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This cemetery is located near the Crawford-Dent county lines.

This was copied from "Ozark Heritage Dent County Missouri Area Cemeteries & Families" Vol III 1994 by Ken Fiebelman of Salem, MO.

Reprinted with the permission of Ken Fiebelman on behalf of the Dent County Historical Society

, JR.     Mar. 23, 1824 - Jan. 14, 1886.    Son of Sampson Hillard Dotson, Sr. (born about 1787 in Virginia) & Ruth Sellers born 1797 in North Carolina). Sampson Hillard was born in Tennessee and died at Big Huzzah Creek, Dent County.  Sampson, Sr. was the son of James Sellers (1759 – 1842, Grainger Co TN). DOTSON, S. CLEMENTINE 'TINE' HARRIS     Born ca. 1827.    Daughter of Thomas Harris & Mary McMurtrey Harris (buried at Old Dillard Cemetery).

Children: Elliza Jane (m. Dr. L. J. Luten, Indian Doctor, 6/11/1889, Dent Co., moved to Poplar Bluff, and-first lived in Luten Hollow near Dillard); William Harris (1858 - 1902)  (m. Mrs. Polly Ann Brooks Sizemore); James Thomas (m. 1) Mrs. Sarah Hardeman Clark,, and 2) Katherine Dyer; both are buried at Boss Cemetery); Mary Elizabeth (buried at Hedrick Cemetery, m. Hiram Hedrick); Ruth Melvina (m. William Hedrick, both buried at Boss Cemetery); Robert Marion 'Bob', (m. Vinie Hedrick, both buried at Hedrick Cemetery); Nancy Angeline 'Ann' (1862 - 1911) (buried at Boss Cemetery, m. 1) Allen Tinker, 2) James Todd, Sr.); Daniel (m. Cora Louemma Delashmit, and moved to Carollton, IL); Arminta (m. James Lustipher Hedrick; had  three children died in infancy - Samson Houston, Andrew Jackson, & Rebecca A. and all three are buried at the Boss Cemetery; James then married Margaret 'Peggy' Laramore; she is buried at the new Dillard Cemetery., Zachariah M. (d. 11/10/1862 Benton Barrack, Pvt. In Civil War), John, Samuel Houston (1864 - 1868); M. M. (male); Andrew Jackson (1864 - 1970); Robert Marion (1872 - 1928); Rebecca A. (1873 - 1874). The Dotson family moved from Grainger Co. TN to Crawford Co. before 1850.

SHORT, INFANT    Child of Elmer Short & Vada Hedrick.

SHORT, INFANT    Child of Elmer Short & Vada Hedrick. (Elmer & Vada are buried at the Boss Cemetery. These are the great grandchildren of Hillard & Tine Dotson.

These are the only graves here.

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