Chariton County Lkup Volunteer List

The following is a list of individuals that have very graciously volunteered to do look-ups for those that use these
web pages for Chariton County, MO. Please be understanding in what they can and cannot provide in the way of service.
Limit requests to one or two names, unless the volunteer says they will accept more.  Be as specific as possible.

Volunteers For Lookups Are Needed!!!
This section is entirely dependent on other researchers GENEROUSLY agreeing to try and assist others by
doing look-ups for them. PLEASE VOLUNTEER if you can provide this extremely valuable service to others.
If you have resources for Chariton County and would like to volunteer to help with look-ups,

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Chariton County Cemeteries Vol IV - Mendon and Triplett Township;
Robert & May Couch Surname Index for Chariton Cemeteries, Vol I-IX;
Couch 1830 & 1840 Federal Census
Couch McLaughlin Funeral Home Records, Parts I & II, 1913-1973

Sara Deatherage

Salem Lutheran Church (Forest Green) Baptismal, 
Marriage and burial records from 1854

Verle Spellman

Vol I -IX (Plus Index) Chariton County Cemetery Books
by Robert and Mae (Bartee) Couch

Derre Southworth Maybury

1850 Chariton County Census

Derre Southworth Maybury

History of Howard and Chariton Counties...1883

Gerald Cox

History of Dalton, MO and Bowling Green Twp, 1868-1987

Gerald Cox

Chariton County, MO Cemeteries, Vol IV
by Robert and Mae (Bartee) Couch

Susan Swindell

St. Joseph's Parish, Salisbury, Missouri 1870-1995

Darlene A. Johnson

Bee Branch Area - Database of the Puzzle Ridge/ Wein Area. 
Includes census data, cemeteries, history books, newspapers and over 2100 names.

Marilyn Meissen Stanley

Chariton County Wills & Administrations 1861-1875
Marriage Records of Chariton County 1821-1852
Both by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry

Need a Volunteer!

1850 Chariton County Census

Need a Volunteer!

1860 Chariton County Census

Need a Volunteer!

1830 through 1880 Census
Chariton County Cemetery Books
History of Brunswick, 1976
History of Keytesville, 1983
1876 Chartion County Atlas
History of Chariton and Howard Counties 1883
Historical, Pictorial, Biograhical Record of Chariton County, 1896
Since I live in Keytesville, I can do reasonable searching at the Chariton County Courthouse.

Rose Mary Lawson

(email address no longer valid.)

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