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Last Will and Testament of Bernard Replo

Bernard Replo

I Bernard Replo of Jefferson City, County of Cole State of Missouri do ????? the name of God, make my last will and testament of my estate to wit that in the first place I will that all my debts be first paid and then the balance of my estate I bequeath to my beloved wife Helena so long as she remains my widow and my children are to remain with her until they are twenty-one years of age and should she get married she is to pay each of my children Herman Henry, Henry Frank, Henry Anton one hundred dollars and they are to be free from her charge when they arrive at the age of fifteen years the money to be ???? out from the time she is married until they are full or arrive at the age of twenty-one. I bequeath all the balance of my estate to my wife Helena and should she have children by her second husband, at her death the property herein bequeathed to her is to be divided equally with my children and and not heirs by her second husband. In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 8 Day of October A.D. 1857.
Bernard Replo
Abraham Fulkerson
James B. McHenry
Henry Karr

State of Missouri
County of Cole
In vacation of the County Court
Be it remembered that on the 15th day of April A.D. 1858 personally appeared before the undersigned Gustave A. Parsons Clerk of the County Court of the County and State aforesaid Abraham Fulkerson & James B. McHenry two of the subscribing witnesses to deceased will of Bernard Replo and being by me duly sworn depose and say that the said Bernard Replo the testator declared in their presence that he had subscribed the same and published the said will and testament of writing as his last will that the said testator was at the time of publishing his said will of sound mind and more than twenty-one years of age and that the said deponents? attested the said will as witnesses thereto by subscribing their names to the same in the presence of said testator.
A. Fulkerson
James B. McHenry

Sworn and to and subscribed before the undersigned Clerk of the County Court of Cole County Missouri this 15th April 1858.
Witness my hand and seal of said Court at Office in Jefferson City this day & year aforesaid
G.A. Parsons Clk

Filed April 15th 1858
G.A. Parsons, Clk

Transcribed by Judy Milan from handwritten Cole County Court microfilmed records.
Question marks denote words I was unable to decipher or blotches on the microfilm.

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