Buchanan County, MO - The Poor

Buchanan County



Name of Facility Aid to: Location

State Lunatic Asylum No 2

Housed the insane.

Located a short distance beyond the eastern limits of
St Joseph

The County Farm

Housed paupers.

Located northeast of the city, about two miles from corporate limits.

The City Hospital

Housed charity patients.

Located on the high bluffs, on West Robidoux street.

St Mary's Ophan Asylum

Orphaned boys.

Located northwest of the city.

Memorial Home

Housed female paupers willing to work.

Antoine & Levee

Home for Little Wanderers

Housed children from 2-9 yrs old.

Located at 28th & Colhoun Streets

The Home for Ex-Slaves

Housed dependent ex-slaves.

Located at 17th & Highland

If you know of any others, please contact me
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