Although Four Mile is in Dunklin County, Missouri; it is so close to the Butler County Line, There are families here who moved in and out of the two counties also they share relatives with Butler County. I have chosen to use this material as a compliment to both Dunklin and Butler County, Missouri.

The list of names below this photograph have been transcribed
and listed below, for better viewing by those who can't read the names
below the photograph. Mary Hudson mahud@rollanet.org

The Student Body of FOUR MILE SCHOOL as photographed about 1914.

Front Row, all names are left to right
1. Ruford Snider, 2. Howard Weatheholt, 3.____Cotton, 4.Marshall Weatherholt,
5. Unidentified, 6. Viloet Sweeten, 7. Aileen Derryberry,
8. Nellie Runnels, 9. Linnie Oliver, 10. Ulus Hicks, 11. Mable Dunivan,
12. Unidentified, 13. Orlis Slankard, 14. Alvin Oliver, 15. Beebe Gunnels,
16. Walter Pennington, 17. Reeves Halfacre, 18. Floyd Ladyman,
19. Fred Snider, 20. Orville Oliver.

Middle Row 1. Dillard Slankard, 2. Olen Pennington, 3, Owen Ricks, 4. Jim Snider,
5. Johnny Hunt, 6. Robert Jackson, 7. Mark Derryberry, 8. Shirley Ricks,
9. Marle Gardner, 10. Zorn Crawford, 11. Minnie Dunivan is shown between rows,
12. may Derryberry, 13. Mary Pennington, 14. Orel Crawford, 15.John gardner,
16. Lasson Pennington, 17. Les Hunt, teacher.

Back Row 1. Harry Becker, 2. Celia Crawford, 3. Pearl Jackson, 4. Ava Gunnels,
5. Elsie Weaatherholt, 6. Melvina Ladyman, 7. Alvis gunnels, 8. Hubert Wilkins,
9. Green Pennington, 10. Van Taylor, 11. Ora Ricks, 12. Homer Crawford,
12. Grace Jackson, 13. Arthur Ricks, 14. Roll Ricks, 15. Earl Slankard,
16, Roy Patrick,

Unusual in the above pictuer is the fact that Green Pennington,
then in middle age and with several children going to the school,
was himself a sutdent.
Identification of students by John Gardner and marie Gardner Woodmansee. end of transcription This must be left as is, I copied from an original. Mary Hudson

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