logging-crew 1893

Timber workers in Butler county Missouri, "1893"

There is a large photograph which will open. It is going to take a minute, but is worth the wait. We have the names of the people you can expect to see on this photograph listed here and I hope someone can tell us more about these men.
There are several Surnames names I recall from the neighbors who lived in the southern part of the county
This is truly a rare find and the person who submitted the photo on line viewing is
Sandra Dorsett Tapp

Some of the names have been broke off the sides of the picture as it is very old.
At the top of the picture it says (and I copied it exactly)
"Taking By Green Derrington August 1893".
The men are numbered on the front of their shirts, starting with #1 on the first row setting down.

  1. James Green,
  2. John _----den,
  3. James Dorsett,
  4. Chas Hargrove?,
  5. William Macom?,
  6. R.W. Bedoll,
  7. M.F. Bedoll
  8. Henry Phillips,
  9. Mike Timmens,
  10. James Harvey,
  11. Cap Young,
  12. George Tucker,
  13. Dave Deckard,
  14. John Phillips,
  15. James _ _ _ _,
  16. Lin? Carver,
  17. _ _ _ _ McMurray,
  18. Al Harvey,

  19. Charles Hill,
  20. Frank Christy,
  21. Harvey Wells,
  22. Bob Price,
  23. George _auden,
  24. Link Holmes,
  25. George Dover,
  26. Bob _ _ _ ulow.

When I could not read the letters for sure, I put a ? after it. When I could not read it all, I put a space.


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