Obituary of Thomas J. Reed

Thomas J. Reed

State Tribune
Jefferson City, MO
November 14, 1903


Thomas J. Reed, an old and respected citizen, departed this life October 31, 1893, aged 73 years. Mr. Reed was a Kentuckian by birth, being born in that state April 22, 1832. Was married twice. By his first wife, Nancy E. Reed, he had six children, all of which are still living, Jno. W., David T., Geo. T., Jourdan A., Virginia B.C. and Edith M. Reed. Mrs. Reed died in the month of March, 1860, the year marking the commencement of the great rebellion. He was again married August 4, 1861, to Mary Jane Folsom. The fruits of this union was four boys, Edw. P., Arthur A., Claude W., and James, all living in and around this city except the latter, who is dead.

Mr. Reed joined the Methodist church when quite a young man, of which he was a consistent and consciencious member until the day of his death. Was an uncompromising advocate of total abstinence and no amount of persuasion could induce him to drink or enter where it was sold. During his last sickness he persistently refused it, even in the form of medicine, and when urged to take it as a stimulant, although almost speechless, he showed his meaning (?) of purpose by silently placing a handkerchief in his mouth in the way of rebuke. Mr. Reed died in the triumph of a Christian's faith and to the writer, a short time before he died, said: "Oh, I saw such a beautiful white angel right up there (pointing to the ceiling). I showed it to them but they would not look at it. I don't know why, but they wouldn't look at it. Oh, it was such a beautiful angel! Such a beautiful angel! He was ready when the summons
came; had perfect faith in his divine Lord, and without a murmur or expression of fear or regret passed peacefully into the unseen with the joyful hope of resurrection.


I am researching the Thomas J Reed family of Cole, Boone, and DeKalb/Clinton/Caldwell and Daviess county areas. I do not know where Mr Reed is buried after his death in 1903 or the death date, place or burial of his second wife Mary Jane. Any help is appreciated.
Beth Klingensmith
Colorado Springs, CO

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