reynolds house
"Reynolds House in Qulin, MO."

In 1910; lot 2, of block 6, was sold to James B. Chadwick. James built a house on this lot, which at one time served as a saloon. Also, this house has been occupied by different families as a private home until 1925.

The year of 1925, the house was purchased by Jacob and Cynthia Oller. In 1939 ownership again was transferred. This time to Mrs. Eliya Walls, the daughter of Jacob and Cynthia Oller. In 1946, it was to change ownership again. This time to Eliya's daughter, Ruth Reynolds.

After the death of Ruth and her husband John Reynolds, their son Jerry acquired ownership. Jerry, retained the house and land until he and his wife Laverne donated the house to the City of Qulin, to be placed under the care of the Melville-Qulin Historical Society.

The house was moved from 4th Street, to it's present site in 1989.

Photos of Reynolds House

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Photograph of Reynolds House
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