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Volunteers are needed to record the cemeteries of Cass County! If you live in Cass County, or you are going to visit and would like to contribute to help others, Please contact the County Coordinator!

You can check the Master Cemetry Index, on the MOFind website, to locate burials. Please note it is located on the Fortune City servers, and it has adds which may cause the page not to load if your browser blocks pop ups.

Alderson Mt. Pleasant 36 46N 33W
Austin Austin 30 43N 30W
Basye Burial Site Everett 20 43N 32W
Belton Mt. Pleasant 14 46N 33W
Bethel Raymore 2 46N 32W
Blackburn (Family) Dayton 27 43N 30W
Brady Grand River 35 44N 32W
Briles Children Grand River 1 44N 32W
Brooks Family Burial Site Grand River 20 44N 31W
Brown Children Burial Site West Dolan 8 44N 33W
Brown Family Peculiar 29 45N 31W
Bryant Mt. Pleasant 17 46N 33W
Buckley (Private) Index 19 44N 29W
contributed by: Helen Bremmer <[email protected]>
Burford 2
by: Susan Norine Stice <[email protected]>
Grand River 18 44N 31W
Byler Sherman 20 43N 29W
Callaway Family Burial Site West Peculiar 34 45N 32W
Camp Branch Camp Branch 25 45N 30W
Chandler Family Burial Site Cold Water 5 43N 33W
Clark Family Austin 14 43N 31W
Clary Everett 9 43N 32W
Clearfork Grand River 15 44N 30W
Clements Grave Yard Pleasant Hill 21 46N 29W
Cleton-McKinney Grand River 2 44N 32W
Cleveland Union 28 45N 33W
As you turn off of the blacktop road, Route B, and onto the gravel road, Connelly Lane, on the corner to your left on the East side of the gravel road use to be an old school house, but was sold and converted into a family home.
Dayton 33 43N 30W
Cooke Cold Water 12 43N 33W
Cornith Union 20 45N 33W
Davidson-Williamson Everett 5 43N 32W
Dayton Dayton 26 43N 30W
Dice Grand River 22 44N 32W
Dunmire Burial Site Cold Water 4 43N 33W
Duvall Index 33 45N 39W
Everett Everett 23 43N 32W
Fairview Cold Water 14 43N 33W
Ferrell-Oldham Mt. Pleasant 17 46N 33W
Frazee-Wells Union 10 45N 33W
Freeman Dolan 12 44N 33W
Garden City Index 31 44N 29W
Glenn Family Grand River 5 44N 31W
Glenwild West Dolan 5 44N 33W
Grand River Grave Yard Grand River 22 44N 32W
Grant Sherman 12 43N 29W
Gunn City Index 29 45N 29W
Gypsy Baby Austin 13 43N 31W
Hall-Barnard Austin 27 43N 31W
Harper-Quick Family Grand River 36 44N 32W
Harris Peculiar 21 45N 31W
Hickory Grove (Free Will) Grand River 34 44N 32W
Index Index 21 44N 31W
Indian Grand River 34 44N 31W
Indian BurialSite Everett 10 43N 32W
Indian Mound Austin 22 43N 31W
Infant grave site Peculiar 3 45N 31W
Ingle Austin 7 42N 30W
Jeffers Family Burial Site Big Creek 7 46N 31W
John Hammond Grand River 34 44N 32W
Kenagy Daughters Polk 14 46N 30W
Lick Branch Dayton 36 43N 30W
Lost Creek Sherman 28 43N 29W
Luthern Sherman 24 43N 29W
Martin (partial listing)
contributed by; Louise Prouty <[email protected]>
Dayton 2 43N 30W
Moore Family Burial Site West Peculiar 24 45N 32W
Morristown Burial Site Dolan 12 44N 33W
Moudy Everett 15 43N 32W
Negro SlaveBurial Site Everett 29 43N 32W
Nelson-Peyton West Dolan 34 44N 33W
Oakland Grand River 5 44N 31W
Old Country Home Dolan 5 44N 32W
Orient Grand River 2 44N 31W
Owens Grand River 3 44N 32W
Parker-Gregg Sherman 35 43N 29W
Peculiar West Peculiar 15 45N 32W
Pitts Chapel Camp Branch 30 45N 30W
Pleasant Hill Pleasant Hill 17 46N 30W
Pleasant Ridge Grand River 27 44N 31W
Pleasant Valley Camp Branch 30 44N 30W
Pulliam Dayton 34 43N 30W
Raymore Raymore 15 46N 32W
Reed Polk 7 46N 29W
Reid CampBranch 31 44N 30W
Settle Burial Site Dayton 7 42N 29W
Shalar West Dolan 34 44N 33W
Sharon Cold Water 35 43N 33W
Slave Grand River 15 44N 31W
Sloan Polk 15 46N 30W
Smiley Austin 36 43N 31W
Smith Pleasant Hill 9 46N 30W
Smith Family Peculiar 8 46N 31W
South Fork Cold Water 12 43N 33W
Staley-Mound Polk 13 45N 30W
Strausburg-Warner Polk 6 45N 29W
Sycamore Grove Camp Branch 11 44N 30W
Thomas Pleasant Hill 6 45N 30W
Union Baptist Big Creek 13 46N 31W
Unknown Austin 31 43N 31W
Unknown Cold Water 5 43N 33W
Unknown Dayton 16 43N 30W
Unknown Everett 4 43N 32W
Unknown Everett 21 43N 32W
Unknown Grand River 15 44N 32W
Unknown Everett 29 43N 32W
Unknown Everett 26 43N 32W
Vansandt Austin 2 43N 31W
Wadesburg Sherman 12 43N 29W
Walker-Berry Mt. Pleasant 10 46N 33W
West Union Union 26 45N 33W
White Dolan 4 44N 32W
Willet - Price Grand River 1 44N 32W
Wills West Peculiar 13 45N 32W
Contributed by; Teresa Rogers
Polk 16 46N 29W
Zion Grand River 16 44N 30W