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 Cedar Grove Cemetery on the Current River

 Kell Graveyard

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This was copied from "Ozark Heritage Dent County Missouri Area Cemeteries & Families" Vol III 1994 by Ken Fiebelman of Salem, MO.

Reprinted with the permission of Ken Fiebelman on behalf of the Dent County Historical Society



  HUSBAND & WIFE: Married Mar. 25, 1848 at McMinn TN.
JAMES     Jun. 9, 1828 - 1892.    [Dates from online database] Son of Samuel Thomas Cook, Sr. & Elizabeth _____. Born in NC. F.A.G. has born in 1816, date of death unknown. Often referred to as Samuel 'Thomas', no records exist indicating his name was 'Thomas'. However, census records in 1850 and 1860 clearly display his name is JAMES. His tombstone still stands today and, while severely deteriorated, inscribes (in cursive) 'S J Cook, Bornd NC 1816' (this date may be suspect). My father (James' grandson) stated he believed his name was James and that he was a blacksmith. 
Wooliver     1823 – bet. 1893-1905.    Born in North Carolina; parents born South Carolina, Jane was sister of Dovie L. Rasor.F.A.G. has dates born 1825, died sometime after 1900.


COOK, JAMES QUINTON    Feb. 4, 1924 - Jul. 4, 1924.    Son of Eli Cook & Lulu Faust. Burial Jul. 6, 1924.

COOK, JAMES MONROE 'J. M.'    Nov. 25, 1851 - May 12, 1923.    Son of Samuel Thomas Cook & Jane M. Wooliver. Born in North Carolina; died at Current, Dent Co., MO. Married Iona Mae Winesburgh (she is buried at Ashley Creek Cemetery),

COOK, JOHN THOMAS     Sep. 20, 1857 - Nov. 26, 1954.    Son of Samuel Thomas Cook & Jane M. Wooliver. Married 1) Climsy Ann Reed, 2) Evaline 'Sally' Shelton Halbrook.

COOK, ROBERT SIDNEY     Oct. 1, 1845 - Oct. 22, 1928.    Son of Samuel Thomas Cook & Jane M. Wooliver. Married 1) Martha M. Medlock, m. 2) Martha 'Belle'. Pewitt) both buried at Green Forest Cemetery.

COOK, ANVIL      Died young.    Son of James M. Cook & Iona Mae Winesburgh.

COOK, FANNIE       Died young.    Daughter of James M. Cook & Iona Mae Winesburgh.

CRABTREE, E. E.     No dates.    No information.    Not listed at F.A.G.

DEADRICK, DANIEL     Only date 1848.

HUSBAND & WIFE:   Married Feb. 2, 1881


DERRYBERRY 'DAYBERRY', THOMAS WILLIAM      Aug. 6, 1861 - Apr. 26, 1836.    Son of Joshua D. Derryberry(Confederate Army Civil War, killed Pleasant Hill, LA, 4/9/1864) & Elizabeth C. Bain Derryberry (buried Smith Cemetery Near Hartshorn, Texas Co., daughter of Frederick & Susannah Bain). Thomas & Tenna had ten children: Phoebe Emberline (married Johnnie E. Freeze, is buried  Ashley Cemetery); Ben G. (m. Pearl Welch,  is buried  Jadwin Cemetery); Eli Harden (m. Laura A. Woodward, buried Cedar Grove Cemetery); Rena Josephine (married Sig Hancock, is buried at North Lawn Cemetery); Harve A., Ruth Alzenia 'Zenie' (married Lee Ondo Asher, is buried at North Lawn Cemetery); Ella Callie(m. Roy Sanford Kirkman, both buried at Boone Creek Cemetery at Licking); Riley J. (m. Virginia F. Foust, buried Green Forest Cemetery0; Henry Dow (m. Viola May Jones, buried at New Hope Cemetery); Mamie, died in infancy. Thomas William was a brother of Daniel (m. Marinda Asher, d. near Cedar Grove), Susannah Catherine (married Jarred Norris), George William (m. Phoebe Caroline Prince), David Andrew (m. Grabilia Arminda Norris, lived Hartshorn), Victoria Jane (Mrs.
Stephen A. Huskey), robert “Bob” Ace (m. Melinda Elizabeth Asher, 10/10/1882, Hartshorn); homesteaded along Current River below Montauk .

        Aug. 19, 1861 – Sep. 16, 1941.     Daughter of Monroe Andrew Freeze (son of Peter Freeze) & Capiah L. 'Tiza' Hysie Nancy Wooliver (Indian blood); sister of John Ellis (m Martha Gray, both  buried  Mount Herman Cemetery); Jake (killed as young man, m. Martha Mooney; she is buried here); Mary Ann (m. Andrew Kell, and buried at Boone Creek Cemetery at Licking); Lucinda  'Lucy' (moved to Winona, married Wilson Nickles, 1882, Dent Co.); Amanda; Nancy Jane (married James Russell Mooney, both are buried at Ashley Creek Cemetery); and Betsy.



DERRYBERRY, HARVEY A.     Feb. 17, 1890 – Feb. 28, 1976.      Son of Thomas William Derryberry & Tenna Katherine Freeze.





FARRIS, JOHN MADISON      Dec. 10, 1861 - Aug. 17, 1930       Died at home near Rector.  Son of Madison Farris (KY) & (looks like) Martha Richardson (New Haven, Franklin Co MO). Born in Owensville, Franklin Co MO. Widower of Clara Farris. Informant on MO Death Cert.#28839 was Jack Farris, Rector, MO. Burial Aug. 19th. NOTE: Clara's death certificate is almost illegible in some arreas; she is buried at Akers. She died Mar. 27, 1921. Jack Farris also was informant; he was probably their son.

GURNEY, DORA ELIZABETH RASOR HOLLAND    Nov. 2, 1903 - Nov. 1, 1982.    Daughter of James Thompson Rasor & Emma Elvira Leonard. Married 1st Franklin Mollis Holland; 2nd Clarence Travis Gurney.

HARRIS, MARY 'ANN' COOK PRUITT     1851 - 1889.    Daughter of Samuel Thomas Cook & Jane M. Wooliver. Married John Peter Pruitt.

HARRIS, ROSA J. COOK     1855 -                Daughter of Samuel Thomas Cook & Jane M. Wooliver. Married Edward Harris in 1878, Dent County.

HARRIS, LAVINA D. COOK    1848 -             Daughter of Samuel Thomas Cook & Jane M. Wooliver. Married Henry H. Harris, 1879, Dent Co.)

HODGES, UNKNOWN    Only date, died May 16, 1879.

LEONARD, MARION     Born & Died Mar., 1889.    Twin (of Andrew) son of William 'Henry' Harrison Leonard & Mary Jane Rasor Leonard.

HUSBAND & WIFE: Married in 1887 in Dent County.
LEONARD, MARY 'JANE' RASOR     Aug. 11, 1865 - Jun. 26, 1951.    Died at her home in Dent County. Daughter of Silas Rasor & Dovie Wooliver. Converted at an early age, joined Free Will Baptist. They had seven sons: John (buried  New Hope Cemetery , James (buried  Berry Cemetery , Andrew (buried North Lawn Cemetery  Caleb (buried  Green Forest Cemetery , Marion, 2 boys died in infancy.
LEONARD, WILLIAM 'HENRY' HARRISON      Oct. 7, 1855 - Jul. 5, 1930.    Son of Moses Jr. (b. OH, s/o Moses Sr. & Sarah) & Johanna Christine Huffman (both d. AR). 'Henry' was born in Iowa. The family moved to Missouri in 1885.Died at his home near Montauk. 

MCCRAY, APION; D/ 5/20/1876, wagon train, IN to Hutchinson KS

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Sep. 20, 1863 in Texas Co MO.
       Apr. 22, 1841 - Mar. 19, 1908.    Son of Hardin Pruitt & Mary Louise Lawson. Born in Reynolds County; died at Salem. After Mary's death in 1874 he married a second time, in 1875 in Shannon County, to Nancy Jane Watson, the daughter of William W. Watson & Peggy Tripp. He and Nancy had many children; she is buried at Bethany Cemetery in Parsons, Labette County, Kansas. Note: F.A.G. has born 1843. Hardin Pruitt is buried at Licking. John Peter had 21 children; 5 from his first marriage to Mary Ann; one is Gilbert, who is buried at Green Forest Cemetery; the other four were Warren H., Mary F., Martha and Rosa 'Laurancy' (married W. D. McCurdy of Texas County in 1893 in Dent County at Jane Cook's by I. M. Randolph, J.P.). He had 16 children with Nancy; some of those are Charley, Barney and Lishie.
COOK    1841 - 1874 or another source has 1851 - 1889.    She was the daughter of Samuel James Cook & Jane M. Wooliver Cook. 

   PRUITT, L.     No dates or information.


RASOR, ANDREW JACKSON      Aug. 5, 1858 - May 30, 1881.    Son of Silas Marion Rasor & Dovie Lavina Wooliver. Born in Shannon County.

HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married about 1856.
RASOR, DOVIE 'LOVINA' WOOLIVER    Feb. 14, 1831 - Jan. 11, 1906.    Daughter of Jacob Wooliver & Mary Hoover. Born in Iredell County, North Carolina; died at Cedar Grove, Dent County, Missouri.
     Dec. 12, 1838 - Jul. 5, 1921.    Son of George Rasor & Betsy Jane Rutledge. Born in Franklin Co IN. (George Rasor was son of Peter Rasor born in New Jersey, who was the son of George Rasor & Frances Adair. Children: Mary Jane (1865-1951, m. Harrison Leonard); Andrew Jackson (1858-1881);  Johnnie Roberts; William 'George' (1862-1943); James Thompson (buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery at Salem); Nancy Ann (1867-1947). Brother of Elizabeth Rasor (m. James F. Cole), William George Rasor and Frances (m. Thompson Hodges). The Rasor family settled in Shannon County in 1845. Note: Peter Rasor may be buried in Howell Cemetery near Current River. 

RASOR, ELVIE     Born & died 1910.    Son of James Thompson Rasor & Emma Elvira Leonard. Age 2 wks.

RASOR, EMMA ELVIRA LEONARD     May 6,1872 – Jul., 1910.    Daughter of Moses Leonard & Joannah Christina Huffman Leonard. Married James Thompson Rasor in 1891. Children: Elvie, Ollie E., Josephine 'Josie' (8/12/1892 – 6/3/1983, buried at Mount Auburn Cemetery inGreenville IL, m. Charlie Pruitt, Salem, 3/10/1912); Floy Freddie (m. Roxie Schafer) & Leslie Edward (m. Gusta I. Schafer) both buried at Green Forest Cemetery); Dora Elizabeth (m. 1st Franklin M. Holland & 2nd Clarence Gurney, is buried at Cedar Grove-Salem Cemetery); Marion Silas (m. Maggie Elizabeth Crabtree, is buried at Patterson Cemetery). J. T. later remarried to Lizzie, the widow of John Summers, and he married a third time to Nora Julia; both are buried at Cedar Grove-Salem Cemetery.

RASOR, MAGGIE KELL MUSCOTT    1878 - 1917.     Wife of James Thompson Rasor. She was married to a Muscott first and had two sons and one daughter. She and James Rasor had son, James Vernon (1912-10/11/1988, and he is buried at National Cemetery in St. Louis. He was married first to Mattie L. Jackson and second to Gladys Nola Riley).F.A.G. lists some of her children as Josephine Pruitt (1892-1983), Ollie Ethan (1896-1944), Floy Freddie (1899-1963), Leslie Edward (1901-1978), Dora Elizabeth Gurney (1903-1982) and Elvie (born & died in 1910).

RASOR, NANCY ANN      Dec. 29, 1867 - Mar. 22, 1947     Daughter of Silas 'Marion' Rasor & Dovie 'Lovina' Wooliver. She did not marry, and remained a single woman the entirety of her life. She lived most of her live near Montauk, but lived the last two weeks in a nursing home in Hillsboro, Missouri. She was preceded in death by two brothers, Marion and William, leaving one brother and one sister to mourn her death. Burial was held at Cedar Grove Cemetery. 

RASOR, OLLIE ETHAN     May 15, 1896 - Feb. 10, 1944.    Son of James Thompson Rasor & Emma Elvira Leonard. Married Minnie Thomason. Daughter Eunice (m. Jim Allen). (Minnie was previously married to a Crabtree and had a son, LeRoy; and married a third time to Andy Pryor). 'WWI, MO Pvt 10th Trench Mortar Btry, 10th Div'

RASOR, SARAH MARGARET KELL MUSCOTT    1878 - 1917.    Daughter of James H. Kell & Elizabeth Pruett. Married 1st Walter H. Muscott; 2nd James Thompson Rasor (1870 - 1946).

RASOR, WILLIAM GEORGE  'BILL'     Sep. 7, 1862 - Jun. 2, 1943.    Son of Silas 'Marion' Rasor & Dovie 'Lovina' Wooliver. Born in Dent County; died near Darien in Dent County. Married Nancy Rebecca 'Becky' Berry. (She is buried at Berry Cemetery). Bill spent most of his life near Montauk.

SMITH, RACHEL     Only date, Oct., 1841.    Thought to be daughter of Alec Smith. 

WILSON, AMANDA FLORENCE COOK    Sep. 6, 1851 - Sep. 18, 1929.    Daughter of Samuel Thomas Cook & Jane M. Wooliver. Married Henry Wilson, 1882, Current Twn., Dent Co.

*A negro is buried in this cemetery, also a couple who died in the Civil War, leaving 1 daughter who walked to Rolla to find relatives; Riverside post office was located near here.

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