Christian County, Missouri
Christian County, Missouri
Marriages - 1859-1940

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We wish to express our heart-felt thanks to Maxine Wilson who originally transcribed these records and who gave the Christian County Missouri Library permission to use her transcriptions along with the microfilm records in order to include the marriage records on our website.

Due to the county's habit of using initials rather than given names, we included "f" for female and "m" for male when the sex of the person might otherwise be difficult to determine. When it was known that the female had a different maiden name, the name was noted in parentheses. When the female was listed as Mrs. and her maiden name was not known, there are notations as well.

Other records, such as cemetery records, census, etc. have been used to verify the additional information.

Please note that some of these lists are LARGE and may take a while to download! Also, note that we may make CHANGES to these lists if we detect errors or more information!

Christian County MO Transcribed Records
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