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Craig Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the west central part of Clay county, MO., to the northeast of Gashland community. It lies in the northeast quarter of Sec. 12, Township 51 N., Range 33 W, and is behind the residence at 8424 N. Virginia, Kansas City, MO. It is about 70 feet north-south by about 45 feet east-west. When indexed by Kermit B. Karns on March 15, 1964, it was in fair condition. Several graves marked only with fieldstones.

Craig, Benjamin H., 9/24/1867 to 4/28/1902, son of James W.
Craig, Elijah D., 6/?/1845 to 4/?/1877
Craig, James W., 2/6/1808 to 8/30/1893, wife, Louisa
Craig, Mandy, colored manny of Craig family
Craig, Sallie Bell, 4/25/1852 to 3/25/1870, daughter of James H. & Amelia
Craig, William G., 1/7/1849 to 1/22/1879

Moore, Ardella M., 1/30/1879 to 3/8/1880, daughter of J. W. & A. W.
Moore, Salle R., 12/28/1877 to 2/17/1878

Williams, Elisha, 2/6/1810 to 11/17/1880, wife, Rachel D.
Williams, Hearis, 3/18/1803 to 5/30/1850
Williams, Jane, 4/8/1771 to 8/17/1845, husband, William
Williams, John A., 3/10/1807 to 3/23/1864, children, John A., Jr.
Williams, Johnson, 2/6/1880 to 10/5/1844, son of Wm. & Jane
Williams, Rachel D., 11/16/1822 to 11/9/1856, husband, Elisah

Both Craig and Mt. Nebo Cemeteries indexed into Kansas City Public Library card catalog.


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