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 This was copied from "Ozark Heritage Dent County Missouri Area Cemeteries & Families" Vol III 1994 by Ken Fiebelman of Salem, MO.

Reprinted with the permission of Ken Fiebelman on behalf of the Dent County Historical Society

ABERNATHY     No dates.     Child of William C. Abernathy & Flora Cummins.

     No dates.    His mother’s maiden name was Summendyde. He married Maria Hake and their children were William, Flora, Elma (m. William C. Abernathy), Lucia Phoebe (m. John Franklin Wingfield and had two children, Pat & Mabel), Ida Anthony (m. A. Wingfield Leonard - Flora & Ida both are buried at Wagoner Cemetery), Laura, Mayme (m. Maarvin E. Gorman, lived Mansfield; she was an artist), Elmer, ?James (died 8/4/1921, at his home east Salem, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery). This family emigrated from Dublin, Ireland to Warren, Ohio, and then on to Dent County. He made 3 trips back and forth before staying in Dent County. He was a violinist who traveled with the Jenny Lind Shows.
HAKE      No dates.    The Hakes were of Dutch descent. Her parents lived in Dent County before moving to Hartville. She was a sister of Margaret Arminta 'Mint' (m. John Henry Taylor, is buried at Rector Cemetery), Laura Ann (m. Hamlet Clark, is buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery ), Lou Johnson (of Hartville), Lib Nichols (of Hartville), Saul (d. young, m. Mary M. Carver in 1873. Mary M. later married John E. Thompson in 1894 in Dent County by G. W. Bay, J.P.); Quimbey (d. young, m. Anna Carver who later m. Samuel B. Young in 1882 in Dent County); Levina (m. William Potts in 1870 in Dent County). The Hake Family lived in Cleveland, Ohio, then moved to Dent County about 1870. Mrs Hake’s maiden name was Workman; she was of German descent.

CUMMINS, ELMER     No dates.    Infant son of James A. Cummins & Maria Hake.

CUMMINS, LAURA     No dates.    Daughter of James A. Cummins & Maria Hake. Never married.

CUMMINS, WILLIAM D.     Died on Sep. 27, 1895 at the home of his father, James.

*This cemetery is now lost. It was located on Pat & Mabel Wingfield’s property. Mabel said she thought Grandpa & Grandma Hake were buried here. Others say they had moved to Hartville.

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