Barton County Marriages 1878


Barton County Marriages 1878



These records were transcribed, alphabetized, and made available by Jill Adami on July 29, 2001.  As a Barton Co. researcher herself living hundreds of miles from the source of the records in Lamar, MO, Jill saw a need for online access to the marriage records of this county. Jill contacted a noted Barton Co. researcher named Denzelle McGinley. Denzelle has been affiliated for some time with the Barton Co. Historical Society. She was hired to hand copy all of the names and dates of the early Barton Co. marriages you see available here and send them to Jill for transcription. A laborious process to be sure! So, the next time you contact the Barton Co. Historical Society, please add a note of thanks to Denzelle for her hard work. She can also help you with any questions you might have about any information contained on the actual copies of the marriage records.

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ALEXANDER, J. C. and N. J. Anderson 23 January 1878

ALLEN, Hiram and Mary Ann Brown 25 August 1878

ANGLETON, John and Mrs. N. Dawson 7 April 1878

BACKER, William H. and Mary Cochran 21 April 1878

BAILEY, Jobey and Nellie Stevens 24 November 1878

BAILEY, M. H. and Margaret Wheeler 12 December 1878

BASS, David J. and Adeline Offield 7 March 1878

BATES, Broaddus W. and Carrie B. Wiley 3 February 1878

BIXLER, Jacob W. and Rachel A. Ewing 5 May 1878

BREEDEN, John N. and Anna E. Hollingsworth 26 May 1878

BREEDLOVE, Robert and Mrs. Emma A. Bushnell 24 January 1879

BRIDGES, William J. and Mary F. McClaflin 16 December 1877 (filed in 1878)

BROWN, Seymour and Ruth Joice 22 March 1878

BROWN, Wm. F. and Hannah E. Elsea 23 June 1878

BRUMMET, Loyd and Edith J. Hickman 20 March 1878

BUNCH, W. P. and Permelia Collins 31 October 1878

BURCH, Edward and Mrs. Elizabeth Parker 5 December 1878

CAMPBELL, John W. and Isabella K. Hamilton 26 May 1878

CARTER, W. F. and Alice Row 3 April 1878

CASS, Lewis W. and Mary Jane Stevens 10 February 1878

CASY, Batis and Martha Rutledge 28 January 1879

CLARK, John R. and Mary J. Duncan 20 February 1878

CLOVIS, John and Angeline Gobble 20 April 1878

COOLEY, Charles H. and Ida M. Nance 13 March 1878

COVERDEFF, G. W. and Lydia Agau 8 June 1878

CUNNINGHAM, William J. and Mary E. Harlow 10 March 1878

DANA, W. L. and Matte Kern 4 September 1878

DELONG, Ira and Sarah E. J. Hubbart 3 April 1878

DEVINE, John and Sarah C. Hogan 27 December 1878

EAGON, Andrew J. and Emma Rector 10 November 1878

EDWARDS, Robert and Mrs. Ellen D. Owens 10 July 1878

ELESON, Henry Y. and Idie M. Roberts 4 July 1878

FELD, Thomas and Fronie Longworthy 25 July 1878

FOWLER, Jobes and Nancy Ann E. Corder 2 December 1877 (filed in 1878)

FOX, Robert T. and Sarah Marker 11 September 1877 (filed in 1878)

FRANKLIN, William C. and Mrs. Mary E. Franklin 1 November 1878

FRITH, William and May E. Thronburg 25 April 1878

GILLESPEE, John and Elizabeth Ansel 13 January 1878

HACKNEY, Samuel L. and Sarah C. Hunter 5 January 1879

HEILMAN, H. L. and Mary A. Waring 10 March 1878

JOHNSON, Joseph and Glena Rebedeu 17 November 1878

JONES, James Marion and Sarah Mayfield 14 April 1878

KALIAN, Harry and Diana Mary (No Name) 23 January 1878

KELLY, Francis M. and Norma Z. Morgan 10 September 1878

KIPHART, Jacob and Libbie Baker 27 March 1878

KISTLER, John A. and Maggie J. Coiner 24 December 1878

LANGFORD, Melvin and Martha Blurton 7 June 1878

LEE, James B. and Dora Thorp 7 February 1878

MAYFIELD, Richard and Isabella Ellmore 25 October 1877 (filed in 1878)

McCULLOUCH, Thomas and Clara E. Walker 11 September 1878

McGACKEN, John and Rachael Stafford 30 July 1878

McKINNEY, John and Lilley Tindell 2 December 1877 (filed in 1878)

McWILLIAMS, W. H. and Kate E. Christian 23 December 1877 (filed in 1878)

MEHAN, Thomas F. and Martha S. Morgan 1 January 1879

MOLYNEUX, Edward T. and Emret R. Rathburn 18 April 1878

MONEYHORN, George W. and Martha Lester 6 June 1878

MOORE, George and Mary Spoon 1 December 1877 (filed in 1878)

MUNSELL, James A. and Netta M. Munsell 21 May 1878

NEFF, George H. and Hannah M. Waldren 26 January 1879

OFFIELD, Louis and Mrs. Lucy Garver 8 November 1877 (filed in 1878)

PARKER, Wiley H. and Eda Barber 19 December 1878

PELFORD, John and Mrs. Catharine Firpe 25 September 1878

PEPPARD, James M. and Elizabeth Girton 30 December 1877 (filed in 1878)

PERRY, E. W. and Affa J. Brown 11 April 1878

PHELPS, George M. and Alice McKinney 3 March 1878

PHILIPS, Brison and Etta Geer 18 November 1877 (filed in 1878)

PHILLIPS, Frank H. and Huldah E. Barth 15 June 1878

PORTWOOD, Hugh and Maggie Conner 28 March 1878

REED, Miles A. and Emma E. Rickford 10 October 1876 (filed in 1878)

RICE, Charles and Ida Courtright 22 January 1878

RUNDELL, John E. and Florence Smith 14 August 1878

SCHNEIDER, Benedick and Mrs. Mary Erwin 10 December 1878

SHELBY, James G. and Mrs. Sarah Alice Bird 24 February 1878

SPENSER, Andrew J. and Mrs. Elizabeth Pond 27 October 1878

STACY, Thomas B. and Hannah Wood 2 June 1878

STEVENS, James E. and Barbara A. Williams 3 January 1878

SWARTS, George W. and Josephine Stout 4 August 1878

TAYLOR, S. B. and S. C. Cartmel 10 March 1878

THOMPSON, Benjamin and Mary A. Berry 27 October 1878

THOMPSON, George and Maretta Sherwood 1 January 1879

THOMPSON, Thomas J. and Ann Robinson 15 September 1878

TUCKER, Lafayette and Temperance Hallmark 14 July 1878

VANCIKLE, James C. and Sarah E. Braddee 25 October 1877 (filed in 1878)

WAGGONER, Jacob F. and Angeline Fowler 24 October 1878

WARING, Griggs and Mary E. Pile 8 December 1878

WELLS, William H. and Laura Cole 29 September 1878

WESTBY, Adam and Mrs. Mary A. Fowler 18 October 1878

WHITE, Alton and Sophie Hammed 6 December 1878

WILEY, Enos and Ella Morgan 15 January 1878

WILLIAMS, John and Sarah Wickware 18 November 1877 (filed in 1878)

WOOD, E. J. and Sarah C. Johnson 7 November 1878

WOOD, Frank and Mary E. McGee 10 February 1878

WOODFILL, Willis J. and Amanda J. Croley 24 March 1878

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