Barton County Marriages 1876


Barton County Marriages 1876


These records were transcribed, alphabetized, and made available by Jill Adami on April 23, 2001.  Living hundreds of miles from the source of the records in Lamar, MO and seeing a need for access to them, Jill contacted a noted Barton Co. researcher named Denzelle McGinley who has been affiliated for some time with the Barton Co. Historical Society. Denzelle was hired to hand copy all of the names and dates of the early Barton Co. marriages you see available here. A laborious process to be sure! So, the next time you contact the Barton Co. Historical Society, please add a note of thanks to Denzelle for her hard work. She can also help you with any questions you might have about any information contained on the actual copies of the marriage records.

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ACRE, James and Sarah Jostlin 21 May 1876

ADAMS, George W. and Anna Schmalley 7 January 1876

ANDERSON, John and Carrie Gillam 7 September 1876

AWFIELD, Andrew and Lucy L. Brown 13 August 1876

BAKER, Addison and Sarah Belle Castor 12 March 1876

BAYES, Joshua and Emma D. Martin 20 August 1876

BELL, Lot and Sarah Williams 21 September 1876

BENTLEY, F. and R. A. Howard 26 January 1876

BLY, Joseph and Sarah F. Butler 6 August 1876

BOAZ, James C. and Enfield Boaz 21 April 1876

BOSTON, Reuben A. and Ella Foodle 10 September 1876 (Triple Wedding)

BREWER, George and Alice Starling 1 March 1876

BRUMMETT, J. H. and L. J. Hickman 30 April 1876

BRUMMETT, Louis and Mary Hickman 30 January 1876

BUCHER, Floid and Mary E. Boston 10 September 1876 (Triple Wedding)

BUCHER, Philo P. and Ida R. Boston 10 September 1876 (Triple Wedding)

CARSON, John and Mary Draffin 19 April 1876

CIMONIN, Robert and Mary Jane Reno 29 January 1876

CLARK, Elias T. and Jennie Lafever 11 February 1876

COCKRELL, C. J. and Mrs. Mary A. Spring 17 December 1876

COMSTOCK, J. W. and N. Smith 8 February 1876

CONDICT, Wain E. and Susan Gardner 19 July 1876

CONES, David and Mary J. Denham 6 February 1876

CONRAD, Andrew A. and Mary E. Jones 22 October 1876 (Double Wedding)

COUCH, Joseph W. and Mary Elizabeth Davis 24 October 1876

CREAMER, Benjamin and Margaret Cline 27 December 1876

CRUZAN, Marshall T. and Allice Rabaden 11 October 1876

CUNNINGHAM, George and H. I. McArthur 27 March 1876

DANIELS, James and Mary Fowler 31 October 1876

DERINER, Trumey and Sarah Hickered 12 November 1876

DEVOR, D. B. and Hannah Biddle 8 September 1876

EARNST, Daniel N. and Mary McHatton 29 October 1876

EBBS, James and Sarah Ann Cole 12 November 1876

EVANS, A. E. and Catherine Trout 1 March 1876

FAST, Byron and Alice Ridley 31 December 1876

FAST, Orion and Clara Belle Dunkell 31 December 1876

FINLEY, Wm. H. and Clara A. Sharp 30 October 1876

GADDY, Thomas M. and Mary E. Martin 28 May 1876

GIBBS, John D. and Ollie Speer 9 January 1876

HANNA, Gordon W. and Louisa Hunt 13 January 1876

HASLAM, William James and Anice Fast 1 January 1876

HAZLETT, Felix L. and Mary E. Tyler 31 December 1876

HILL, Isaac W. and Julia A. Steelman 26 March 1876

HOWARD, E. M. and Sarah Wespy 9 March 1876

HOWELL, Chalmers H. and Marinda Worthen 9 September 1876

HUMPHREY, Hoyt and Ella C. Wills 28 June 1876

INLOES, Thomas H. and Mrs. Mary D. Edwards 13 March 1876

JOHNSON, John and Lucinda Curry 3 February 1876

KILLY, Francis W. and Louisa Kaderly 12 January 1876

KRIMMINGER, James H. and Martha J. Ragan 5 November 1876

LEDBETTER, Jefferson F. and Isabel Willson 9 April 1876

LESTER, Noah and Mary A. Kunkler 8 May 1876

LEWELLEN, Horace and Malissa J. McElroy 26 March 1876

MAYFIELD, James Henry and Mary Ann F. Yount 24 October 1876

McBRIDE, Silas E. and Sarah Williams 5 November 1876

McCLELLAND, James and Rhoda J. Broiles 5 December 1876

McCLUER, John J. and Mrs. Huldah Helms 21 September 1876

MILLER, John W. and Ella M. Foudray 4 July 1876

MORGAN, William W. and Sarah A. Wilhelm 20 January 1876

MYERS, Abner and Mrs. Mary Baker 17 January 1876

NIXON, L. H. and Allice Henderson 1 August 1876

OWENS, I. N. and Mrs. Ellen Barlow 28 October 1876

PARRY, George T. and Zedella Avery 10 December 1876

PHILIPS, John A. and Mary A. Kelley 10 June 1876

PHILLIPS, Samuel W. and Margaret McGonigle 19 November 1876

PIERSON, David F. and Alpha Fook 20 February 1876

PLUMMER, Mark and Vianna Harvey 2 March 1876

PLYMATE, Henry E. and Sarah Main 4 March 1876

PRICE, William and Linda Tipton 20 December 1876

PRINCE, James L. and Mary O. Wright 3 May 1876

PUGH, David and Celestia Steward 4 April 1876

QUIMBY, John T. and Mary E. Curry 29 December 1876

RAY, John and Susan R. Jeffries 23 July 1876

REECE, Allen R. and Anna C. Bean 19 November 1876

REED, Miles and Emma S. Beckford 10 October 1876

REILE, John T. and Johana Kunkler 26 March 1876

ROBERTS, William J. and Vine Brammett 3 May 1876

ROUNDS, Lorin and Martha Jane Hamilton 22 January 1876

RUDASAIL, Jacob H. and P. Jane Conrad 22 October 1876 (Double Wedding)

SMIRL, James and Mary Banker 4 July 1876

SNYDER, W. D. and Elizabeth Worley 9 November 1876

STEVENS, Mark and Sarah J. Swartz 1 February 1876

STURGESS, Robert H. and Mary E. Hudson 3 February 1876

TAYLOR, William G. and Sarrah Fanning 24 December 1876

TEACHOUT, Abner and Mrs. Margaret I. Bingham 5 November 1876

TORANTS, Thomas and Lydia Carson 12 March 1876

VANSICKLE, James D. and Scyntha Smith 7 February 1876

WELLS, Hiram and Sarah Wilson 23 March 1876

WEST, Jasper Newton and Mary Jane West 30 March 1876

WICKWARE, Rolan and Jenny Carpenter 25 June 1876

WILSON, William and Amelia Shirley 13 August 1876

WINSTEAD, Edson O. and Ada Lue Prunk 16 January 1876

WOOLRIDGE, Samuel L. and Rosetta Isenhour 6 March 1876

YALE, Frank and Rachel Mann 5 July 1876

YINGLING, Kendall and Mary Etta R. Adams 8 June 1876

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