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Arley Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the North-Central part of Clay county, Missouri. It is at the Northeast corner of the Southwest quarter, Section 13, Township 53 N., Range 32 West, in the village of Arley. It is associated with the Arley Methodist Church. The church began as the German Methodist Episcopal Church in 1845. The community was first known as "First Prairie". The cemetery was indexed September 20, 1964, by Kermit B. Karns. Additional information was furnished by Mr. Homer Hartel, Kearney, MO., and by a Historical sketch published in the Liberty Tribune, February 21, 1947.

Atkins, George W., 1868/1950, wife, Minnie Snow, 1874/1922
Atkins, Guy L., 5/11/1893 to 6/22/1944, P: Geo W. 1868/1950
Atkins, James, w. Mary A., 1849/1881
Atkins, Minnie Snow, 1874/1922, husband, Geo. W. 1868/1950

Bailey, Emma C. Neth, 1880/1950, husband, William I, 1874/1950, P: Geo. 1850/1932
Bailey, William I., 1883/?, w. Margaret Odor, 1882/1960

Callways, John, 1883/?, wife, Margaret Odor, 1882/1960
Callaway, Margaret Odor (Maggie), 11/1/1882 to 10/23/1960, husband, John, 1883/?
Chancellor, Flossie Frick, 1/30/1913 to 12/27/1959

Eichenberger, Amelia, 1855/1870. P: J. J. & Martha
Eichenberger, J. J. Rev. 1836/1893, w. Martha
Eichenberger, Lydia, 1871/1888, P: Rev. J. J. & Martha
Eichenberger, Martha Mrs., 1847/1890, husband, Rev. J.J.
Eichenberger, Martha, 1869/ 1869. P: Rev. J. J. & Martha

Eissler, Barbara Kuttler, 1/7/1884 to ?, husband, Jacob
Eissler, Gus C., 1883/1933, wife, Mary, P: Jacob
Eissler, Gussie, 1884/1936
Eissler, Jacob, 1851/1920, wife Kathrena, 1851/1937
Eissler, Jacob, 1878/1939, wife, Barbara Kuttler, 1884/?
Eissler, John, 1874/1934, wife, Lydia E. Hess, 1866/1944
Eissler, Kathrena Mrs., 1851/1937, husband, Jacob, 1851/1937
Eissler, Katie, 9/26/1891 to 10/1/1959
Eissler, Lena Kuttler, 5/31/1893 to 5/2/1930, husband, Theodore
Eissler, Lydia E. Hess, 1866/1944, husband, John 1874/1934
Eissler, Mary Mrs., 1889/?, husband, Gus C.
Eissler, Nellis, 1884/1903
Eissler, Theodore, 8/5/1886, wife Lena Kuttler
Eissler, William, 1880/1962

Faggit, Louis, 2/1820 to 8/18/1890
Ferril, Emma E. Weber, 3/31/1896 to 5/28/1938, husband, Oscar, P: Otto
Fisher, Charles T. H., 1848/1921 (also wife)
Fisher, Hazel L., 11/19/1900 to 12/6/1901, P: Louis and Nellie
Fisher, Infant, P: C & Eva Fisher?
Fisher, Jennie (Aunt), 1884/1916
Fisher, John, 12/27/1816 to 12/10/1892, wife R. L. 1823/1889


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