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Roberts Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the extreme southern part of Clay county, MO. It is further described as being in Section 8, township 50N, Range 32W. The SW corner of the cemetery is located near the center of Section 8, 408 feet south and 609 feet west of the center of the section. It is 164 feet north-south and 116 foot east-west. it is near 35th Street North and North Chelsea, Kansas City North, Missouri. When indexed on July 14, 1963 by Kermit B. Karns, it was heavily covered with underbrush.

Bayne, Ulysses S. 1/2/1867 to 8/15/1888
Macken, Cora F. 3/4/1869 to 6/16/1871
Prather, Nancy
Roberts, 9/19/1817 to 3/5/1869, h: Baruch
Roberts, Bennett, ca. 1833 to 7/26/1873, age: 40 years, 3 months, 4 days
Roberts, cordelia F. ?/4/1858 to 4/5/7?, P: J. & M. E.
Roberts, Joseph, 3/31/1819 to 9/?/1868
Roberts, Lena (infant stone), 3/6/1864 to 1/15/186?
Roberts, Margaret E.
Dodson, 1835 to 3/20/71, h: Joseph
Roberts, Melcina, 5/1/1847 to 1/23/1874
Roberts, Nancy J. 1855 to 4/7/1874, P: J. & M. E.


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