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Some border cemeteries close to the county line in neighboring counties are also listed. 

Note from Ken Fiebelman

31 Jan 2005

The cemetery information submitted from my books  to the website is outdated.  The information was taken from the cemetery book in l994 and many additions, corrections, and additions were made in the 2nd Edition, 2000, which includes over 100 more pages.  Currently I have copies of Vol. 3, 2nd Edition;  Vol. 4, Ozark Hills Friends and Neighbors, (this includes counties around Dent which includes genealogies not in Dent Co. book); Vol. 5, pictorial, 3200 photographs, and Vol. 6 (just off the press), 500 pages of history and pictures.   I do get the other books from estates at times and interested persons need to check on what I have if they want a particular book. Ken Fiebelman


Akers Cemetery      On Current River, Near Akers Ferry

Anderson Plot      Near Montauk, Missouri

Anutt Cemetery      Near Anutt, Dent County, Missouri.  originally called Victor Cemetery

Asher Plot      Near Gladden, Dent County, Missouri

Asher Cemetery      Near New Harmony Baptist Church, Boss Missouri

Ashley Creek Cemetery      Near Montauk, Texas County, Near Dent County Line

Bace Graveyard      Kettinger Farm on Hutchins Creek

Baker-Campbell Plot      Near Anutt, Dent County, also known as old Wright Graveyard

Baker Plot      on Black River, Reynolds County, Near Greeley

Barksdale Cemetery      Upper Meramec Valley, Max Community

Barlet Plot      Howes Mill, Missouri

Barnes Cemetery      4 miles NW of Salem, Missouri

Bass Family Cemetery      Jadwin, Missouri

Bass Gravesite      Northwest of Salem, Dent County

Bay Cemetery      On Sinkin Creek (A Highway) near Bunker

Bedwell Cemetery      On Barren Fork Creek, Near Gladden, Dent County

Belew Plot      Ed Hogan Farm, Northeast of Salem, Missouri

Bell Cemetery      Near Seaton, Phelps County, Missouri

Berry Cemetery      On Dry Fork, Southwest of Salem, Dent County, Missouri

Bethlehem Schoolyard Cemetery      West of Salem, Missouri, Highway 32

Black Cemetery      1/2 mile into Phelps County, Missouri

Black-Null      aka Miller Cemetery       Located in Watkins Township

Blackwell Cemetery      Norman Township, North of Salem, Missouri

Bonebrake Chapel Churchyard         aka Bethel Cemetery

Boss Cemetery      Boss, Osage Township, Dent County, Missouri

Bowers Cemetery      On Hutchins Creek, Osage Township, Dent County, Missouri

Bowman Family Plot      On present Bender Farm, West Dent County, Missouri

Bressie Plot      Spring Creek, Sanford Inman Farm, Dent County, Missouri

Brooks Family Cemetery      On Barney Creek, Near Boss

Brooks Plot       Antioch Community, Dent County, Missouri

Bunker City Cemetery      Bunker, Missouri, Near Dent-Reynolds County Line

Burnett Cemetery      At Gila, Missouri on Sinkin Creek at Burnett's Mill

Butts Cemetery      East of Salem on Meramec River

Byars Family Cemetery      Near Montauk, Missouri

Cage Cemetery      Old Cage Schoolyard, Jadwin Community

Callahan Plot      Near Round Pond, Watkins Township

Callahan Plot      2 miles South of Lennox, Dent County Road 252

Callahan Cemetery      Near Greeley, Reynolds County

Camden Grave      Near Will Sellers Home at Boss, Missouri

Camden Cemetery      Near Boss, Missouri

Campbell Plot      On Highway 32 West Near Rhyse, Missouri

Carr Cemetery      Bentin Creek Community, Crawford County, Missouri

Carty Cemetery      Hobson Community

Cavanaugh Cemetery      7 miles North of Salem on Highway 19

Cedar Grove Cemetery     On Current River at Cedar Grove aka Kell Graveyard, aka Derryberry Cemetery

Cedar Grove Cemetery      [External Link] Salem City Cemetery, Salem, Missouri

Cedar Hill Cemetery      Highway H., Phelps County, Missouri

Chapman Cemetery      Near Bunker, Missouri

Chapman Plot       Located 1 1/2 miles South of Lecoma, Dent County, Missouri

Childers Plot      On Lorse Gray Farm, Upper Parker Community

Clark Graveyard      On Big Huzzah above Boss, Gurney Wisdom Farm

Clark Cemetery      Arisman-Parker Farm, Stone Hill, Missouri

Clay Place      Short Bend Township

Clements Farm Plot      Near Buick, Iron County, Missouri

Cole Cemetery      Near Montauk, Current Township, Dent County, Missouri

Collins Plot      On Pigeon Creek near Dent-Texas County Lines

Conway Grave      On Post Oak Flat near Indian Trail Park, Osage Township

Cook Plot      On Eli Cook Farm near Montauk

Cooksey Cemetery      Short Bend Community, North of Salem, Missouri

Copeland Plot      On Old Green Sapaugh Farm on Sinkin Creek in Mendenhall Hollow

Copeland Cemetery    Gill Community, Meramec Valley

Coppedge Cemetery      On Dry Fork, Lake Spring, Missouri

Corinth Cemetery      Jadwin, Missouri

Cotner Cemetery      Short Bend Community

Crabtree Grave      Montauk, Missouri

Craddock Plot      Near Dent-Phelps County Lines, Phelps County, Missouri

Crossville Cemetery      aka Adams Cemetery.  Near Bunker, Missouri, Reynolds, County

Cummins Family Plot      In East Salem on Wingfield Property

Cummins Graveyard      Near Old Metham School, Southeast of Salem

Cureton Plot      At Red Point on Dent      Iron co. line

Daugherty Plot      On Gladden Valley

Davis Gravesite      In Montauk Community

Day Plot      On Crooked Creek near Bixby on Strictlin Farm

Delcour Cemetery      Meramec River, Dent County near Cook Station

Dent Cemetery      Near Dent's Ford on Meramec River

Dotson Cemetery      Bixby, Iron County, Missouri

Dotson Plot      On Big Huzzah Creek below Boss, Missouri

Drummond Plot      Hawkins Bank Community, Dent County, Missouri

Dry Fork Cemetery      Jack Community, Dent County, Missouri

Edgar Cemetery      Deep Ford Community, Dent County, Missouri

Ellis Cemetery      Short Bend Community, Dent County, Missouri

Emory Plot      Near Zion Church, West Dent County

Empire Cemetery      Gladden Community, South of Salem, Missouri

Enke Cemetery      Near Lennox, West Dent County

Enon Baptist Churchyard      Near Barnitz Lake, Near Lennox

Fink Farm      On Hobson Road, Near Lake Spring

Fipps (Phipps) Plot      On Highway C, 2 1/2 miles East of Anutt

Fraser Cemetery      On Lost Branch, North of Salem, Missouri

Freeman Plot      Near Bangert, Missouri, Dent County

Freeman-Chapman Cemetery      Near Lennox

Fudge Family Plot      On Pigeon Creek, West Dent County

Gibbs Cemetery -Northeast of Salem, Missouri, Near Gano

Gray Cemetery      On Barren Fork, Dent County

Greeley Cemetery      Near Bunker, Head of Black River, Reynolds County

Green Plot      aka Negro Cemetery     Otis Sellars Farm, Howes Mill, Missouri

Green Forrest Cemetery      Darien Community, Dent County, Missouri

Gregory Family Plot      Northwest of Salem, Missouri

Grubb Family Plot      On Benton Creek, Near Winkler Bank, Phelps County, Missouri

Halbrook Family Cemetery      Custer Community, Dent County

Hall Farm Site      Later John Hedrick Farm near Boss, Missouri

Hanson Cemetery      Old Zion School District, Near Boss, Missouri

Hardison Plot      On Raymond McDonough Farm

Harris Plot      On Highway 119, West of Salem

Hasten-Hill Cemetery      On Love Farm, 5 miles Southwest of Salem

Headrick Plot      Anutt Community, Watkins Township, Dent County

Hedrick Cemetery      On Crooked Creek, Near Bixby, Iron County, Missouri

Hepsoda Churchyard      Current Township, Near Montauk

Herndon Plot      Private Land NearOld Crossroads Schoolhouse

Hight Cemetery      Old Mosser School District, Dent County

Hines Cemetery      4 Miles West of Salem, Farm settled about 1850

Hodges-Howell Cemetery      Howell Hollow Near Current River, Akers

Hogan Farm      On Barney Creek near Boss, Missouri

Hoodenpyle Cemetery      9 miles Southwest of Salem, Missouri

Horner Cemetery      Bangert Community

Howell Cemetery      On Delmond Cooley Farm, 5 miles West of Salem

Hughes Family Cemetery      Howes Mill on Little Huzzah

Hutchings Plot      On Jim Wisdom Farm on Bucksnort, near Boss, Missouri

Hutchings Plot      On Roy Floyd Farm on Bucksnort, Near Boss, Missouri


Hutson-Walker Cemetery      Near Sligo on Crooked Creek

Inman Family Cemetery      Round Pond Community, Dent County

Jadwin Cemetery      Jadwin, South of Salem

Johns Cemetery      On Herb Jones Farm, West of Salem off Highway D

Johnson Cemetery      Joy-Rhyse Community, West of Salem

Keffer Plot      At Campbell's Hump, Lincoln School District, Crawford County

Kell Graveyard    aka Derryberry Cemetery; aka Cedar Grove Cemetery

Kissock Cemetery      Off Highway C, West of Salem

Kitchen Cemetery      Lennox Community

Lake Spring Cemetery      Lake Spring

Lamb Cemetery      On Old Rhinehart Farm, Near Seaton

Lampkin Grave      Esco Bowers Farm, Hutchins Creek

William H. Land Yard      Near Max, Missouri

Lay Cemetery      Mt. Dyke  School District, Near Midway Baptist Church

Hamilton Lennox Private Cemetery      Section 17, T 36, R7W, Phelps County

Lewis Plot      On Gladden Valley, South of Salem

Long Plot      Highway 32 East

Lucas/Mitchell Cemetery      Near Spring Creek, North of Salem

Maple Grove Cemetery      On Crooked Creek, Dillard-Viburnum Area

Mathews Plot      Nothaus Farm West of Salem

McCarter Cemetery      Naer Turtle, Dent County

McMurtrey Cemetery      On Meramec River Near Stone Hill

McMurtrey Farm Plot      On Meramec River East of Salem

McNeill Cemetery -Vernon Dent Farm, On Dry Fork, West of Salem

McSpadden Cemetery      On Meramec River, North of Salem

McSpadden Slave Plot      West of Salem, Later Julia Love Property

Medlock Graveyard aka Old Gladden Valley Baptist Church    Rector Hollow

Methodist & First Christian Churchyards      Downtown Salem

Miller Cemetery      Antioch Community, Southeast Dent County

Miller Cemetery      On Wofford Farm, Antioch Community

Mills Grave      Near Indian Trail State Park, Northeast Dent County

Miner Cemetery      Doss Community, South of Salem

Miner Plot      On Ridge Northeast of Bixby in Iron County

Mitchell Cemetery      West of Salem on Highway H

Mitchell Cemetery      On Highway H, 3 Miles East of Edgar Springs

Montauk Cemetery      In Montauk State Park

Morrison Cemetery      Hawkins Bank-Seaton Communities, North of Salem

Moser School Plot      Near Salem, Behind Old School Site

Mounce Family Cemetery      Water Fork Community, East of Salem

Mount Herman Cemetery      Lennox Community

Mount Olive Cemetery      Montauk, Near Dent-Texas County Lines

Nelson Graveyard (Cool Springs Cemetery)      On Meramec River

Nelson Schoolyard Graveyard      Devern Wisdom Farm, Howes Mill

New Harmony Cemetery      At New Harmony Baptist Church, West of Salem

New Hope Cemetery      South of Salem

North Lawn Cemetery      North of Salem on Highway 19

O'Connell Plot      Near Zion Church On Highway 32 West, Rhyse Community

Pace Family Cemetery      Northwest of Salem

Painter Plot      On Sinkin Creek, Near Gila

Parker Cemetery      On Head of Little Huzzah Creek Near Howes Mill

Parker Farm Plot      On Big Huzzah Creek, Near Boss

Patterson Cemetery      On Pigeon Creek Near Montauk

Peterek Plot      1 mile East of Salem On Family Property

Pinto-Watson Cemetery      On Meramec River, Martin Hart Farm

Plank Bank Iron Ore Mine Graveyard      Northwest of Salem

Potter Site      Linn Township Near Old Antioch School

Priest Plot      On Pigeon Creek

Radford Cemetery      Marcoot, 20 Miles Southeast of Salem, Reynolds County

Rector Cemetery      Rector, Shannon County Near Dent County Line

Reed Cemetery      Near Dent     Phelps County Line

Renaud Cemetery      Between Anutt and Edgar Springs

Rice Plot      On Spring Creek near Old Eden Post Office

Richards Family Cemetery      Near Bixby, Iron County

Roberts Cemetery      Near Dent-Phelps County Line

Roberts Grave      South Dent County

Roberts Cemetery      Sligo-Cook Station Area, Crawford County

Rocky Ford Cemetery      On Fiebelman Farm, Howes Mill, Missouri

Roseberry Cemetery

Round Pond Cemetery      At Round Pond Baptist Church, West Dent County

Samples - Nevins Cemetery      aka Bushwhacker Cemetery; Near Dent-Phelps County Line on Old Samples Farm

Schermesser Farm Cemetery      Near Indian Trail State Park, Sligo

Scotia Cemetery      At Old Nova Scotia Iron Works, Dent County

Scott Cemetery      On Nolan Dunlap Farm, Near Lake Spring

Shannondale Cemetery      Highway 19, Shannon County

Short Cemetery      On Barren Fork, Haverstick Farm, Near Gladden

Simms Plot      On Old Young Farm On Dry Valley, East of Salem

Sligo Cemetery      Near Old Sligo Furnace Company, Sligo

Smith Cemetery      Near Gladden on present Halbrook Farm

Smith Hollow Grave      South Dent County

Smith Plot      Near Doss, Missouri

Sparks Family Plot      Antioch Community, Linn Township

Springer's Mill Plot      Near Mint Spring, Short Bend Community

Stagner Cemetery      South of Salem

Stagner Plot      Southeast Edge of Salem, Near State Maintenance Building

Steelman Plot      Cedar Grove, Missouri

Stephens Plot      New Hope Community

Stone Hill Cemetery      Meramec Township

Story Gravesite      In Yard of Family Home, Antioch Community

Strauss-Haas Plot      Deep Ford Community

Sturgeon Plot      Near Lake Spring, Later O'Day Farm

Summers Cemetery      On Dalrymple Farm, Gladden Valley; aka Aunt Jane Summers Graveyard

Swicegood Farm

Swiney Cemetery      On Sinkin Creek, Near Bunker

Tharp Cemetery       1 Mile East & 1/2 Mile North of Lenox

Thompson Gravesite       In New Hope Community, South of Salem

Tom's Creek Cemetery      On Tom's Creek Near Bunker, Reynolds County  (Parks family burials)

Tucker-Estep Cemetery      On Tom's Creek Near Bunker, Reynolds County

Tune Cemetery     aka Old Craddock Cemetery      On Spring Creek

Turner Plot      Near Bunker, Dent County, Missouri

Union Cemetery      On Dry Fork, 6 Miles East of Salem

Union Chapel Graveyard      H.E. McGinnis Farm, near Lake Spring - a/k/a Bingham Graveyard

Vance Family Plot      In Gladden Community, Dent County, Missouri

Victor Cemetery      see Anutt Cemetery

Wagner (Wagoner) Cemetery       aka Old Leonard Graveyard       Northwest of Salem

Walker Cemetery     Near Salem, Dent County, Missouri

Wallis Cemetery      On Family Farm, Rhyse Community, Dent County, Missouri

Warden Cemetery      Metham School District, Dry Valley Area, East

Watson Plot      On Jim Cummings farm      Thompson Farm near Bunker, Missouri

Weber Cemetery      Anutt Community

Welch Plot       Round Pond Community on Putman Farm

White Plot      Located Rhyse Community, near Zion Church, Dent County, Missouri

Williams Cemetery      On Barney Creek Near Boss on Highway 32

Wofford Cemetery      Located West Ozark Community, Dent County, Misouri

Wofford Cemetery      Located in Lennox Community, Dent County, Missouri

York Plot      On old family farm on Dry Fork, near Berry Cemetery

Zion Cemetery      Highway 32 West of Salem, Rhyse Community 


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