Barton County Progress, November 17, 1882

Married, Dr. J. H. Cannon of Jasper county, Missouri, a prominent young physician and well and favorably known in Lamar, was married on Thursday to Miss Vina Talbott, a beautiful little lady of Greenfield. The happy couple passed though Lamar on their way to Mattoon, Illinois thence to Marshal, Indiana. The Progress expresses the wish that as they progress in age, may increased happiness, health, wealth, and property be their lot.



Barton County Progress, October 13, 1882

Married at the residence of the bride’s parents in Lamar, on Thursday, October 5th, Jesse Carter to Miss Mattie Edwards. Mr. Carter is a Tennessean and Mattie was born in Lamar. She has grown to womanhood under our eyes. She was beloved by all who knew her. The happy pair left for Tennessee, their future home on Monday.



Barton County Progress, November 24, 1882

Married by A. Hull (or Hill) J. P., Geo. Detera, of Dade county to Mrs. Jane Wasson of Golden City. The contracting parties being of full age, no questions were asked.



Barton County Progress, January 5, 1883

Married at the residence of the bride’s father near Milford, by Rev. J. D. Earp, John A. Faubion to Annie Hudson.



Barton County Progress, October 6, 1882

Married James Martin, of Dade county, to Miss Dottie Redford of Barton county at the residence of the bride’s father, by Hall, Esquire, on Sunday October 1st




Barton Count Progress, October 20, 1882

Married by Squire McCunr---, Tom McCoole and Miss Mary Su—ler


R----- & GLOVER

Barton County Progress, September 29, 1882

Married at the Lamar House in the city of Lamar, on Thursday, September 18th inst., by A. Hall, J. P., Mr. J. H. R----, to Miss Mary E. Glover, all of Barton county, Missouri.         



Barton County Progress, November 24, 1882

Married Monday evening November 20th, at the National Hotel in Liberal by his honor O. McGarvey, W. H. Roundtree to Miss Jennie Hull (or Hill), both of Barton. This is the same individual who sued a young lady in Liberal for some little token of his high regard and kind esteem for her, given to her in a generous moment when she didn’t need them. Notwithstanding this little lawsuit, we wish them all the joy and happiness allotted to mortals.



Barton County Progress, September 22, 1882

Married at the residence of the bride’s parents, by Elder John A. Pool, on Sunday, September 17th, Mr. John Smith of Jasper county to Miss Margery Brummett of Boston.



Barton County Progress, November 17, 1882

Married, A. W. Tullock, of the firm of Emery and Company and Miss Nellie Pullum were married on Thursday night at the residence of Geo. Poole. “Blest be the tie that binds”. One by one the old bachelors of Lamar are falling into line. The places that knew them, know them no more forever, their ways are not the ways of old and in this instance the best wishes of the Progress go with the happy couple through life.




Barton County Progress, September 22, 1882

Married at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. William A. Whitaker of Vernon county to Miss Dozetha F. Lawrence of Barton county, Missouri by Rev. V. J. Sevner.





January 12, 1883

There were 126 marriage licenses issued in 1882.




Lamar Democrat, June 28, 1883

From the records we learn of the marriage of Ike Baker to Miss Margaret A. Prunk, both of Milford.



Lamar Democrat, October 4, 1883

On Monday morning the 1st inst., at the office of our Probate Judge, he performed the ceremony that united as man and wife, Geo. Beddle of Tennessee and Mrs. Sarah Willis of Ft. Scott. Mr. Biddle is well known to many of our citizens and has been the cause of many a hearty laugh on account of his wit and witicism. He is without doubt the best ventriloquist now traveling. The lady we have not met, but from what we know of the character of Mr. Biddle, we know the young lady is deserving of high praise.



Lamar Democrat, May 11, 1883

On Sunday afternoon, May 6th, at the residence of S. F. Balcome, Esq., Henry E. Buler was wedded to Miss Gertie Gammon. The happy couple left Lamar for St. Louis immediately after the wedding, thence to Chicago and Canada, returning to Lamar in two weeks. Our best wishes go with them.



Lamar Democrat, June 7, 1883

Married at Golden City on June 1st, 1883, at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, S. H. Butler to Miss Belle Aldred.



Lamar Democrat, December 20, 1883

Married on the 16th of December, 1883, at the residence of the bride’s brother, Alec Reed Esq., J. H. Clifton Esq., of Lamar, to Miss Mollie Reed, of Nashville. The ceremony was performed b J. B. Harpole, J.P.



Lamar Democrat, October 4, 1883

Melinda Pope of Genesce Wisc., 29 years old, who was married last week by Justice Benzler of Milwaukee to William Conlin, under 21 years of age, is seeking a divorce on the grounds that she meant to marry his brother, but was deceived, as they look exactly alike. The Conlin she married is said to be dissolute, while the other one is steady and dependable.



Lamar Democrat, June 28, 1883

Married, Chas. A. Cornell to Miss Maggie Wright, both of Golden City.



Lamar Democrat, August 2, 1883

Married on the 37th(sic), of July, by the Rev. V. B. Burr at his residence just west of Lamar, Samuel H. Cotterell to Mrs. Mary C. Bert. Hurrah for Sam and Mary.



Lamar Democrat, June 7, 1883

Married at the home of the bride’s parents in Barton county on June 3rd by Elder W. S. Peace, Mr. Lamberteen Draper of Lamar, and Miss Awildo Orahood of the county. We wish them health, wealth and prosperity. We return thanks for being remembered with nice wedding cake.



Lamar Democrat, July 26, 1883

Married by the Rev. Mr. Mortland, John P. Frend of Jasper county to Miss Mary F. Merchant(?) of Iantha the 18th of June.



Lamar Democrat, May 24, 1883

Married at the residence of Stanley Wilson of this city, Sunday May 20th, by H. Drueman, Mr. H. H. Groom and Miss Lulu Sparks.



Lamar Democrat, September 20, 1883

The marriage of Miss Carrie Collins of Lamar to Mr. L. B. Handford of Frankford, Dakota was celebrated at the residence of the bride’s parents on the 12th inst. Promptly at 3 o’clock the bridal party entered the parlor proceeded by their attendants. Miss Sallie B. Finley and Geo. W. Brown, Esq. The attendants separated to the right and left and the Bride and Groom advanced to the front, and then listened to the words that made them man and wife, united them during life to love an honor each other as long as they lived. Rev. Wm. Peace performed the ceremony. It was short but very impressive. On account of the illness of Mrs. Collins, the bride’s mother, only a few intimate friends were invited. After many wishes for their future happiness and welfare, Mr. and Mrs. Handford drove to Lamar and left for Kansas City over the Missouri Pacific Railroad. From Kansas City, they will go to St. Louis and thence to Chicago and then to Lake Minnetonka and from there to Dakota. Mrs. Handford has relatives in the cities, receptions will be given them at these points. May their lives be filled with pleasure and happiness and may every care and sorrow be vanished. The toilets of the ladies present were as follows. The bride wore a very stylish traveling suit of bottle green with water lillies, Miss Sallie B. Finley, bridesmaid, a beautiful brunette of Rich Hill, was attired in an elegant black gros grain silk, ornaments, diamonds and pearls; Miss Mattie Dysart, a beautiful dark eyed belle of this county wore a very pretty white dress, elaborately trimmed in Irish point embroidery, ornaments, Roman gold and pearls; Miss Cora Lawson, a lovely little Miss wore a baby blue satin trimmed with white Spanish lace, ornaments gold. Attired in an exquisite pink nun; was the lovely blonde Miss Lena Van Hook. Miss Libby Collins, sister of the bride looked lovely in a white dress, ornamented with black ribbons, no jewelry. Mrs. A. W. McCutchen wore a very stylish white India dress, beautifully trimmed in Irish point lace, coral jewelry. Mrs. Van Hood was attired in a handsome black ottoman silk, ornaments, diamonds, Mrs. Frank Arnold was splendid in an elegant gray silk, tastefully trimmed in black thread lace, ornaments, rubies. Mrs. A. W. Tullock was stylishly attired in a handsome garnet silk, ornaments, natural flowers. Our reporter not having been invited obtained the description under very disadvantageous circumstances and did the best he could. He may have overlooked a few, but feel assured that he will be forgiven when the facts are known.



Lamar Democrat, December 27, 1883

On Christmas morning at the residence of the bride’s brother, Wooster Jones, Esq., of Leroy to Miss Melissa McLean. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Mortland.



Lamar Democrat, November 15, 1883

Miss Nettie Harrison, was engaged to be married to Charlie McAffee, of Springfield. The bride is a Protestant and the groom a Catholic. A priest was called to perform the ceremony. He requested the young lady to raise their family in the Catholic faith. She refused indignantly, another minister was summoned for and the couple were married.



Lamar Democrat, August 2, 1883

Married on July 24th, 1883 at the residence of Samuel Wilson in Milford township by Rev. J. D. Earp, Mr. Seaton Ready to Miss Lizzie Hibbert, all of Cedar county.



Lamar Democrat, July 12, 1883

Married on Monday last by the Rev. Father Coll in the Catholic Church in Lamar, T. J. Ryan and Miss Ida Wright.





Lamar Democrat, December 27, 1883

Married on Christmas day, Joseph Sandifer to Miss Rachel A. Clark, both of Richland township. Also, at the same time and place, Wesley Gillett to Miss Nettie Riggles, both of Ozark township. The ceremony was performed by Judge Allen Warden. We learn that this was the judge’s first experience, but he did it nicely.



Lamar Democrat, December 13, 1883

Married at the residence of the bride’s parents in Lamar, Thursday December 5th, Mr. Henry Smith and Miss Etta A. Snodgrass. Elder John A. Pool officiating.



Lamar Democrat, October 25, 1883

Married on the 19th inst. by His Honor, W. S. Weeks, J. P. at his office, Robert Stalard to Miss Jennie Marshall all of Union township.                       



Lamar Democrat, October 4, 1883

Married at the residence of A. W. Tullock on the 28th day of September 1883, Townsend Webb to Mina Wallace, both of this city. The Rev. J. A. Pool officiating.



Lamar Democrat, June 7, 1883

Married on May 30th, at the residence of Judge Bates, in Lamar, Mr. Lewis Webster of Springfield and Miss Lizzie Johnson of Lamar. Elder W. S. Peace officiating.



Lamar Democrat, October 11, 1883

Married, October ??, 1883 at the residence of the bride’s sister, Mrs. ?. Millard in Lamar by Rev. R. P. Cr???, Mr. Solomon J. Wilkins and Edith P. Philips, both of Newport township, Barton county, Missouri.



Lamar Democrat, October 25, 1883

Married at the residence of the bride’s parents October 17th, 1883, Andrew J. Wolf, Esq., to Miss Lacey P. Harris, both of Barton county, Missouri. The ceremony was performed by Rev. John A. Pool in a most impressive manner. The Democrat extends best wishes and returns thanks for a bountiful supply of cake sent to us by Mr. Pool.



Lamar Democrat, August 23, 1883

Married on the 16th of August 1883 at Battle Creek, Michigan, Miss Delia M. Griggs to A. H. Wood. The Democrat received an invitation but we could not be present. We wish Mr. and Mrs. Wood all the joy, pleasure, health, wealth, happiness and comfort that can be bestowed on mortals.





Composed and copied by Bruce Robertson, May 25, 2003




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