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New Stark Cemetery

Located at the west side of the SW quarter of the NW quarter of Sec. 29, Township 51N, Range 32W, southern part of the county. This plot is about 75 feet wide by about 200 feet deep. Grave area is covered with dense gladiola growth, brambles, bushes and low trees. There appear to be several unmarked graves. The following were listed by Kermit B. Karns on 5/30/1963.

Bower, Eliza J. 3/27/1803 to 10/23/1849, consort of Fountain Waller
Bower, Dr. Oscar 7/9/1805 to 10/26/1859 (both the above are ch. of Wm. & Eliz. Bower of Fauquier County, VA.)

Fenton, Mary 11/25/1843 to 11/27/1913, husband, Felix Grundy Stark
* correction submitted by Krislin Fenner

"[Mary Fenton Stark and Felix Grundy Stark] are on the same headstone, however, they are brother and sister, children of William and Emily Stark.  Mary Fenton Stark died unmarried."

Russell, Addie, 1868/1870, daughter of Wm. H & Ann E. Russell
Russell, Anner. 4/9/1859 to 9/25/1903, ch. of W. H. & A. E.
Russell, Emma, 12/19/1860 to 12/15/1899, ch of W. H & A. E.

Smith, Mary E. H. W. A. B. Fauquier County, VA 1809, d. 1886
Smith, Wilfred 1/27/1850 to 3/21/1876, son of W. A. & M. E.
Smith, Wilfred A. 6/11/1797, Fauquier County, VA., 12/30/1861
Stark, Catharine L. 9/15/1833 Fauquier County, VA 1/16/1850 daughter of William J. & Emily Stark
Stark, Charles S. b. ca. 1831 to 12/19/1861, killed in Jackson county, MO.
Stark, Falia, 2/13/1836 to 2/6/1921, husband, Andrew Westboook
Stark, Felix Grundy, 3/19/1841 to 1/9/1863
Stark, Frances W. 3/4/1839 to 1/15/1923
Stark, James Thornton, 1845/1919
Stark, Josephine A. 8/31/1851 to 11/1/1922
Stark, Lewis William b. ca. 1850 to ?
Stark, William J. 12/16/1808, Fauquier Va. 2/10/1892

Waller, Elmer T. 1/26/1812, Fauquier County, VA, 12/10/1869
Waller, Emily 4/10/1809 to 2/11/1891, husband, Wm. J. Stark
Waller, Fountain, 1/22/1798, Fauquier county, VA 4/27/1885
Waller, Madeline, 5/14/1832 to 2/20/1849, daughter of Fountain & E. J.
Waller, Oscar Lee, 2/22/1866 to 5/5/1900
Westbrook, Andrew b. ca. 1835 to 5/8/1863

Mr. Karns' diligence rewarded us with several obscure graves bearing tombstones with inscriptions. One pair of inscriptions reads:

Mercer Bush 2/7/1796 to 2/27/1880
Perlina, wife of Mercer Bush
4/3/1806 to 4/12/1885

These graves were located in a plot in the NW corner of the SW quarter, Sec. 27, Township 52, Range 32, about 250 feet south of the county road and about 100 feet east of the section line.

Also, located in the center of the north half of the SW quarter of Section 20, Range 32W, Township 51N and enclosed in an iron fence about 12 X 18 feet was this grave marked with a column bearing the following inscription:

James Wason 6/12/1792 to 6/18/1868
Wife, Ann, 12/25/1811 to 5/19/1893

On the reverse side: Logan D., William T., Helen M., Ann E.


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