Clark County, Mo. Colored Marriages 1837 - 1929

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Alexander Martha E.
Alexander Sophia  
Alexander Virgie  
Allen Dina  
Anderson Carry  
Ayers Jane  
Ball Charles  
Barber Joseph  
Barnes George  
Bell Walter F.
Boyd Lavina  
Britton Miles  
Broadus James  
Butler Jennie  
Caine Esther  
Calaway, Mrs. Mary Bell
Calloway Flora A.
Carter Abram  
Cheney Clem W.
Cole Laura  
Coleman Georgiana  
Coleman Gussie  
Conn Dossia  
Corney Griffey  
Douglas Henry  
Douglas Marguerite  
Forbes Ambrose  
Foster Alexander  
Fowler, Mrs. Bell  
Fulcher Julia Ann
Giame Julia  
Greene William  
Grigsby James M.
Hall Hesekiah  
Hall J. W.
Hall John  
Hams Annie  
Hawkins Etha  
Hickman Thomas  
Hold Beulah  
Howe Cora Elizabeth
Jackson Ben  
Johnson Ben  
Johnson Fannie  
Johnson Maggie  
Johnson Nina  
Johnson Pearl  
Johnson Robert  
Johnson Ulysses G.
Jones George W.
Jones George W.
Jordan Ed  
King Warren  
Marshall Lizzie  
Marshall Mabel  
McCutcheon Rosella  
McKee Fannie  
Merritt Thomas  
Mott Charles H.
Murphy Courtney Ann
Nelson Salome I.
Nickerson Roy  
Perkins Julia  
Perkins Willis  
Poston Armstead  
Proctor Jessie May
Ray Mattie  
Rivers Elizabeth  
Robinson Lewis  
Robinson Visa  
Rue Hannah  
Rutherford Charles A.
Rutherford Joseph  
Scott Belle  
Smith Amanda  
Smith Hernandez  
Taylor Harry O.
Thompson William  
Todd Clara  
Toliver Heziekiah  
Underwood Isaac  
Warren Harry  
Washington Lizzie  
Webster Annie  
Webster Howard  
Webster Jim  
West Michael  
Williams Carter  
Williams E. R.
Williams Nellie  
Willis Peter  
Wires Jerry  
Woods Alice  
Woods Florence Pearl
Woods George  
Yeiser Anna  


1837 - 1929

    Hall, Hesekiah & Fulcher, Julia Ann, both colored persons of Luray, Mo., Sept. 22, 1865.

    Underwood, Isaac & Boyd, Lavina, colored persons of Luray, Mo., Sept. 22, 1865.

    Poston, Armstead, colored & Murphy, Courtney Ann, Sept. 22, 1865.

    Foster, Alexander & Ayers, Jane, colored, Jan. 18, 1866.

    Britton, Miles, colored & Rue, Hannah, Aug. 16, 1866.

    Thompson, William, colored & Scott, Belle, Oct. 6, 1868.

    Ball, Charles, colored & Allen, Dina, Feb. 4, 1869.

    Williams, Carter, colored & Giame, Julia, Nov. 9, 1870.

    Woods, George, colored & Todd, Clara, Dec. 19, 1872.

    Douglas, Henry, colored & Johnson, Maggie, Feb. 24, 1878.

    Warren, Harry, colored & Coleman, Gussie, colored, March 26, 1890.

    Robinson, Lewis, colored & Hams, Annie, colored, May 7, 1890.

    Rutherford, Joseph, colored & McKee, Fannie, colored, May 14, 1890.

    Johnson, Ben, colored & Smith, Amanda, colored, Feb. 16, 1891.

    Forbes, Ambrose, colored, Springfield, Ill. & Calloway, Flora A., colored, Sept. 15, 1891.

    Hickman, Thomas, colored & Ray, Mattie, colored, June 18, 1892.

    Mott, Charles H., colored & Washington, Lizzie, colored and both of Keokuk, Iowa, Oct. 1, 1892.

    Hall, John, colored & Cole, Laura, colored, March 17, 1894.

    Perkins, Willis & Alexander, Sophia, both colored & of Lee Co., Iowa, April 25, 1894.

    Carter, Abram, colored, of Van Buren Co., Iowa & Perkins, Julia, colored, Sept. 10, 1894.

    Barnes, George & Robinson, Visa, both colored, Dec. 29, 1894.

    Williams, E. R. & Butler, Jennie, both colored & of Lewis Co., Mo., April 17, 1895.

    Webster, Jim & Coleman, Georgiana, both colored, April 24, 1895.

    Jones, George W., colored & Rivers, Elizabeth, colored, June 19, 1895.

    Jones, George W., colored & Wood, Alice, colored, Nov. 29, 1895.

    Jordan, Ed, colored & Webster, Annie, colored, Jan. 18, 1896.

    Barber, Joseph & Fowler, Mrs. Bell, of Keokuk, Iowa, both colored, Jan. 20, 1896.

    Corney, Griffey & Williams, Nellie, both colored, of Monticello, Mo., May 25, 1896.

    Broadus, James, colored, of Lee Co., Iowa & Marshall, Lizzie, colored, May 25, 1897.

    Jackson, Ben, colored & Hawkins, Etha, colored, Aug. 2, 1897.

    West, Michael, & Calaway, Mrs. Mary Bell, both colored, Aug. 22, 1899.

    Greene, William, colored, Conn, Dossia, colored, Aug. 24, 1899.

    King, Warren, & Johnson, Fannie, both colored, of Keokuk, Iowa, Feb. 6, 1911.

    Hall, J. W. & Alexander, Virgie, both colored, of Montgomery Co., Kansas, Feb. 27, 1911.

    Willis, Peter & Howe, Cora Elizabeth, both colored & of Keokuk, Iowa, June 17, 1911.

    Bell, Walter F. & Alexander, Martha E., both black & of Knox Co., Illinois, June 4, 1912.

    Johnson, Ulysses G., & Marshall, Mabel, both black & of Keokuk, Iowa, July 2, 1912

    Taylor, Harry O. & Proctor, Jessie May, both black, of Memphis, Mo., November 12, 1914.

    Rutherford, Charles A. & Yeiser, Anna, both black, July 5, 1915.

    Webster, Howard & Woods, Florence Pearl, both black, April 27, 1916.

    Merritt, Thomas & Johnson, Nina, both black & of Memphis, Mo., March 31, 1917.

    Johnson, Robert & Johnson, Pearl, both black, & of Keokuk, Iowa, Sept. 23, 1920.

    Toliver, Heziekiah & Hold, Beulah, both black, bride of Keokuk, Iowa, January 10, 1921.

    Anderson, Carry & Douglas, Marguerite, both black, both from LaGrange, Mo., Sept. 6, 1921.

    Wires, Jerry & Caine, Esther, both black & of LaGrange, Mo., Nov. 28, 1923.

    Nickerson, Roy & Nelson, Salome I., both black & of Keokuk, Iowa, February 1, 1928.

    Grigsby, James M. & McCutcheon, Rosella, both black, of Keokuk, Iowa, Sept. 19, 1929.

    Cheney, Clem W. & Smith, Hernandez, both black & of Keokuk, Iowa, Sept. 19, 1929.

   Note: Several of these marriages were not of Clark Co., Mo. residents, in fact, there were no mgs. of Clark Co., Mo. �colored� residents recorded between 1916 & 1929.

   Source: Clark Co., Mo. mgs.
   compiled by: Mary Jo Sisson March
   Copyright 2001 by Mary Jo Sisson March

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