1924. One daughter, Bernice (m. Harold Steelman). Lived New Hope community most of his life; served Dent Co. Commissioner 4 yrs.; active in Corinth Baptist.

SUMMERS, BRANDON NATHANIAL     Mar. 6, 1982 - Mar. 8, 1982.    Infant son of Mike Summers & Martha Bryson. Brother of Michael Summers.

SUMMERS, CARL DAVID    Aug. 8, 1925 - Dec. 13, 1944.    Son of Nicholas 'Walter' Summers & Ollie Isabelle Pewitt. Killed in action, Germany; WWII Pvt. 309 Inf. 78 Div.

SUMMERS, CLESTIAL E.      Nov. 5, 1922 - Apr. 16, 1991.    Daughter of Nicholas 'Walter' Summers & Ollie Isabelle Pewitt. Member Dry Fork Baptist.  

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Aug. 22, 1920 Dent County.
'      Dec. 18, 1901 - Sep. 29, 1988.    Son of Andrew Summers & Caroline Stewart. Children: Walter Etsel (d. inf.), Merlin, Carl, Kenneth & Clestial E. He was a member of Dry Fork Baptist.
      Oct. 12, 1903 - Nov. 15, 1984.    Daughter of David Pewitt & Ellen Manning. Joined Dry Fork Baptist 1919. She was a correspondent Dry Fork News & The Salem News.

SUMMERS, MARLIN DEE  Son of Walter & Ollie 5/16/1924 - 4/4/1949, St. Louis, WWII Pfc. 555 AAA Auto WPNS Bn. Cac.; attended Draughon Bus. College-Springfield; left fiancee, Darlene Wilson, Long Lane (to be married 4/2/1949).

SUMMERS, KENNETH ANDY 'JIGGS'  2/23/1928, Jack - 5/14/1992, Salem, Son of Walter & Ollie; m. Betty Pryor, 1949, 3 Children: Patty (m. Clinton Medlock, m. John Dunlop), Mike, & David (m. Teresa Dooley, m. Lisa Smith); attended Dry Fork Baptist many yrs.  

TIRMAN, INFANT     No dates.

TOMLIN, EDWARD L.     Died in 1959.  (No Missouri death certificate found)

TUCKER, JACK      No dates.

TUNE, BABY     No dates.    Infant of John Tune.

TUNE, VICKIE      No dates.    'Baby'

TURLEY, ERNEST     Mar. 24, 1927 - May 17, 1991.    Son of Richard Turley & Lottie Sparks. Married Irma Lee Edmonds Jun. 3, 1984. Brother of Edna Parcell, Carol Swofford.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married in Apr., 1917.
VALE, JOHN JOSEPH    Nov. 30, 1886,  - Jul. 30, 1961.    Son of Nicholas Vale & Ellen Cummins. Born in County Waterford, Ireland. Children: Jack, Ardell and David. He moved to Dry Fork community about 1955.
May 5, 1895 - Aug. 3, 1982.

WARREN, ARLEY GREENE     Mar. 2, 1926 - Oct. 3, 1972.    Son of Daniel E. Warren & Nancy Elders (buried at  Brown Cemetery near Black). Married Elsie Cook Patterson, Sep. 1, 1951. Children: Danny & Arlene Buckley; step-father of Sharon Cook, Larry Cook (buried at  Green Forest Cemetery), Connie Cook Brown, & Charlotte (m. Bill Floyd). Brother of Clifford & Arvil and two brothers who died in infancy. He lived at Maplewood; Christian, member Corinth Baptist.

WATKINS, LOUIS A.     Apr. 16, 1889 - May 31, 1926.    Married Esta Ferguson Sep. 7, 1919. Father of two sons and a daughter. He converted at age 17; joined Pentecostal Church. He moved to Kansas in 1918 and back to Dent County in Sep., 1925. Brother of Bob, Mamie Hutton, & Virginia (of Jack MO).

WELKE, VIOLET AGNES SHOEMAKER     May 10, 1899 - Jan. 18, 1987.    Daughter of James Wesley Shoemaker & Daisy Coates. Born at Linksville, WI. Mother of Martha (m. Jack Roberts, d. 1991, Boise, ID), James Krachey (dec.), Christine Rompel (dec.), Patricia (m. James Snarr), Don Krachey (m. Nadine) and Eleanor (m. Mac MCKinney). Sister of: Lionel & Marie Shoemaker. She was a member of Winfield Baptist, Winfield, MO.

WESTERMAN, WILLIAM 'BILL'      Dec., 1852 - Apr. 20, 1911.    Son of W. B. Westerman (Bedford Co TN) and Louisa Dobbs (Bedford Co TN). Married Matilda 'Tilda' Gregg. Born in Iron Co MO. Widower; retired farmer. Died of pneumonia. Informant John Green Westerman of Jack, MO. MO Death Cert.#13922. Burial Apr. 24, 1911.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married 1890 Dent County.
    Nov. 5, 1848 - Jun. 4, 1940.    Son of William Westerman & Matilda 'Tilda' Gregg. Children: William B., Toba, Elgia (m. Clarence Payne), Tilda (m. Clarence Wines, buried at  North Lawn Cemetery), & Mamie 'May' (died in infancy).
Dec. 22, 1856 - Sep. 26, 1920.    Married 1st Andrew H. McCole. Children: John, Emma (m James Shelton), Josie (m. E. O. Woods, buried at  Cedar Grove Cemetery) MO Death Cert.#28981-a had dates Dec. 23, 1857 - Sep. 27, 1920. Parents unknown to informant Toba Westerman of Jack MO. Burial Sep. 28, 1920. (There were other families of the surname Kee in Dent County, some from Tennessee, some from Indiana.)

WESTERMAN, WILLIAM BEDFORD      Nov. 27, 1897 - Jun. 10, 1929.    Son of John G. Westerman & Sarah C. Kee. Died in St. Louis.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Jan. 7, 1918 Salem.
WESTERMAN, TOBA       Dec. 4, 1891 - Oct. 13, 1973.    Son of John G. Westerman & Sarah C. Kee. Born at Hartshorn. 'Pvt. U.S. Army WWI.'  He spent his entire life in Dent County except for military service during WWI. He was a member of American Legion & Dry Fork Baptist.
SKILES      Aug. 17, 1898 - Mar. 26, 1978.    Daughter of Ephraim Skiles & Emma Fox (buried at  Mount Herman Cemetery). She was a member of Dry Fork Baptist. Children: Lloyd, Jesse (m. Lois), Bill (m. Shirley), Johnny 'Bob' (m. Artie), Eugene (m. Karen), Charles (m. Pat), Mildred (m. Carl Meier), Lois (m. Claude Hubbs), Bernice (m. Roy Fox), & Rosalee (m. Chester Summers) and three children who died in infancy.

WESTERMAN, DONALD CARROLL      Oct. 21, 1936 - Dec. 12, 1936.    '1 month 21 days.'    Premature infant twin son of Toba Westerman & Marion Skiles.

WESTERMAN, INFANT    Stillborn Oct. 21, 1936.    Premature infant twin daughter of Toba Westerman & Marion Skiles. (Twin of Donald Carroll).

WESTERMAN, INFANT    1923 -1928.           Child of Toba Westerman & Marion Skiles. 

WESTERMAN, LOUIS A.     Only date, born 1926.    No information.

WESTERMAN, LOYD WAYNE      Apr. 24, 1925 - Oct. 27, 1981.    Son of Toba Westerman & Marion Skiles.  'Pfc U.S. Army WWII.' Died of accidental gunshot wound. Married Donna Dooley. Children: Gale Boland, Gary, Toby, Renee Greenshields, & Bryan. Donna last married a Taylor.

WETHY, JONAS ELLROY     May 25, 1937 - Mar. 27, 1992.    Son of Harold Wethy & Mary Bishop. Born in Pontiac, Michigan. Married Gracie Darlene Burke Mar. 14, 1958. Children Harold, Eddie, & Danny. He was employed at Amax, and later was a truck driver. He was a member of the National Guard for 33 year. Member Dry Fork Baptist.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Feb. 28, 1930 St Louis.
WHITE, RAYMOND L.     Nov. 1, 1904 - Oct. 6, 1977.    Son of Joseph Henry White & Sarah Harmon (buried at  New Hope Cemetery). .Married 2nd Opal G. Hendricks Garrett, Sep. 4, 1951 at Salem AR (she died Nov. 25, 1987, is buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery). Raymond lived at Salem the last 26 years. Was a  member Nazarene Church.
   Oct. 18, 1906 - Jul. 1, 1950.      Daughter of James H Pewitt & Anna Shults. Married 1st ____ Keithly. Daughter Earlene (m. David Steelman). First wife of Raymond White. She was a member Central Church of Nazarene.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married 1907.
      Jun. 28, 1877 - Nov. 22, 1954.    Born at Bellair, OH. RR man many yrs., to Salem 1945 from IL; member Baptist Church, Madison,IL; bro. to:  Bert, Edward, Alice Layne.
Jan. 20, 1888 - Jun. 24, 1988.    Daughter of James W. Stagner & Cornelia C. Medlock. She was a member Salem First Baptist.

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