This page is for Dade County Marriage Records.  Please send what you have to Katy Hestand.  PLEASE add DADE CO. MG to the subject line or it may get deleted or I won't know what county it is for.   The Dade County courthouse burned in 1860. The only marriage records that have been printed are some from 1860 -1887 or 89.

PENNINGTON, John Barton  to Sarah Elizabeth HEMBREE April 7, 1841--(EJM)

MITCHELL, Walter S. to  Amerca HEATH 5 May 1841--(SS)

TURPEN, William  to Emily P. POLLIN 6 May 1841--(SS)

WARD, Robert M.  to Luvonia BOWLES 1 June 1841--(SS) 

MORRIS, Andrew  to  Catharine HUDSPETH 26 Jan 1842--(SS)

PARRIS, Jacob B.  to Mary E. FAIRES 11 Jan 1844--(SS)

BERRY, John L.  to Mirande BOWLES 14 Mar 1844--(SS)

POLL, William  to Elizabeth SCOTT 14 Sep 1845--(SS)

SCOTT, Woodford  to Rebecca JONES 18 Dec 1845--(SS)

PRIDDY, Benjamin  to Nancy J. SCOTT 14 Feb 1846-(SS)

SCOTT, Radford  to Highly B. HUDSPETH 19 Apr 1846-(SS)

SPILMAN, William K.  to Mary E. STILL 21 May 1846--(SS)

HUDSPETH, Rufus  to Frances SCOTT 12 Aug 1846--(SS)

CATES, Sr., Nowell  to Marry SNADON 13 Aug 1846--(SS)

DIVINE, Andrew Jackson, son of Thomas Lee DIVINE Jr. and Elizabeth AVANS, to Amanda F. MCGAUGHEY, 1847--(TS)

SCOTT, Jessie F.  to Sarah POINDEXTER 7 Mar 1847--(SS)

SPEAR, Pleasant  to Emily HAYS 8 Apr 1847--(SS)

SPEAR, Matthias  to Almary HUDSPETH 20 May 1847--(SS)

HARRIS, Samuel  to Martha Ann CARR 6 Jun 1847--(SS)

JOHNS, Joseph T.  to Martha L. DUSTON 1 Aug 1847--(SS)

SATER, Charles W.  to Nancy COX 9 Sep 1847--(SS)

SCOTT, Philip  to Melzina HALL 21 Oct 1847--(SS)

POINDEXTER, William  to Margaret POLLIN 13 Jan 1848--(SS)

WILLIAMS, Joseph  to Maranda PENN 10 Feb 1848--(SS)

HUSHAW, Mayfield  to Mildred BROWN 4 Sep 1851--(SS)

HUDSPETH, Andrew D. to Amanda M. F. MALLORY 10 Nov 1852--(SS)

BATES, Owen W. to Emillia MILLS 15 Mar 1854--(SS)

RANDOLPH, D.P. to Julia Ann BROOKS 30 June 1855--(SS)

SIMMS, James  & Nancy J. LAXTON 23 Sep 1855--(SS)

BURNEY, Alson Stafford m Amanda E. PATTERSON, 13 June 1858--(MH)

DIVINE, James Marshall, son of Alfred DIVINE and Artemisia MCNABB, to Parthenia FANNING, daughter of Thomas FANNING Jr. and Harriett Lydia EMMONS, 15 June 1863 --(TS)

VAN HOOSER, John Newton to Minerva Elizabeth LOGAN 24 Dec 1863, Dadeville--(K)

SMITH, Wesley to Mary Louise GRANT, daughter of William Jordan GRANT and Mary P. STOCKTON, 31 Aug 1864--(TS)

PINNER, David  to Matilda BLAIR, December 29, 1864--(SR)

REYNOLDS, John Dickson to Mary Frances JONES, 5 Feb 1865 by Henry Hampton, JP, Wit: W. L. Reynolds (brother) & Noah Henry.  John was from Prairie Twp. Newton Co., AR--(RR)

FANNING, James K. P., son of Thomas FANNING Jr. and Harriett Lydia EMMONS, to Ozina DIVINE, daughter of Alfred DIVINE and Artemisia MCNABB, 25 May 1865--(TS)

DANIELS, John W.  to Martha Ellen HAMPTON,  July 20 1865-(J)

DIVINE, Thomas J., son of William Waddy DIVINE and Jemima WHARTON, to Nancy Clayton GRANT, daughter of William Jordan GRANT and Mary P. Stockton, 14 Jan 1866--(TS)

GREENE, Richard  to Joanna GIPSEN BROWN (widow of George W.or M.Brown) 2 Mar 1866--(NMA)

ROSS, A. J. (Abijah Julius) m. Mary E. (Electa) JEROME, 25 Feb 1866, (EAR)

FREEZE, Sarah Emeline to MELCHER, Casper 4 Mar 1866 Dade Co-(PTE)

WATSON, Lindsey William  (2) to Sarah E HAMPTON, Aug. 26 1866-(J)

RIGGS, Lewis  to Melvina McMILLEN, 18 Oct 1866, Theodore McConnell, J.P. --(FR)

FREEZE, James Anderson to LONG, Nancy 4 Nov 1866 in Bona-(PTE)

DIVINE, Radford C., son of William Waddy DIVINE and Jemima WHARTON, to Phrana Y. RUSSELL, daughter of Miles Malone RUSSELL and Sarah Jane FANNING, 22 Nov 1866--(TS)

WHTHROW, Nepalian B. to BAKER, Margrete M., 1 Jan 1867 by  Henry Smith, J.P.--(DB)

POINDEXTER, Zedack to BAKER, Missouri A., 17 Jan. 1867 by  Henry Smith, J.P.--(DB)

LAWSON, Samuel to FARRIER, Sarah,  21 Feb 1867--(EAE)

HOOFMAN, Frederick to Sarry Jane ROGERS 21 Feb 1867--(DH)

CRAIG, William Francis to Clemenza C. DIVINE, 12 July 1868--(TS)

BELL, Silas to Sarah Elizabeth GRISHAM--30 July 1868--(SF)

MOORE, Benjamin F. to Mary R. DAVIS 27 Aug 1868--(SS)

RENFROW, Lewis to Mary FINLEY 24 Sep 1868--(SS)

RENFROW, Joseph H. to Jarloo MERRICK 18 Oct 1868--(SS)

FRIEND, John Jr. to Margaret DIVINE, daughter of Alfred DIVINE and Artemisia MCNABB, 14 Feb 1869--(TS)

SPAR, Absalom  to Lucy SPRINGER 21 Feb 1869--(SS)

HUFFMAN,  Henry J. to Mary J. ARBAGAST 11 Mar 1869--(DH)

STUDDARD, William A., son of J. STUDDARD and Sarah HARRELSON, to Sarah Frances GRANT, daughter of William Jordan GRANT and Mary P. STOCKTON, 12 Mar 1869--(TS)

HAYWARD, William D. to Mary W. WILSON, daughter of Francis M. WILSON and M. J. MONTGOMERY, 28 Mar 1869--(TS)

SUTER, William F. to Lucy SCOTT 25 Apr 1869--(SS)

HOFFMAN, George L. to Martha A. CAMPBELL 6 Jun 1869--(DH)

FREEDLE, Robert Clark, son of David FREEDLE and Martha MCNABB, to Emily Texanna DIVINE, daughter of James Calhoun DIVINE and Matilda WEBB, 28 Oct 1869--(TS)

PRIDDY , Joseph to Jane HOOVER 2 Jan 1870--(SS)

HAGEN, W. Butler to Matilda Caroline DIVINE, daughter of William Waddy DIVINE and Jemima WHARTON, 6 Feb 1870--(TS)

FREEZE, Angeline, to CHANEY, David 27 Nov 1870 Dade Co-(PTE)

BARKER, Charlie W. and Eliza AMOS m. 24 Apr 1872 by C.G.  Snyder, JP--(DB)

GIBSON, Anna Serilda -m- YOUNTS, John Joseph - 10 Jan 1873--(CW)

BAKER, William R. of Polk Co. and Ann GRISHAM m. 22 Oct 1873 by J.M. Gaunt--(DB)

HAMPTON, William A.  to  Aliana WATKINS 1 February   1874--(J)

FARRIER, Henry W. m. Rachel W. LAWSON 3 Sept 1874--(EAE)

ANDERSON, William H  Sarilda G HAMPTON,   March 9 1875--(J)

GIBSON, Ester Beatrice -m- MALLORY, William Jesse - 10 Nov. 1875--(CW)

LUNSFORD,George Washington m. Mary Elizabeth, ASBELL  19 Dec 1876--(FA)

CRAIG, William Francis to Texanna DIVINE, 22 Feb 1877--(TS)

MARTIN, John C.  BAKER, Nancy M.,  26 Feb. 1877--(DB)
BAKER, Thomas J. and Roda Elen RABURN m. 29 July 1877 by  Elder L.L.--(DB)

DIVINE, Andrew Jackson, son of Thomas Lee DIVINE Jr. and Elizabeth AVANS, to Mary E. ORRELL, 12 Aug 1877--(TS)

BAKER, James M. and Martha J. BELL m. 4 Oct 1877 by D.C.  Easton, JP--(DB)

HAMPTON, Albert Lewis to Martha E JEFFREYS October 14 1877--(J)

WHITE, Eber  to Sarah Jane (Sallie) OWINGS March 5, 1878 probably Arcola--(JR)

FARRIER, John m Fannie POINDEXTER 15 July 1878--(EAE)

COOK, John Peterson toMathilda HAMPTON, November 3 1878--(J)

HALL, Abner and Miss Josie COTNER  m, 16 Nov 1879 by W.Z.T. Kimber M.G.     Bk. A, p.313--(CH)

FREEZE, Richard Denton to PERKINS, Emily 1880 Dade Co-(PTE)

HICKMAN, Alexander M.  to BAKER, Louise m. 28 Mar 1880 by  Joseph W. Carmack--(DB)

HAMPTON, John Erwin married Mary E HURST July 18 1880--(J)

FARRIER, I. J. m. Elizabeth KEENER 26 Dec 1881--(EAE)

SHIELDS, William P. and Kate E. BELL were married in Greenfield MO on September 26, 1882 at the Bride's father's house by Rev. R.  L. Vamiece{SP} and witnessed by J. W. McBride and F. A. McBride--(BS)

RUSSELL, Maranda R  married Martha E LIEVSAY October 8 1882--(J)

BURLISON, Aaron  to Mary Lou Ann VANDERGRIFT August 5th, 1883 Everton--(JR)

BLANKENSHIP, John Preston to Mary Caroline MOTE, 23 Sep 1883 in Dadeville, Dade Co., MO--(MP)

LEISURE, Owen to Martha HANLON,  24 November 1883--(RM)

GLENN, George W. m. Mina COLCLASURE 21 Nov. 1884--(B-TC)

ALLISON, Mathias Wesley to Mary Virginia HAMPTON, Dec. 24 1884-(J)

HAMPTON, Frank  married (1) Luncinda J SHIPLEY Jan.18 1885--(J)

GIBSON, Rachel Jane -m- RILEY, Farris Andrew - 30 Jan 1885--(CW)

KAELKE, William H. to Elise (Eliza) SCHAERER on 31 March 1885--(Joy)

FARRIER, Charles H. m. Geneverie STOCKTON 25 Feb 1886--(EAE)

STEARMAN, John Franklin to Melvina V. SANDERS, Nov. 28, 1886--(JK)

FREDERICK,  James md. Matie Viola WATSON, February 23 1887--(J)

BROWN, James A.  & HALL, Candance both of Greenfield m. 4 July 1887 by W.E. Shaw M.G. p 429.     Book B   page 33--[CH]

CRISWELL, William Butler married POTTER, Rumina Elizabeth (Bet) December 1887 at the home of the bride in Everton.--[JC]

DANIEL, William Blueford  to Artie Susan MANIS November 4 1888--(J)

BISHOP, Jesse Jasper to   Alma Etta CLAYTON   10 May 1889--(RM)

HAMPTON, Hugh I  married (1) Sarah Price RENFRO(2) Jemina CUNNINGHAM Nov. 26 1890--(J)

CARTER, Thomas  to Martha LEISURE1 May 1891--(RM)

LINVILLE, Edgar Montie m Clara Clementine COMPTON, 09 December 1891 in Greenfield.--(MH)

JONES, Edward G to Lida Pinka WATSON, December 24 1891--(J)

HAMPTON, Henry T.  married Juda A. McINTURFF December 27 1891--(J)

LAWRENCE, Joseph Milton to Effie WATSON, Nov. 10 1892--(J)

HASLER,  Kasper  to Margareta WETZEL, 11 May 1893, near Golden City, MO, by Charles Guanther, M.G.; [entered] for record May 13, 1893--(LH)

BURNEY, Elbert L. m Maggie COMPTON, 15 August 1893--(MH)

DAVIS, James E.  md. Naomi F. HOLMES,  2 Nov 1893--(NH)

HAMPTON, Frank  to (2) Lillie J. SHIPLEY November 7, 1893--(J)

DICKEY, James Alexander to FREEZE, Mary B. 23 Dec 1894 in Bona-(PTE)

HUNTER,W.J. to Martha CARTER15 November  1895--(RM)

MITCHELL, Ira Ammon to Ida Belle POLSTON,  February 1 1896--(J)

VAN HOOSER, James Isaac to Lucy Jane WILLETT 19 Mar 1896-(K)

DANIEL , James Henry married Lillian FRENCH May 1 1896--(J)

PALMER, Francis Willard  and Iva Ruth SCOTT; Sunday, February 13, 1898 by the Christian Church Elder D.E. Palmer (no relation) --(JL)

WATSON, Otto Joseph  to Millie D'Aubrey BURNETT April 11 1899-(J)

McLERRAN,Ben F  to Susan Lemira WATSONSeptember 5 1900--(J)

CALMER, Theodore  to POLSTON, Ella,  October 31 1901--(J)

BURNEY, William Chalmers m Ella Mae WARREN, 07 November 1901 in  Everton--(MH)

HAMPTON, Charles Mitchell  to Mary S. VINCENT March 16 1902-(J)

GIBSON, Samuel M. -m- Dora Ethel Shieds Breeding - 31 July 1902--(CW)

DECKER, John Ray (Arcola) m. Ora VANLANDINGHAM (Omer) Cedar Co. on  12 Aug 1902 at Arcola, Dade Co., MO   (JD)

POE, W N (2) married Sarah E HAMPTON, October 2 1902--(J)

ELFRITS, Willis Bertin m Nettie May BURNEY, 10 January 1904 in Everton--(MH)

BURNEY, Flora Alnora m Al Cander UNDERWOOD, 09 April 1905 in Everton--(MH)

JEFFREYS, Albert Sidney   to Clara RUSSELL, April 26 1905-(J)

BURNEY, Ollie Anna m Charles M. GRISHAM, 24 December 1905 in Everton--(MH)

BURNEY, James Miley Stafford m Nora Anna GRISHAM, 27 December 1905 Everton--(MH)

BURLISON, Eller  to Marguerite Parlee LeMASTER July 12, 1906 Arcola--(JR)

ROGERS, Frank to  Maud May WATSON, September 18 1906-(J)

HAMPTON, Walter Lee  married Effie RUSSELL June 30 1907--(J)

STOCKTON, William D. to Oma GILMORE, 23 May 1908, Greenfield, MO--(DN)

BURNEY,  Alfred Emery m Matilda Ann GOODMAN, 06 August 1909 in   Everton--(MH)

FRIEZE, Jessie Eunice to WILLIAMS, Claude Elmer 5 Dec 1909 in Bona-(PTE)

COMPTON, Obediah E. to Ella Priscilla BURNEY, 25 December 1910 in     Everton--(MH)

GOODMAN, John Quida m Grace M. SPENCE, 02 April 1911 in Everton--(MH)

LOWE, Henry Lewis to  Lillie Alice FREDERICK,April 2 1911--(J)

WATSON, John William to Lotta WILLIAMS June 29 1911--(J)

BURLISON, Isaac L.  to Hattie Elvira WHITE Oct. 24, 1911 in Arcola--(JR)

BISHOP, Iley R. to Emma E. McCUBBIN,   21 Janurary 1912--(RM)

BELL, John H. to KAELKE, Elsie D., 18 Mar 1912--(Joy)

STANLEY, Homer  to Laura RUSSELL, October 15 1912--(J)

TUTTLE, Dudley  to BURNEY, Seba Aquilla, 13 July 1913 in Everton--(MH)

BURLISON, Clarence  to Miss Pearl KIMES April, 1915 Arcola--(JR)

NICHOLS, Thomas P. to GOODMAN, Nancy Elizabeth, 12 December 1915-(MH)

TUTTLE, Clyde Harrison to  ELFRITS, Willa Mila,  21 July 1916 Everton--(MH)-(LLH)

BERRY, Leonard & Eva Lucinda CROUCH md. in Corry, Mo., 21 Oct 1917 by JP, Morris Miller.               Witnesses were Charlotte Jane Crouch, her mother, and Golden Berry, his sister.   Eva                was b. 19 Oct 1900, Leonard was b. 23 Apr 1891--(MFB)

JONES, Lindsey Thomas  married Iola Mae HICKEY June 23 1920-(J)

JEFFREYS, George  married Ora Geneva HARPER July 23 1933-(J)

RUSSELL, Fred B  married Thelma Irene FREEDLE January 4 1923-(J)

WATSON, Loda Morgan  to Anna Mae BEACH Dec. 23 1925--(J)

WILLIAM, Rev J T  married Martha E RUSSELL, March 7 1926--(J)

SEXTON, Herman Milton to Margaret Thelma ESTUS, June 16, 1928-(PS)

WILSON, Roy  married Gertrude HAMPTON, June 1932--(J)

GLOVER, Everette T. to Mary Marie BURLISON, May 15, 1939 in Greenfield--(JR)

BURNEY, Harry Clifford m Roberta EVANS, 20 September 1941 in Everton-(MH)

SNIDER, Kent Aubrey to  HARPER, Regina Marie,  14 June 1953 in Everton-(MH) -(LLH)

LEONARD, Andrew  to Elizabeth Farmer SUTTON September 30th 1884 at courthouse in Greenfield--(GK) 

GORGES, John  to Mary Anna OSENBAUGH 1901--(AH)

TRIPLETT, John A.  to Sarah Ann RENFRO Feb 8, 1849 in Dade Co(WG)

LANEY, John(son of George W LANEY and Harriet Miverva WOOD)  to Ellen FREEDLE(daughter of Baptist FREEDLE and Meather Matilda DIVINE) Dec 1, 1887 in Greenfield,Dade Co(BH)

LANEY, James Roy(son of John LANEY and Ellen FREEDLE)  to Ruth Jane FOX(daughter of Andrew Jackson FOX and Ida Mae PATTON) March 24, 1917 in Dade Co(BH)

COULTER, Thomas A. to Ladicy (Dicy) J. FAULKENBERRY(daughter of Isaac and Edith FAULKENBERRY) July 17, 1864 in Dade Co (LT)

HENRY, Elijah to Frances Ellen MORRIS(daughter of Jessie Elender MORRIS and Ann Harriet MATHEWS) January 30, 1876 in Dade Co (RJ)

MORRIS, John Wesley(son of Jessie Elender MORRIS and Ann Harriet MATHEWS) to Lavisa Jane Couch PETTYGREW) November 30, 1871 in Dade Co (RJ)

OWINGS, Robert M. to Margaret Adeline WHITE September 14, 1859 (MT)

HOOVER, William Carroll to Amanda Cantrell ALLISON (daughter of Major James ALLISON) March 15, 1849 in Greenfield (JJ)

HOLDER, William James b 1835 Madison Co., AL d (disappeared) 1869 Camden Co., MO married Lucina CARR 4 Oct 1854 at Turnback Creek, Dade Co., MO.

Lucina CARR b 1832 Morgan Co., MO d 8 Jan 1902 Denver Co, CO (SA)


STURDY, Ferrell to Martha STAPP, August 20, 1876, Dade Co, Missouri (LA)


JOPES, William Harrison to BOWLES, Catherine Elizabeth, September 11, 1855, Dade Co, MO (WJ)


CAIN, George Hugh to VANCE, Jewel Martha Bell, May 12, 1898, Dadeville, Dade Co, MO (M-P)


SPENCER, Pleasant George to TERRELL, Mary Jane, February 2, 1898, Dade Co, MO (RIR)


DUNCAN, David Waldo (son of John and Katharine Duncan) to WILSON, Ardena (daughter of Francis M and Margaret Wilson), February 22, 1866, Dade Co, MO (JEC)


GARDNER, John Wm. (son of Thomas H. & Frances E. Gardner) to CONKLIN, Martha Dean (daughter of George W. & Mary C. Conklin) on May 11, 1897 in Greenfield, Mo    (SM)


William Franklin Grider to Nancy Ellen Vaughn  Nov 28, 1867

William Franklin Grider to Mary Matilda Ann Gilmore  Apr 6, 1887

James Oliver Gilmore to Nancy Jane Campbell   Sept 12, 1869

Gordon Hampton Mayberry to Margaret Ann Gilmore  Mar 23, 1873

William Alfred Gilmore to Mary Elizabeth Kier   Sept 18, 1889

John H. Gilmore to Emma Bell Shipley   Mar 11, 1891

John William Higgins to Nancy Newton Grider  Dec 17, 1869

Linville Higgins to Lucy May Weir  Dec 17, 1896

John Riley Grider to Jane Higgins  Nov 2, 1869

Forest Moore Renfro to Mary Grider  Mar 27, 1897  (all submitted by MS)


This information came from "Colonial Families of the United State of America" Volume VI, Topeka Public Library, Topeka, Kansas, and this was published by the Genealogical Publishing Company in Baltimore in 1966.  It is my understanding that the records from 1846 to 1857 were destroyed by a Court House fire. The records of my Grandfather, John Robert Stockton, were no doubt among those destroyed.  He was born Aug. 30, 1854 in Greenfield and died Dec. 23. 1940, and is buried in the Greenfield Cemetery, next to his wife, Minnie Margaret Drysdale Stockton.  They were married in Greenfield Nov. 24. 1893

His Father was Andrew Jackson Stockton - born Jan. 28, 1831 date of death May 7, 1902

Married Martha Reagan - born July 19, 1829 date of death April 8, 1899  They were married May 25, 1851.

His Grandfather, Daniel M. Stockton - born 1793  date of death Dec. 12, 1855 ( not sure of this date)

Married Sarah Goodnite McGowan - March  2, 1815 in Waynes County, Kentucky - born March 25, 1770 died Jan.15, 1855 in Dade County.

Daniel M. Stockton's  Father was Clayton Stockton,  born Aug. 28, 1763 in Stokes County, North Carolina - died Jan 25, 1851 in Dade County.  (All submitted by NL)




Charles Everett Underwood married Stella E. Spenser on 11/16/1899.


Minnie May Underwood married Lafayette V. Hall on 12/23/1896.


John Henderson Underwood married Effie Winifred Jerome on 10/19/1905.


Alkander C. Underwood married Flora Alnora Burney on 4/9/1905.  (LU)



William Harrison Mitchell and Elizabeth R. (Poindexter) Scott on July 6, 1855  


Marvel Preston Mitchell and Margaret Isabella Appleby on December 25, 1881


Zachariah Taylor Mitchell and Matilda/Martha Ellen Dilday on October 16, 1871


Archie Preston Mitchell and Mildred Mollie (Mary E.?) Reich on September 5, 1886


Nancy Ellen Mitchell and John F. Vandergriff on December 8, 1878


Mary Edith Mitchell and Isaac Franklin Carlock, Jr. on December 6, 1882


Rachel Elizabeth Mitchell and John C. Parker on May 14, 1890


Susan Elzada Mitchell and Thomas Tyndall on September 24, 1888


Lucy T. Mitchell and T.E. Richey on September 12, 1901  (all submitted by CB)




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