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Garner Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the SE quarter of the SW quarter of Section 33, Township 54 N., Range 32 W, Clay county, MO. It is about 1 1/2 miles northeast of the village of Paradise. It is 139 1/2 feet north/south by 105.9 feet east/west and lies about 100 yards north of the road. It was indexed May 16, 1965 by Kermit B. Karns. It is shown on the Smithville Quadrangle chart.

Garner, Amanda, 2/21/1849 to 3/14/1888, P: James C.
Garner, India, 2/3/1852 to 12/28/1873, husband, William Benton, P: James C.
Garner, J. D. 1844/1925, wife, Patte D., 1854, Ch. Minnie O. 189?/1893, Perry C., 1895/?
Garner, James Conway, 7/16/1804 to 3/14/1882, wife, Littitan A.
Garner, James H., 5/7/1871 to 1/14/1903
Garner, Littitan A., Mrs. 4/28/1827 to 10/8/1907, husband, James C.
Garner, Minnie O., 6/14/189?/ to 2/6/1893, P: J. D.
Garner, Patte, D. Mrs. 5/10/1854 to 9/4/1899, husband, J. D.
Garner, Perry C., 1/4/1895 to 11/7/1896, P: J. D.

McMillan, Sophronia Mrs., 10/6/1833 to 12/27/1866, husband, Wm.

Hall, Adeline ca. 1840/1850 P: Wm. & Sally
Hall, Payton A., ca. 1840/1859, P: ?
Hall, Sally Mrs. 1804 to 12/24/1856, husband, Wm

Benton, India Garner, 2/3/1852 to 12/28/1873, husband, William


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