Fremont Baptist Church

What follows is the content of various papers picked up at the Fremont Baptist Church in Fremont, Missouri.

First page of Record number three (3) of the New Hope Church. New-Hope Baptist Church as shown by record No. one (1) was Organized in 1843 on Pike Creek in what was then Ripley Co. Mo., but is now Carter Co. Mo. The charter Members being Brothers John W. Snider, James Snider, William Snider, K.W. Giddons, Henry Adair, and Sisters Ann Snider and Nancy Neel. The Organization was affected by Wm. B. Karr assisted by D Summers. Record No. one contains the constitution, organization and Transactions of the church from Dec 28, 1843 to July 3, 1858. Record No. 2 contains the Names of members and the minutes of transactions of the church from August 1858, to June 16, 1901. This record contains the names of the members and the minutes. June 16, 1901 Signed J. B. Snider >From Records Fremont Bapt. CH (New Hope United Bapt Ch Of Christ) Fremont MO. This church was organized 27 Dec 1843. Presbytary Elder Wm B Karr assisted by Licensed preacher D Summers. When Organized it was in Ripley Co MO now is Carter Co MO. The church and records destroyed by tornado early 1950's. Names of Constitutioners: Brothers: Sisters: John W. Snider (d 8 July 1857) his wife Ann Snider Wm Snider (d 13 Feb 1855) his wife Sally Snider James Snider (became deacon) Nancy Neel (d 1877) Randolph W. Gideon (dism 22 Dec 18440 Elizabeth Kinnard Henry Adair Jane Hawkins (d 18740 Margaret Snider (bap 1844) Members Received after organization John and Nancy Baker (2 Jul 1852) Edy & Henderson E. Bates ((bap 1857) Adeline & James Brown (he d 1861) (Adeline m/#2 Timothy Reeves 1867) Elizabeth & John Gipson (by let 16 May 1857) Thos W. Edwards (bap 1852) Wm Hawkins (bap 1845) Owen S Hawkins (1852) Geo & Polly Heiskel (by let Jun 1853) (dism Aug 1853) Daniel W. Hoskins (by let 1852) James & John House ( bap 1845) Levi Macy (by let 1858) Elder J.N. Russell George Snider (bap 1845, d 1854) Lewis A Snider (bap 1852, d 1868) Michael Snider (by let 1845, d 1858) Samuel Snider (bap 1852, d 1857) Isaac Teague Wm Vandiver (rec'd 18450 Polly Adair (bap 1847) Caroline Baker (exp 1856) Martha Gapson (by let Jun 1857) Rebecky Hawkins (rec 1853) Susannah House (bap 1844, excl 1849) Sarah E Kinnard (bap 1845) Emaline Kinnard (bap 1848) Elizabeth Lafler ? Lefly Mary Lefly (both by let 1857) Rebecca McCaskill (by let 1858) Elizabeth Neel (bap 1852) Jane Neel (bap 1844) Nancy A (Mings) Neel (bap 1852) Lety Shields (exp 1846) Rebeckey Snider (by let 1855) Catherine Snider (bap 1854, d 1858) Polly Edam Snider (bap 1847, d 1855) Mary Ann Snider Jane Snider w/o Michael Members 31 May 1859 Adair Henry (m __ Hawkins 1845) Alley Margaret-Sarah-Silas-Zimri Barker Jane Bates Edy :& Henderson E Brown Adeline & James Buffington Mary Dawson Sarah A & Wm Edwards Thos W Gipson Elizabeth-John-Nancy Green Evaline Hawkins Jane-Owen S-Rebekah-Susan-Wm C Hesterly Elizabeth Hoskins Daniel W House John & Mathias Johnson Wm K Jones Sarah & Richard Kinnard Emaline-Sarah E-Sarah J Lee James Macy Levi McCaskill Neel Almira-Carter-Elizabeth-Lewis-Nancy-Snithy-Walter E Nickles James Russell Elder J.N. Shy Sarah E Smith Carter Snider Ann-Geo W-Jane-James Jr & Sr-James W-Martha A-Margaret-Mary-Rebekah-Victoria Teague Elizabeth-Isaac-Martha-Willie-Wm Warren Coswell Whitworth Lucinda & Meleta Miscellaneous Randolph Gideons & Wm Snider were dism from Bapt Ch of Christ, Monroe Co (Hopewell) TN 1 Oct 1842 Nancy Neel dism United Bapt Ch of Christ at Six Mile, Blount Co TN 26 Sept 1836 Jane Snider dism United Bapt Ch of Christ at Six Mile 3 Mar 1843 (Hopewell) Michael Snider dism United Bapt Ch of Christ at Six Mile 3 Mar 1843 (Hopewell) Lucinda Whitworth dism United Bapt Ch of Christ at Browns Creed Marshall Co ALA Sept 1845 Polly Heiskel dism United Bapt Ch of Christ Hopewell TN 1 Sept 1844 John W. Snider chosen Moderator 3 Feb 1844 Margaret & Sally Snider both rec'd by experience Peggy Snider bapt 9 Jul 1881 >From "A History of our Church" The Fremont Baptist Church was organized in 1843. It was called the New Hope Baptist Church and was located on Pike Creek. The first building was made of logs and still stands today on the Marge Usery farm. After the Civil War the church house was used as a schoolhouse during the weekdays. In 1887 they moved from the old log church in the valley to the town of Peggy whose name was changed to Fremont in 1907. In 1921 the Methodist built a new Church and their trustees sold their old building to the Baptist and it remained the Baptist Church until it was destroyed by a tornado on May 21, 1957. Following the tornado in 1957, the Fremont Baptist Church purchased the property that had at one time been the Ellis Store on the Main Street and rebuilt the church. It served as a school building for grades one through eight for two years while the school was being rebuilt. >From the pamphlet "First Baptist Church, Fremont, Missouri, 150 Years, 1843-1993" First Baptist Church of Fremont is the oldest church in the county and in this part of the country. It started at the New Hope Baptist Church and was organized December 27, 1843 on Pike Creek and was then Ripley County, Mo. The following were the constitution Members: John Snider, William Snider, James Snider, R.W. Gideons, Henry Adair, Ann, Margarette, and Sally Snider, Nancy Neel, Jane Hawkins, and Elizabeth Kinnard. The Sniders, Gideons and Neels were from Monroe County Tennessee. Some early members were from North Carolina. Kos Burrows and Alice Burrows Alley were direct decendents of the Snider family who were constitutioners of the church. Also, Brian Perry, Greatgrandson of Kos Burrows pastored this church, 1990-1992. James Snider was chosen as the first Church Clerk and William G. Karr was the first pastor. >From the time of organization, regular services were held until June 1911. From 1911 until 1921 there were no regular services; however in January 1915 the church met and re-organized but there are no records of another meeting until November 1921 when the church met and re-organized again. At this time the name was changed to First Baptist Church, Fremont, Mo. From that time until the present, regular services have been held. The church has had four buildings. The first was a log house which stood in the Walter Massey field near what is known as Kinnard Spring. This place is located on the farm now owned by Doug and Eunice Pennington. This building burned. Before the first church building the members met in each other's homes and came in wagons for all day services and sometimes stayed atll night. Baptizings were held at Cave Springs, about six miles West of Van Buren. In August, 1901, services were held at Millspring Pond with the ordinance of Baptism following the Church service. Brother Bennett was the pastor. The large crowd was walking back to the Church for the night services and Brother Bennett died suddenly as they were ascending the steep hill. The Church took a collection to bury Bro. Bennett. The second Church House was also a log structure. It was located on the W.P. Alley farm about one mile down Little Pike Creek from Fremont. This farm is now owned by Jim and Judy Rodebush. This log house is still standing and is used for a hay barn. The third Church buiding was in Fremont. The next place west of the present Roy Greene residence. This Church building was built by the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1887. The town was called Peggy at that time and was changed to Fremont in 1907. The Baptist bought this building in 1922 and paid $400 for it. This building was modern for the time and was built of pine boards sawed in the mills that had moved in to harvest the vast pine and oak forests. This building was used up to the time of the tornado May 21, 1957. The tornado completly destroyed the building and many of the records of the Church. Some members lost their lives when the tornado took their homes. Those being Jack and Alice Alley and Maude Simpson. The building was gone, but not the Church. There had been dreams of building a new and modern Church building with class rooms and kitchen with a fellowship hall. So long before the tornado came a building fund had been started and the old Ellis store building and property were bought for a site for the New Church. This property was bought from Tyke and Myrtle Burrows on Aug. 3 1955. The dreams for a new building had not included the wild winds that wrecked and destroyed and carried their message accross the nation to reap a golden harvest in the way of dollars toward the new building. Donations came from across the nation from concerned people who wanted to help rebuild the church. With the donations, insurance money, and efforts from the local people a new building was put up............ Submitted by, Sylvia Hathaway descendant of John Walker Snider d. 1857 and Anna Neal Snider d. abt 1872?, John Walker's brother was Dr. James Snider. Their uncle was Michael Snider. I am also descended from Robert Neal (Anna Neal's brother) d abt 1865 and his wife Nancy Henderson Neal (Neel) d 1877)
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