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Christian County, Missouri
Christian County, Missouri
Christian County MO Transcribed Records

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1920 Federal Census of Christian County, MO

[A] [Ba-Be] [Bi-Bo] [Br-By] [Ca-Cl] [Co-Cy] [D] [E-F] [Ga-Gh] [Gi-Gu] [Ha] [He-Hy] [I-J] [K] [L] [Ma] [Mc] [Me-My] [N-O] [P-Q] [R] [Sa-So] [Sp-Sw] [T-V] [Wa-Wh] [Wi-Z] [Benton] [Billings] [Bruner] [Chadwick] [Clever] [Finley] [Garrison] [Lead Hill] [Lincoln] [Linden] [Linn] [Logan] [McCracken] [N Galloway] [Nixa] [Ozark] [Polk] [Porter] [S Galloway] [Seneca] [Sparta]

As with all censuses and most official records, users are urged to remember that handwriting, misunderstandings and oral communication may make transcribed records different than expected by researchers or intended by informants. Every effort was made to record exactly as in the original, even when there are obvious errors in the orginal. Researchers are reminded to spell creatively when a family presumed to be in Christian County is not located under the current surname spelling. On some surnames, I added a see note in the index from current spelling to spelling in the record. When a household number is repeated, the second listing of that number is noted with as asterick. Usually, the second listing is near the first. If questions persist, researchers should consult microfilm of the original census. Although care and effort were taken to be accurate, errors are sure to have occurred.

Fields are: Given name: Surname; Race/Gender/Relationship to head of household; Age; Marital status; Birthplaces of individual/father/mother; and Occupation (usually listed for only for men and heads of households). For some people, additional information such as their native tongue or year of immigration was given on the form but not transcribed. Often, these had more specific information about birthplaces than just the Ger (Germany) or Swit (Switzerland) I transcribed. For instructions given to enumerators, see enumerator instructions under census links.

Households listed out of order indicated by *. Most just repeat most recent household number. These households were further out of order than that on the original:
1920 MO Christian Logan 357* - 368* follow Logan 368
1920 MO Christian Polk Billings 053* follows Polk Billings 090* in original
1920 MO Christian Polk Billings 087* follows Billings 90 in original
1920 MO Christian Polk Billings 048* follows 87* in original
1920 MO Christian Polk Billings 351* -353* after 48* in original
1920 MO Christian Polk Billings 119* follows Billings 172 in original
1920 MO Christian Porter 130* - 140* follow Porter 130 in original
1920 MO Christian Porter 412 follows Porter 333 in original

Towns listed in the 1920 census are Billings, Chadwick, Clever, Elkhead, Keltner, Nixa, Ozark, and Sparta. Chadwick in Chadwick Township; Sparta in Sparta Township and Elkhead and Keltner in Bruner Township were left in place on the relatively short posted township files. Polk, Lincoln, Porter and Finley Townships were much longer. Billings in Households 1 to 172 and Households 351 - 353 was separated from Polk Township. Clever in Households 1 to 92 was listed apart from the rest of Lincoln Township. Nixa in Households 1 to 90 is in a separate file from the rest of Porter Township. Ozark in Households 121 to 326 in the first numbering and Households 56 to 159 in the second numbering of Finley Township were posted separately. Please remember that in Missouri political township are voting districts, not post office addresses or an area within a city limits. Townships covered all land, city or country, so all citizens could vote. Towns were incorporated or recognized settlements within the county and covered in total only a small part of the county. Townships may or may not share a name with a town, but they rarely shared the same territory. In case of duplication between township and town names, the town of that name, in Christian County, was usually located within the much larger political township.

Please note that some of these lists are LARGE and may take a while to download!

Christian County MO Transcribed Records
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