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Waller Cemetery

Located in the center of the north one-half, northwest quarter of Section 29, Township 51N, Range 32W, the southern part of the county. This plot is about 150 feet square, covered with trees twenty or more feet in height, with some underbrush. Some graves are marked with field stones or old metal tags. There appear to be many unmarked graves. It is understood that many slaves were buried here. Listed May 30, 1963, by Kermit B. Karns.

GEORGE, Ben P., of Fauquier, VA. (no dates)

Carl, 3/13/1888 to 6/21/1889, son of A. E. & L. Hickman
Laura, 2/13/1861 to 12/11/1918, daughter of Edward Hickman
Myrtle, 10/10/1890 to 12/11/1918, daughter of A. E. & L. Hickman

JOHNSON, Thena E., 1888/1903, daughter of G. T. & M. Johnson

Anthony, 1849/1922
Arthur, b. ca. 1887-9/21/1941
Irving, 1892/1902, son of A. & R. A. Murray
Roxey A. 1855/19??, wife of Anthony Murray
Rachel, Mrs., 1849/?, wife of William Murray
William, 1842/1912

Manervey, 2/16/1857 to 2/3/1887
Pemley, 5/11/1823 to 5/5/1887

TIBBS, Sarah, (no dates)

WALKER, Berta R. 1875/1890, daughter of J. & E. A. Walker

Coleman, 12/21/1872 to 1/27/1904, son of R. & R(?) Waller
Lewis, 1878/1957
Lewis M. 4/8/1839 to 10/14/1841, son of L. M. & M. A. Waller
M. H. b&d 1898, son of J. M. & P. Waller
Parthena, 1835/1923 and
Richard 1828 to 1918 (on same stone)

The graves of the two Lewis M. Wallers are enclosed by a stone wall about 12 x 16 feet and 4 feet high; in fair condition.


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