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- 1908 Phelps county newspaper - TRAIN DITCHED - Poplar Bluff -
Claud Leach, an Iron Mountain fireman, was seriously injured in the yards here.
His engine left the track and was thrown to the ground. Four ribs were broken and his hand was badly scalded.
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  • A Neighbor Dunklin County FOUR MILE SCHOOL PHOTO 1914
  • A link to more on Four Mile and Chalk Bluffs -
    near Butler co. in Clay Co. ARK.The Battle of Chalk Bluffs
  • History for all states

  • The River is the St. Francis. The Missouri county opposite would be Dunklin.
    If you have a map, it is where Highway 62 crosses the St. Francis.
    There is a nice little park with signs telling about the Civil War

    CHALK BLUFF IN THE CIVIL WAR -- Battle of May 1-2, 1863

    In April 1863 a Confederate army of 5000 men commanded by General
    John S. Marmaduke advanced into Missouri. Forced to retreat before
    superior Union forces, the Confederates on May 1-2 fought a successful
    delaying action here while their army crossed the swollen St. Francis River
    on a makeshift floating bridge.

    According to the Official Records the Confederates crossed the river
    on a "crazy, trembling bridge, constructed of a series of rafts secured
    with strong ropes, " and on May 2, fired a farewell shot at the stymied
    Union forces from the heights on the opposite (Arkansas) side of the river.

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