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This was copied from "Ozark Heritage Dent County Missouri Area Cemeteries & Families," Volume III, 1994 by Ken Fiebelman of Salem, MO.

Reprinted with the permission of Ken Fiebelman on behalf of the Dent County, Missouri Historical Society.


BACE, GEORGIA       No dates.    Daughter of John W. Bace & Rachel I. Laramore Bace.


BACE, JESSIE    No dates.    Daughter of John W. Bace & Rachel I. Laramore Bace.(possibly more Bace children buried here)


HUSBAND & WIFE:  Married Aug. 4, 1864.
BACE     No dates.    Daughter of John W. Bace & Rachel I. Laramore Bace. Married Wesley Carroll, mother of Rainy Carroll & Mary Bangert.
    1867 - ___.    Son of William Carroll, Jr. & Mary Frances Clements Carroll. Brother of Amanda (married Eugene Wooliver, buried North Lawn Cemetery), Mary, & Lucinda Jane Isabelle (1869 – 1947, married Andrew Douglas Conaway, 1883, both buried Freeman Cemetery, Cherryville); Mary F. Clements was sis. to Cindy Farmer & lived with Loyd Jacksons on 1860 Dent Co., census


COLTER, JOHN .    No dates.    Killed in Civil War days on Hutchins Creek, had money buried.


LAMPKIN(S), LEWIS THORNTON     Oct. 9, 1836 - Mar. 7, 1879.    Married Ellen Holvery Hooper, 1861, Dent County. Children: Samuel Edward 'Ellis' 'Doc' (OK), Lewis J. (Granite OK, prison warden, minister of Church of God, Sand Springs OK); Thomas; J. W. 'Will' (Nowata OK, married 1st Mary Eddington, 1890, Dent Co. by T. D. Hughes; had 1 child buried on Esco Bowers farm, J. W. Married 2nd Rose Mahurin Lampkin); Alfred; Julia; Albert 'Ab' (married 1897 Dent County by Rev. J. H. St. Clair); & Sarah Margaret Elizabeth (married Mike Mounce, 1884, Dent County, married William A. Stropp of Blue Jacket OK, she is buried at Monterey CA); Lewis T. (was Soldier Union Army, Civil War); Ellen Lampkin, later married Joseph Baker of Reynolds County on Mar. 26, 1885 in Dent County, he is buried at Baker Cemetery on Black River; children Seaf (Lampkins) Baker.


Died 1906     Daughter of Robert Wooliver & Margaret Mills Wooliver. Wife of Thomas Lampkin.
LAMPKIN, THOMAS     Died 1898.    Son of Lewis T. & Ellen Lampkin. married Barbara Ellen Wooliver Dec. 6, 1880, at Dent County by E. W. Fortune J. P. Children Margaret 'Maggie' (married Harvey Martin buried Bethany Chapel Cemetery, Shannon County); Mary Elizabeth 'Mott' (1879 – 10/12/1968), buried Allen Cemetery at Raymondville, married George William 'Bill' Martin, who d. Jan. 27, 1934, buried Pleasant Site Cemetery at Fremont, Carter County, son of Wesley Martin Turley & Sarah Martin Reeves Turley, and brother of Harvey Martin), Charley (buried Shannon Co.), Amanda Emmaline 'Emma' (married Tom Mounce, buried Cedar Grove Cemetery); Eliza 'Lide' (married Lee Mounce, married Otis Herren, she is buried in St. Louis); Mary and Bill had 10 children - Sarah Ellen (married Robert Honea, d. St. Louis), Madge McBey, Emma Pearl (1907 – c1925, buried Pleasant Site Cemetery), Coy (married James Russell, d. St. Louis [childbirth], Minnie Ethel 4/5/1913, Howes Mill – 6/7/1993, Wichita, KS, buried Pine Lawn Cemetery – Houston), Charles Carl (1915 – 1919), buried On Current River, Eminence), James Charles (b. 1922 – d. St. Louis, buried Pleasant Site Cemetery) Katy Blanch (b. 1919, married Bill Conley), Betty Jane (1925 – 1984, CA, married Floyd Fagan), & Thomas Harold 'Pepper Martin (b.2/9/1928); Bill Martin moved his family to Midco Carter Co. from Howes Mill.


SHOVEL, WILLIAM      No dates.    Chairmaker on Hutchins Creek.


WOOLIVER, BELLE BACE      No dates.    Daughter of John W. Bace & Rachel I. Laramore Bace. Second wife of Robert Wooliver, who is buried at Wagoner Cemetery.


WOOLIVER, INFANT    No dates.    Child of Robert Wooliver & Belle Bace Wooliver. 


WOOLIVER, WILBER     Died young.    Son of Robert Wooliver & first wife Eliza Strictlin Wooliver. (Eliza is buried at Bowers Cemetery).

*Thought to be around 40 graves in this plot.

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