1927 Tornado in Poplar Bluff Missouri

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Extracted from the book; A Fond Look Back, by: Robert L. Manns
At 3:15 on May 9th, 1927. The third most destructive tornado in history came from Arkansas and the southwest. In its path was a strip of stores and businesses 4 blocks wide and 10 blocks long. In a matter of a few minutes, forty city blocks between the Round House and the East Side school had been leveled. 105 persons were killed and 200 injured, only one person was never found after the storm. The older brother of Edith and Tom Burris was believed to have been washed down the river.

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1927 Tornado death list

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Photo with Postage Stamped Post card showing date

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  1. Photo ONE
    Looking east on Vine Street, standing at the Frisco R.R. track, toward Broadway. Garner's Garage (perhaps "Honkey" Garner) is to the right, with the autos showing on the second floor. The original Coca-Cola plant was to the left side of the picture
  2. Photo TWO
    Looking East on Poplar Street, across Broadway
    Gibbons Hotel, Bank of Poplar Bluff
  3. Photo THREE
    New Melborn Hotel. More than 20 people killed
  4. Photo FOUR
    Looking south on Broadway, at intersection of Vine Street
    Souders, killed here - arrow pointing to area
  5. Photo FIVE
    The Frisco R.R. station on the right
    The Farmer's Supply Co. on the left - Six Killed
  6. Photo SIX
    Looking South on Broadway at the intersection of Pine Street
    Post Office - Gibbons Hotel
  7. Photo SEVEN
    Dalton Store - was five stories high
    Several Known Dead

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