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NEAR ANUTT, DENT COUNTY Also known as old Wright Graveyard  ( Location: Highway O, .9 miles west of Anutt)

This was copied from "Ozark Heritage Dent County Missouri Area Cemeteries & Families" Vol III 1994 by Ken Fiebelman of Salem, MO.

Reprinted with the permission of Ken Fiebelman on behalf of the Dent County Historical Society


BAKER, GEORGE W.      Died Jan. 8, 1858, age 13 days.    Son of James & Katherine Baker.


BAKER KEZIAH ARTHUR    Nov. 29, 1831 - Aug. 8, 1900      Daughter of William Arthur (12/16/1796 VA – 1/16/1885) & Sarah Adams Arthur (1/13/1800 KY – 1/17/1863). Married William Henry Baker (he died during Civil War); mother of: Rhoda C. Marsh (buried at Weber Cemetery); Mary Elizabeth (married Calvin P. Karnes, buried at Anutt Cemetery); William Henry; Marshall C. and Margaret Stogsdill; (see Anutt Cemetery)


BAKER, MILDRED LEE     Jun. 4, 1904 - Apr. 19, 1906.    Daughter of  William Henry Baker & Elizabeth F. Mace Baker.


     Jul. 24,1826 – Oct. 17, 1862.    Married Esther Keeton; children Nancy C. (b. 1849), William A. (b. 1862), Milton C. (b. 1863) BREWER, ESTER KEETON     May 6, 1828 - May 26, 1859.     Daughter of  William & Sophia Keeton. Born at Vinton OH. Wife of Isom S. Brewer.


CAMPBELL, ROBERT      No dates.    Son of Monroe Campbell & Henrietta 'Sis' Harris. (Monroe was the son of Robert Campbell. Henrietta was the daughter of Robert L. 'Letchie' Harris.


GOLDEN, MARGARET     Jul. 12, 1833 - Sep. 16, 1870.    Wife of David Golden.   


H., R.    May, 1866    Only initials carved on rock


HARRIS, MRS.    No dates.     2nd Wife of Robert 'Letch' (he is buried Weber Cemetery with 3rd wife)


     Aug. 30, 1791 – Mar. 11, 1871.    Born in Virginia.    Children Martha Bowen (b. ca 1828, mother of Amanda), Esther (married Isom S. Brewer), William, David (b. c1834), Elizabeth A. (b. c1849 Vinton Co. OH, married John D. Watkins, 8/26/1866, Dent Co.---she could be Martha’s dau.); WilliamSr. 2nd married Serilda McCuchen (b. 1835 Phelps Co.) 10/10/1869, Dent Co.; William Sr. had bro., John Keeton; from OH to IA & in Dent Co. by 1860.
Sep. 16, 1801 - Aug. 8, 1868.    Born in Virginia; died in Dent County, Missouri.


KEETON, WILLIAM      Dec., 1831 - ca. 1915.    Son of William & Sophia Keeton. Born in Vinton County, Ohio; died in Lenox-Anutt area; married Amanda Melvina England Dec. 11, 1853 at Vinton County, Ohio. (She was born Feb., 1836 at Vinton County, Ohio and died about 1922 in either Oklahoma, or Dent County, Missouri). Their children:  Sidney  & Alice, both buried at Old Union Chapel near Lake Spring; Mary S. Kistler (b. c1855 OH, nother Joseph Kistler, b. c1880); William J. (b.1858 IA, d. 1934, buried OK, married 1st Mary A. Allison who is buried Anutt Cemetery; married 2nd Susy—children Charles E. married Rosa & William Jr.), Lillie Dale (married Lorenzo D. Wiggins, buried Mount Hermon Cemetery); William (d. 1934, buried OK, married Mary A. Allison who is buried at Anutt Cemetery).


WRIGHT     No dates.


*There are 3 soldiers buried here together, wrapped in blankets---during
Civil War.



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