Obituary of Dr. Newton Thomas Enloe, Jr.

Dr. Newton Thomas Enloe, Jr.

Monday March 25, 1946
Couple Killed in Plane Crash at San Mateo---Man's Body Recovered in Bay, Woman Still Missing

Dr. Newton Thomas Enloe, Jr., San Mateo osteopath, and his wife were instantly killed yesterday when their private plane crashed into the Bay two miles north of the San Mateo-Hayward Bay Bridge. A Coast Guard crash boat recovered the body of Dr. Enloe, but that of his wife, Mrs. Ethel Enloe, was still the object of a wide search, in which the San Mateo County sheriff's office has joined.

The accident was witnessed by a number of golfers on the San Mateo municipal course, on Coyote Point, and within a few miles of the crash scene. They reported the plane flew for some time in a light haze dangerously close to the water before finally diving into the choppy Bay. Golfing witnesses, so far unidentified, telephoned news of the crash to the Coast Guard Air Station near San Francisco. The search was instituted from there.

Doctor Enloe's body, found floating on the surface, was identified by San Mateo County Coroner William Crosby, a personal friend. It was taken to the Sneider and Sullivan Funeral Home in San Mateo. Friends said the couple left the Bay Meadows Airport, early yesterday morning on a visit to Dr. Enloe's parents in Chico. The plane, a two-place Aeronca Trainer, belonged to the Doctor. The victims are survived by two children, Newton Enloe III, just released from the Navy and Mrs. William Darby, wife of an Army Captain. Both live in San Mateo. The couple lived at 17 25th Ave, San Mateo.


Tuesday Morning, March 26, 1946
N.T. Enloe, Jr. Wife Killed In Plane Crash

Dr. N.T. Enloe, Jr., 47, was killed Sunday when their two place plane plunged into San Francisco Bay a few minutes after taking off from Bay Meadows Airport at San Mateo on a flight to Chico. The body of Dr. Enloe, Jr., son of Dr. Newton Thomas Enloe, Sr., owner of Enloe Hospital here, was recovered by a Coast Guard crash boat which continued to search for the body of Mrs. Enloe. It had not been recovered last night, but Navy patrol and Coast Guard vessels continued to sweep the bay. Dr. Enloe, it was reported, had notified the San Mateo physicians telephone exchange that he was going to Chico and would return Monday. Dr. Enloe, Jr., formely of Chico, had practiced here, maintaining offices on the ground floor of the Anglo California National Bank Building.

An airport official said the couple had taken off in their two passenger, single engined Aeronica, shortly after 10 a.m. presumably on a flight to Chico. A fisherman reported that at 10:14 a.m. he saw a plane hit the water levelly, about 80 mph and virtually disinegrate. Bits of wreckage were strewn over a wide area, about two miles east of Coyote Point. Within 10 minutes, a Coast Guard crash boat, directed by a PBY place, reached the scene. Deputies of Coroner William H. Crosby and San Mateo police also aided in the search for the body of the second victim.

Airport officials said Dr. Enloe, Jr. obtained his private pilots license shortly after last Christmas and had purchased the pleasure craft two months ago. Dr. and Mrs. Enloe, Sr. and daughters, left Sunday for San Mateo immediately after being notified of the tradgedy. The Enloe's had married 19 years ago, each for the second time. Dr. Enloe, 17 25th Ave., San Mateo, is also survived by a son and daughter by his previous marriage, Newton T. Enloe III, Chico, recently discharged from the Navy and Mrs. Orril Darby, San Mateo; by two sisters, Ida Marie and Nancy Enloe, Chico, and a brother Thomas Enloe, 5420 California Street, San Francisco, medical student at Stanford Lane Hospital. Mrs. Enloe leaves a son by a former marriage, James Putney of San Carlos. Mrs. Enloe was the former Ethel Young of Chico. Other survivors include two brothers, Fred Young of San Francisco and Roy Young of San Mateo and a sister Mrs. William Mills of San Mateo.

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